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Posted: Apr 29th, '08, 11:26
by kitty_1434456




Posted: Apr 29th, '08, 11:59
by Vercinex
My Fave Korean actor is

1. Shin Hyun Joon
2. So Ji Sup
3. Kwon Sang Woo
4. Lee wan
5.Eric Moon

Posted: Apr 30th, '08, 07:37
by bean
hehe, mine gonna be

1. Lee Junki
2. Lee Dong Wook.
3. So Ji-Sup
4. Joo Jin Hoon
5. Won Bin

(actually i like al of them)
Ps > Oh Ji Ho, Dennis Henney, Lee Wan, Kwan Sang Woo, the guy from Autumn in my heart is all good actor i muz say!

Posted: Apr 30th, '08, 14:01
by MandyHoon
from 5 to 1 I've to choose...

5) Rain
4) Lee Dong Wok
3) Song Seung Hun
2) Won Bin
1) Kim Jeong Hoon
Image :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: May 1st, '08, 08:42
by b1=b2
well i like Rain best of all

Posted: May 8th, '08, 06:36
by ekay for mine :wub: (with their drama that i prefer the most)

1.RAIN (A love to kill )
2.Lee Jun Ki (Time between dog and wolf)
3.Yoon Kye Sang (My sister in law is 19)
4.Kim Jeong Hoon (Goong)
5. Jang Geun Suk (Hong Gil Dong)

Posted: Jun 2nd, '08, 19:10
by gaeulprincess
Joo Ji Hoon
Gong Joo
Song Seung Hun
Kim Rae Won
Lee Dong Wook

Posted: Jun 2nd, '08, 19:41
by xiah1fan
He Is awsome ...but th thing is i havent seen him in a while

4.Lee Junki
He got the looks and is such a great actor

3.Kang Ji Hwan
HAha...The funniest dude eva!!!... Watched 3 of his dramas but i only liked 2 of them coz 90 days time 4 love not my taste...Waaay too much crying scens...but he is soo this playa!

2.Park yong ha
Omg His Bad temper Makes me go wild...his is the besT!!!...And he looks alot like junki...but he is not as skinny as junki!!!... :D

1.Gong Yoo
Ahhh miss his Acting...How in this world wll i be able to wait 2 years
are ya jokin....His acting is soo good that i cant even dicribe it in words....Ahhhhh


Posted: Jun 2nd, '08, 22:13
by counterfeitdreamer
I might as well call this my favorite actor of the moment.
This is hard.
Minki, Jang Geuk Suk, Uhm Tae Woong, Yoon Kye Sang, So ji sup, and Cho Seung woo....I'M SORRY!
It's hard to number you all u.u.
So I guess my list is...

5. Ji Hyun Woo - My Bi Alternative. Only reason why the rainman isn't on my list, although I really do like him, he's a bit egotisical xD. Same goes for Ji joon, I love you both in dramas, modeling, singing but you seem a bit big headed. xD.

4. Kang Dong Won He's awesomely hot. #1 on my rape list. He will blind you! Yep, Dong Won is pretty amazing u.u


3. Jae Hee - Another person that made me sucessfully cry and he's really funny. I actually think he was my first favorite korean actor.

2. Lee Dong Wook He's sweet and seems like an overall good person

1. Lee Jun Ki Besides being nice to look at ;) he's a good actor.

Posted: Jun 5th, '08, 18:44
by daisyamapi
JANG GEUN SUK of course since watch doremifasolatido i become insane with him
extremelly cute namja..young, sweet smile
n now in my country his series hwang ji ni recently release

he is nice singer too, i love his MV "Black engine" is nice song..nice beat, he is so charming, hansamu nee

Posted: Jun 6th, '08, 09:23
by xiah1fan
daisyamapi wrote:JANG GEUN SUK of course since watch doremifasolatido i become insane with him
extremelly cute namja..young, sweet smile
n now in my country his series hwang ji ni recently release

he is nice singer too, i love his MV "Black engine" is nice song..nice beat, he is so charming, hansamu nee
Ahahaha...Agreee...His Sooo cute and hot in there.....Its quite of creepy becoz....when i irst saw him it waas in Arirang His Mv Black engine....and a month later i startedwatching Honh Gil Dong.....Ommggg ....I didnt even recondgnisehim...he looked soo serius and handsome..but in his Mv He lloked like a kid he is.......Buutt Sarang HIM!

