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Post by samantha luz » Jul 14th, '07, 12:09

Fan Account: News from Berlin!
Credit: RaininBerlin@baidu/
Ch to Eng: rayndrop

I'm an executive of a German foreign investment company. I was in Berlin on 3rd July attending an meeting.
But on that day, I was in no mood to attend any meeting or go sight-seeing. That's because I had a "dark" day on 30th June.
I'm happy our company's doing the logistics transportation for a certain studio (I didn't know it was the studio which Rain was filiming his movie with).
Because I was in charge of this special freight delivery, I went along in the car. It was 8th July on that day.
I arrived at the studio with the staff members and translator. It was originally a fine day, but all of a sudden, it started drizzling when a fleet of cars drove in.

I was raising my bag above my head to shelter against the rain, when I saw an Asian guy in black getting off from one of the cars. O~~~mo~~~~I can't believe this!!!
I was about to shout out loud, but I realised there were only crew members at the site, and there was no fans at all. I had to preserve my image, so I held on~~

I was telling my translator excitedly that the guy is me "baby", and I wanted to go over and say something to him.
But the translator said this was the acting crew of the new movie, and no strangers were allowed to go near them. I couldn't approach him at all.
In the end, I stood by a watch as my "baby" disappeared from my sight...

I was really upset that Rain and I simply passed each other by like that, so the next day, I went along to the studio again.
This time, I brought along my translator, and I had a HK news report which my friend just faxed to me (that's the advertisement the HK clouds did).
I was determined to hand the fax to Rain.
We went to many related personnel and through many layers of "relationship", I finally met Rain's new manager. I told him my intentions, and the manager politely took my fax, assuring me he'll hand the fax to Rain immediately.

I saw the manager walked away, and the anxiety in my heart slowly dissipated. But my tears rolled down my cheeks beyond my control. (After falling for this guy, I've somehow turned into a crybaby).
I raised my face and allowed the rain water to fall on my face. I was crying...!

After the manager has gone off, I did not leave immediately, because I knew Rain was inside.
I was under the same piece of sky with him, breathing the same air! I didn't bear to leave~~

About an hour later, I saw a group of people walked out from the studio. He stood out among the people around him.
When I saw him, I was so happy~~I almost went crazy~~~
The manager introduced us, and Rain politely greeted me and shook my hands! (Standing beside him, my height was only up to his ears)
Because it was filming inside, Rain couldn't invite me to go in for a sit, so we sat outside along a (??)

I felt so happy I was able to sit beside my hero!

He's thinned a lot. Really much thinner than the last time I saw him at the HK concert, but he looked well-rested.
He asked me about the news report, and I told me not to worry about the cost and anything else. It was something the clouds wanted to do to show our support. Please don't be bothered about it.
Clouds all over the world are doing our best to show our support and encouragement for him now, so, we hope he can film this movie with a cheerful heart, and leave the unhappy matters behind.
There's a Rain on top of Cloud (rayndrop: as in the chinese writing of character "Cloud"), there will always be a piece of cloud above Rain. Fighting!

Our conversation ended within 4 to 5 minutes when a crew member came to look for him.
So there. That was how the most memorable moment of my life came to an end. But I am so happy~~
The manager emphasized that taking photos or recording voices are not allowed, so I can't give all of you a picture. I'm sorry~!
Rain only said many polite words. In particular, he was grateful Clouds all over the world did not forsake him, and stayed by his side.
Stay with him! He will do his best in this movie.
Everybody please wait in anticipation!!

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Post by saby » Jul 30th, '07, 09:11

I like the guy

he is soo sexy, hot and talented
he can dance , sing and act very well

i was wondering if some1 has his song Escaping the sun (i think thats the title) and if you can upload it ? :wub:

and could some1 tell me what this song is about ? lol I dont understand a thing

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Post by littledraci » Jul 30th, '07, 09:57

saby wrote:I like the guy

he is soo sexy, hot and talented
he can dance , sing and act very well

i was wondering if some1 has his song Escaping the sun (i think thats the title) and if you can upload it ? :wub:

and could some1 tell me what this song is about ? lol I dont understand a thing

I know this song under the title "How to avoid the sun" but I#m pretty sure, it's the same :lol I can give you a link for the video.... but what it's about... don't know it though..
Here's the link:

for the song just pm me, I'll see if I can manage it tonight ^-^

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Post by saby » Jul 30th, '07, 10:46

do you know where i can find the lyrics to how to avoid the sun ?? even if they are in Korean language is ok :w00t: :wub:

i found the song with eng subs

I love it

and the guy is freakin hot

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Post by samantha luz » Aug 13th, '07, 13:50

