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List of Anime turned into Live Action Series or Movie

Posted: Sep 17th, '11, 13:41
by SilverRadd
Hello guys
i love Jdrama especially Live Action of an Anime.
can somebody post some List of Anime turned into Live Action Series or Movie?
so that i can select and download what i like.. thanks

Posted: Sep 17th, '11, 13:42
by SilverRadd
btw i have recently watched

GTO, Gokusen, Death Note and Liar Game..

Posted: Sep 17th, '11, 14:19
by Wattstax
Sailor Moon.

Posted: Sep 28th, '11, 06:25
by mikilove13
There are quite a few recent ones. Ouran, Arakawa under the bridge, Deka Wanko, Misaki Number 1 and Asuko.

Posted: Oct 23rd, '11, 16:40
by k361
I am looking forward for Ranma :)

Posted: Oct 26th, '11, 18:42
by SaruSurfer
ROOKIES, BLOODY MONDAY, Anmitsu HIme, Black Jack, Sazae-san, Gegege no Kitarou, Oishinbo, Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo, Salaryman Kintaro, Be-bop Highschool, Attack No.1, Chibi Maruko-chan, Nodame Cantabile, Hana Yori Dango, JIN.

Kamenashi's new drama that just came out "Youkai Ningen Bem" is based on a kids anime as is Ohno's "Kaibutsu-kun".

Posted: Jul 20th, '13, 05:34
by ilovejdramas
Ouran High School Host Club, Itazura na Kiss (1996 and 2013), and Gokusen

Posted: Jul 20th, '13, 07:14
by chatchalita
Drama - Jigoku Shojo (Hell Girl), xxxholic
Movie - Kimi ni Todoke, Lovely Complex, Paradise Kiss, Nana, Prince of Tennis.
That's all I can think of on top of my head right now.

Posted: Feb 9th, '14, 02:57
by fictionalistic
This is a super handy list. Will be bookmarking for future use! Thanks, you all.

Posted: Feb 9th, '14, 04:49
by Taichi11Yagami
Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) Live Action was very cooool! Check it out! And I am waiting for the two part sequels of this on Late August 2014, "The Great Kyoto Fire" and "The End of a Legend Arc".

I'm also taking note of the Silver Spoon Live Action Movie! The anime was totally cool and funny, and I checked the trailer of the Live Action movie, and the one acting as Hachiken is good! The trailer is very funny! :D I heard it will be released on cinemas on March or April 2014.

Posted: Nov 30th, '14, 10:25
by doodoofan
Sailormoon and Death Note.

I love Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon even though the acting is not super good. Death Note live action movies are excellent, the acting is superb! I especially like the ending of the movies, it makes much more sense than the manga/anime (in my opinion).

Posted: Nov 30th, '14, 17:26
by MoerkJ
:idea: You could do a search on DramaWiki to find out...

Anime based dramas:
Manga based dramas:
Manhwa based dramas: ... rch=Manhwa

Re: List of Anime turned into Live Action Series or Movie

Posted: May 11th, '15, 05:17
by JackBauer2424
Space Battleship Yamato
upcoming Kimura Takuya samurai swordsman movie
Great Teacher Onizuka
Dragon Ball (junk USA movie)

Re: List of Anime turned into Live Action Series or Movie

Posted: Nov 19th, '18, 20:23
by mymanga003
I adore Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon despite the fact that the acting isn't super great. Passing Note live activity motion pictures are astounding, the acting is radiant! I particularly like the closure of the motion pictures, it bodes well than the manga/anime (as I would like to think).