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How many language do you speak?

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Post by noobee » Aug 28th, '08, 19:53

i speak only 2 languages
English and Japanese

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Post by i12haf629 » Aug 28th, '08, 22:37

english and chinese... learned spanish in high school for 4 years but cant really speak it so well

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Post by xxemz19xx » Aug 30th, '08, 09:53

I speak 2 English and Welsh.

I did learn abit of french and German at school so I think I'd be alright on holiday in those countries but I wouldn't say I was fluent in them.

I also took some Japanese lessons but again only could use on holiday ^^

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Post by Sikono » Sep 2nd, '08, 02:02

I speak English. I speak some Korean since I live in Korean Family, as well as some Japanese. I'm also learning Spanish from School. So if I add them all up, with 1 being fully understanding of the language, It would become something like... 3. :D

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Post by tavon1 » Sep 2nd, '08, 02:07

English, Little French, Little Japanes and some chinese

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Post by Cry5tal » Sep 2nd, '08, 02:44

French (mother tongue), English (learned alone a few years back), currently learning Japanese for 3-4 months. After I've learned enough Japanese to understand and be understood I intend to start learning Korean.

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Post by andromaque » Sep 2nd, '08, 15:53

I speak french (mother language), german (fluently), english (hum... not so fluently and with a very bad accent :whistling: ), a little japanese. I also learned latin and greek (ancient) but it's not spoken, so yeah I guess it doesn't count^^

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Post by sp1dergirl » Sep 3rd, '08, 02:13

1. Spanish: first language. I think in Spanish. I grew up speaking/using the language.
2. English: studied it in elementary through high school as a second language. In college used it as the main language. Currently it is the language that I use the most, whether spoken or written.
3. Chinese: my dad is Taiwanese, so I speak to him in Mandarin. Also I went to Chinese school during weekends for many years when I was younger. I can write and read a little.
4. Cantonese (dialect): my mom is from Hong Kong, so I was forced to speak Cantonese. I started to watch HK series with my mom when I was a little girl and I kinda liked them, so I've learned a lot of the dialect by watching TV. As for the reading and writing, I think it's harder than Chinese. Written Cantonese is not the same as spoken Cantonese.

***5. French: took French for 3 years in high school...but don't remember much of it, so I don't count it as a language that I know.

Currently, I'm trying to improve my Chinese reading and writing skills.

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Post by moomooray » Sep 7th, '08, 04:42

I Speak.. Chinese/English/Hokgah Or However You Spell It . =P

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Post by SANOKAME » Sep 7th, '08, 10:15

Swedish, English and currently studying Japanese :)

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Post by sarasa36 » Sep 7th, '08, 10:20

I speak four: spanish, french, english and arabis.
And I'm trying to learn more... :P

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Post by nightkid5 » Sep 7th, '08, 11:10

mandarin is my first language since i'm from chinese family..and then english(second), malay(second), indonesia(note that indonesia and malay have much different), cantonese(bad dialect), hokkien(the most fluent language after mandarin...well that's 6 for all......

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Post by munchkinz » Sep 7th, '08, 12:06

i can onli speak 3

first language is english, second is cantonese and third mandarin...but i can onli listen and speak it...am realli bad at reading and writing chinese..and i learnt simplfy than traditional chinese.

would like to pick up jap cause i did it in primary school...but wouldnt of listen...mayb some day pick up korean...but who knows.

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Post by Peachy_Pie » Sep 8th, '08, 08:34

English first (born in the US)

Tagalog (parents speak it..can understand at least 80% but have a hard time making my own sentences ToT )

Japanese (took lessons/study abroad...my speaking and listening is very good, but as for reading, I need to study more XD...1 of those people who have to read manga outloud or else they don't understand, how sad--- )

Mandarin (just started classes now, listening/speaking is horrible but can read maybe 45-55% of written Chinese from self study/Japanese kanji)

What makes me angry is that my parents also speak Cantonese, Hokkien, and Mandarin, yet only spoke to me in English.. >_<

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Post by gamercloud » Sep 9th, '08, 20:37

First Language: Portuguese
Second Language: English

I'm starting to learn nihongo or japanese.

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Post by d-fan » Sep 9th, '08, 20:52

I know 6 languages because it's actually quite normal to be bilingual/multilingual where I live.