13.08.07 Rain's message in Rain World
Hi everyone, this is Rain

It seems like a long time since I've asked how you have been doing
I've heard that it's been raining a lot in Korea
In such cases please look out for your health, you know
health is the most important

I am now staying in Berlin for shooting movie
Collaborating with a lot of good people, it makes it feel very interesting
It's also a very great experience, so I feel very fortunate

It seems like the 5th fan meeting wasn't long ago
But actually 5 months have passed
Give it a bit more time and we'll see the 6th year of the cloud family ^^

Because I haven't been together with everyone
So I feel sorry to everyone

No matter what time, what place, what becomes my strength
is our cloud family ^^

I hope that everyone within the cloud family will care about and love/protect each other

In faraway Berlin, it seems like i can hear everyone's encouragement
Really miss everyone [my comment: I MISS YOU TOO RAIN!!!]

I will be everyone's rain, unashamed and make people proud

Please continue to pay attention and continue to give encouragement ^_______^

In Berlin,
Ji Hoon

Source:Rain World
original translation to Chinese lovebi_rain; reposted on RainHK
Eng Traslation: Cherry@rain-usa
credit: ... tart=40100

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Post by samantha luz » Aug 13th, '07, 13:52

The Hollywood movie invitations keep coming towards Rain

International star Rain is in the middle of sweet troubles.

Rain is currently filming his first Hollywood movie <Speed> in Berlin, Germany. The news has been spread around in Hollywood and thus, lots of movie invitations run towards him! Of course, the movie and drama invitations from Korea are already uncountable.

Therefore, he must be headache to think about his future move.

"Not only from Korea, there're many invitations from Hollywood keep coming. As he is still focusing on filming now, it's difficult to discuss the future plans under such circumstance. We are facing sweet troubles."

Rain is in the middle of filming Wachowski brothers' movie <Speed> in Berlin. Wachowski brothes are also the directors of <Matrix> movie series. It was said Rain will be back to Korea in the mid of August after his filming ends. He will stay shortly and later flies to USA straightaway.

Other than movie invitations from Hollywood, at the same time, Rain also received invitations as a singer.

Rain shall be back after the end of filming and announce his next move.

In addition, Rain who stays independent after leaving JYPE, gained the public attention when his registration as the director in an agency was revealed.

Source: Newsen & Daum ÀÌÀçȯ
Chi translation by lovebi_rain@Baidu RAIN bar
Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
credit: ... tart=40080

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Post by Rasckita » Aug 13th, '07, 23:09

Here's a Full House MV:
Lim Jeong Hee - Geu Deh Ji Geum (Full House OST) [Subbed MV: Romanized + Translation]
Download Link -
File Size - 33.40 MB(MQ)
Screenshot (thumbs) -
-> Watch it Online here <-
Note - As I couldn't find the MV of this song, I made some changes on the "I Think I" MV and added J-Lim's song! :) I hope you like it.


Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa) - Island (Lyrics by Rain).mp3
Download Link - (Credits:
Note - This is from Hye Sung's New Album. Rain wrote the lyrics of this song! ^^
Translated Lyrics - Link

saby wrote:do you know where i can find the lyrics to how to avoid the sun ?? even if they are in Korean language is ok :w00t: :wub:
Here's the romanized Lyrics (credits goes to
08. tae yang eul pi ha neun pang peob (Gtr.Remix)

ool go it neun na eui moh seub pa boh kat teun na eui moh seub
hwan ha geh pi choo neun tae yang ee shil reo tae yang ee shil reo
noo goon ga nal al rah poh myo wae oo nya go
mool reo poh myon tae dap beul hae jool soo eop neun keh neo moo shil reo

tae yang eul pi ha go ship peo seo ah moo ri dal ryeo pwa doh
tae yang eun kye sok nae wi eh it go
neo reul neo moo it go ship peo seo ah moo ri ae reul seo doh
ah moo ri ae reul seo doh neon nae ahn neh it seo

ah jik doh neo eui keu mi soh na reul man chyeot teon keu doo son
keu ri weo ha neun keh neo moo shil reo seo neo moo shil reo seo
man neun saram deul sok eh seo oot go ae gil na noo myon seo
it jeo poh ryeo haet ji man doh ta shi noon mool ee heul reot seo

