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Posted: May 26th, '11, 14:18
by Ethlenn
The movie is about organ-trading and stuff... They probably want his... organ... you know.

Happy Birthday to the cree... I mean Philip, and here's my birthday present:
La la la la

Posted: May 26th, '11, 18:38
by Orion1986
They better not mess with his organ. I'll hurt them. :cussing: :P

Posted: Jun 2nd, '11, 08:01
by Ethlenn
Korean film "The Murderer (The Yellow Sea)" will premiere overseas starting this summer, according to the movie's distributor Showbox on Monday.

Starting with France and Belgium in July, "Murderer" will also open in theaters in the U.S., Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and the eight nations of Scandinavia until early next year.

The film was screened under the Un Certain Regard category of this year's Cannes Film Festival and sold to the aforementioned nations on top of several more countries including Germany, Australia and Sweden.

Posted: Jun 2nd, '11, 09:17
by arakira
YAY, that's great news!! Thanks for sharing! I hope they'll be showing it in cinemas and hopefully non-dubbed. But I'l be happy with a DVD, too =)) :cheers: :cheers:

Posted: Jun 3rd, '11, 16:06
by The Chaos
:cheers: :cheers: Happy Birthday Yoochun :cheers: :cheers:


Posted: Jun 3rd, '11, 18:38
by arakira
YAY, a very happy birthday to Park Yucheon! :cheers: :alcoholic:

Posted: Jun 7th, '11, 09:45
by Ethlenn
Happy Birthday to Mr. Cha Seungwon! :wub:

Posted: Jun 7th, '11, 11:11
by Orion1986
Happy Birthday to Cha-ahjusshi! 41 and still rocking it!

Posted: Jun 8th, '11, 10:51
by JaJe
Allkpop made a survey on the best idol actor/actress. YAY I like what I see :P ... toractress

Posted: Jun 8th, '11, 17:46
by Ethlenn
Where's Eric? He can beat the crap out of TOP any given time.
And what Jung Yonghwa and Choi Siwon are doing here? Jeez...
Although me likes what I see.

Posted: Jun 10th, '11, 19:17
by Viande
Ethlenn wrote:Where's Eric? He can beat the crap out of TOP any given time.
And what Jung Yonghwa and Choi Siwon are doing here? Jeez...
Although me likes what I see.
I don't think they count Eric as "idol" anymore. Otherwise they should have Rain there too, he's an old idol too. And Yoon Eun Hye... though, she's on acting career now.

I've gotta admit I haven't seen any dramas with TOP nor Siwon. I didn't even know they can act... (Well I have seen Attack on the Pin-Up Boys but it's not worth mentioning :roll )

Even though Minho wasn't on the list, I think he has potential. He was quite good ïn Pianist. (and in traditional play scene in SHINee's Yunhanam way before Pianist)

Posted: Jun 10th, '11, 19:24
by Ethlenn
I could barely watch Siwon in Athena... and TOP is good but only in Big Bang parodies (Beethoven Virus rules!)...
But you got a point with Eric, yes... he's no more idol, I guess.

Posted: Jun 10th, '11, 20:05
by Viande
Oh yes Big Bang's parodies rock. Previously I would have said Bethoven Virus was my favourite but Secret Garden was just so awesome that it stole my heart. :lol

But somehow I have a feeling TOP would be Kim Hyun Joong 2 what it comes for acting. He doesn't seem that expressive.

Posted: Jun 12th, '11, 11:45
by Orion1986
Happy Birthday to Ryu Deok Hwan!

One of those you might not have heard about because there are no hordes of fangirls kyaaing over serious actors who aren't statues of anatomical "perfection". :lol


Keep rockin' and making good works, you little marvel! Kids like these are my comfort among idols and all these soulless tables. :party:

Posted: Jun 12th, '11, 11:49
by Ethlenn
Aww, Happy Birthday to teh cutie!!

My first movie with him was A Day With My Son, and damn, he's good^^

A propos tables:
Kim Hyun-joong: 'I Want to Appeal as Strong Man'
I feel like watching The Chaser again, ufufu...

Posted: Jun 12th, '11, 11:59
by Orion1986
I have to see that one. It has tragedy written all over it, but Cha-ahjusshi AND Deok Hwan? Damn! :blink

Posted: Jun 12th, '11, 12:04
by Ethlenn
There is also some nice cameo by my man... oh damn...

Posted: Jun 12th, '11, 12:11
by Orion1986
Nam Gil nim? Nice!

