Need Everyone's Opinion for New Drama Series

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Need Everyone's Opinion for New Drama Series

Post by chang2010 » Jun 5th, '10, 23:13

I belong to a group of independent filmmakers in Hollywood. We are all avid Asian drama fans and are in the process of researching to find out if there will be an audience for a drama series shot in the US with a mixture of all nationalities. The three main leads would be Asians, however most of the supporting cast would be of whatever nationality that we deemed appropriate to portray the characters.

We strongly feel that with the abundance of so many talented Asian actors in Hollywood and around the US, the possibilities can be endless. However, it is very disheartening to see these young talented Asian actors get passed over due to Hollywood's perception of "THE" leading male/female leads.

Always having to go over seas to be able to act professionally, the US is constantly losing a lot of its Asian talents to the Asian countries. Therefore, the one question that we would like to know is:

1. If we were able to put together a 16 episode script and shoot it all in English in the USA, would any of you be interested in supporting it?

Once again, thank you all for your opinions. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.


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Post by lullabye » Jun 6th, '10, 00:24

Support how? Watch it? Sure! Pay to see it? Probably. Something like a tv-version of American-Born Chinese? Oh, I would so pay to watch that, for sure! Upfront money? Umm. I can only wish I could help. Sorry.

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Post by chang2010 » Jun 6th, '10, 04:05

No..not pay in advance. We want to shoot a complete drama series and try to get it on TV. Regardless if its on US network TV or a foreign country, what we want to know is if any of the drama fans would support an all English American cast drama series with Asian actors as leads.

Maybe it would be nice for a change to have other countries dubbing or subbing an English drama series vs us constantly dubbing and subbing other countries drama series.

As it stands, the leads that we would like to cast are of Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese
descent. The supporting leads will be of Filipino, Caucasian and Hispanic descent.

The storyline is too complicated to wrap up in a nutshell, but it will eventually wrap up at sixteen episodes.

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Post by esmer86 » Jun 6th, '10, 22:51

I would watch it...maybe help spread the word around. You just gotta give it a try right? :D

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Post by toenail » Jun 14th, '10, 04:38

I'd watch if I were in the US, and if it is not a mere copy of popular series. If it is just replacing the white faces on a popular series with Asian faces, but keeping the same atmosphere, same sort of problems, same sort of cliche jokes - so boring.

I am in Australia, and I am dismayed by the lack of multiculturalism on TV, despite what the government says. Can't say non-whites are being discriminated, not at all, we got same opportunities to get a job etc here, but the image on TV remains white image, even though if you scroll around Sydney, you can't go anywhere without seeing Asian faces.

The little represented on TV acts like whites, have problems like whites, think like whites, speak like whites. Just boring, just like the un-original copy of lemon chicken and chow mien sold in cheap food courts.

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Post by LaLaLaDRAMA » Jun 14th, '10, 07:21

I would watch it IF the storyline seems interesting. I live in California, so as long as you tell me what channel it would be aired at what time, I would be willing to watch the first episode just to support a fellow d-addict member! But yeah, whether I watch the full series would all depend on how promising the first episode is.

But hey! since you are in the tv industry, I was wondering if you can or know someone who can make a documentary type of show like AINORI? I was soo hooked on that series, and I know people around the world liked it, I'm sure people in America would like it too.

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Post by DJ » Jun 28th, '10, 20:02

I would love to see a drama like this. Just tell me when and what time


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Post by BukHooKee » Jul 12th, '10, 02:28

Where do I sign up? I don't even watch tv anymore cause it's like people on here have said, all white washed. I don't even like to go to the movies anymore, damn white media. Down with whitey!

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