How many language do you speak?

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Post by electricBonBon » Sep 10th, '11, 14:01

My mother tongue is German, also I'm pretty good at English (Well, I guess D: XD).
Currently I'm learning Japanese, and there are so many more languages I want to learn.

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Post by jahepi » Sep 13th, '11, 15:48

I speak spanish and english.
I´m currently learning japanese. :-)

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Post by paulineeeho » Sep 30th, '11, 13:52

i speak like 3 and a half languages
i speak cantonese, english, spanish, and a little of mandarin.

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Post by SaruSurfer » Oct 26th, '11, 03:09

Japanese, English, Swedish.

Learning Mandarin right now.

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Post by apoldeer » Nov 6th, '11, 10:53

I speak two foreign languages and some dialects. I'm learning Japanese though.

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Post by KanashimiAngel » Dec 2nd, '11, 15:06

Anyone interested in learning Korean, Japanese or Chinese? ^__^
then what are you waiting for?
for more details you can find me on twitter: @KJCSweetheart
you can check the photo as well:

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Tao Libra
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Post by Tao Libra » Jan 11th, '12, 02:28

Native: English

2nd, Moderately fluent: German

3rd, Moderately fluent: Japanese

4th, Introductory Beginner: Chinese (Mandarin)


If I ever add a 5th, it'll probably be Korean.

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Post by yonsama_86 » Feb 18th, '12, 14:26

Bulgarian - native
(from the last ones I know some wodrds not the whole language)
Japanese (some bad words
:blink :mrgreen: )

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Post by AlyMew » Feb 19th, '12, 09:40

I only know English and Chinese (Cantonese). I know basic Italian and would like to take classes to learn Japanese.

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Post by torauma » Mar 5th, '12, 13:24

Greetings D-Junkies ;)

I'm looking for someone for a language tandem (over Skype or direct contact).
I speak a few languages

Chinese (dialect, Fujian, speaking only) (mother tougue)
English (speaking, reading, writing)
Germany (where I live now)

Want to learn:
- Mandarin (on focus now)
- Brazilian Portuguese
- Japanese, Korean (pending)

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Post by nsovi » Mar 5th, '12, 13:54

my mother language is INDONESIAN, then ENGLISH ~
now i start to learn chinese and korean :D
but sometimes i wanna speak french, its so sexy ><

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Post by heat6jones » Mar 24th, '12, 01:00

I only speak English.

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Post by riotstar » Apr 7th, '12, 14:20

Native language: Finnish

and I speak also English.

Then I speak a _little bit Swedish and Japanese.

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Post by Raziel_Avernus » Apr 7th, '12, 14:35

Native Spanish the others would be english, french, italian, currently learning japanese, hoping to learn korean too

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Post by eirwen555 » May 1st, '12, 20:53

Hmm, let's see...
English - native
Chinese - native
Japanese - mostly fluent
Used to know Finnish as a kid but unfortunately, I've forgotten most of it after my family moved back from Finland. I've been trying to pick it back up lately though.

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Post by nickidoane » Jun 8th, '12, 05:41

I only can speak English and Chinese but I'll take this opportunity to brag that my husband can speak English, Pashto, and Farsi fluently :)

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Post by Yurihwa » Jun 24th, '12, 20:26


French: native
English: fluent
Japanese: Intermediate
Korean: Intermediate

Hope I will get even better ;)

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Post by Lintu » Jun 24th, '12, 20:50

For me...

Spanish: Native
English: Fluent
Japanese: Intermediate
Korean: Begginer ^^

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Post by NaomiMaeda » Jun 24th, '12, 22:14

My native language is Lithuanian. I can fluently speak English. I'm learning Russian at school and German, Japanese, Italian and Polish on my own.

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Post by 2kwik2can » Feb 20th, '13, 21:25

I speak Tagalog & English & I know very little Japanese because I mostly learned from watching too much animes, dramas, & variety shows. Hehehe. :D

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Post by eirwen555 » Feb 28th, '13, 14:37

Well, I grew up bilingual in English and Chinese, and I'm pretty fluent in Japanese too. Also took 3 years of French in high school and minored in Norwegian in college. So, five in total I guess.

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Post by GHmimi » Mar 14th, '13, 15:31

native Arabic
very good English
acceptable Japanese

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Post by Miless » Apr 8th, '13, 17:10

I can speak four languages:


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Post by Secret_Symphony » Aug 14th, '13, 20:21

I can only speak English and a bit of Spanish.