Posted: Jun 12th, '11, 12:56
by Ethlenn
Nope, Jaeyoung-nim^^

Posted: Jun 12th, '11, 17:37
by micehell
For My Son... I'm not saying one way or another about whether you'd need a hanky, but I will say it won't kill you to watch it. ;) Good movie all around. And I'm still pimping RDK in Like a Virgin and Private Eye as well, 'cause those are both really good too!

Posted: Jun 12th, '11, 18:17
by Orion1986
Private Eye was nice. His character was hilarious. Right up until he gave that Japanese doctor a piece of his mind. He suddenly became very hot in my eyes during that scene. :faint:
And I will watch For My Son. I will probably watch it with Maundy Thursday and get all the tragedies/sadness in one go. I've been postponing that one as well, way too long now.

Like a Virgin is noted as well. Must watch. Must keep all of these crazy and talented ones in my radar. Cause you're sure to have fun watching these actors anyway. You never regret.

Posted: Jun 17th, '11, 10:50
by Ethlenn
Happy Birthday to Lee Han-wi!

He's been in so many dramas and movies. He's like a neighbourhood ajusshi now^^

Maundy Thursday was a mess, and toward the end was a sobbing mess... never again!

Posted: Jun 17th, '11, 11:37
by Orion1986
For my creep alone...

And happy birthday to Lee-ahjusshi! Love seeing him! He's the head of police in God's Quiz 2 and it's perfect for him. Complaining and b*tching all the time. Ahaha. Hope he'll be around for the whole season!

Posted: Jun 28th, '11, 08:36
by Issy
OMG, :cry:
just read on soompi (well, on my FB soompi)

Im Joo Hwan Hospitalized During Military Training :goggle:

will appreciate more info. my poor KID
:cry: :cry: :cry:

Posted: Jun 28th, '11, 09:22
by Ethlenn
He was ordered for 3 weeks in hospital due to heart issues.

Posted: Jun 28th, '11, 09:33
by Issy
Ethlenn wrote:He was ordered for 3 weeks in hospital due to heart issues.
:cry: not to mention he did have quiet serious car accident in 2008 too. this KID worries me a lot.

Posted: Jun 28th, '11, 17:54
by Orion1986
KID will be fine. I'm sure if it were something severe and already known, he would not have been accepted into the army. It's summer too, so maybe he just got a bit overstressed.

Let's hope for a quick recovery. And hope he can stay safe and stress- free for these 2 years. I'm sure they'll take good care of him. He's a celebrity and all.

Posted: Jun 28th, '11, 17:57
by Issy
maybe they send him where KDW is now. :mrgreen: then it would be Heaven for me to enlist too.

Posted: Jun 28th, '11, 18:04
by Orion1986
Hell, if they do that, the offices there will be about the nicest place to be in South Korea. Ahaha. I bet the whole building will resonate with their combined charisma. Even if they do look 12 and geeky in the army getup. :wub:

Posted: Jun 29th, '11, 15:01
by Issy
ok, I found out more (well, for those who are interested)


here is the definite case of bad news travels SLOW.
he has been in Hospital for week or so and was suffering with "undiagnosed heart condition"
heart problems are tricky in a way that sometimes they are totally hidden unless you go through some conditions in which they show themselves. of course army training with harsh physical work out can be a diagnostic tool.
how is not detected before? if you are generally healthy looking person, not showing obvious symptoms of heart problems, they are not so easy to detect.
I just wonder what will happen next.

Posted: Jun 30th, '11, 15:57
by Ethlenn
<iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

ufufufufu... :whistling:

Posted: Jun 30th, '11, 16:12
by Orion1986
Issy-kins, I wonder if the fact that it took very strenuous activity to have it show itself means it's not too serious or perhaps it's not something he had since birth.
Whatever the case, hope they figure it out and give him proper treatment so that he recovers soon. And then on to the offices with Nam Gil nim and The Creep! ^^

And Ecchan, I like how she tries to salvage the situation with the "makes them seem more approachable" comment.
No it doesn't, woman. You lose all respect you might have when they even try it, despite knowing how much they suck at it. :lol

Posted: Jul 10th, '11, 11:39
by Ethlenn

Happy Birthday to Mr. Long Legs Gong Yu!

