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Who is the best looking taiwanese drama actor?

Discuss about your favourite Chinese Actors and Actresses.

whO iS the moSt goOd lOokin taiwan actor?

joe cheng
wallace huo
jerry yan
jerry yan
vic chou
ming dao
Total votes: 625

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Post by seoyjring » Oct 21st, '06, 05:07

sofia wrote:I'm voting for Ming Dao....
he is not the best looking, but he is hot..
also he is good actor

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Post by sklp4ever » Oct 21st, '06, 05:31

by the way Mike He and Joe Cheng are good friends and they are both from the Catwalk model agency.

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Post by Starlightkitty7 » Oct 25th, '06, 16:07

Is Mike He an option? B/c I think hes really really cute. ^_^'

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Post by shuishui » Oct 26th, '06, 00:46

they're cute in some way but jerry and vic are hot!!

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Post by joeriel » Oct 27th, '06, 09:04

mzheng0402 wrote:no Other? these guys arent very hot..
can't you fell it?

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Post by joeriel » Oct 27th, '06, 09:10

Echcon2k wrote:ewwwwwwww............Joe Cheng he is ugly .................wow you are really have a good taste huh....heheh
aren't you talking to someone else :whistling:
PEACE! :wink:

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Post by sandy_zing » Nov 6th, '06, 07:42

Wallace Huo is number one

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Post by sandy_zing » Nov 6th, '06, 07:49

Wallace Huo is number one

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Post by littledraci » Nov 6th, '06, 14:42

Since there is no Mike I voted for Wallace, but only because I Can't decide between him and Vic.... but I think he's got a little better (manly) looking face.. bbut Vic is such a cuuuuuutiiiiiiiie too :w00t: .
If there would be Mike...with such a body.... I only vote for him :wub: :mrgreen:

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Post by cunhon9 » Nov 13th, '06, 05:25

xcuse me.. you all dont vote becoz they're acting in movie right??? OMG so stupid!

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Post by jani » Nov 28th, '06, 07:43

haha so many votes for mike he...but why isn't he an option in the poll? i voted for zai zai [vic] but i love jerry too...i had the hardest time deciding who i liked better in meteor garden...

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Post by MISSDOLCE » Dec 10th, '06, 16:49

JOE CHENG FTW kthx n00blets

joe cheng > mike he

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Post by arabian » Dec 10th, '06, 17:01

There is vic zhou & jOe cheng..

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Post by li-yin » Dec 10th, '06, 17:05

not a hard decision - VIC ZHOU IS THE BEST!
Joe cheng in nice too

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Post by Flyinsore » Dec 19th, '06, 03:32

JOE I WILL VOTE FOR HIm ming dao will be second...their actings so gd thry are also cool....

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Post by NADZ » Dec 23rd, '06, 14:15

Chen Yi
i dont think many of u know hi but he is kinda cute
he is an actor/singer
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Post by isbes83 » Dec 31st, '06, 19:33

i'll vote for mike he but since he is not in the list my vote goes to joe cheng :cheers:

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Post by pinkcow » Jan 11th, '07, 12:17

Joe Cheng is wayy too hot. <3

Had Mike He been in this list though, it would've given me a hard time to choose. Also, had this poll been up 5 years ago, I would've chosen Vic. :T I've lost interest in him over the years, especially after he began dating Da S.

OH! I almost forgot. NICHOLAS TEO IS AWESOME! :wub:
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Post by pinkcow » Jan 11th, '07, 12:21

MISSDOLCE wrote:JOE CHENG FTW kthx n00blets

joe cheng > mike he
haha! this made me chuckle a little.

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Post by ai-chan » Jan 14th, '07, 07:14

I love:
Joe Cheng (ISWAK)
Mike He (DBY)

..but NICHOLAS TEO is the CUTEST!!

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My favorite taiwanese actor / singer / model

Post by Lovelysunshine » Jan 14th, '07, 07:38

After watching " Love at Dolphin Bay" I really like Ambrose Hsu. He looks good, has got a nice voice and his acting is fabulous.
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Post by yukino2002 » Jan 15th, '07, 20:49

I'd go for Vic~~ 8)

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Post by strawberricjam » Jan 16th, '07, 04:19

i am in disbelief that jerry has such a low%..O.o..maybe u need a better pic..but jerry is honestly really good looking

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Post by ClockwiseStir » Jan 16th, '07, 04:21

Joe Cheng is so cute!! my vote to him..

does he have an official website?

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Post by joywines » Feb 16th, '07, 06:13

I vote VIC ZHOU...not only that he's really good looking but also a TALENTED DRAMA ACTOR...He already impress people that he really can act (MARS and SILENCE) and he deserve it...(^_^)...A very down to earth person, a good singer and I think he's a nice person too...That's why it makes him more GOOD LOOKING!!!