I can understand/speak (fluently)/write/read: French, German, Luxembourgian, English

I can speak/understand: Vietnamese (both my parents are Vietnamese)

And I'm currently learning Spanish. I've been learning french and German ever since I was 5 years old, been learning English for 3 years now, took up Spanish last year because I had to, speak Vietnamese with my parents and Luxembourgian with my friends. :)

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Post by CamMme » Sep 9th, '08, 21:45

I'm half Chinese and half Viet. But speak Cantonese at home, mandarin and Vietnamese with friends.

Japanese and Korean, some of my friends only speaks that cuz they are form Japan n Korea. (But still got alot to learn from them)

Live in Sweden so I speak Swedish. English and German(could choose between a few languages) = must in school.

Trying to learn Polski ^^ as well, cuz my bf's from Poland. ^^ Really love languages.

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Post by GaussAlgorithmus » Sep 9th, '08, 21:57

Mother tongue: German
Second language (learned in school): English

I think that's enought for me, I don't really need more, even if it would be quite nice to learn another language...but I'm much to lazy and besides that, I'Ve too much other stuff to do.

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Post by little_deviI » Sep 14th, '08, 15:14

for me i speak 3 languages.....first english, then canto and french

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Post by MizzyJ » Sep 19th, '08, 04:37

Well I speak English, Cantonese, and Creole
A little of Mandarin and Spanish.

Creole and no I'm not Jamaican or w/e no offence... Lived in Belize, Central America
and know that language ever since a kid, and even growing up, still speak it.

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Post by selma » Sep 20th, '08, 10:30

I speak English, Dutch , German , Turkish and a few words Korean ^___^ ( thanks to Kdrama) and a lot words and sentences Japanese (thanks to anime/jdrama)

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Post by OnlyXainz » Sep 20th, '08, 20:35

i speak english, mandarin and a bit of taiwanese :D

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Post by Shunima » Sep 27th, '08, 12:56

native tongue is german, then english quite fluent, i guess.
French and Spanish for ordinary conversation
japanese still learning, but enough knowlegde to read every-day things with a good dictionary for kanji (just know around 800 so far, i guess). speaking is okay, listening and understanding quite difficult. unfortunately much theoretical learning so far...

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Post by Kiryuayame » Sep 27th, '08, 16:53

i speak fluently dutch and english and a bit japanese thanks to Anime and Jdrama's XD

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Post by natascha89 » Sep 27th, '08, 17:12

I speak german, russian and english

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Post by konaxis » Sep 28th, '08, 17:40

chineese and english!

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Post by vivilp182 » Oct 17th, '08, 21:45

My mother language is portuguese. I know english pretty well. I can understand a lot of spanish, but speak not so much. I know a bit of japanese (actually it's kinda frustating how slow my progress has been) and I'm beggining german....

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Post by zerch » Oct 18th, '08, 03:17

Wow. It's interesting to know what nationality everyone is. I would have otherwise thought everyone was Asian, or at least Chinese.

My native language is English with a little comprehension of conversational Cantonese, and Beginner's Level Mandarin.

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Post by bluebuzzybug » Dec 2nd, '08, 17:20

well, my main language is Cantonese and English...
i speak other languages like Malay and Mandarin...
well, i hope to learn Japanese and Korean
I'm such addict to these countries.....

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Post by Shirogane69 » Dec 10th, '08, 19:38

I'm bilingual Hungarian and English. Although my spelling sucks in both languages. I've been learning Italian for a year now (school requirment) and I just started learning japanese (it took forever to get my parents to let me take lessons). I also learned spanish for half a year when i was about 8 (i forgot everything)

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Post by riceavocado » Dec 11th, '08, 01:44

I only speak English fluenty, I know some spanish and a little Japanese, though I'm planning to master Japanese soon.

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Post by -YiJern- » Dec 21st, '08, 17:26

^That's because I come from Malaysia~ ^^- Multi-lingual and Multi-racial country! heheh..

I know some Japanese and Korean. (Thanks to the influence of dramas and animes.)

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Post by Ayamari » Feb 11th, '09, 18:11

first language is English; then i've been taking Japanese for 4 years (finally at my last semester of school!), and I took Chinese for one year. My Chinese is horrible though. Haha.

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Post by BokoWoShinjite » Feb 18th, '09, 22:36

I speak, write and read two languages fluently; Dutch and English.
I am currently learning Japanese slowly by myself (and of course, the J-Drama's).