Posted: Jun 7th, '08, 13:10
by Kallista
1- Kang Ji Hwan
2- Eric Mun
3- Gong Yoo
4- Jang Hyuk
5- Jae Hee

Such great actors and very handsome men! :wub:

Posted: Jun 7th, '08, 14:00
by b-ruth
for me,the best 5 are.....

1)yoon kye sang-i like him at 'who are you',hoping there will be a part 2

2)song seung "autumn in my heart "and "summer scent"

3)kim rae won-i won't forget him at "what star did you come from"

4)gong yoo-"coffee prince" and "one fine day"

5)lee jong hyuk-i won't forget him at "powerful opponents",hoping he will end up to cha young jin

Posted: Jun 7th, '08, 15:27
by lenrasoon
1 - Kang Ji Hwan
2 - Jo In Sung
3 - Eric Mun
4 - Park Yong Ha
5 - Hyun Bin


Posted: Jun 8th, '08, 16:32
by Danger Ghost
3.Kang Ji Hwan
4.Kim Jeong Hoon
5.Kim Sung Soo

Posted: Jun 13th, '08, 19:35
by sarah117
as for me:

1) Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince, Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy) :

2) Hyun Bin (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Snow Queen) :

3) Lee Dong Gun (Smile Again, Sweet 18 ) :

4) Jae Hee (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Three Dads One Mom) :

5) don't really have one. lol..

Posted: Jun 16th, '08, 14:39
by xiah1fan
sarah117 wrote:as for me:

1) Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince, Biscuit Teacher & Star Candy) :

2) Hyun Bin (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Snow Queen) :

3) Lee Dong Gun (Smile Again, Sweet 18 ) :

4) Jae Hee (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, Three Dads One Mom) :

5) don't really have one. lol..
Ommmg Agreee.LOOOOVVE them

Posted: Jun 29th, '08, 11:49
by ^_sydney_^
1. kim hye seong( he's really cute!!! omg! i really like him!! )
2. hyun bin..(he's a cutiee too..i really like his dimple!)
3.won bin! (o? are they related?)
4.lee dong wook (oh! he made me fall for him when i watched "my girl".! lol)
5.jang geun suk ( i almost forgot about him.! now that i remembered him,im back to my craziness again! o my! he's so cute and so cool!)

Posted: Jul 3rd, '08, 21:36
by equinox
1. Kang Ji Hwan
2. Song Il Kook
3. Lee Dong Wook
4. Hyun Bin
5. Jo In Sung


Posted: Jul 20th, '08, 03:46
by equinox
I made KJH my no. 1 and LDW my no. 3

Posted: Apr 25th, '09, 05:08
by krnonthak0b
lol im looking at this list and wondering if any of you guys considered acting and not looks when coming up with your top 5

5. Joo Jin Mo
4. Jae Hee
3. So Ji Sub
2. Lee Byeong Hun
1. Song Kang Ho

Cha Tae Hyung gets a special mention for being the lovable dork..
but not enough of his movies captivated me thats why he doesn't make my top 5.

Lee Min Ho is an actor to watch..
even though he is more of a pop idol star
hopefully he focuses on his promising acting instead of getting swept away
by the luxuries and attention of his newfound fame.

i also realized that the title just said "your top 5 actors"
i guess that means your personal top 5
so i guess it doesnt matter by what standard
everyone else seems to judge their actors by lol sorry for my rant earlier

Posted: May 2nd, '09, 12:12
by Lucko
1. Lee Jun Ki :wub:
2. Lee Min Ho :wub:
3. Lee Dong Wook
4. So Ji Sub
5. Joo Ji Hoon [ too bad... that his career is actually over. he is really really good actor ]

Posted: May 25th, '09, 09:10
by Lso2009
1. Lee Seo Jin
2. Kim Rae Won
3. Hyun Bin
4. Kang Ji Hwan
5. Jang Hyuk

Posted: Jun 3rd, '09, 17:31
by Yeo San Mi
1. Kim Ki Beom (김기범)--> Snow Flower
2. Kim Sang Beomm /kim beom(김상범or김범)--->Boys before Flowers (Korean ver)
3. Kim Hyeon Jung (김현중)--> Boys Before Flowers
4. Lee Min Ho (이민호)---> Boys Before Flowers
5. Jang Geun Seok(장근석)---> Hwang Jin Yi & Do re mi fa sol la si do

How can i put their photo too?