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Post by Shin_ » Feb 16th, '07, 06:18

no Mike He ? lame :(

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Post by nigoat » Feb 21st, '07, 01:34

ClockwiseStir wrote:Joe Cheng is so cute!! my vote to him..

does he have an official website?
yeah he does but it's in chinese/japanese
the chinese one: www.joesfamily.com.tw
the japanese one: www.joesfamily.com.jp

the reason why it's called joesfamily is because he says that every one of his fans is like a family member, and he is the only "parent" --- so CUTE!!!

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Post by bebemup » Feb 21st, '07, 01:40

mike he <333
nicholas teo <333 (loove him from smiling pastaaa!!)
joe cheng <33

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Post by Shunbaby » Feb 21st, '07, 02:22

Mike He is too cute :wub:

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Post by iloveKJH » Feb 21st, '07, 16:40

altho i voted for joe cheng i stil think that MIKE HE IS THE MOST BEST LOOKING ACTOR!! you just CANT fall inlove with him... :wub: :wub:

mike wo ai ni!
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Post by FlameWolf21 » Feb 21st, '07, 16:50

WELL HEY WHO AM I TO DISAGREE WITH THE MASS. lol, i came on this to assert that Mike He is the best looking taiwanese actor, no matter what anyone said. only i found out people agree with me so like i said who am I to disagree with the masses. lol GO MIKE HE you SEXY boy

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Post by meera » Feb 24th, '07, 03:04

i would say...
wallace huo...he's d most handsome taiwanese actor...^^
but i vote 4 vic chou...he's not actually handsome ..
he's more like the cutest actor...<3

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Post by bela_mex » Feb 24th, '07, 03:16

this is the first time i even see these guys!! :cry:
where were they?? lol
i'm actually watching my first taiwanese drama HANA KIMI
but those guys aren't on the list :unsure:
lol it would have been jiro wang....
but i voted for the first guy... so handsome :wub:

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Post by Rasckita » Feb 27th, '07, 13:22

i voted for Vic Zhou! He's gorgeus and I love his look on Mars!!! I think Jerry is cute too!
I dont understand why MIke from devil beside you is not there? I think he and Vic are a tie! :)

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Post by fan-ta-xi » Apr 21st, '07, 10:48

WHERE'S FAHRENHEIT ON THE LIST???? lol, i voted for joe cheng cause his character in 'iswak' was just too hotttt :wub:

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Post by kezsh » May 1st, '07, 15:22

I can't resist JOE CHENG's adorable looks!
Niether MING DAO's innocent eyes
and JERRY YAN's melting smile.

But Joe is still on my top list. The guy is undeniably HOT!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by nanafarhanna » May 1st, '07, 15:49

definitely JERRY YAN lorr.... ^________^

he's freakin hOT~

i vote for jerry yan...~


meteor garden 1 and 2
magic kitchen movie
the hospital

jerry jerry jerry...~

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Post by azn_chick » May 2nd, '07, 04:44

Out of the choices, i would have to go with Joe Cheng.
His character in ISWAK was amazing. The good looks, the brains, tall.... he's got the full package.
The only other 2 nominees i knew were Vic and Jerry. Vic is a bit cute but i was never really into him much. I don't find Jerry that great looking at all. *Sry for offending anyone.*

I recently watched Hana Kimi.
WU CHUN & JIRO WANG should have been on that list too!!! :unsure:
If they were on the list i would pick Wu Chun for sure :thumleft:

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Post by swtlav3ndar » May 7th, '07, 05:29

joe is so good looking in it started with a kiss

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Post by chiakisama » May 7th, '07, 05:32

Joe, hands down, no competition. But the artist-guy in Rock Paper Scissors is pretty cute...

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Post by felizsha_101 » May 7th, '07, 06:17

i vote for WU CHUN and MIKE HE..

ohhh.. both are good-looking.. just sad that both are not in the choices.. sad.. :c

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Post by cluelessyf » Jul 4th, '07, 05:09


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Post by carmay » Jul 17th, '07, 16:55

IMO none of the above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by ryoerika » Aug 4th, '07, 08:45

VIC is the best...he's so cute...LOVE him in Mars...

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Post by VietGirl06 » Aug 10th, '07, 10:55

I would vote for Mike He but he not in the list.
So Viz Zhou.Zai Zai love lol.

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Post by Medulina » Aug 10th, '07, 11:21

Wow it's a very hard choice!!! I've hesitated a long time but I've chosen Joe Cheng because I liked this kind of distance that he put in his act...Of course I was influenced by "It's started with a kiss"^^

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Post by keaix3 » Aug 11th, '07, 19:06

why is it only these 5 guys? :lol I would add: Mike He and Dylan Kuo...but from the list, I would pickVic Zhou.

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Post by julicar23 » Aug 11th, '07, 19:10

for me Wu Chun is the most good looking taiwanese actor... why he isn't on the list?

