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kdrama vs jdrama

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kdrama vs jdrama

Post by timhsu87 » Feb 9th, '11, 05:24

I've watch quite a bit of dramas and I find that korean dramas are draggy and lack good looking actresses (maybe I am a guy and I like pretty actresses). I find that japanese drama is more better in a way (less draggy). Anyone has the same views as me? Name some dramas that you find draggy and regret watching.

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Post by aNToK » Feb 9th, '11, 07:40

I think your wording could use some work, as what you just posted seems to read, "I think Korean dramas are draggy and the actresses aren't pretty. Tell me some particular Korean dramas that you didn't like to try to prove my point."

Frankly, there are tons of guys who like pretty actresses (not the least of whom would be me...) who find Korean actresses very pretty, along with many dramas that aren't "draggy."

Rather than "Kdrama vs. Jdrama," which from your post this definitely isn't, why not post in the Jdrama section for suggestions on shows you may like rather than asking for people to rag on a genre that you apparently don't?

Not a very well thought first post. Would you care to try again?

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Post by XrayMind » Feb 9th, '11, 09:14

To me, this topic was started to started to see if he could start a flame war by someone who just registered a new account just so he could start such topic.

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Post by badcompany » Feb 9th, '11, 11:12

Mmmm, had to check if 'draggy' was even a word, or just a lazy expression.

My big brick of a dictionary doesn't recognize it, but it seems the online dictionaries do. :scratch:

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Post by justintorque » Feb 9th, '11, 11:58

Flame on!!!!!! ahahah i hate kdramas! but i love their actresses! ^_^

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