Posted: Jun 12th, '09, 06:25
by SunmiWonder
1. Shin Hyun Joon (신현준) --- Family's Glory(Or something like that), Cain and Abel
2. Jung Joon Ho (정준호) --- My life's last scandal, toosabooilchae
3. So Ji Sup (소지섭) --- I'm sorry I love you, Cain and Abel
4. Kim Myung Min (김명민) --- White tower, Beethoven Virus
5. Jung Oong In (정웅인) --- My life's last scandal, toosabooilchae

Posted: Jun 13th, '09, 09:21
by ammorah

:wub: :wub: Image



5- --

Posted: Jun 24th, '09, 12:10
by Dior^aDDicT
1 Kim Bum
3 Won Bin
4 Hyun Bin
5 Joo Jin Mo

Posted: Jun 24th, '09, 12:32
by qnhu
Gosh, that's a tough one!

1. Cha Seung Won (Bodyguard, City Hall, Eye For An Eye, Kick The Moon) - he's so tall, so manly, so funny!

2. Kim Myung Min (White Tower, Beethoven Virus, Bad Family) - indeed a brilliant actor.

3. Lee Dong Gun (Lovers in Paris, When It's At Night, Sweet 18, Stained Glass) - I just love him!

4. Kim Rae Won (Gourmet, Love Story in Harvard, Attic Cat) - who doesn't adore him?

5. Joo Jin Mo (Frozen Flower, Queen of the Game, Fashion 70's) - he's just cool, hehe.

Others that didn't quite make the list: Won Bin, Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho, Kim Kang Woo, and Baek Sung Hyun.

Posted: Jun 25th, '09, 13:53
by twistedmind
Lucko wrote:5. Joo Ji Hoon [ too bad... that his career is actually over. he is really really good actor ]
I hope it's not over for him. I hope he can make a comeback after everything that happened or might happen. :)

1. Lee Dong Wook
2. Kim Bum
3. Lee Min Ho
4. Joo Ji Hoon
5. Lee Junki


Posted: Jun 25th, '09, 14:01
by sistergirl
1.Jo Hyun Jae
2. Cha Seung Won
3.Lee Joon Hyuk
4.Lee Dong Goon
5.Kim Jae Won

Posted: Jul 8th, '09, 09:12
by garnet07
These are in terms of acting quality, hotness and personality (as portrayed in their shows and interviews)

1. Joo Jin Mo (Frozen Flower, Punch, 200 Pounds Beauty)
2. So Ji Sub (Cain and Abel, I'm Sorry I Love You, Thousand Years of Love, Rough Cut, Can't Live Without Robbery)
3. Kang Ji Hwan (Hong Gil Dong, Capital Scandal, Be Strong Geum Soon, Fireworks, Rough Cut)
4. Song Il Kook (Jumong, Lobbyist, Kingdom of the Wind, The Art of Seduction)
5. Tie between Lee Jun Ki (My Girl, Time Between Dog and Wolf, Iljimae, The King and the Clown, Virgin Snow)
Jae Hee (Delightful Girl Choon Hyang, 3-Iron, The Art of Fighting, Witch Amusement, One Mom and Three Dads, Hometown Legends)

Since I haven't seen much from these people, but I think they act well too are: (not in order)

Hyun Bin
Lee Min Ho
Gong Yoo
Lee Dong Gun
Lee Dong Wook
Kwon Sang Woo
Won Bin (last thing i saw from him is autumn tale but what could he be doing now?)
Jang Geun Suk
Kim Rae Won
Kim Jae Won
Song Seung Hun
Lee Minki
Jang Hyuk
Lee Byung Hun
Ji Sung

top five..

