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Posted: Apr 21st, '11, 13:09
by Orion1986
Oh it is. I just dislike it when connections are used for talentless people. If someone earned it, yes, but I just can't see any potential in her as an actress.
But who knows, maybe she didn't use him. Maybe the industry just tried to make a new around-30 unni star and failed miserably cause she's talentless.

And honestly, why the hay is it even a "scandal" and a big deal that the woman is getting divorced to be with someone else? THAT, I don't get in K entertainment.
Why do celebrities have to hide their marital status just because of mentally ill fangirls? Isn't that unfair to the artists who do such hard work to please said "fans"?

I'd have an issue with her using the marriage for her work, but it seems people mind the "lying to them" more. Who the hell do they think they are to mind her personal life?
Work life, I do get. Something unethical or naughty going on, I get. But a secret marriage in a country so obsessed with stalking celebrities is nothing funny or weird to me.

Posted: Apr 21st, '11, 13:39
by Issy
Orion1986 wrote:Well, many talentless people become "stars", but I guess now we know where Lee Ji Ah got her help from. Let's face it. She's not young, pretty or talented in any way.
I don't mind those things, if we're talking smaller roles and not all those features together, but with her, I really couldn't see how she could be a lead in anything, frankly.
Lee Jiah, Sung Yu ri and Lee Daehe belong to that category of actresses that I need to have one of my favourite guys as co-stars and constant ignoring of their presence on my screen to make watching their drama bearable. LJA made me drop Legend from ep2 ( I did not even needed her as a reason to be honest, it was more like an excuse :mrgreen: )

Posted: Apr 21st, '11, 14:01
by Ethlenn
One can't make a use of what one doesn't have. Those actresses Issy mentioned don't have any talent whatsoever, so seeing their efforts to deliver some emotions and levels of their characters makes me laugh.
And this is just my personal view on it. One may love LDH for whatever the reason.
Lee Jiah is another story, she doesn't have any good drama/movie/whatever. I dropped Legend cause it was awful, acting was also awful.

But making a secret out of the marriage? Netizens are going nuts the more I see it.

Posted: Apr 21st, '11, 16:18
by Orion1986
Netizens should stop being such nosy b*tches and care for what the celebrities do in their personal life. Honestly, would you demand an explanation and apology from your butcher if you heard he divorced?
An actor might be a fancy and glamorous-looking job, but it's still a job. And private life is private life, no matter what the job. If the netizens backed the hell off and the celebs stopped hiding, it would all be ok.

But of course, if one doesn't back out and stop caring so much about what the other does, thinks and says in every minute of every day, nothing will change. To me, this is even more preposterous than her using the connections.


Korean articles are so weird... They all look like they were written by 14-year-old fangirls. Maybe they were. XD

The article from that show Ecchan bumped into talked about Dong Won's high IQ and small head... Ok... That's weird.
Is it customary to talk about celebrities' body parts that are in no way related to how attractive they are or something?

Cause I don't see how his small head is any kind of smart observation or anything that should interest anyone but a hat maker.

Edit (much much later): Since I found out I can post youtube stuff here, here it is. Here is a good way to render me a drooling mess for days. Not a professional voice, but I'd still faint if he sang anywhere near me.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Posted: Apr 25th, '11, 23:50
by Jav_sol
Moon Chae Won

Posted: Apr 26th, '11, 19:17
by Ethlenn
I liked her in Take Care of the Young Lady, but then again, I liked this drama^^
In Painter of the Wind she was also nice. Any news or just pics, Jav_sol?

Posted: Apr 26th, '11, 22:19
by Jav_sol
Ethlenn wrote:Any news or just pics, Jav_sol?
Those pics are just ads, but I just read this:

Moon Chae-won cast as sageuk princess

Moon Chae-won has been cast in her next drama, titled The Princess’s Man. Yay, maybe she’ll be able to cast off the pallor of her last drama, It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl, which was oddly watchable despite being a big wreck of muddled plotting and poor acting.

