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Song Hye Kyo or Song Hye Gyo?

Discuss about your favourite Korean Actors and Actresses.
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shiny plastic
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Song Hye Kyo or Song Hye Gyo?

Post by shiny plastic » Apr 8th, '06, 00:04

Will someone please fill me in? I'm confused :-( I see people post Song Hye Kyo or SHK then at other times Song Hye Gyo/SHG. So I'm very confused as to what her real name is. :D

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Post by OvertheRainbow » Apr 8th, '06, 00:16

Well I read somewhere that it's pronounced with a K but the government or somebody says that they have to write it with a "G" but I'm not korean or anything so maybe someone else can clear that up

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Post by dmaechan » Apr 8th, '06, 00:37

i'm very curious of that myself... i've seen it a bunch of times :blink

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Post by Maddie87 » Apr 8th, '06, 00:52

OvertheRainbow wrote:Well I read somewhere that it's pronounced with a K but the government or somebody says that they have to write it with a "G" but I'm not korean or anything so maybe someone else can clear that up
yep you're right, here is the reason.
It is all because of the Korean government’s official guidelines for romanization (writing Korean words with a Latin alphabet). These guidelines are based on the standard Korean pronunciation of the letters rather than a simple letter-to-letter correspondance. That means we’ll use the letter g for the Romanized version of this consonant when it takes that sound, and k when that’s the sound you would normally hear and both of them are written the same way. But there is another specific letter for K, I don't think you want to know that. If you are interested in how it is written go to that website : http://www.langintro.com

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Post by Sunshine_36 » Apr 8th, '06, 14:19

Either way it's fine :D.

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Post by Lone_Prodigy » Apr 9th, '06, 19:38

I saw her signature... she used "K" I think.

EDIT: I thought this was a poll. :lol

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Post by nrg_hot330 » Apr 10th, '06, 15:54

either way is fine like Sunshine said. it doesn't make any difference.

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Post by sp4078 » Apr 11th, '06, 02:06

I think it's supposed to be Kyo.

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Post by MoerkJ » Apr 11th, '06, 03:03

Well if you are confused that in fact both is correct then you should study the following article to see why...

link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_romanization

and this one too :-)


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Post by coffeelove » Apr 11th, '06, 03:16

she's Song Hye Kyo not Song....

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Post by kikioo » May 5th, '06, 22:57

For me it works either, but i think the correct way is with the G.

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Post by HanulSky » Jul 1st, '06, 07:45

http://www.learn-korean.net/learn-korea ... cle-5.html

The first system for romanization (transcribing korean phonetis to western) of korean letters wasn't precise so they revised it, but some people still use the first system sometimes, because it was used from 1930s. Some classic books are still written in old romanization, etc. The other system was created recently.

Below is korean letters. The letter first row first letter that looks like reverse L. it called giyok.


giyok sounds like g but when aspirated (sharper) is sounds like K (kiyok) (11) and line across it. And theres are two giyoks (ssang kiyok) another form of K sound (tensed). confusing right? that's why korean is hard language.

the ryol ja (r/l)(4) is the hardest, because it ryol does not exist it english is like the spanish r sound.
1.giyok(kiok) 2.nium 3.tigut 4.riul 5.mium 6.biup 7.siot 8.iyong 9. jiyot 10.chiyot 11.Kiok 12.Tigot 13.Piup 14.hiut
220px-Korean_consonants.jpg (9.87 KiB) Viewed 566 times

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Post by Cefuroxime » Aug 31st, '06, 06:53

I think I'll pronounce it like a "k" and "g" together.

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