moh doo ta nae ga it jeun jool al ra ha ji man nan mi chil keot kat ta
neo moo it go ship peun deh ji oo go ship peun deh keu geh ahn dwae

rap) neo moo gip pi pak hyo pael soo eop neun ka shi kat chi
neo moo gip hi ta chyo na eul soo eop neun sang cheo kat chi
neo ra neun saram doh moo ji ji weo ji jil ahn ji
heh eo jyo doh kat chi sal ra ka neun keot kat ji
noon mool roh neo reul ta heul ryeo seo ji weo peo ril soo man it ta myon ya
geud eop shi ool reo nae noon mool kang eul ee rewo heu reul jeong doh roh man ni
ool reo seo ra doh neo reul it go che dae roh sal go ship peo

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Post by samantha luz » Aug 30th, '07, 03:48

08.28.07 Sale Proceeds of Rain Umbrellas To Be Used For Project of Rebuilding Children’s Playgrounds.

28-Aug-07][MyDaily] Proceeds from sale of Rain Umbrellas will be used for project of rebuilding children’s playgrounds.

After the project of constructing the well in Cambodia, this time Rain is moving forward by having a project of rebuilding local children’s playgrounds.

In order to start with the rebuilding project of the children’s park on the 21st, Rain will be gathering the money by working with an environmental financial group (??) through the sales of a limited quantity of 1,500 umbrellas.

The selling price of “Rain Umbrellas” is at 14,900 Yuan, designed by Innodesign, and upon purchase one will also be given Rain’s portrait on a handset screen protective film (have no idea what this is, just literal translation). The total sales proceeds of “Rain Umbrellas” will be given to the financial group who in turn will use the money in the Asian-wide rebuilding project of children’s parks.

Previously, Rain carried out another project with this group and came out with the “Rain Mug”, and a limited quantity of 2000 went on sale starting March 2nd. The proceeds from the sale of the “Rain Mug” have gone towards the construction of 50 wells in the area of Cambodia. This environmental and humanitarian project is a joint-effort between Rain, MBC news desk broadcaster Ohm Gi Yong plus public donations (among others) to help construct the wells in Cambodia and Mongolia, thus continuing with the completion of the work.

The completion works will start on the 31st of this month through September 3rd in Cambodia, and because of Rain’s hectic work schedule he will be unable to go there. As for Mongolia, the completion of the wells will start September 28th through October 1st.

Source: My Daily
Kor to Chi Translation: lovebi_rain@Baidu
Rough Eng Translation: dsl99a
credit: ... start=7280

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Post by samantha luz » Sep 3rd, '07, 05:56

08.30.07 Despite Leaving JYP, Rain Will Still Carry Out US Plans

Multi-purpose entertainer Rain who is making his march into the US market, estimates that the second half of this year is a suitable length of time for him to stay in Los Angeles.

Rain has concretely settled his US plans. He is currently concentrating on his film shoot in Germany's Berlin. According to Rain's spokesperson, plans related to Rain's stay in the US to debut into the US market has been settled.

Rain, who is in the final stage of his film shoot for his Hollywood movie debut <Speed>, will soon return to Korea from Berlin, afterwhich will be handling some domestic business-related matters before flying off to the US. He will then spend the second half of the year staying in the US, making official preparation for his entry as a singer into the US market.

Rain's spokesperson said, "There are many invitations to do special American edition albums, including invitations from famous music collaborators as well as record companies. Although he is currently shooting his movie in Germany, he will soon fly off to the US to prepare for his debut."

Regarding his march into the US, some people confer that because Rain left his long time partner JYP, his road into the US will see great difficulties.

In response to this, Rain's spokesperson expressed, "Certainly, if there was help from JYP things would be smoother, but even if we don't have him, Rain's road into the US won't have too many major problems. Rain is now someone whom the American record professionals are paying attention to. The core of his intelligence (translates as 'brain trust') has enabled him to make solid plans for US."

After Rain finishes with his film shoot for <Speed> he will return to his homeland. He will spend some time reorganizing matters related to the issue of his company, and afterwhich will fly to the US.

Moreover, apart from being a singer, as an actor Rain has similarly been receiving high attention from the US. He has put himself out into the news that is spreading around Hollywood because of his film shoot, and the invitations to have roles in Hollywood have been increasing. And of course, the invitations to act in domestic drama series have since long been too many to count.

Therefore, there is doubt and worry to the question of Rain's future and development. But at present one can guess that Rain will be able to fuifill his long time dream of debuting in the US as a singer and carry out solid activities there.

