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Discuss about your favourite Korean Actors and Actresses.
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Post by White_Waff » Aug 17th, '07, 00:02

Well, I dont know if anyone has posted a topic about them yet...
But, has anyone heard of them?
LET'S TALK ABOUT THEM! ^_^;; Not in the gissipy way... -_-;;
Just in case you didnt know what they looked like here is a picture:

(picture: Left to right: Sung Hee, Nicole, Gyuri, and Seung Yeon! ^^

Sung Hee:
Name: Park Gyuri 박규리
Role in KARA:Gyuri-umma (mother)
Birthdate: May 21th, 1988
Bloodtype: AB
Favorite Color: Purple
Hobbies/interests: Reading, watching movies, food, taking care of her dark circles under her eyes, worrying about Nicole during interviews, recovering from the image of confident-inferiority, waking up the members of the house
Skills: Singing, Acting, impersonating Jadu
Educational Background: Currently attending Dongduk Woman's University (Entertainment field. Theatrical Broadcasting Major)

Seung Yeon:
Name: Han Seung Yeon 한승연
Role in KARA: Second-eldest/small sister
Birthdate: July 24th, 1988
Bloodtype: A
Favorite Color: Pink
Hobbies:/Interests:Reading, music, plushy youngest (Nicole), taking care of their homepage, watching the fans' reactions, fishing out fans, an unstrong pride no one knows, tricking Nicole by teaching her wrong things in korean, making random sounds.
Skills: Singing, Dancing, impersonating Gollum's "My precious..." (Lord of the Rings)
Educational Background: Graduated from Tenafly High School (New Jersey)

Sung Hee:
Name: Kim Sung Hee 김성희
Role in KARA:Atmosphere maker/Vitamin
Birthdate: May 17th, 1989
Bloodtype: B
Favorite Color: green
Hobbies/Interests: Dancing, music, watching movies, making random sounds, loves the microphone, the current price of gold.
Skills: Singing, impersonating Joon Jihyun, singing Korean classical music while impersonating Gummy
Educational Background: Currently attending GooJung Highschool (Choi Siwon of Super Junior also attended here)

Name: Jung Nicole 정니콜
Role in KARA: Youngest
Birthdate: October 7nd, 1991
Bloodtype: A
Favorite Color: Orange
Hobbies/Interests: Violin, watching Movies, food, Acon (her stuffed toy pig), hats, her mother's birthday presents

Skills: Dancing
Educational Background: Currently attending Global Christian School
Credits: wikipedia.

Well, so has anyone ever heard of them?
Please do tell me so!~
Plus, please tell me if someone has already posted a topic about them... cause then...
I just posted all of this for nothing ><;;

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