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which do you prefer: asian actor's or foreign actor's

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which do you prefer: asian actor's or foreign actor's

Post by liangjie » Sep 10th, '07, 04:15

:salut: asian actor's are: Lee Dong Wook, Ko Soo, Ryan Torda, Josh Wa, Shawn Ye, Jet Lee, Jackie Chan
foreign actor's are: Owen Wilson, Brad Pitt, Eminem, Justin Timberlake

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Post by Silentwolfdog » Sep 10th, '07, 04:41

Eh? They are only foreign if I don't live in America. But I think it depends on story and type of movies.

I generally like asian for television drama. But with movie it doesn't really matter. Jackie Chan is my favorite movie star.

There are some of good foreign actors as well as good asian actors.

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Post by groink » Sep 10th, '07, 04:58


--- groink

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Post by kwuintessence » Sep 17th, '07, 10:32

i'm in the US so those actors are not foreign to me at all.

anyway, i happen to find asian celebrities to be very entertaining.

oh. and i think asian celebs are hotter <3

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Post by clarissann » Sep 17th, '07, 10:42

I like asian actors better... lol... plus, I think they're hotter!!! hahaha...

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Post by Neji-sama » Sep 17th, '07, 10:47

uhh are we supposed to pick side based on those actors(ops post)?

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