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Posted: Aug 3rd, '10, 00:32
by sequester
I just received a copyright infringement letter today about torrents and I almost had a heart attack. So I'm just wondering how active China is about copyrighting?

Posted: Aug 3rd, '10, 01:49
by Airhead
not really help ... i live far away from china ... but i would as fast as possible ..

check if is in the letter a specific accusation (which movie, time, ip adress, ...)
if yes and if you really got the file in the timeframe, consult a legal counsellor for your defense
if no ... consult a legal counsellor for your legal action against the source of the letter

Posted: Aug 3rd, '10, 01:56
by sequester
Oh, no no. What I'm asking is is China really obsessive about people downloading their movies and such. ie. dubbed drama series. I ask because Asia is, like, the king of pirated things, so I don't know how hard they really crack down on that. I can't find any information about this.

Posted: Aug 3rd, '10, 02:06
by Puppet Princess
Ahahahahahaha.... China is the biggest pirating entity in the world.
They really need to worry about their own people before the insignificant overseas leeches.
I think it's safe to say you have nothing to worry about as far as China is concerned.

Posted: Aug 3rd, '10, 02:22
by sequester
Ok, phew. That's what I figured because if they (and Viet Nam and the rest of Asia, for that matter) spent all their time persecuting all things related to pirated stuff, then they wouldn't have time to do anything else. I just needed some reassurance. So thank you!

Posted: Aug 3rd, '10, 02:28
by wobblywalker
Check your PM...

Posted: Aug 3rd, '10, 02:37
by lenrasoon
that's scary O_O