Source: Newsen
Kor to Chi Translation: lovebi_rain@Baidu
Chi to Eng Translation & edited: dsl99a
credit: ... 8&st=40220

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Post by samantha luz » Sep 6th, '07, 03:27

4-Sept-7][Mtstarnews] Rain & Jang, dong-gun _Do they appear in 'A Better Tomorrow' remake version?

HK press made a report of their casting prospect.
[moneytoday starnews Kim, won-gyeom]

Top star Jang, don-gun & Rain's casting prospect about remake version of 'A Better Tomorrow'-the classics of HK Film Noir- is getting around at HK movie world. It's a topic nowadays.

The Korea Foundation for International Culture Eschange(KOFICE)'s HK correspondent conveyed the news about remake version of 'A Better Tomorrow' of Rain & Jang, dong-gun quoting HK press report.

Acoording to this, HK director Stiven Pong(馮德倫) started actor casting, propelling 'A Better Tomorrow' remake version.

This film is going to make hollywood ver. & HK ver..
The leading actor of HK ver. was reised early Jay Chou(周杰倫), Ching Wan Lau(劉靑雲), Andy Lau(劉德華) etc., but as Korea goes share making film, weight about a casting report of the HK popular 'Korean Wave' star Jang, Dong-gun & Rain is getting heavier.

'A Better Tomorrow' of Chow Yun Fat(周潤發) & Leslie Cheung(張國榮) had been popular in Korea too. This film was a maximized work about images of unrested HK ahead of the restitution of China territory and rendered great service to let know about HK films to the world beyond Asia.

Director Pong's 'A Better Tomorrow' remake version is going to crank in next year. This have a scenario maked on basis of 67' original ver. of Director Longkong(龍剛).

The Korea Foundation for International Culture Eschange(KOFICE) forecasted qouting HK press's word "If Korean Rain & Jang, dong-gun's casting is accomploshed in 'A Better Tomorrow' remake version naming pride of HK film, it will lead the Korean Wave in HK newly."


Also, it's conveyed Tom Cruse was proposed the leading actor of hollywood version from a director, and was considering a possibility.

Source: ... enu_id=106
Translation by B2
credit: ... 46&st=7360

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Post by samantha luz » Sep 7th, '07, 02:58

Rain as spokesperson for shampoo "CLEAR", CF to be released on 16 Sept

Rain 联合利华旗下广告即将放送
Rain as spokesperson for shampoo "CLEAR" under Unilever group, CP to be released soon

Rain, is the dancing soul of this world

Rain, is the mysterous angel

Rain, is the handsome man dressed in black leading the trend

Rain, is the black jockey who helps you get away from sadness

Rain, is the one who understands you most

Rain, is the one who brings you happiness

You want to dress in black bravely....want to know what's the secret behind?

You will immediately know.

雨,带你去享受  ~清扬雨世界~
Rain, is the one who brings you to enjoy.....the fresh rain world.....

*9月16日 Rain 联合利华旗下洗发水广告即将放送*
* 16 Sept Rain's CF for a shampoo under Unliever will be released*

.the attached CF image is provided by related parties. Thanks!

source: [百度rain吧 @ 一见R误终身 ]
translation: Chi to Eng (by aimen @ rain-asia)
credit: ... start=7380

and here's the tag line i guess of the CF

Rain shampoo CF image - Clear - Let you "clear" the whole life

This is a sweet trap

萬誘引力 敵不過黑色的張揚
Gravity loses in front of the black

即使如此暗黑 亦遮擋不住你的光芒!
Even if it is so dark, it loses in front of your brightnes!

Please follow rain to dance with your hair

If it is rain, I do - let me "clear" the whole life

source : benamoo/ baidu
translation - Chi to Eng (by aimen @ rain-asia)
credit: ... start=7380

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Post by samantha luz » Sep 28th, '07, 06:51

Rain Dissatisfied W/ Present Situation; Wants To Train Later Generation Of Singers

South Korean giant star Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) disclosed that he wants to raise the ambitions of the later generation of singers, thus arousing everyone's interest.

On the 23rd, while at a press release conference as a food brand spokesperson held in China's Shanghai, Rain accepted an interview from a Chinese gateway website, and said, "My Chinese fans, if any of you has the dream of becoming a singer or a movie star, I hope that you will come to me. I think that I can use my creativity and ideas to produce a very good and stable 'product'."

This is also to say that Rain is not just satisfied with his own present situation, but he also wants to create and inherit his own later generation of world-class stars.

