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myolie or tavia?

Discuss about your favourite Chinese Actors and Actresses.
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who u like better?

Total votes: 87

lil jojo
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myolie or tavia?

Post by lil jojo » Jun 19th, '06, 23:26

who do u like better?
and what do you think of them!?

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Post by lilswtangel » Jun 19th, '06, 23:31

definitely Tavia Yeung!!!!!!!!! she's soo pretty and talented!!!! I love all her of roles in each and every one of her TVB series~! It's a shame that her older sister (Giselle Yeung) didn't make it big like Tavia did........I only see play minor roles every now and then.

Myolie Wu...........I really don't think she's all that pretty and some of her roles are really really annoying. *ahem* like Triumph to the Skies and such.

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Post by skachild » Jul 8th, '06, 12:22

hohohoho.... :lol :lol :lol :lol
its a hard choice dude...!! i really like Myolie.. but also like tavia... :goggle: :goggle: :goggle:
so.. i coose both lol... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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Post by baybee.chi » Aug 7th, '06, 20:57

i think both i don't have too much of an opinion :roll i just feel sorry for myolie because she had to gain weight for a series i could never do that even with 1 million or maybe i would but more to the point she has to lose all the weight as well :S

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Post by sour_pickles » Aug 7th, '06, 22:22

they've both got room for improvement in the acting department, but i think right now myolie's better at acting, and she's newer than tavia in the industry so she has more potential. sure, she's gotten a couple of really annoying roles before (gateaux affairs, for example), but so has tavia (like in the academy). what were your favourite roles for each one though? i think myolie did best in the golden faith, and tavia was good in the wesley files.

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Post by emily19 » Aug 9th, '06, 02:19

definitely Myolie. Tavia aint bad but Id pick Myolie anyday over Tavia, although Tavia, as it goes without saying, is definitely way prettier.

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Post by WaiWai85 » Aug 9th, '06, 02:38

tavia for the win!

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Post by noobhoofd » Aug 16th, '06, 09:44

Myolie Wu definitely, Tavia is good as well she has been graduated of the acting classes, but Myolie isn't and her acting skills are as good as Tavia, so Myolie I like the best. Although she is not the prettiest of the girls, but I think she looks so adorable that every haircut she suits with. That I can't say of Tavia, also Tavia in A pillow case of Mystery looks not good.

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lil bluey
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Post by lil bluey » Aug 17th, '06, 13:43

i lik tavia more definitely!! shes pretty N i also lik her acting!! myolies good 2 but i would prefer tavia!!!

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Post by tnrdlzoro » Oct 11th, '06, 06:19

i like Tavia more

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Post by Akiiness » Oct 11th, '06, 22:05

Tavia ftw! =) She looks more down to earth to me anyway... Myo's not bad, I used to like her a lot... but now.. I don't like her, I don't hate her... something about her just bothers me. =/

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Post by xox-Beautifully-Broken-xo » Oct 11th, '06, 22:33

I pick Tavia! Such an awesome actress. And yeah~ She seems down-to-earth and stuff. xP
Myolie annoys me quite a lot for some reason... x.x

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Post by nikichiam » Oct 22nd, '06, 03:30

Myolie!!.... >.< (dun really noe wuts i'm doin now...LMAO)

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Post by thislove » Oct 23rd, '06, 03:25

I picked Tavia, I dont know I've always liked Tavia more

x NomadGirl x
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Post by x NomadGirl x » Jul 2nd, '07, 04:41

Tavia for me. I am not a fan of Myolie's. ;]

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Post by arieshellangel » Jul 9th, '07, 01:48

myolie annoys me too.. @___@ The only series I liked her in was Survivor's Law. All the other series, her character bugs me. a lot.

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Post by euniceng446 » Jul 30th, '07, 17:12

myolie wu all the way. i gained respect for her when she played the role in "war and destiny' amazing. as for tavia....i find her kind of annoying. soryr for all her fans but i do think that she's very pretty. i guess it's just the roles that she play that annoys me. both very good but i just am bais over myolie. :)

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Post by sams12345 » Aug 13th, '07, 19:49

i love Tavia more because she is more funny and not as annoying

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Post by 03stsin » Aug 27th, '07, 12:50

I like travia way more and in my opinion shes a way better actress as well.
Myolie plays some seriously annoying characters but her actings ok (unless
shes actually that annoying in real life lol x)

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Post by coniferous » Sep 15th, '07, 01:14

I like both but I think Tavias the better actress

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Post by t_yorkie » Apr 19th, '08, 06:05

i pick tavia cuz she's pretty and can act. i used to h8 myolie cuz her roles r really annoying n her acting is agitated too but now she okay

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Post by xxSaranghaeyoxx3 » Jul 11th, '08, 22:33

Tavia, she has improved more and more now. I don't quite like Myolie, sorry.

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Post by azntina » Jul 18th, '08, 06:15

I pick Myolie, just because I prefer her looks and performance

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Post by ringoLam » Sep 5th, '08, 02:46

Tavia so hot baby! SO HOT!

Myolie.. she is just annoying.

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Post by rymel » Sep 14th, '08, 11:41

Tavia is amazing in MR. so i voted her and i truly think that she's better... just my thoughts.

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Post by AEIOU » Sep 24th, '08, 11:32

What?? Myolie?? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...yucks!!!

How can you compare her with beautiful Tavia??

Myolie's acting is so freaking annoying.

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Post by bebyle » Feb 11th, '09, 13:43


she worked hard to be where she is today. Myolie is pretty ugly I don't know how she got second runner up.

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Post by LishaAuyeung » Jun 7th, '10, 04:00

Tavia Yeung all the way <3
I think Tavia Yeung is wayy prettier than Myolie. Not that I don't like her, it's because her voice is also really irritating. I also think Tavia acts waaay better than Myolie.

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Post by jamham » Aug 27th, '10, 17:20

I like both

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Post by paulineeeho » Sep 30th, '11, 14:00

i like tavia . omg i dont like myolie. i dont think that she can act. tavia is so pretty. i dont know why bosco like her.

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