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Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Ha Neul pic from their newmovie

Posted: Nov 15th, '05, 21:15
by ngongan

Posted: Nov 15th, '05, 21:23
by gunjourui
KSW hot as always :rofl: luv his new hairstyle :lol anyway, it's great that those 2 are going to play together again!! what's the title of this new film?

Posted: Nov 15th, '05, 21:29
by Marymaru
Oh man, that haircut is mad old school!!!! I love it!

Posted: Nov 16th, '05, 21:41
by madrias
KSW looks really cute in those pictures. It is soo refreshing to see goodlooking actors not afraid to look dopey. This enables them to prolong their acting career. I can't wait to see that film. What's the title again?

Posted: Nov 16th, '05, 21:45
by kwon
Awwww KSW looks funny and hot here! Please tell us what the movie is called! Can someone also tell what this movie is about?

Posted: Nov 16th, '05, 21:46
by babai
Awww! Kwon Sang Woo looks like such a cute dork! :D Looking forward to this movie. I loved My Tutor Friend!

Posted: Nov 16th, '05, 21:48
by xKiMix
Thanks for the pictures!!! KSW, looks cute even with that funky hair cut, does anyone know the title of the new movie??

Posted: Nov 16th, '05, 22:00
by flynvballer
i dunno if u guys watched naruto but he looks like ROCK LEE

Posted: Nov 16th, '05, 22:04
by kwon
And what does Rock Lee look like?

Posted: Nov 16th, '05, 22:37
by gunjourui
so good that popcornfor2 exists :P the title of this new film is Youth Comic not much info yet tho
flynvballer wrote:i dunno if u guys watched naruto but he looks like ROCK LEE
haven't seen you have some pix?

Posted: Nov 16th, '05, 23:15
by kwon
So this is Youth Comic? I read a few days ago KSW played in this movie, hadn't seen any pics until today...

Posted: Nov 16th, '05, 23:43
by chunu
flynvballer wrote: i dunno if u guys watched naruto but he looks like ROCK LEE
how about BRUCE LEE... :lol

Posted: Nov 16th, '05, 23:46
by Spike23
bruce lee's haricut wasn't exaggerated like KSW in this movie.
HIs hair is too huge
lol its to be funny

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 01:56
by Sak
Ohhhh I can't wait. Other than being a fan of his. I think they work well together, they were so funny in My Tutor Friend :lol

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 12:40
by kwon
He does look like Bruce Lee a bit, that haircut haha...

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 13:00
by Aye
follow this link and go to the gallery for lots of yummy KSW pics, and u can find lots of Youth Comic pics too :wub:

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 16:02
by kwon
Thank you for the link!

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 16:04
by iceberri
yamatsumi wrote:
flynvballer wrote:i dunno if u guys watched naruto but he looks like ROCK LEE
haven't seen you have some pix?

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 16:07
by kwon
Now I see some resemblance, but KSW could never get that angry expression :P

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 16:10
by gunjourui
iceberri wrote: Image
they really look alike :lol

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 16:26
by iceberri
kwon wrote:Now I see some resemblance, but KSW could never get that angry expression :P
He's smiling in that picture. :| :lol

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 16:28
by kwon
What a weird smile that is... Then it must have something to do with his eyebrows!

Posted: Nov 17th, '05, 16:37
by |sUiZiD|
whoa looks kinda nice^^
whats the name of this movie and when is it going to be aired? (hope that there is no answer to this question posted here since I didnt read it completly :D)

Posted: Nov 18th, '05, 09:25
by madrias
thanks for the link. it feels so good to be among KSW fans. there's just soo much love and sharing here. i really love him in once upon a time in a highschool. i constantly listen to the soundtrack. there's this track where he is in the rain and he is calling out the name of the girl, who unfortunately is the girfriend of his bestfriend, a playboy. haaayyyyy.[/url]

Posted: Nov 18th, '05, 11:23
by nileey

he looks so dopey in that hairdo......look forward to see this movie! (what's it called by the way?)

Posted: Nov 18th, '05, 11:40
by SimplyJane
:lol :lol I was really excited to find out that KSW and Kim Ha-neul were gonna work together again.!! :lol I loved them on My Tutor Friend!! ..

The movie is called Comic Youth..

'Youth Comic' stars Kwon as Ji-Hwan, a young man who wishes to become a great action star like Bruce Lee, while Kim will play an actress with stage fright, and will tell the story of their 13 year long ups and downs in their friendship. Release is set for next Spring. (2006).. ... art=1&b=11

Hunk turns bumpkin for comic role

IT seems like South Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo, 29, is determined to shed his momjjang (hunk) image.

In his new film, Comic Youth, he plays a country bumpkin with a silly Edna Mode (The Incredibles) hairdo.

This romantic comedy about two bickering childhood friends reunites him with Kim Ha Neul, who also shared the screen with him in the 2002 hit, My Tutor Friend.

When asked about working together after three years, both teased each other for having 'grown up a lot already'.

Earlier, there was talk of a budding romance between the two, after a photo of them holding hands on a roller coaster ride circulated on the Internet.

But their management agencies claimed it was only a scene from the movie ... 59,00.html

Posted: Nov 18th, '05, 16:15
by Aye
speaking of My tutor friend, does anyone know where i can actually get it? ive googled til the cows came home and no joy, only in torrentspy i think (or one of those big torrent sites) but it didnt work, just stays on `connecting`.... i really wanna watch it...

Posted: Nov 19th, '05, 04:45
by Shorty
Lol. KSW looks like a loser! But his body is still sizzling nevertheless. ;D The second picture looks hilarious. ;D Hehe.

Posted: Dec 3rd, '05, 06:56
by bbgirl03
i dont like kwon sang woo's hair in that movie.. butg i think it would be funny so i'm looking forward to it

i'm also a kim haneul fan ^_^

Posted: Dec 11th, '05, 08:06
by kko_lit
they have a new movie together? kewl! i'll be watching out for this one!

Posted: Dec 11th, '05, 08:23
by aya
Cool... he does look like Rock Lee. LOL. He does make a lot of movies with him doing martial arts... and he looks even hotter when he does those high kicks. Hehe. The last movie I saw was "Once Upon a Time in High School..." and the character he played also idolized Bruce Lee. I don't really read much into KSW... but I'm guessing he must have some history in martial arts. Cuz his fight scenes looks so real.

Picture Time!


Posted: Jan 3rd, '06, 13:51
by dangsta
No... bruce lee's hair is way shorter!

Looks like a very funny movie. Can't wait for it to come out!