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Who's the BIGGEST Drama addict?

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Who's the BIGGEST Drama addict?

Post by audiodj007 » Jul 1st, '09, 08:42

Who's the BIGGEST Drama addict?

At the moment i am watching -

You Are My Destiny
Cinderella Man
& Stairway_to_Heaven for second time.

3 hours a day :D

there must some out there who win that? :-)

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Post by aNToK » Jul 1st, '09, 09:46

Hmm... Only watch about 2 hours a day these days, not including the hours spent on sub and encoding stuff.

When I was off work for 6 months following shoulder surgery, I averaged around 12 hours a day for the entire time. 2 dramas every 3 days with a few I watched straight through here and there. I'm sure someone out there could easily beat my totals though, since I've only been watching them for 6 years or so. I stopped counting after I had watched my 500th drama early last year....

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Re: Who's the BIGGEST Drama addict?

Post by sistergirl » Jul 1st, '09, 09:54

i am addicted to Korean drama city hall.

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Post by majata » Jul 1st, '09, 11:36

Well, I average between 4-5 hours of watching korean dramas everyday except for Sundays. Right now, I'm watching Slingshot and downloading That Fool, Triple, Shining Inheritance, City Hall, My Too Perfect Sons and Queen Seon Duk. Next drama in line for watching is Strike Love.

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Post by Razor. » Jul 1st, '09, 15:13

i watch about 10 hrs of dramas.

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Post by ssih » Jul 1st, '09, 15:45

I watch 27 hours a day. I'd watch more, but I share my time machine with my roommate.

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