Posted: Jul 14th, '09, 09:17
by dabogy
this are my top five fave korean actors

1. Kim Jeong Hoon
2. Rain
3. Rain
4. Rain
5.Kim Jeong Hoon

Posted: Jul 14th, '09, 09:45
by a00za
1) lee jun ki
2) Bi(Rain)
3) Eric
4) Kim jung hoon
5) Lee Ji Hoon

Posted: Aug 13th, '09, 22:22
by TaroTard
1. Lee Ji Hoon
2. Lee Dong Wook
3. Kim Hyun Joong
4. Lee Min Ki
5. Kim Jeong Hoon

my top 5 korean actors

Posted: Mar 6th, '11, 00:18
1. lee min ho
2. chun jun myung
3. jo hyun jae
4. kim hyun jong
5. lee dong wok

Posted: Mar 6th, '11, 02:25
by iluvasiandrama
1. Lee Jun Ki
2. Ju Ji Hun :heart:
3. Choi Si Won
4. Jang Geun Suk
5. Hyun Bin

Posted: Mar 27th, '11, 11:51
by BlackPh
1 Won Bin
2 Kang Dong Won
3 Ahn Sung Ki
4 Jang Dong Gun
5 Hyun Bin

Posted: Apr 5th, '11, 11:47
by cassiopaeia
Unquestionably Lee Min Ho.

Posted: Apr 5th, '11, 12:12
by Issy
in no particular order because I love them all the same more or less depending on the mood, timing and drama :mrgreen:

Oh Ji Ho
Kang Dong Won
Lim (Im) Ju Hwan
Ji Jin Hee

I think these 4 are my most favourite ones that I am always interested in their news and updates.
I do have a much bigger list of the ones i like but can't make up my mind of who to upgrade to top 5 without being unfair to others. :mrgreen:

Posted: Apr 5th, '11, 12:24
by The Chaos
after 1 the other in no order :

1) U-know Yunho :wub::wub:
Lee Dong Gun
Kang Ji Hwan
Jae Hee
Kim Bum

Posted: Apr 7th, '11, 00:23
by Sajen16
1) Ha Ji Won- her beauty, in my opinion the most beautiful woman on earth, and talent combine to give her a power, and poise to her performances making it impossible to take your eyes off her no matter what her role is

2) Hyun Bin

3)Lee Sun Gyun- I just like him he's very charismatic even in Pasta where he screams all the time

4)Kim Sun Ah

5) Sung Yu Ri

Posted: Aug 29th, '11, 10:33
by marieray02
5. Jo In Sung
4. Joo Won
3. RAIN bi
2. Jae Hee
1. Song Seung Hun

Posted: Sep 30th, '11, 14:20
by paulineeeho
1. lee jun ki
2. lee min ho
3. ki hyung joong
4. lee da hae
5. han hyo joo

Posted: Jan 3rd, '12, 10:37
by ladymoi14
my favourites are:
1. Dannis Oh
2. Kang Ji Hwan
3. Jang Geun Suk
4. Hyun Bin
5. Kwon Sang Woo
:wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: May 17th, '12, 09:12
by neha46101
Lee Dong Wook

Kim Rae Won


Lee Minki

Ji Sung

Posted: Jun 24th, '12, 11:35
by klouvios
I am new to korean drama, like one month :D
Some changes
Gong Yoo :wub:
Kim Nam Gil
Hyun Bin
Song Il Guk
Kwon Sang-woo :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:

Posted: Jun 25th, '12, 01:50
by antoniazc
My Top Five:

1. So Ji Sub
2. Kim Jae Won
3. Cha Seung Won
4. Jang Geun Seok
5. Oh Man Seok

Posted: Nov 7th, '12, 05:11
by Iamnothingwomusic
1. Hyun Bin
He has a good character, and he has that sad eyes. He got that handsome look, and I like his voice. He's a good actor and he's humble. He's extremely good at crying and he could act many different character. He's stay with his family and he has many friends. His friends love him and praise him every time. He's smart and very hardworking. I miss him. Next year he'll be back.

2. Lee Jun Ki
He does everything wholeheartedly. He doesn't use any substitute. He does everything by himself. He acts, he sings, he dances, he's crossdressed. He's pretty. His acting is good. He's pretty and fair. No one complains about him. His personality is something to be praised of. Love him much.