Today is also Heecheol's birthday, but since I've never seen him in anything, he's not an actor for me. But I know who will attend the partey, keke^^

Posted: Jul 10th, '11, 13:21
by arakira
Hmm what a sweet pic!
Happy birthday to one of the least handsome but most sexy guys in kent :P

Posted: Jul 10th, '11, 13:36
by Orion1986
Ethlenn wrote:But I know who will attend the partey, keke^^
In full bling and a diamond manbra.

But Happy Birthday to Gong Yoo! Can't wait for his new movie too. ^^

Posted: Jul 10th, '11, 17:28
by esmer86
Happy Birthday to Gong Yu! :party: He ALWAYS puts a smile on my face :wub: :mrgreen:

Posted: Jul 24th, '11, 15:32
by Ethlenn
Lee Min Ho is leading the way in China: “He is even more popular than Jang Keun Suk”
China fell for Lee Min Ho, while Japan went for Jang Keun Suk. Each of them is popular for different reasons in the two countries, but certainly they are both contributing to the booming Korean Wave.

On the 15th, China’s most popular social network, Weibo, conducted a survey comparing Jang Keun Suk and Lee Min Ho’s appearance. It said, “Which one is better-looking? Jang Keun Suk from Mary Stayed Out All Night or Lee Min Ho from City Hunter?”

The result was interesting: Lee Min Ho earned 6,768 votes with a 69% approval rating while Jang Keun Suk only got 1,664 votes.

Another survey, which involves more Korean stars such as Kim Hee Chul, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Hong Ki, and Jang Keun Suk, also showed Lee Min Ho as the best-looking guy, with an approval rating of 35%.

This kind of survey initially involved only Chinese stars, but recently Korean stars are listed.

Certainly, it is hard to accept such survey as being objectively true, but they do show how much popularity Lee Min Ho has achieved through the series City Hunter in China.

City Hunter has gotten nearly 200 million hits on a Chinese video website.

Source Nate by Hanna (
If they sorted them out into actor and actress category, than maybe, maybe... Oh noez, Heechul is on the list, so no, not even then...
And the fact that Japan prefers JKS doesn't surprise me a tiny bit.

Posted: Jul 24th, '11, 16:00
by Issy
Ethlenn wrote:And the fact that Japan prefers JKS doesn't surprise me a tiny bit.
well, it does NOT surprise me either for a simple fact that YAB and MMM been on air long time ago and it had time to create their massive fan base. City Hunter is not even finished in Korea and I have feeling that mainland China watch their Korean dramas the way we do. but in Japan could be different as they wait for its broadcast on Japanese tv. JKS got his massive Japanese fans after YAB was broadcasted in Japan. LMH got very popular in there too after BOF was aired. so I will wait after CH gets aired in Japan and then judge. 8)

Posted: Jul 29th, '11, 21:09
by Ethlenn
Ori, don't look :mrgreen:

Yoo Seung Ho sustains a fracture due to car accident

This damned rain! :alcoholic:
Hope he'll be fine.

Posted: Jul 29th, '11, 21:40
by esmer86
^^ being hearing alot about actors/actresses getting into accidents lately. A fracture to the face....poor baby. Now when I see Dong Soo fighting I'm gonna be like, "carefull!!!" :dopey:

Posted: Jul 29th, '11, 21:47
by Ethlenn
Well, in that drama, it's mostly Dongsu who's getting punched, ahaha!! But he's taking it in a cute way^^

Posted: Jul 29th, '11, 21:57
by esmer86
yeah but him taking it a cute way I just cant see him hurting at the hospital or even right after the accident. I see him saying, "Aish..." and making that lovely angry face of his. :P we...I mush up their character and the real life person.

Posted: Jul 29th, '11, 22:41
by Ethlenn
On July 29th, it was reported that actor Yoo Seung Ho was involved in a car accident on a highway while moving to the film set of his SBS drama, ‘Warrior Baek Dong Soo‘.

Yoo Seung Ho was rushed to a hospital nearby, as the severity of the crash totalled the entire car.

A representative from his agency explained, “We, too, are surprised with this news. We are currently on our way to the hospital and are also worried because it does not seem like a small accident. We will reveal more information as we find out.”

The film schedule for July 29th has been canceled. A representative for the drama said, “We are watching over the situation, but have canceled the schedule for today. We’re not sure what will happen in the future, as it depends on Yoo Seung Ho’s condition.”
source: allkpop

Posted: Jul 30th, '11, 06:36
by esmer86
I didnt picture it to be that bad. I suddenly feel worried. Poor guy. :O

Posted: Jul 31st, '11, 20:14
by Ethlenn
Despite the minor injuries Yoo Seungho sustained due to a recent car accident, he managed to return to filming within a day after the crash.