The Princess’s Man is being called a “Joseon-era Romeo and Juliet” and will be a fusion sageuk; Moon takes the lead role as Princess Lee Se-ryung, daughter to Grand Prince Su-yang (who was the second son of King Sejong the Great). She falls in love with the son of her father’s enemy, making for a “tragic love story.”

Princess Se-ryung is bold, inquisitive, determined — a set of characteristics not common or idealized in the ladies of Joseon aristocracy — but encounters a number of hardships because of her father’s ambition to become king. Historically, Su-yang (or Sejo) became the seventh king of Joseon, but in this drama he hasn’t yet secured the throne and plots to take the crown from his nephew Dan-jong. Naturally this meets with resistance from Dan-jong’s supporters, and therefore Su-yang is out to eliminate his opposition, which includes Kim Jong-seo, the father of Se-ryung’s beloved.

Hm. It’s an interesting way to incorporate a familiar and powerful love story into the crux of a sageuk drama, and I’m curious to see how it works out. Sageuks do include romantic plots, sometimes even feature them as prominent storylines, but historically speaking they’re more about the political machinations and power plays surrounding a monarch at its core, and the dynamics of the court. It’s really mostly been in recent years that romance has become such a strong player, and more so in the fusion series (Hong Gil Dong, Iljimae, Chuno).

The Princess’s Man is being planned for 24 episodes and takes to airwaves after Romance Town ends in July, and will be a Wednesday-Thursday KBS drama. ... -princess/

Posted: Apr 26th, '11, 22:33
by Issy
who cares about the princess, WHO IS THE PRINCE??? :mrgreen:

Edit: It is Bae Su-bin :cheers:
I am definitely watching. can't say that I like the actress that much though. but I guess she is OK. :P

Posted: Apr 26th, '11, 22:56
by Jav_sol
Issy wrote:Edit: It is Bae Su-bin :cheers:
Is it?
These two must be following each other around, this would be their third show together.
Although if I think about it, it's a good cast because this guy never seems to get the girl.

Posted: Apr 26th, '11, 23:12
by Issy
Jav_sol wrote:
Issy wrote:Edit: It is Bae Su-bin :cheers:
Is it?
These two must be following each other around, this would be their third show together.
Although if I think about it, it's a good cast because this guy never seems to get the girl.
well I read it from others comments in your link so I am not 100% sure.
but yeah, you are right about BSB and his curse of never getting the girl he likes in any drama. saw him in Shining Inheritance and Dong Yi and both times he could not get HHJ.
this makes me wonder about 49 Days drama now. he has two girls in his name already there. is the curse going to hunt him down again? :lol

Posted: May 1st, '11, 11:36
by Ethlenn
In case anyone is interested:
Interviews with Lee Seongyun (for esmer, keke) and the cast of The Greatest Love (esmer again^^) are uploaded on the blog^^
Yes, no subs. :salut:

Posted: May 1st, '11, 14:22
by esmer86
Ethlenn wrote:In case anyone is interested:
Interviews with Lee Seongyun (for esmer, keke) and the cast of The Greatest Love (esmer again^^) are uploaded on the blog^^
Yes, no subs. :salut:

:O and here I go Ethlenn. Thanks!

Posted: May 1st, '11, 15:46
by Ethlenn

Posted: May 1st, '11, 17:42
by LJHFan
Is Lee Jae Hwang popular in Korea? Is he dead already? Is he gay? Is he single or married? Please answer. Thanks! Image

Posted: May 1st, '11, 19:19
by Ethlenn

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 04:08
by Orion1986
Oh Jesus... Min Ho is playing with mud... Jana, make sure you're sitting down for this...

Why mud, mr. Director? Why does everyone make hot men (and our minds) dirty? :faint:

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 04:46
by Ethlenn
Osh... crap... Jana, be prepared for this!! :mrgreen:

They (directors) know we ain't dirrrrty enough :unsure:

My Fave Actor

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 06:40
by timturf
My favorite actor is KIM NAM GIL! my god, he acts so naturally and he's very good and handsome. I really wish to see him in person. :cheers: :D :cheers:

mod edit: that's very fascinating, but remove the spamming links in your signature.

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 07:40
by LJHFan
Ethlenn wrote:Google is your friend, it doesn't bite, really. ... onId=15364

Use it before asking questions.
okay thanks! :) i wonder if you can answer my questions :)

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 21:15
by Ethlenn
Daryn, get yourself a ticket and a suitcase. Big one.

Jo In Sung
will be released from the army this upcoming Wednesday, May 4th!!

And yes, he will be featured in this weekend Golden Fishery episode (I will provide^^), and has a movie project waiting for him already.

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 22:19
by esmer86
Damn! Its toooooo hot at my place as it is and now you all provided me with pictures of a hot guy in mud....come on! Excuse me will I go get some ice while thinking of Min Ho. :w00t:

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 22:28
by Orion1986
I want to go get some mud while thinking of Min Ho... And I don't even find him gutter-material, but still... Mud+handsome and tall young man = Arooooo!

Fortunately, my fantasizing ability is at expert level and I can just replace Min Ho with a certain creep, since the former still ain't doing it for me and all.
Although I'd be afraid to play with Dong Won in the mud, as he was lately. I'd break his bones, the poor guy. It takes Min Ho's muscles to handle mud.

Or Ji Hwan's and Ji Sub's. It takes special charisma and poise to make stumbling in the mud look sexy. The stills look good so it seems Min Ho nailed it.

Oh dear... why did I have to do and mention nailing...

Posted: May 2nd, '11, 22:57
by Ethlenn
Someone mentioned mud, sexy and nailing in one post?
Count me in!! I mean... to just observe, yes... I'm A Good Girl, yes... observe good semi naked men in mud... :whistling:

Posted: May 5th, '11, 18:46
by Ethlenn
Happy Birthday to
Lee Seunghyo!!

Posted: May 9th, '11, 17:44
by esmer86
Yoo Ah-in as a high school brawler in Wan-deuk-yi

Seems like Ah-in is going to be in a movie. I loved him in SKKS but looking at this pictures I see a boy not a man..... :unsure:

Posted: May 9th, '11, 17:47
by Ethlenn
Meh, sorry, the only one thing I saw was Lee Han name. Namgil-nim had this pseudonym up to 2008... Yup, I'm screwed...

Posted: May 9th, '11, 22:35
by Issy
E-chan, can you find any news on Lim JuHwan enlisting to army service this year on Korean sites???
:cry: :cry: :cry:
Oh my poor heart :alcoholic:

Posted: May 9th, '11, 22:54
by Orion1986
Not the K.I.D too!!! Damn.. They're just taking them one by one.

Posted: May 9th, '11, 23:06
by Issy
Orion1986 wrote:Not the K.I.D too!!! Damn.. They're just taking them one by one.
one person who never failed in bringing smile to my face.
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: I am totally devastated and heart broken. myyyyyyyy K.I.D, :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Posted: May 9th, '11, 23:14
by Orion1986
Well, just watch his old works till he's out. Doing the same here. Time does fly by. It's been almost six months since Dong Won went into the army.
Plus, so many guys to look at out there and good actors to enjoy. It ain't like our boyfriends are leaving us for 2 years. :lol We're not teen fangirls. :roll

Posted: May 10th, '11, 08:15
by Ethlenn
Uhm.. I read on one Naver cafe May 17.
Still, on his official Cafe here there is one announcement.
Orion1986 wrote: Plus, so many guys to look at out there and good actors to enjoy. It ain't like our boyfriends are leaving us for 2 years. :lol We're not teen fangirls. :roll
It's not?
Wahahaha!!! It's good to have some amount of good guys keeping you distracted from the misery...

Posted: May 10th, '11, 08:56
by Issy
:O next week? this soon? :-(
Thanks Ethlenn :salut:

Posted: May 10th, '11, 09:03
by Ethlenn
Well, it might be only official announcement, sadly I'm at work, and can't access any Naver cafe, cause my passwords and all are on my pc at home. So I can't read the whole new message, only the title.
Be back in few hours^^

Posted: May 10th, '11, 17:54
by esmer86
Issy, I just saw this in dramabeans Im Joo-hwan to enlist this month

Posted: May 10th, '11, 18:47
by Issy
esmer86 wrote:Issy, I just saw this in dramabeans Im Joo-hwan to enlist this month
17th of May? That's so cruel! His birthday is on 18th. :cry: I am seriously going to miss my Park Kyu. And no send off events?
Thanks esmer for the update.

Posted: May 10th, '11, 19:44
by Orion1986
Meanwhile, Showbiz Korea on Arirang World had this interview with some fancy guy. Star of Smile, Dong Hae or something.
He said "The director didn't tell me why he picked me. Maybe it was because of my smile. It's refreshing like radish kimchi".

Where do they find these self-obsessed divas? Or are aaall of them "joking"? That was a popular excuse for Jang too...

Issy-kins, you should be glad. Send offs mean lots of squealing fangirls. And not every "actor" gets his ego-boost that way.

Posted: May 10th, '11, 20:56
by arakira
Hiya gals,

what did I miss? Jana's man playing in mud . . . only read mud and jisub and went youknowwhere ;) Issy's babyface into the army and daryn's hawt boy in sung out...??

Any other news I should have noticed? ;)

Posted: May 10th, '11, 21:01
by Ethlenn
Omo, resurrection of Ara :goggle:
Hiya, looooooooove^^

Well, we've been all over Jihwan lately... *naughty thoughts*

Posted: May 10th, '11, 21:21
by arakira
Aww...first ep is out already, isn't it? Keke gonna join you soon. Just finished first ep of The greatest love . . . too bad good looks alone won't make me watch another Hong sisters boring wannabe fluff . . . In need for some good Jihwan smexyness ;)

Posted: May 12th, '11, 18:29
by Ethlenn

Posted: May 12th, '11, 19:23
by esmer86
^^ It gives another meaning to "All the good ones are taken." Sorry Issy :cry:

Posted: May 12th, '11, 21:34
by Issy
:cry: :cry: :cry:
OK, this is going to be my official sigi until I calm down (and he is not even enlisted yet :cry: )
you know what is worst??? not being able to read his daily tweets. he was not in any drama recently, True! but he was there on twitter almost every day. SO cute and SO funny. I am going to miss that for sure.
two years is just too looooooooooong to wait. :-( My heart truly aches.

Thanks E-chan and Esmer

ps. Yes, I am such a weirdo!

Posted: May 12th, '11, 22:14
by Orion1986
Are you adding some drama to this or are you really taking this so hard? Honey, we can survive without one of the many good actors and hot men out there for 2 years.
I know it sucks, but getting depressed over some guy you don't even know getting enlisted on the other side of the world is a bit much. Don't do that to yourself, sweetie.

I know we like all these guys and yes, we get celebrity crushes on them, but getting attached to the point it actually causes us sadness is not the way to go about it at all.
We're supposed to have fun with this and make something happy out of it. Not get emotionally sick because we can't see the man for 2 years. That's a bit much, me thinks.

Overestimating our "connection" to a celebrity is a step closer to being those fangirls we all hate. These guys are nothing to us. We admire their work, think they're hot, that's it.
We don't know the guys, we will never have a chance to meet them and just cause we get a crush on them doesn't mean there's anything special there for us to cry over.
Just like we feel this is sooo special, a few more thousands of fangirls feel it too. We're not their girlfriends to get depressed over army duty. Cheer up, people! Time flies by!

Posted: May 12th, '11, 22:33
by Ethlenn
Issy is just in a state I was on July 15th 2010... nothing wrong with that. Not being even close to fangirl...
That reminds me... 428 days till my luff will be free again!!

Posted: May 12th, '11, 22:35
by Orion1986
I hope she's not taking this as seriously as it looks cause I'd be a bit worried and sad for her. Getting so attached to a celebrity is not healthy.
Sorry if that offends you, luvs, but you know I express things as I believe em. Can't and won't be dishonest, especially not to friends I wuv. ^^

Posted: May 12th, '11, 22:43
by Issy
not adding dramas dear. and hopefully I'm old enough to recognise the difference between reality and the world of fandom. Of couse I am not crying my eyes off because he is enlisted. when I say I am heartbroken and sad, I am talking about that childish fangirl side of me as his fan, nothing to do my real life . can't deny the fact I am kind of down because I won't see him for two years but not like those crazy fangirls that stop living my real life.
Ori-chan, I thought you know me enough by now.
maybe you should have been KDW fan for while before he got enlisted and then you understand what i mean. Maybe E-chan, knows the feeling???
don't worry dear, I am still sane. at the end of the day, I am not the same age as those crazy fangirls you are talking about. and I understand fully what he is to me. maybe I am too emotional with my expressions but I think everyone else got what I meant.
in any case, I apologise if my current mood made this thread kind of depressing. it was kind of shocking news and unexpected. that's all!
as for sigi, i meant to change it for while. now I have my excuse

ps. Just read E-chan's reply. EXACTLY as I wrote top here.
pss. Ori-chan, don't worry wuv. I love how you care about your friends sweetie. so not offended dear Muwaaah

Posted: May 12th, '11, 22:44
by Ethlenn
Yup, we know, we know...
I know exactly how you feel, when my man left after such wreck of the drama...

I'm tipsy enough to not being able to write more, but sober enough to watch some movie, so maybe today... eeehmm... "The Princess Bride", 346th rewatch!!

And some interesting read, on K-pop though, but it applies also to dramas/actors as well:
A few recent news reports have highlighted the popularity of Korean pop music in France. On TV, there were interviews with young French K-pop fans, who gathered in front of the Louvre calling for an extra concert of Korean teen idol groups after the tickets for the first sold out. Another report covered the arrival of 50 French teens who visited Seoul for a fan meeting with a pop band. Many Koreans felt that the "Korean Wave" has finally arrived on Europe's shores.

And why not? Impeccably groomed, their dances worked out to a T and with addictive rhythms to boot, they are bound to dazzle young audiences. But it may be too early to conclude that the Korean Wave has gripped Europe after a few performances by a handful of groups.

Paris is a melting pot where people from a wide range of different cultures co-exist and a culture of mutual respect has grown up. Also, the French are interested in learning about unusual things and are very open to other cultures. It is quite common to see different cultures becoming chic among the French. Interest in Asian culture has been around for some time, with Japanese and Indian culture among the favorites. Asian food, comics, geishas, Jacuzzis, yoga, meditation and Buddhist beliefs have spread.

Also, France has no manufactured bands of its own, and it has become increasingly difficult to find them even in the U.S. But teens are always searching for figures they can look up to, and French youngsters are getting a taste of teen idols from around the world from YouTube and other Internet sources. That is the medium offering Korean idol groups a chance to reach European audiences.

The European market is huge, but it is also very difficult to break into. Korean singers need to offer more than beats and tunes familiar to European audiences and must appeal to their craving for originality and pizzazz. They have to offer something fans will love even when they grow up, otherwise they will be a flash in the pan. They need to appeal to audiences' emotions.

I have met French people who told me that the synchronized dances of K-pop bands remind them of Fascism or other ideologies that stress group uniformity, while others said all of the singers look the same. Others said they have never heard of Korean pop music.

In fact, the popularity of K-pop may remain restricted to a small niche market. People in each European country have vastly different tastes. Many people in Europe may simply think Koreans, Japanese and Chinese are more or less the same and refer to all of us as "Asians." We should not overestimate the fad.

Unlike other industries, the music industry is cultural in essence and reflects a constant flow of feelings and moods among the people of a particular era. Before calculating their potential profits and taking on the European music market, Koreans in the industry need to get a feel of the emotions and cultures of each European country.

By Shin Yeon-ah of the band Big Mama
(found it on Chosun Ilbo)

Posted: May 12th, '11, 22:50
by Orion1986
Well, I'm pretty confident about your sanity, Issy-kins and I do trust you, but I also know you've had it a bit hard lately.
And the last thing I want is for you to be depressed over this cause you're in a downer period we all have sometimes.

As for the rest of the things I've said, they were in general terms. Since there ARE girls out there who get sad over this.
Not sad cause of circumstances in their lives, but actually sad for the happening itself. And that is unhealthy like heck.

But good to know you're not generally feeling down. Can I interest your fangirl side with some hot pictures next time we meet? Oh Ji Ho maybe? He should have taken one topless, while making the namja kimchi...

Posted: May 12th, '11, 22:54
by Issy
:P yep, Ori needs to go through this too with one of her guys ( :whistling: I wonder who will take her mind off KDW and then gets enlisted though) to get what we mean. :mrgreen:
Tamra Island would be on my daily watch till his out. after all, I LOVE my K.I.D. :wub:

ps. :lol Ori- shame on you. you know I don't do topless. I mean I prefer my guys fully clothed. :mrgreen:
ok, let's see, two guys enlisted, how many left again??? :scratch:


Posted: May 12th, '11, 22:56
by Orion1986
I generally like them older ones. So chances are, they've enlisted already. :P The Diva was an exception and he'll probably be legally female or somehow unfit for the army when the time comes. :roll
Plus, he's been such a grave disappointment that I don't give a damn what he does anymore. As long as I don't have to look at that embarrassment of an "actor". What a total waste of talent, that man.

Lol. How many do you have left? I've never had to count since I always have the one. You need a management program for them or something. Gotta keep those hotties well organized and all.

Posted: May 12th, '11, 23:00
by Issy
as for the diva, I think I would be happy for him/her to stay 2 more years. maybe some of previous manliness kicks in again. :mrgreen:

ps. believe me, they are well organised dear. they are!

Posted: May 12th, '11, 23:01
by Orion1986
I think the manliness is long gone for now. It will stay that way as long as he makes money on being in flaming uke mode. Who cares about the manliness anyway. He's a sell-out. And that is what I don't forgive.

Posted: May 12th, '11, 23:10
by Sham26
Oh Issy , don't be sad we are all here for u keke ! I miss Lee Dong Wook :( !:cry: :cry:
As for the diva ...he's already dead for me ! RIP ! :-(

Posted: May 12th, '11, 23:14
by Orion1986
He's Resting In Pearls, that's for sure. His choice. He chose money and fame over talent and creation. But him having free choice doesn't mean we have to like it.

Posted: May 12th, '11, 23:30
by Issy
Orion1986 wrote:He's Resting In Pearls, that's for sure.
:thumright: Good one Ori

Thanks dear Sham26. I guess we all having someone we are missing badly. :|

Posted: May 12th, '11, 23:51
by Orion1986
But time does fly. It's already been six months since Dong Won went into the army and I'm still dandy. Quite so.
It does suck that we have no idea how long after they come out it will take for them to find a new project though.

I mean, gone for 2, but how long to find and film a project? By the time it gets to us, it'll be sooo long from now.
But still. It's the law and we have to be patient. Their families and loved ones are the ones having it extra tough.

P.S: I still can't believe the K.I.D is 29. What the hell is there in Asian waters that keeps em this fresh? XD

Posted: May 13th, '11, 08:23
by Ethlenn
This is a topic for Korean actors/actresses, Diva's topic is someplace else cause she doesn't fit into any of the above.

But yes, if we talk about the drama after getting out of the army, it's relatively short, but movie is longer - it took a year for Gong Yoo to appear in one (a good one, on top of that).
I had such a laugh when I saw Hyun Bin farewell. Those stupid girls were waving posters with "I can't survive without you!". Apparently, they can survive without brain, so they can somehow survive without a guy they never met.

Time's surely flies by, and soon, Kim Raewon will be out. Muwahahahahaaa!!

Posted: May 13th, '11, 08:59
by Issy
Happy Friday the 13th everybody :mrgreen:

back to subject, actually I was reading about how hard can be sometimes for K-actors to get back to their popularity once they are released from army service. I guess we have to wait and see and the best case is Hyun Bin. Two Years is long enough for those actors to be shadowed by others.

"Can't survive without you?" I guess someone has to call these girls and find out if they are alive or not? someone should tell them breathing is involuntary mechanism of human body.

and YES, the LJH is 29. not lot of people believe it when they find out. he has a baby face. :wub:

Posted: May 13th, '11, 09:07
by Ethlenn
Oh, it is Friday 13...

To sham: Lee Dong wook is in the new drama starting this July: Scent of A Woman (about a non-married, low ranking office worker who is given numbered days to live.) Drama with our lovely Kim Sunah!!

Fangirls... eh... :whistling:

And yes, 2 years is a big gap, this is why most actors push it back as long as they can, almost when they have the deadline (or cross it, like one sweet idiot^^). Their return depends of course on the demographic of fans (well, 14 years old and their "Wuv 4 Eva!! won't last long), and of course the project they will be given.

Posted: May 13th, '11, 09:21
by Orion1986
Better actors have more chance than popular ones. Mainly because their main demographic is not the kind of people that forget the guy they can't live without after a few months of absence.
A solid actor will be a solid actor and people will look forward to their work since their skills won't change. But how popular one is changes. And two years away make them not-in anymore.
Let's face it. If someone is talentless and only has his looks and abs to show for himself, they won't be as hot an item after not flashing their looks for 2 years. They'll be "old" by that time.

Sure, fangirls will cheer after they're back. Just to feel guilt-free and fool themselves they still "love" the person, but they'll have found a new hottie by then. And none of the past hype will matter.
I think Hyun Bin is a solid actor so I don't see a problem for him either, but his SG shot to fame is not going to last forever. It won't be just as easy to make the fangirls go ga ga when he's back.
And he will eventually get too old for fangirls anyway. So I hope he'll focus on more serious stuff when he's out. And not too artsy like his last two movies that look boring as hell and pseudo-deep.
Too many of those won't get you the mainstream audience as well. And a lot make the mistake of going for one of those two extremes. A well balanced, versatile actor does a bit of everything.

And yeah, Friday 13th. Well, yesterday was such an awesome day. I don't think much can happen to ruin it. Unless they cancel them summer courses. But that would be TOO low, even for MY luck.

Posted: May 13th, '11, 11:21
by Sham26
Ethlenn wrote:Oh, it is Friday 13...

To sham: Lee Dong wook is in the new drama starting this July: Scent of A Woman (about a non-married, low ranking office worker who is given numbered days to live.) Drama with our lovely Kim Sunah!!
:w00t: Oh ! yeah what greattt news ! This two are going to break my heart , I have to prepare tissues from now ! why is it supposed to be tha melancolic ...Oh no Imnot complaining !
Thank u Ethlenn , u made my day !

About fangirls , there 's no drama talking about this ? :scratch:

Posted: May 13th, '11, 15:12
by Ethlenn
Sham26 wrote:
About fangirls , there 's no drama talking about this ? :scratch:
That's right! Let's make drama about fangirls!! Well, some of them were in YAB, but it was "lite" version. Reality is hardcore...

Posted: May 13th, '11, 17:17
by Sham26
yeah yeah forget about this, SG too !They should make something deeper ! That will be funny to watch haha

Posted: May 14th, '11, 09:17
by arakira
Scent of a woman sounds great, casting wise. Dunno about the melo though.

Oh and poor Issy, having two kids in the military must be hard! Namja Kimchee still is must feel so deprived of you men...Come to fangirl with me over Yutaka anytime :P

Keke I'd love to see a fangirl drama, but I think I'd prefer a movie cause you can be more explicit then.