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Post by kuro570 » Feb 18th, '09, 22:58

-YiJern- wrote:English
^That's because I come from Malaysia~ ^^- Multi-lingual and Multi-racial country! heheh..

I know some Japanese and Korean. (Thanks to the influence of dramas and animes.)
Dang, do you ever get some of the languages mixed up? Like me after studying Japanese my English suffered a little and thats only 1 language compared to your 4 :cry:

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Chen Yisi
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Post by Chen Yisi » Feb 18th, '09, 23:15

Fluently: English, Spanish, French
Can understand but not answer: Italian, Catalan, sometimes Romanian
Learnt: bits of Italian by myself and Mandarin for 3 years
Currently studying: Japanese

The strange thing is that I was born in South Korean but I can't speak the language xD

I plan to learn Hindi later and maybe Thai.

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Post by Domino7134 » Feb 18th, '09, 23:21

Mandarin (learning)
Spanish (learning)

I was born in the US. I've lived/studied abroad in Germany, Japan, and China. I want to learn Korean and Dutch as well :)

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Post by saridea » Feb 18th, '09, 23:35

I'm fluent in Swedish and English, and I'm studying French and Japanese. I can also understand/read Danish and Norweigan, since the Scandinavian languages are pretty similar :-)

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Post by Sajenn » Feb 18th, '09, 23:45

dunno if I already replied to this thread ... xD

I speak german, dutch and english. German and english fluently (I guess) and dutch will be my main language in 2 years (study abroad)

I also learned japanese and french for about 1 year and I can say about 2-3 words but read/listen ... a bit.
Some of my friends are from russia and I understand some words thanks to them.

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Post by aznsleepyhead » Feb 21st, '09, 08:07

i speak two dialects of chinese cantonese and mandarin(not fluent i can only understand it and not really speak it).My second language is english and then i'm taking spanish and i'm also taking latin right now so i guess 5 languages but i'm only fluent in two of the five languages

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Post by xionmao » Feb 21st, '09, 08:45

I was born in France so I can speak french and my parents are chinese. I can speak chinese but I can't read or watch chinese tv.
I have learn German for 6 yeras, English for 4 years and Japanese for 2 years.

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Post by Cerberusia » Feb 21st, '09, 10:05

English is my first language, since I've been brought up in the UK (England, to be precise). I've learnt French since I was I was about 7 or 8, and although I'm not fluent, I can speak it conversationally and can understand a lot (I read French novels a fair bit). Then there's Spanish, which I've learnt since I was about 10 or 11- reasonable, but again I can understand a lot more than I can speak. That helps me to understand some written Portugese, and my knowledge of Romance languages, coupled with frequent trips to Italy helps me to understand basic Italian, though I can barely speak any. I did German for three years so I can understand some, though I've largely forgotten how to speak it.

In regards to Classical languages, I've learnt Latin since I was 11, and I'm finding it fairly easy. I began Ancient Greek last September (just started doing GCSEs), and that's progressing well- because it's only a two year course to get us to the required standard, we're moving pretty fast. It helps that there's a small class- me (female) and five boys. :lol

Finally, there are some languages where I know maybe a couple of words/phrases and nothing else, like Urdu, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Arabic and Chinese (Cantonese). It obviously cannot be said that I 'know' any of these languages, though I do intend to learn some of them.

At the moment I'm learning French, Spanish, Latin and Ancient Greek at school, and I'm teaching myself Japanese and Russian (the Japanese is much better than the Russian, mind).

I intend to learn Korean, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Hindi and anything else that takes my fancy (I was brought up in a very linguistically-minded family, and I love learning languages!).

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Post by LilyJade » Feb 21st, '09, 10:16

I'm French with Vietnamese backgrounds so I'm fluent in French and Vietnamese, even though my Vietnamese writing is not that good.

I'm fluent in English, I love speaking English!

I'm refreshing my Spanish now, I need to learn more vocabulary.

I learnt Latin during 5 years. It's beautiful but I don't remember a lot, too bad.

I've just begun to learn Japanese and I intend to learn Korean!

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Post by infundibuliform » Feb 24th, '09, 07:52

Zururatu wrote:
Catt101 wrote:what would you say is the easiest to learn?
My personal opinion is that Japanese is easier to tackle once you have another language down. For me it was easier for pronounciation because i found there was a lot of similarities between french and Japanese pronounciations, especially the "r" sound, although slightly different, they both involve rolling the sound with your tongue, if you've never done this before it's hard to get.

