Making softsubs from poor quality tvrips - any ideas!!

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Making softsubs from poor quality tvrips - any ideas!!

Post by audiodj007 » Jul 28th, '09, 13:51

Is there any simple way to make softsubs from tvrips ie kbs such poor quality.

While the raws are far superior.
Tried watching raws with tvrips underneath hard to get working though.
Anybody tried any other methods.

Could we start a new subbing project or something or is it ALL licensed?

If we all took an episode each - job done!!!

any ideas!!!!

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Post by ethidda » Jul 28th, '09, 17:47

If the subs are based off of the latin alphabet AND the background behind the subs are a solid color, then there's probably an easy way to do it with OCR. You would probably still have to adjust the timings a bit as the raws are probably different versions compared to the TV rips.

If the subs are put directly on top of the video (i.e. there are moving pictures under the subs), then you are out of luck. You will have to personally transcribe the subtitles and time them. It's a lot of work, but you're welcomed to it.

Whether the softsubs will then be allowed to be posted here depends on its licensing status. I believe (and I'm too lazy to look it up) that d-addicts only cares if a drama is licensed in the States. In any case, I know that people have released hardsubbed drama aired on TV before, and I don't see the softsubs would be any different, rule-wise. You'd have to credit the original ripper of the TV version, of course. I would contact a mod with the specific drama title for the rule side of things just to be sure.

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Post by WroW » Jul 28th, '09, 18:53

I tried the OCR method before and I have never been successful with kbs tv rips. I guess your only option is to transcribe and time by hand.

As far as I know you are allowed to post subs to any drama even if it is licensed, just not the video. I can see a lot of subs to licensed dramas (either done by a subbing group or directly ripped from the dvds) in the subtitle section so it should be ok.

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Post by Sesam » Jul 28th, '09, 19:36

Interesting question, I have tried to do something like this before too. There are lots of really low quality TV rips in circulation that have decent translations/subtitles. If it only were easy to snatch those subs and use them with good quality raws :).

The only software I found that does something like this is "SubRip 1.50 beta 4" (anyone know any better solution?). But it is far from fast and simple, the problem with low quality video is that the OCR software has trouble recognizing the characters. Therefore you will have to basically confirm and correct almost every subtitle line. I tried to do one episode once and it took hours xD

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