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Post by SummeryDreams » Aug 18th, '13, 04:41

I speak tagalog, visayan, English and little bit of Japanese. Though currently improving my Japanese and enjoying it.

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Post by kazerin » Aug 25th, '13, 21:15

Only two. Spanish and English. I've been learning Japanese since I knew about Japan, but seriously I'm not a constant student, so I have just learned a few phrases along the way. I also know a few Korean words.
I can understand Portuguese pretty well too.

(My mother was/is a tour guide, so she talked a lot Portuguese, Italian and English to me when I was a child.)

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Post by ReiraNara » Sep 8th, '13, 20:38

I speak Dutch, English and french. :D
My french isn't very good tho. lol :D

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Post by kathyblake » Sep 18th, '13, 11:15

i can speak english fluently

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Post by SquallAdv » Sep 23rd, '13, 02:13

My badges would be...


:salut: :D

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Post by ZeldAx » Sep 29th, '13, 10:41

In order :

French (native)
Japanese (fluent)
English (intermediate)
Spanish (so-so)

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Post by Flanders » Oct 21st, '13, 16:11

Dutch (native)
Vlaams (native) :blink
Koeterwaals :goggle:

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Post by Timothy1 » Dec 8th, '13, 05:57

My first language is British English

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Post by JeffWall » Dec 8th, '13, 19:12

I grew up speaking English, and took French throughout grade school and high school. I never really cared for learning it, so I've sort of lost some of my French since then. I've retained enough to be able to speak some simple sentences and random words.

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Post by Baciai » Feb 4th, '14, 19:16

hey guys! my native is polish, plus like to think about my english is kind of fluent. or at least communicable ^^; additionaly studying for the last three years japanese. if anybody could recomend some drama's to help with the latter would be grateful!

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Post by fictionalistic » Feb 9th, '14, 02:49

Mandarin and a little Taiwanese.

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Post by iMrRoyal » Feb 19th, '14, 09:51

Arabic, Dutch, English and Japanese.

Arabic is my parent's language.

Dutch is the language of the current country i live in.

English i learned because of Games + Movies + Anime + Music.

Japanese well i studied it my self and still am for like a year or 2 now so i can understand it without subs :P.

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Post by vivant » Apr 1st, '14, 12:35

native: Indonesian
fluent: English (although sometimes I messed up the grammar haha)
pretty good: Sundanese (but have a limited not-rude (polite) vocabularies)
little bit: Chinese (used to take a course but I left it. at least I can speak or read a little)
word-by-word: Japanese (from anime manga etc but I think I can build/understand a short sentence now haha)

wish I can speak Japanese fluently TTwTT

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Post by zenith777 » Apr 1st, '14, 13:29

Coincidentally, pretty similar with @vivant :lol

Indonesian as mother tongue
English - quite fluent though sometimes lost in words :whistling:
Sundanese - fluent as this is vernacular language at some areas in Indonesia :mrgreen:
Chinese - understand only on simple conversation and daily characters (lost the will to learn when I was little kid, but then I regret it now :cry:).
Japanese - a little bit as I learn mostly from jdrama and anime :lol

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Post by mecchaumai » Jun 11th, '14, 12:13

English is the only one I speak fluently. I'd say my Japanese is probably lower intermediate

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Post by doodoofan » Nov 30th, '14, 10:20

My mother tongue is Vietnamese. I can speak English quite fluently, Japanese at upper intermediate level and Chinese at intermediate level.

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Re: How many language do you speak?

Post by yasushiu » Sep 18th, '16, 06:17

I come from India, so... I know my mother tongue (Malayalam), Tamil, a bit of Hindi, and English. I've been wanting to learn Japanese and Korean some day.

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Re: How many language do you speak?

Post by mullerbar » Oct 9th, '20, 13:07

I know 5 languages ​​as I have a multicultural family. So to say, very lucky.

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Re: How many language do you speak?

Post by T0k1d0k1 » Oct 20th, '20, 11:18

Fluent in Dutch, German and English; my French is quite good. I also speak a bit of Japanese, and can read Latin and Old English.

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Re: How many language do you speak?

Post by istorzka » Nov 14th, '20, 20:53

I used to travel a lot, and I know at least 5-10 phrases in 8-9 languages including Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, even Ukrainian…However, English is the number one…after the language we were communicating in my family. And the language of love, sure

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