Give me your suggestions please!

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Give me your suggestions please!

Post by dasha-hi » Nov 12th, '09, 12:09

Hi, I'm looking for a nice drama to watch.(Kdrama or Jdrama)
I liked:
*Beethoven Virus-Maestro Kang was really great, I like this type:cold, distant,arrogant,intelligent,powerful,... 8)
*you're beautiful-cool guys, funny :lol and light. :wub:
*kimi wa petto-funny :D .
*hana yori dango-richness, romantic,lovely :wub: , power, hatered mother-son.
*time between dog and wolf-i liked the idea, but too much implication from his girlfriend.
*bloody monday-I liked the biginning, but I didn't like that everybody began helping him and he became so powerless and even stupid, he was just manipulated.
*Mr.Brain-intelligent, interesting, not an ordinary guy.
Please give me your suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :cry: :unsure: :roll :roll

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