As for learning french, I started when I was 6 so it's hard to remember a lot of the specific details, but I do know that it was a lot easier having already known english,(obviously haha) because both languages come from latin originally, and you can see a lot of the similarities in english words to french words sometimes, it made memorising a lot easier.
English is not Latin based. It's West Germanic. It's in the same family as German and Dutch, as well as Yiddish. While English shares vocabulary with Latin languages, it is not related to them because of grammar. Grammar is more complicated than vocabulary, so this is were distinction in languages is made. That's why it's more difficult for an English speaking person to learn French rather than a Spanish speaking person. The English speaking person needs to get used to new grammar rules (ei, verb conjugation), while the Spanish speaking person really just needs to learn new vocab (ei, hacer is the same as faire).

I know some Spanish and French, and I'm teaching myself some German. I want to minor in Japanese come college! :D

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How many language do you speak?

Post by geodimus » Feb 24th, '09, 08:10

Fluently: Bulgarian, English & Russian
Can understand, but not answer: Ukrainian
Currently studying: Korean by myself

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Post by kaheiyeh » Feb 24th, '09, 09:07

I'm fluent in English and Cantonese. Don't really know which one is my first language though, because I grew up learning both concurrently.

Currently learning Mandarin and Japanese at university. I go to mainland China every year for about 2 months so my Mandarin knowledge slowly increases each time I go back. Japanese is just through pure teaching at university and from dramas and such. Planning to go to exchange to Japan in 2010 though!

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Post by freelife » Mar 6th, '09, 20:32

Fluent: English, German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish.
Can understand: Catalan, Italian, Portuguese.
Can understand bits: Korean, French, Latin

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Post by **Mejoka** » Mar 19th, '09, 12:26

Arabic and English
and working on my Japanese

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Post by shitnoodles » Jun 4th, '09, 09:30

English, Chinese, Teochew(more of dialect hee =x) and Thai

Now stuggling with learning korean online =.="V

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Post by Tenou » Jun 4th, '09, 10:05

Fluent in Swedish,Hungarian & Swedish.
My Danish is almost fluent.
My Japanese is getting better for each, studying it for 4 years now.
Learned German for 5 years,Spanish for 1 year.
My goal in the future is to learn Korean,already started a little.

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Post by matsuoyumi » Jun 4th, '09, 10:13

first language , malay
2nd english and 3rd japanese ( still learning )

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Post by Yurga » Jun 4th, '09, 11:47

Only two - my native lithuanian and english~
Well, ok i understand a little russian
(i can read it coz i know russian letters but usually
i don't understand what i am reading~ ^__^)
And some sentences or words in japanese~

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Post by Louis__Armand » Jun 7th, '09, 07:12

My native language is Spanish, I'm studying English Literature in University but I'm not that fluent yet.. I'm taking french too, because I love it =D.. And I know a bit of Japanese, and trying with korean.. Anyways this is my first semester in Uni so I hope when the year ends I'm able to speak french :D!~

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Post by AiyaAi » Jan 19th, '11, 11:43

My native language is Dutch, I'm fluent in English, I also speak French and German, and learned a lot of Japanese from drama's and anime, but I can't read or write it.
So that makes 5 =]

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Post by circuitlovers » Feb 2nd, '11, 18:27

My first language is English. Currently learning Spanish. I know the alphabet of Asl (american sign language) - if that counts lol. and I understand Malayam.


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The Chaos
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Upload Addict
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Post by The Chaos » Feb 2nd, '11, 18:32

I Speak Arabic and English and can understand some Korean and Japanese :mrgreen:

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Post by jancsika » Feb 10th, '11, 15:19

hungarian, english, and a little bit in french.

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Post by -YiJern- » Apr 5th, '11, 15:11

kuro570 wrote:
-YiJern- wrote:English
^That's because I come from Malaysia~ ^^- Multi-lingual and Multi-racial country! heheh..

I know some Japanese and Korean. (Thanks to the influence of dramas and animes.)
Dang, do you ever get some of the languages mixed up? Like me after studying Japanese my English suffered a little and thats only 1 language compared to your 4 :cry:
Not really, in fact, we actually mix different languages into a sentence when we speak but we understand perfectly what the other person's saying. :lol

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Post by KiwiHoshi » Apr 7th, '11, 05:48

I speak 4! But I'm only fluent in one. Heh. :P

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Post by complexfest » Apr 15th, '11, 09:35

Greek (well mother tongue and all)
English (studying it in the university)
I can't say I speak French but I guess I could if I studied it again a bit more.Spanish I am a bit better and japanese I keep studying and hoping to improve to a decent level at some point.

