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Chae Yeon Vs.Yoon Eun-hye

Posted: Nov 30th, '06, 13:53
who do u think matches Jim Kook better
Yoon Eun-hye
Chae Yeon

i choose EH

Posted: Dec 1st, '06, 15:03
by bean
BTW , who is Jim Kook? sorry kinda outdated..

Anyway, i have choose Chae Yeon since i noe there must b no one vote for her, plus she quite pretty...

Posted: Dec 2nd, '06, 08:02
by xiinyii
YOON EUN HYE forever !! =))))

Posted: Dec 2nd, '06, 08:37
by impression151
It's Kim Jong Kook and he's a solo singer now but he use to be part of the Korean group TURBO. This topic comes from this Korean variety show called XMan where He and Eun Hye had a on the set relationship while Chae Yeon has liked and admired Kim Jong Kook since they met roughly 12 years ago.

Just so some of you know, Kim Jong Kook, on the show, appears to be a genuine nice guy with humongous muscles. As a guy myself, I can see why alot of ladies on the show had a crush on him.

Posted: Dec 5th, '06, 10:43
by strawberrie1210
YEH all the way :lol Hope to see more of her soon :wub:

Posted: Dec 5th, '06, 14:00
if u dudes dont know what the hell is the prob. then ceck out X-man to know why..

Posted: Dec 5th, '06, 17:19
by vanjuve

definitely Yoon Eun Hye...
on the plus side they look really great together.. really good.

Posted: Dec 30th, '06, 19:57
by xAznGurl
i go for Yoon Eun-hye since on xman they were pretty good couple but didn't Chae Yeon date him before...? im not sure but go Yoon Eun-hye!! =D

Posted: Dec 31st, '06, 21:02
by amura
hi i will choose chae yeon she is pretty and i like her songs 2 :D

Posted: Jan 10th, '07, 09:52
by kim15
i prefer yoon eun hye she is really beautiful

Posted: Jan 10th, '07, 10:07
by sapphire44
i choose eun hye 'cause she looks prettier and she acts n sings

Posted: Feb 23rd, '07, 11:40
by thegreenshit
i chose eun hye. i dont really like chae yeon in xman even if shes pretty. i like enun hye's personality than chae yeon. I guess kjk likes eun hye better bec of how he acts when they are together in xman and i saw an xman clip in youtube and the way he looks lovingly at eun hye is just funny!! :lol

Posted: Feb 25th, '07, 19:39
by xiah1fan
Maan Thats a Hard One These two Girls Are My favorit Korean Fameles........Really ...but If It IS Who that would be a good couple with Jim Kook then it IS CY......i think the eun hye would Be a good couple with Joo ji Hoon...=) But if i think about who i actully like then it would be eun hye :D ........But Really What Do I know.....Yoon Eun Yhe.......really Can be a good couple with kook


You go girl! you're pretty and smart. Keep it up.............WE SO LOVE YOU!

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Posted: Feb 25th, '07, 19:45
by shizniz00
first i was gona chose chaeyeon cause i love her but then read the question to the poll and ended up w/ eunhye..she can have the guy while chaeyeon can have the better guys :D

Posted: Feb 25th, '07, 19:55
by xiah1fan
shizniz00 wrote:first i was gona chose chaeyeon cause i love her but then read the question to the poll and ended up w/ eunhye..she can have the guy while chaeyeon can have the better guys :D
Yeah is Kind of true...When U first read the "subject" u think Like okey They probly mean whoo is most beuty...=) but its All Aboute JIM KOK.and i dont like him=)

Posted: Feb 25th, '07, 20:02
by loclac
Park KyungLim all the way !!! =)

But as she's not in the list, I'd say Chaeyeon.
Even if I had a great time watching Jongkook and Eunhye together, Eunhye appears a little too childish to me.
Not her looks, but her act. She'd be a better little sister in my opinion =)
Chaeyeon looks more like a woman for the One Man =)
Well, eventually it doesn't matter, Jongkook doesn't seem interested =_=

Posted: Apr 1st, '08, 16:09
by ctfazra
i'd say chae yeon cuz i dont like my adorable YEH wif KJK no matter what..he doesnt look good at all..jz muscles wont do..haha :D