Posted: May 14th, '11, 09:22
by Ethlenn
Well, Tvn, E Channel or CGV broadcasts may produce it. They are not afraid...

Posted: May 16th, '11, 18:43
by Ethlenn
To all Jo Insung fans! In today's Feel Good Morning, there was this huge (well, 10 minutes) block about our released kkotminam (ahahaha). The cut, in two versions is below:
Regular one
Smaller one

Damn, I feel like watching Frozen Flower again... He's so cute^^

Posted: May 16th, '11, 19:10
by Issy
Ethlenn wrote:To all Jo Insung fans! In today's Feel Good Morning, there was this huge (well, 10 minutes) block about our released kkotminam (ahahaha). The cut, in two versions is below:
Regular one
Smaller one (in a while)

Damn, I feel like watching Frozen Flower again... He's so cute^^
NOT as cute as my K.I.D and tomorrow is the day. he tweeted few hours ago bidding farewell for now to fans :cry:. broke my heart and made feel down again (don't worry Ori-chan, I'm still OK) I wonder if they let them keep their mobile phones in the army :scratch: ...OK, OK I could not help thinking about it.
I guess we all need to watch Frozen Flower, each one for their own reasons. :-(

Ara-chan, welcome dear. thanks for thougts. I am saving Yutaka (and JIN2) for now. but will start very soon for sure. after all, who can say NO to Yutaka :wub:

Posted: May 17th, '11, 20:39
by Issy
wow, two posts by me in a row? :mrgreen:
OK, as it is officially 18th of May in S.Korea (and the rest of Asia to be precise), I have to say

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my most adorable K.I.D, Lim Ju Hwan :wub: :wub: :wub:
as it's his first day in army and not sure how things are there, I wish him a day full of joy and happiness, and a cake ready for him by the end of the day. and I hope that I won't be missing him a lot (which I doubt!) :mrgreen:

Posted: May 17th, '11, 21:08
by Orion1986
Happy Birthday to your K.I.D. May he eat well and come back more awesome than he ever was. ^^

Posted: May 17th, '11, 21:10
by esmer86
Happy birthday to the guy :party: but he left right before his birthday...awwww...but they must have celebrated it before hand. Sort of a birthday/leaving for the army party kinda thing :alcoholic:

Posted: May 17th, '11, 22:44
by Ethlenn
Happy Birthday to the KID^^

Army, pretty please, feed him!!

Posted: May 18th, '11, 07:33
by Issy
Ethlenn wrote:Happy Birthday to the KID^^

Army, pretty please, feed him!!
errrr, I think he has been doing it on his own. as you can see from his What's Up and Suspicious Customers scenes. :whistling:
Thank God for that.

and I found these "AWWWW" pictures from the day. apparently him and Ara-chan's "petto" are good friends so he came to bid him farewell with some other friends.

Posted: May 20th, '11, 19:15
by Orion1986
Dang it. Dong Won is still a stick after 6 months... Ok, we need someone in there to start force feeding him or something. XD
But it's fine. As long as he's healthy. After what my last obsession turned out to be, I'm very accepting of such things. Ahaha. :rofl:

Issy, we should send your well-fed and cleanly-shaved K.I.D there to feed him. Aww. He looks so cute in these pics above! :heart:

Posted: May 20th, '11, 20:20
by arakira
HAPPY B-day to the K.I.D!!!

LOL he really looks so baby in these pics...really can't believe his age ;)

OH and thanks Ecchan for the Insung cut . . . at least one is back . . . Can't wait to see two others released . . . KEKE and everyone DO watch Frozen Flower . . . apart from my JJM and Insung, the story and pictures are well worth it ;)

Posted: May 26th, '11, 10:23
by Orion1986
Happy Birthday to Lee Philip. :-)
Also, what the heck is with the movie "Head"? They keep torturing Ryoo Deok Hwan in every still that comes out!
He's mostly half-naked and always bruised and tied up somewhere. Stop torturing the awesome little cutie! :lol