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Post by Abdsuda » Apr 23rd, '11, 07:17

English and (the most helpful, lol) 日本語. Former is my first language, the latter my second. I'm thinking of learning Korean next, but I shudder at the thought of going through something like learning Kanji again... pure torture, for many years!!

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Post by drupayola » Apr 23rd, '11, 08:12

I speak Hungarian, German, Russian, Chinese
Little: English, Polish, French

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Post by chris_hz » Apr 23rd, '11, 08:36

Hello guys, i'm new here !

I can speak many languages thanks to my parents! They immigrated from south-east asia very early to France.
So I had the chance to born in Paris and grew up there.
At home, we speak Cantonese, Thai, Lao, Vietnamese and another dialect from China. (!)
I just can speak fluently these languages but dunno how to read or write (except chinese)

I can speak english as you can see, and often travel to USA visiting family.
Now i'm working in China and speak fluently mandarin.

Also I learned German for 4 years but honestly i just remember how to read haha!

Now with some friends, i'm beginning to learn Korean...

I'm looking for some people who wish to make an exchange language, it will be great!

See you around .


Puppet Princess
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Post by Puppet Princess » Apr 23rd, '11, 08:41

Abdsuda wrote:I'm thinking of learning Korean next, but I shudder at the thought of going through something like learning Kanji again... pure torture, for many years!!
Modern Korean uses a really simple phonetic system. Kanji, or in this case, hanja, is pretty much outdated and would probably never come up in normal life. Maybe a scholar would use hanja while doing... scholarly things. lol I think newspaper headlines also sometime use hanja when the title is really ambiguous.

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Post by ersby » Apr 23rd, '11, 08:54

Puppet Princess wrote:
Abdsuda wrote:I'm thinking of learning Korean next, but I shudder at the thought of going through something like learning Kanji again... pure torture, for many years!!
Modern Korean uses a really simple phonetic system. Kanji, or in this case, hanja, is pretty much outdated and would probably never come up in normal life. Maybe a scholar would use hanja while doing... scholarly things. lol I think newspaper headlines also sometime use hanja when the title is really ambiguous.
Whenever I saw Korean, I always wondered if those were kanji or something like letters or hiragana so I did a bit of research and I have to say that the Korean writing system is the best I've seen of any language! It's so efficient! And pretty easy to pick up.

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Post by dattebayoXD » Apr 23rd, '11, 08:57

My mother language is lithuanian.
Second language: English
Third language: German
Fourth: Japanese

I guess 4? XD

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Post by Nemi79 » Apr 25th, '11, 21:19

Well, of course my main laguage is Norwegian.

Besides that I speak English, German, Freanch and Spanish.

I am currently learning Japanese:)

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Post by Llyss » May 3rd, '11, 13:39

I speak English, Spanish and German - studied Latin for seven years - and now I am studying Chinese and Japanese. :)

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Post by Silverman » May 7th, '11, 22:23

I speak English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Kazak, Latin
I can understand parts of Swahili and Finnish.

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Post by Orion1986 » May 7th, '11, 23:00

Don't remember if I answered this, but here goes.

Mother tongue: Greek
Second best: English
Quite good, but not great: Finnish

And that's all. I'm good with languages but never had the time or money to get into them. I would like to learn japanese and korean at some point.

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Post by mizathedark » May 8th, '11, 21:26

Spanish English, learning Japanese and Thai.

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Post by fidelxxx » May 8th, '11, 22:23

Polish (some dialects also), English, German, some Czech.
I also understand Spanish and Italian but I don't speak them so it doesn't count.
When I'm drunk I can communicate with people from almost all Eastern European countries.

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Post by ji-nyeoung » May 30th, '11, 00:15

English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese --> fluent (I can read and write as well) =)
So, right now, I know 4.
Since I have become Korean crazy lately, my next step is Korean =P
I'm so lucky that I pick up on languages quite easily <3

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Post by electricheart » Jun 20th, '11, 22:40

I currently speak English, Spanish, and Japanese. I'm learning Korean atm though.
Any study buddies? :D

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Post by Shuushoku » Jul 15th, '11, 20:43

I can speak French and English, and I'm learning to speak Japanese and Spanish.

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