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Post by jukoh » Oct 30th, '07, 13:35

I wanted to vote for Mike He too but his name isn't on the list....

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Post by Shunbaby » Oct 30th, '07, 13:50

Mike He...don't like any of the other choices.

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Post by emjay08 » Oct 30th, '07, 14:00

my one and only MIKE HE!! i love him so muchhhhhhh!! he's my number one forever!!

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Post by cherry77 » Oct 31st, '07, 13:06

Absolutely Mike He!

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Post by nycxxsuga » Nov 2nd, '07, 00:32

mike should be on the list!

i vote for mike mike mike!

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Post by ayshaella » Nov 2nd, '07, 00:42

a lot of votes goes to mike but he isn't even in the list.. :lol :lol :lol

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Post by kunornadia » Nov 2nd, '07, 01:25

I voted for Vic Zhou !
I've always adored him ever since Meteor Garden.In Silence,he's just too handsome. :wub:

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Raspberry Latte
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Post by Raspberry Latte » Nov 2nd, '07, 01:29

I agree with the rest about Mike He. He definitely should be on the list.
Wu Chun too...

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Post by Monziii » Nov 7th, '07, 01:08

Joe Joe Joe!!!

Puppet Princess
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Post by Puppet Princess » Nov 7th, '07, 01:16

lol Since when are there only 5 Taiwanese actors?

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Post by pirtybirdy » Nov 7th, '07, 01:21

None of those guys can top Mike He.

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Post by Cammie » Nov 8th, '07, 00:14

pirtybirdy wrote:None of those guys can top Mike He.


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Post by DMPA » Nov 8th, '07, 00:40

Cammie wrote:
pirtybirdy wrote:None of those guys can top Mike He.

Lol! I'll have to agree AND dissagree with yo u guys/girls. =D I like Mike cuz he's hot in the devilish way, and Vic because he's hot in his own big way XD

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Post by ginny_lunallena » Nov 27th, '07, 07:09

vic, if mike he had been listed i wouldve voted for him tho

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Post by jemoonette » Nov 29th, '07, 04:49

WTF! Wu Chun should be on that poll list! ><

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Post by shuurei » Dec 8th, '07, 12:42

I had to cast a vote for only one, so I chose Vic. But really, it's almost a three-way tie with Joe Cheng and Mike He. I've loved Viz Zhou since his Meteor Garden days. While most Filipinos loved Jerry, I fell in love with the soft-spoken, dreamy-eyed and very skinny Zaizai. lol! He's even more gorgeous now and I still love him. Heehee. Recently, I've come to love Mike He and Joe Cheng. If there's one common denominator with these three actors, I'd say that would be their boyish and innocent smiles. yay!

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Post by xxSw33tDr3am3rxx » Dec 25th, '07, 05:15

wat wallace Huo is the least handsome one??!!! You got to be kidding.. did u guys check if u vote for the right one

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Post by meoinkie2 » Jan 15th, '08, 16:15

definitely go for Joe!! i just freaking love him!! i really love his smirk and dimples!!


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Post by lily_506 » Jan 16th, '08, 20:17

Well for me it is Mike He :wub: but Calvin Chen too he 's very cute :wub:

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Post by bean » Jan 17th, '08, 12:38

Jimmy Lin even back 15 years or nw he still the hottest.

He still as charming as usual.

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Post by saby » Jan 17th, '08, 15:03

there r too many cute n good actores... couldnt pick one

my top 3 would be :

jimmy lin
joe cheng
mike he

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Post by nokchan » Jan 22nd, '08, 20:50

Top three in no particular order...

Joe Cheng
Mike He
Wu Chen

..... Hands down!

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Post by baka-ranger » Jan 23rd, '08, 03:57

aww none of my favourite tw guys are on the list

all the ones I like are(no particular order)
Jiro Wang
Wang Zi
Wu Chun
Arron Yan
Calvin Chen
Ao Quan
Danson Tang
Mike He

EVEN Jimmy Lin cause he's a sweetheart despite being twice my age=__=
but none of them are on the list, so sad hehe but even if they were on the list it'd be VERY hard to choose

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Post by fidelis7119 » Jan 25th, '08, 05:20

AAAHH this is sooo hard to choose...let's see?

(not in any particular orders)
Mike he
dylan kuo
wallace huo
jjerry yan
vic zhou
jimmy lin (is he taiwanese?)

and i haven't watched that many taiwanese drama.....so there goes my list for now

OMG!!!! I CAN"T BELIEVE I FORGOT WU ZUN!!! lol yeah. so wu zun, aaron yan is cute jiro is just cute in a funny guy kind of way and nicholas teo jsut bc of smiling pasta! :)

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Post by dirujjj » Jan 25th, '08, 05:27

Mike He <3

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