3. Joo Won
I watch Kang Dong Won first but I like Joo Won more. He looks like a bad guy but his smile is just too sweet. He's good at acting. He has that sad eyes. His crying act is the best. I watch every single dramas of him and his 2 MVs' appearances so far. His personality makes UEE falls on him. And the woman in Gaksital (who works for Japan side and pretend to work at club/bar) say she envies the main actress for being in so much scenes with Joo Won. I surely will follow all his projects on the future.

4. Lee Joon Hyuk
He's a good actor. At first I watch him on Three Brothers. OMG. He's so cute there. Then watch him on City Hunter. OMG. He's just awesome! (and kind). Then Equator Man. He's an incredible actor. And he has that proportional body. The height is just right. All part of body is just perfect. He's cool! And that smile. I'm shrinking. Gonna miss him a lot. Take care of yourself while on duty, Joon-Hyuk-ssi.

5. Let me considering it.

Can't it be like 20, or 10, or at least 7?

I like Park Shi Hoo, but I also like Lee Hyun Woo. And I also like Song Joong Ki.
I also like Bae Yong Joon, but he's not on TV anymore.
I like Yeon Jung Hun, Kang Dong Won, and Jung Il Woo too.
I like Siwan and Yeo Jin Goo. And Kim Soo Ro. Kwon Sang Woo. Kim Jae Won. Yoon Shi Yoon. Many...

5. Lee Hyun Woo
He's cute. At first I watch his acting on God of Study for Yoo Seung Ho (that boy is surely pretty amazing actor) but I fall for that eyes. Like puppy eyes. So cute. And he has good relationship with his co-actors. He has that smile too. He could express his feeling well. I wish he could be busier.

Still #5. Yeo Jin Goo
OMG, could you believe he's just 15? He's a great actor. He's pretty handsome at exotic way. His skin-tone is rare. I don't remember much of him on Iljimae (watch it for Lee Jun Ki, fall for Park Shi Hoo) but he's shining on Warrior Baek Dong Soo (for Yoo Seung Ho) and Moon-Sun (for Jung Il Woo, I think. Fall for Jin Goo) I wish to see more of him in the not-so-long future.

Shall it still #5 Park Shi Hoo
The more I watch him, the more I fall on him. He has that effect. He's not handsome. But he's giving me warm feeling. Like, I need to embrace him. His sad face is his best feature. Even when he's angry, he still looks sad. Interesting. Will wait for his next project.

Posted: Feb 8th, '14, 17:16
My all time favorite Korean male actors:

1. Kim Soo Hyun
2. Lee Jung Jae
3. Won Bin
4. Jung Woo Sung
5. Jang Dong Gun
6. Cha Tae Hyun
7. T.O.P
8. Choi Min Sik
9. Choi Soo Jong
10. Song Il g**k

My all time Korean Female actors:

1. Jun Ji Hyun
2. Son Ye Jin
3. Park Bo young
4. Soo Ae

Posted: Oct 29th, '14, 18:55
by kototama
1. So Ji-Sub
2. Kim Rae Won
3.Lee Min Ho
4. Kim Jae Wook
5. Jang Hyuk

Posted: Nov 20th, '14, 13:30
by supotp
Wow!! I can't choose.


Posted: Sep 18th, '19, 17:35
by kookiie31
- Yeo Jin Goo is my favorite actor and he will forever be the first one (handsome, charming, kind, cute, smart, EVERYTHING!) :wub:
- Kim Soo Hyun is my second choice, he had a great impact on me (my top 2 played in "The Moon embracing the Sun", I think that's why... :heart: )
- I really like Ji Chang Wook too, his dramas were so good, he is handsome and I just love him :w00t:
- Park Seo Joon is the first actor I really liked (he was in the first kdrama I've ever watched) :thumleft:
- Finally I choose Kim Myung Soo because I really liked his acting and I hope to see more of him as an actor (and also as a singer by the way hihi :lol )

P.S: "Miss Hammurabi" is GREAT and I need a season 2 ! :w000t: :clap: