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Edison Chen

Posted: Feb 4th, '06, 20:44
by YamaPi_4Ever
Is any1 his fan???

Edison Chen Profile:

English Name: Edison Chen
Mandarin Name: Chen Guan Xi
Cantonese Name: Chen Kwoon Hei
Japanese Name: Totemo Tsukarette
Nickname: Illkid, Monkey, Eddie, Ed
Birthday: 7th October 1980
Place of Birth: Vancouver, Canada
Age: 22
Horoscope: Libra
Chinese Zodiac: Monkey
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 145lbs
Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and English

Family: Dad, mom, two elder sisters
Pets: Two dogs: Mitsu and Tenshi
Fans Club: Hei Hey Club
Record Company: EEG Music
Manager: Willy Chan

Singers: HK: Sammi Cheng, Leslie Cheung
US: Jay-Z, R. Kelly, Janet Jackson
Actor: Jackie Chan
Music: R&B, Hip Hop
Music Instrument: The Turntable
Dance: Hip Hop
Movies: Star Wars, Rush Hour, The Gladiator
Sports: Basketball, Swimming
Sport Star: Allen Iverson
Color: Blue, all shades of blue
Acsessories: His diamond earring and platinum rings.
Country: Japan, USA
Food: Chichen, beef, Japanese food
Pet: His dogs
Magazine: Too many to count
The most beautiful persons: His mom, Jennifer Lopez, Zhang Zi Yi

Likes: Peace, happiness
Dislikes: Fake people, war, swearing

Posted: Feb 4th, '06, 20:46
by wingsky
:lol if he was born in 1980 he isn't 22 anymore!!

I've seen him in 2 movies - Gen-Y Cops and The Wishing Tree? Not sure abt title on 2nd movie, but he's an ok actor :thumright: nothing too special though in my opinion :)

Posted: Feb 4th, '06, 20:51
by milleu87
he's cute. i like him playing in infernal affair although i don't like the sequel

Posted: Feb 4th, '06, 22:36
by YamaPi_4Ever
wingsky wrote::lol if he was born in 1980 he isn't 22 anymore!!

I've seen him in 2 movies - Gen-Y Cops and The Wishing Tree? Not sure abt title on 2nd movie, but he's an ok actor :thumright: nothing too special though in my opinion :)
do u know where i can find the Gen-Y Cops movie?? :mrgreen:

Posted: Feb 5th, '06, 06:21
by hnouhnou
OMG!!! he is one of my hotties!!! aha...he is just so hot! in the movies i have seen him in so far, he's a pretty good actor..The twin effect 1 and 2 (i think he played a minor role in the 2nd one right?), Initial D, etc....i enjoy listening to his songs also!

Posted: Apr 16th, '06, 22:37
by t3n5h1_chu_k015h173
Do you guyz know that he is in this japanese movie Onaji Tsuki Wo Miteiru/Under The Same Moon/Looking For The Same Moon....?!

Re: Edison Chen

Posted: Apr 18th, '06, 05:59
by tejizo
YamaPi_4Ever wrote: Japanese Name: Totemo Tsukarette
Now, how did THAT come about? :scratch: :lol

Re: Edison Chen

Posted: Apr 22nd, '06, 17:00
by citi
tejizo wrote:
YamaPi_4Ever wrote: Japanese Name: Totemo Tsukarette
Now, how did THAT come about? :scratch: :lol
haha, I thought the same thing. But you know, I guess its the same thing when you attend language classes and they rename you (like a friend of mine taking russian got a russian name, and they ALWAYS rename you (in some way) in chinese/japanese classes....)

Posted: Apr 27th, '06, 11:34
by JonJon
He's hot, yet I dun like his attitude :P

Posted: Apr 27th, '06, 11:48
by skachild
i like him in MTV WHATEVER show.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
there is one episode where edison & another 2 guys (one of the are LMF member but i duuno his name) pretend to be beggar and there sing some awful song untill one of the audience realized that he was edison chen...
then the riot happen... alot of fan chase him and he ran away lol... :P :P
that scene really funny haha... :lol :lol :lol
[img] ... w1_top.gif[/img][img] ... bottom.gif[/img]

Posted: Jun 7th, '06, 06:51
by kko_lit
a movie that has edison chen and yosuke kubozuka?! omg...

Posted: Jun 7th, '06, 06:57
by xKiMix
I love him!!! he is sooo cute, i kinda wished he was the lead in initial d rather than jay chou.

Posted: Jun 9th, '06, 20:59
by alice_5566
edison is cool! i like his music^^

Posted: Jun 16th, '06, 18:49
by emykina
i heart him :wub:

Posted: Jun 17th, '06, 20:37
by Shorty
i think his dislike for "swearing" has changed overtime, cause his new 69 FM Mixtape has a bundle of curses. lol. but nevertheless, he's still very hot. ;D can't believe i bumped into him in broadway last year. ;)

[img][/img] can i say, sexy? x]

Posted: Jul 18th, '06, 21:26
by KCfan_1314
he is good looking but i don`t realli like his attitude . . .well =) his cute and everything but i heard his temper is harsh&mean . . short temper kind . . like player but he is hot stuff~ lolss x)

Posted: Aug 7th, '06, 12:22
by keiko001
oh, I don´t know how his temper is! It really doesn´t matter!
I liked him much in Twins Effects!! And alos great on youtube with vin diesel!

Posted: Sep 2nd, '06, 22:51
by __4getmenot
he is gorgeous...i read it somewhere that he's 1/8 portugese...

Posted: Sep 3rd, '06, 01:57
by kko_lit
he'll be in the hollywood remake of grudge 2!

:mrgreen: i wanna watch!

Posted: Nov 26th, '06, 08:51
by lilsushi213
he's pretty hot stuff... ;]] he's in the grudge 2, but i haven't seen it yet!!! I'M SO MAD.. but yeahh... =] he's good looking beyond reason... oh yess..

Posted: Jan 18th, '07, 14:20
by AngelicLayer
unbelivable --- he´s 26!!! And he looks so young.
he was too awesome in Initial D!!

Posted: Jul 2nd, '07, 04:40
by x NomadGirl x
I used to like him...he's actually good looking. BUT then I read his blog...

Posted: Jul 4th, '07, 17:15
by korean_foreva
wah!! i love him. in twins effect infernal affairs initial d spy dad

hes awsome. ^.~

Posted: Feb 15th, '08, 03:56
by mermaid026
hes a pimp

Posted: Feb 17th, '08, 10:42
by Zhe
lol he is a pimp, didn't you guys read the news?
in january, he got in big sex scandal with other hong kong actress and singers.
names: cecillia cheung, bobo, gillian ( from twins)

just google it, and you get enough information.
the pic's is very 'porn' like

Posted: Feb 20th, '08, 01:40
by swit_thng
ive seen the pictures. its a big scandal in hongkong!!

Posted: Feb 20th, '08, 16:24
by chouchou72
The man is a complete idiot and same goes for all the females involved!! Have nothing against them having sex, but to videotape and take pics and then kept it on a computer!! I guess the sex scandal of Paris Hilton and other stars didn't do much to open their eyes!! He totally ruined his life and so many others!! Feel sorry for Nicholas Tse!! No one would want that kind of pics of their own wife to circulate on the Net for all to see!!! :-(

kira the death note guy

Posted: Feb 20th, '08, 20:47
by mish_ian
I used to like edc so much. And now that this scandal happend i feel really bad for him. The name of the guy "Kira" that exposed him is funny, is he what? a death note fan? Lol

And Gillian :(

VIncy still supporting edc :) i wonder why? But i think she should bc she the only one left for him.

Posted: Feb 20th, '08, 20:51
by Neji-sama
As a guy he is my hero <3

Posted: Feb 23rd, '08, 01:28
by djj2234
he is just a playboy. feel sorry for "all" his girlfriends (present or past)

Posted: Feb 23rd, '08, 02:07
by albertoavena
It is a shame about the scandal. I feel sorry for his future girlfriends and hope they know what they're getting into. But you, he did apologize for the pictures. How do you guys feel about that? Sincere? Publicity? To me, it sounds pretty sincere. And to be fair, the pictures were stolen and were supposed to be private so, I don't know..

Posted: Feb 23rd, '08, 02:32
by lil_aqua_chic
Even if he did apologise, it's still managed to ruin a lot of the girls' reputation! I was watching a news report in HK and so many of the people in HK are refusing to support to Gillian now.
And Bobo's boyfriend's dad is refusing to let her marry into their family now...her entire wedding was suppose to happen sometime this year and they had practically everything booked in, now because of the scandal, it all got cancelled.
And then there's Cecilia and Nicholas Tse - they're filing for divorce and fighting over the custody of Lucas and they ONLY just finally got together last year.

Posted: Feb 24th, '08, 03:04
by melonyhappy
^ true they did ruin the girls rep but ...they brought it onto themselves as well. . the girls didn't have to do it with him. They also didn't have to pose. If he had forced them to have sex then that's another issue....

One moment of foolishness costed them all...

Posted: Mar 2nd, '08, 06:28
by madrias
both parties are at fault. in the pictures, the girls didn't look like they were forced or drugged. in fact, some actually posed for the camera. it's just carelessness on chen's part to check-in his laptop without taking out all of those photos & videos. too bad they have images to uphold. if they were like sexy starlets or porn stars then the whole shebang would'nt have been such a big deal. i guess that is the price you have to pay for being a star... you can't be human at all and can't have 'real' sexual desires and activities. just like how we view our parents. you wouldn't really want to know if your parents are having sex more so see or catch them in the act. oh well, just an opinion here. 8)

Posted: Mar 8th, '08, 08:21
by chunkie munkie
I believe that the ppl that should be accounted for in this case is the employees who stole the info. I agree that Ed should've been more careful, but no one expects to have things stolen when they bring in things for repairs. Granted, I'm not a celebrity, so no one wants my stuff anyway. However, if you think abt it, there's the identity thefts that happen world wide...things just happen; it sucks.

I also think that no matter who's image was ruined, the big picture scandal was "sex." Asians, and in this case, HK, have this taboo against sex. I see that with the old generation of Asians in the US. The older generation believe that everyone should be a virgin and sex is for procreation and not pleasure; they refuse to see/understand the world as it is now. And in some ways, the new HK generation is more open, but they pretend like they are still the "young innocent - i don't know what sex is" image. It's weird; as if they are naive in some ways. With that said, it seems as if the HK ppl don't like sex and b/c of that perspective, they don't think that their fav. celebs should be having it either. They like the fact that their celebs are painted in an aura of never-dating, never-marrying, never-having-sex. I'm sure Nic and CC lost a lot of fans over their marriage and child bearing; it shattered their fans's dreams of being with them.

Anyway, I don't think it was wrong of the "scandal" grp to take sexual pics. It's their life, their business. Many many ppl do it. And I know women who send their nude pics to guys and vice versa. I don't know why, but whatever. Though the pics of the celebrities have gotten me to go to the gym more. I love CC's bod. If I looked THAT good naked (when I was young), I'd have been thrilled.