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why so few korean/japanese cdn ppl -but so many chinese, fli

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why so few korean/japanese cdn ppl -but so many chinese, fli

Post by joewong » Feb 24th, '09, 06:43

do you find in vancouver its mostly mainly chinese from china, taiwan, hk and also flippnos for asians and viets.

you hardly ever meet any korean or japanese candaian ppl that actually live in vancouver or the surronduing areas. i haven;t , i think i met a few but very few.
do you think its b/c they don't want to immigrate to canada or usa b/c their own country korea and japan are already first world first rate countries while china , phillipness , vietnam are considered 3-4th world countires so we try to escape it and leave to come to canada, usa for better life.

but i don;t now why so many hk and taiwan ppl want to live in vancouver since aren't their country first world. other than hk since it was a brit colony and now belongs to china

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Post by karennxa » Feb 24th, '09, 07:36

I think generally there's just more chinese from china because they just have..a lot of people that immigrate everywhere.
& a lot of hk because..idk? they just have friends there? because my parents have a lot of hk friends in vancouver.
& usually when it comes to korean, they don't really live in canda, they mostly live in the US for some reason. (idk). ++ japanese people are rare to come by even in the states for me! i think japanese just like to stay in japan.

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Post by kittykhatz20 » Feb 25th, '09, 01:01

If you wanna see Koreans you can go to the Philippines... They're every where.... I think I have not seen a place here without a one in sight... They study English here and then they try to get to colleges in the US right after.

Creates a good Filipino Korean relationship. They need to learn something and we have the educators for it. Gives more work for people in my country. They even recruit some Filipinos teachers to teach English in Korea.

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Post by liebe911 » Feb 25th, '09, 16:31

It happens at certain places where problems like this occur, its just natural.

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Post by japchinman » Mar 2nd, '09, 21:38

actually Vancover has the greatest population for Japanese people, in Canada. here in Ontario, there are some Japanese (2nd most in Canada, but there is a ton of Korean.

Chinese pretty well everywhere in the world greatly out number Japanese, and Korean combined, because of the amount of Chinese people in comparison. On a worldly scale...

there is over 1.5Billion Chinese people.... now that number compared to korean and Japanese= Outrageous!

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Post by AkumaX » Mar 2nd, '09, 21:50

i saw a lot of japanese people when i went to vancouver a couple months ago :)

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