On July 29th, the day of his accident, Yoo Seungho received a checkup and fortunately received no bad news other than a small cheekbone injury. Although the injury would not have caused great harm to him, the doctor advised Yoo Seungho to undergo surgery. However, Yoo Seungho discussed the matter further with his mother, reaching the conclusion that he would proceed with his current filming activies and not undergo the surgery. Luckily, he has not been shocked due to the accident, and his face has not been wet or bloated since.

Throughout the breaks in filming, Yoo Seungho will wear safety gear. He will act out the action scenes to a minimum, and the script is being revised so that it will contain more words than fists.

The production crew, while very grateful that Yoo Seungho has made such a decision, are surprised at his dedication to the drama. Meanwhile, he has expressed his gratitude to the production crew, stating that his recovery is due to them.

As Yoo Seungho returned to the "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" set, the production crew celebrated his birthday with a cake. His second animation movie, "The Chicken That Came Out of the Yard" (also featuring Choi Minsik), has also recently opened in theaters, and his summer thriller "Blind", co-starring Kim Haneul, is set to come out within the next few weeks.

Yoo Seungho has also shared the features of his dream girl in his latest interview with "Section TV Entertainment" while being awarded as a celebrity who will succeed in his acting and studying.


Posted: Aug 3rd, '11, 18:41
by Ethlenn
Dear ladies and gents, I'm biding you farewell for the next 2 weeks.
Behave and have fun without The Evil Witch From The West.

Now, taking Eric as my leader, I'm off!

Posted: Aug 3rd, '11, 18:45
by Sham26
What a lovely signature ! <3
We'll miss you dear ! Have a wonderful time!
Eric , I'am afraid he'll let you for a mermaid he's a player , be careful !(k)

Posted: Aug 4th, '11, 17:59
by arakira
Signature stalking Sham...
Oh and Ramadam Karim!!

Posted: Aug 5th, '11, 17:04
by Sham26
Thank you sweety *hug*
You know so much about the world I'm impressed !

Posted: Aug 5th, '11, 17:18
by Orion1986
Aww. I've been so busy I didn't even get to say bye bye to Ecchan... Well, I'll be pretty busy myself with dentist stuff and school work and all so I guess tis' ok. ^^

And Ramadan Kareem to those celebrating!

Posted: Aug 5th, '11, 17:49
by Issy
Orion1986 wrote:Aww. I've been so busy I didn't even get to say bye bye to Ecchan... Well, I'll be pretty busy myself with dentist stuff and school work and all so I guess tis' ok. ^^

And Ramadan Kareem to those celebrating!
same here. was very busy with work and didn't get the chance to say my Travel safe and Come back soon wishes.

Ara and Ori, thank you dears. but it also means no time for gutter for a month. :mrgreen:

Posted: Aug 5th, '11, 17:53
by Orion1986
Which is why I am making a signature/avatar set in your honor... :P

Posted: Aug 5th, '11, 18:26
by Viande
and I missed this thread while looking other ones. Have fun and come back soon. ^^

Posted: Aug 6th, '11, 00:00
by Issy
Major nosebleed. :w00t: :goggle:

Posted: Aug 6th, '11, 07:07
by Orion1986
He was in a white box, surrounded by cotton... Already packaged... I want that package... *eyes flaring*

Also, Happy Birthday to Kim Sang Joong! You kick ass baddie, you! :party:


Posted: Aug 6th, '11, 15:22
by arakira
Yep Happy Birthday to ma smexy ajusshi!! :alcoholic:


Posted: Aug 6th, '11, 15:31
by Sham26
Happy Birthday ! Can't believe he's 46 !
BTW .What an angelic signature Ori!

Posted: Aug 6th, '11, 15:33
by Issy
a very happy birthday to our ajusshi ( :P I loved it when they are older and I can say this with total peace of mind it does not happen alot)
I was reading his wiki and noticed that he was in HGD. I can't remember which character he was now to be honest. but then again, i have FF most of that drama except some. :mrgreen:

Posted: Aug 6th, '11, 15:55
by Orion1986
Hong Gil Dong was a painful experience, but I'm sure he made the series just a little bit better. Nice actor. Kind smile. Would love to see him play someone adorable. He'd be gooood.

And Shamey, the angel on my signature is one I'd gladly yank down from comfort and rearrange his feathers, but he does look awfully cute and content in his lovely cotton hottie case.