In August, when Rain accepted a reporter's interview in Berlin, he had disclosed a similar feeling. Rain said, "While filming the Hollywood movie <Speed>, the complete dialogue was all in English, therefore it helped very much in enchancing my strength in English. The entire filming process was extremely interesting."

Rain, who will be holding a concert in Shanghai next month, said, "The Chinese fans have been greatly anticipating this concert, I will not disappoint everyone." Thus expressing his great determination.

Rain said, "The Chinese director whom I like the most is Ang Lee, and I really like watching his directed movies such as <Brokeback> and <Crouching> among others."

Source: Tom Entertainment
Posted by azafighting@rainhk
Chi to Eng Translation: dsl99a@rain-usa

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Post by Konichiha » Dec 9th, '07, 18:18

A few of Rain frames in the flashing 'Speed Racer' Trailer:

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Post by Dymed_AnGel » Jan 18th, '08, 18:24

Okay, I'm probably gonna get shot, lol~ but, does anyone here know where I can download some of Bi's albums and singles, etc? I currently started going nuts for his music but am finding it hard to find them for download...I want to buy a few of his albums but have no idea if they're worthy or not (i only buy things i know i'd love and would want to keep for constant re-running, lol~!!)...Anywayz, any help anyone? I have his "It's Raining" album, loved it after downloading and will be buying it, but i can't seem to find his others. I've heard quite a few tracks from his first album i think it was..."Rain Vol.1" or something, but would love to find the rest of it...Any help? *begs with puppy eyes* :(

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Post by littledraci » Jan 31st, '08, 08:13

*shot*......................... :lol :mrgreen:

had them uploaded on my clubbox sometime if there's still some need ...

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Post by Dymed_AnGel » Jan 31st, '08, 08:22

*drops dead* oh my~ knew that wuz gonna happen, lol! Anywayz, yea, if you still have them uploaded onto your clubbox, then that would -really- help~ Thanks in advance ^_^

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Post by fizzlex3mh » Apr 25th, '08, 22:10

Stephen Colbert challenges Rain to a dance-off!
and Rain speaks English!

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Post by kobe23 » Apr 27th, '08, 14:56

His English has improved quite a bit ... must be really serious about the US market.

So Rain has now won Time's 100 most influential people for the second year running, which I find kinda surprising. What's more of a shock, is that he won both polls by a significant margin. Surely the results have been manipulated by Korean netizens? Seriously, Rain can't be THAT popular.

Oh well, more power to him, and bring on the dance-off!!!

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Post by onoturtle » May 6th, '08, 19:50

Actually, now that the polls have closed, Rain ended up at #2 and Colbert at #3. Nintendo man Miyamoto took #1. Those not keeping up with the Bi-Cobert "feud" (it's all a joke after all) last year Bi took #1 on the online poll (not the official magazine list) and so Colbert created a K-pop video parody of one of Bi's vids (youtube it!). This year they had a dance-off since Rain beat Colbert by a position on the May 5th show. Clips on the Comedy Central: and soon, if not already, on youtube.

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Post by maakopla » Aug 29th, '08, 18:06


Rain Is in Trouble for Concert Cancellations, Friday August 29, 2008 Korea

Avoiding trouble will only make it worse.

Rain is being called to Hawaii on November 4th 2008. But the trip is not to show off his English skills.

Instead he is being called to testify in front of a federal court for the abrupt cancellation of his concert last year in June 2007. Local promoter, Click Entertainment, is suing Rain and demanding that Rain and his organizers, JYP Entertainment and Star M pay more than 4 million USD for the Aloha Stadium fiasco.

Rain and his previous management have avoided the call to court in Korea. And now faced with a court date in Hawaii., they will likely push to postpone the appearance. If granted, that would buy an extra 2-3 months. But, why postpone? He really should just be a man and take responsibility for his actions. Because, no matter how you slice it, Rain has to go to court anyways. So a few more months is not going to make the pain any less.

Rain’s current management company, J-tunes is washing their hands of any responsibility.

Last year, Rain also abruptly cancelled his concerts in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

source: popseoul

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Post by akiko-chico » Sep 29th, '08, 02:45

Has anyone seen Rain's body recently he's soo toned! So hot! :wub: hehe

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Post by Tricksy » Jun 26th, '09, 20:03

Hi, guys, it's my first post in this topic.
Bi is really adorable guy and his body...:DD

P.S can you tell me where i can download Rain's Music videos because i can't find anywhere :((

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