Posted: Aug 6th, '11, 16:06
by Issy
:lol reminded me of Zettai Kareshi and Kimi wa petto both at the same time. :roll

note to myself, fasting, fasting, fasting, no gutter, only pure innocent thoughts :goggle: )

Posted: Aug 20th, '11, 06:04
by Ethlenn
Kim Sang Joong also is a host (no weird thoughts, perverts, oh, or maybe I don't quite understand the word) of a show called "I want to know" or something to this kind. But it's a quite heavy show, not that popular and lately it's hard to get...
But if you want, I can look for it. But I bet no (Ji)sub till the Judgement Day.

Posted: Aug 20th, '11, 06:46
by mehamgul101
korean actress are more beautiful then other actress of the world

Posted: Aug 24th, '11, 07:47
by Ethlenn
Today, party for... Ahn Kil-kang!!
If it wasn't for him, QSD would be less enjoyable. And lot of other dramas!!

Posted: Aug 24th, '11, 08:45
by Issy
mehamgul101 wrote:korean actress are more beautiful then other actress of the world
There is a saying that goes like this :
" beauty is in the eye of beholder" :whistling:

Posted: Aug 24th, '11, 09:58
by Orion1986
Ahn Kil Kang! Happy Birthday! I LOVE this ahjusshi!
He just makes everything a bit more awesome, this man!


Posted: Aug 27th, '11, 20:42
by Orion1986
And Happy Birthday to Kang Nam Gil! He's always somewhere and he's always good! ^^


Posted: Aug 28th, '11, 09:01
by Ethlenn
Sorry for any fangirl spazz but...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jeon Nomin!!

Posted: Aug 28th, '11, 16:57
by Sham26
H-Bday Jeon Nomin! :party:

Posted: Aug 31st, '11, 14:59
by Ethlenn
Uhm, Issy...
It seems that Im Joo-hwan has been in the hospital for 3 months due to heart problems since his admittance into the army. However, he's not considering early discharge from the army.

He joined the 102 training camp in Chooncheon on the 17th of May and was hospitalized for heart problems while getting basic military training.

Considering his condition got better, he was then moved to a medical corps for treatment.

His management says, "He hasn't fully recovered so he's still receiving treatment at the medical corps. However, he's not considering early discharge or whatsoever".

It seems that he was already suffering from heart illness even before he joined the army. He could've been exempted or serve his duty as a public soldier but he insisted he become an active one. (hancinema)

Posted: Aug 31st, '11, 15:06
by Orion1986
I read that. Thought she probably saw it. This boy is an idiot. How can he play with his health like that? I never got the army craze, really.
Hope he will keep safe and have enough common sense to stop jeopardizing his health over crap like "partiotism" or the public opinion.

Posted: Aug 31st, '11, 15:10
by Issy
:O :cry: :cry: :cry:
My poor K.I.D. :cry:

or I came and drag you out of there. geez, seriously! :rambo:

Posted: Aug 31st, '11, 15:13
by Orion1986
We have Nam Gil and Dong Won on the inside. Let's ask for their help and drag him out. Cause he's being a lunatic with this. HEART problems, man! What are you doing there?!?!?

Posted: Aug 31st, '11, 15:16
by Issy
yep. Ori.I think the same too. he might be scared of people's judgement. you know what? I did read some harsh words ones he got admitted to hospital for the first time. some ignorants said, it's good excuse to get out early. :crazy:
you know how netizens can get crazy. right?
but seriously, this is no joking matters. heart problem in any way way, form or shape should not be taken lightly.

my poor KID, I want him safe and sound out of there. :hissy: :cussing: :cry:

Posted: Aug 31st, '11, 15:21
by Ethlenn
Who said that, Issy? Let's find'em and kick'em!! What kind of idiot could joke like that?

Won Bin was discharged because of health, he can get too. He should.

On the other note, Ha Jung Woo is considered as a part of some Hollywood noir movie. What's wrong with staying in Korea?? Especially him, he's now recognized worldwide!! :cussing:

Posted: Aug 31st, '11, 15:36
by Issy
some stupid ignorants on some sites who have no consideration or sense of sympathy. if these were how, some internationals (not fans really) think, then they out to be more people like them among netizens too.
I really hope he can get an early discharge very soon. :-(

Oh no, not Hollywood fame again. believe me, you won't get any more famous by going there. Just making your fans disappointed. trust me, I have been there as a fan.