How long have you been watching...

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How long have you been watching Korean, Japanese, or Chinese dramas?

Less than a year
1-2 years
3-5 years
3-5 years
6-10 years
11 years - since you were born
Total votes: 69

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How long have you been watching...

Post by BOGCHI » Aug 28th, '06, 07:46

Just a question.
How long have you been watching Korean, Japanese, or Chinese dramas?
If you're Korean, Japanese, or Chinese.. the answer would probably be since you were born. So.. you should post how long you've been watching the other Asian dramas.

I've been watching for almost a year.. and I don't think I'll ever stop. I'm sure I'll always get at least a monthly dose of dramas in the future. :salut:

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Post by KoreanMania » Aug 28th, '06, 08:05

Since Winter Sonata came out, I simply loved watching K-dramas :wub: And it's been 6 yrs already :lol

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Post by sooji » Aug 28th, '06, 10:37

Ive been watchin chinese dramas for ages, since my family watches it. My first korean drama was A tale of Autumn/Autumn in my thats around 3-4 years ago? In the last 2 years Ive discoverd korean drama can be funny and uplifting, totally rejecting sad dramas (cuz ive had enuff of crying and feeling depressed after the series ended!!)
and embracing romantic comedy :thumright: Eg. Full House, MNIKSS, MyGirl, Goong, Bad Family. I also watch a few JDramas. Dramas are like my escape into another world/life... lol

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Post by Bodhi » Aug 28th, '06, 18:45

I started watching the year Pretty Girls was first aired. 2002, someone posted VCD mpgs to usenet and I downloaded an episode each week. I couldn't believe how good it was I had given up on American TV years ago. It was through the same newsgroup that I learned about bittorrent and D-Addicts :cheers:

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Post by nijokeem » Aug 28th, '06, 18:53

I suppose I've been watching dramas for less then a year.
They're soo good.

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Post by *Lifo* » Aug 28th, '06, 19:03

Less than I year I guess!! But I'v watched Dozens and dozens of them, so good!

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Post by GhstDreamer » Aug 28th, '06, 19:10

20 years....some were memorable, some were mediocre and others were just forgettable.

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Post by rxvien » Aug 28th, '06, 19:17

i've basically started early this year. My first one was Hana Yori Dango, then came Full House, My Girl ,etc.. i think i'll be watching them for a while, they're so entertaining. love it! :thumleft:

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Post by gamusina » Aug 28th, '06, 19:23

I went to Japan on holidays last year and since then I've been watching Jdramas. I like them cause they are not very long , in a few episodes the story is completed so you cannot get bored (the series at Spanish TV do not seem to have and end!!!!)

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Post by milleu87 » Aug 28th, '06, 19:27

since i was a kid i think. the channel in msia always have some series like old japanese drama called onshin* i think* and then followed by chinese drama and korean wave since winter sonata. i only start dl since 2004 when i moved to us though.

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Post by hkgirl » Aug 28th, '06, 19:48

A friend was raving about Mars last month. I've managed to watch and download over 50gb worth of stuff since then.

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Post by kawaiineemei » Aug 28th, '06, 20:14

how long have i been watching k/j/twdramaS?

the first drama i ever watched was FULLHOUSE with Bi (RAIN) & Song Hye Gyo. all thanks to YOUTUBE!! my number 1 .. numero uno .. HERO!!! (d-addicts being my HERO AS WELL) for helping me discover that ASIAN TV is so ALLURING.... ok.... well... not to mention that the actors are hell-a hunkalicious and the actresses are equally beautiful and amazing at acting!!!!!!!!! ...which at one point i decided to get my haircut similar to GOONG's Yoon Eun Hye. Seriously! they're so idolistic.. its kind of addicting. I love korean style btw!! All asian styles actually. ;)

neways... so how long have i been watching k/j/twdramaS?

i started watching kdramas since FALL2005 .. so almost a year! and i've watched a lot already. i feel like im running out of shows to watch >,< ahhhhhhhhhhhh~~!!

i started watching jdramas after first watching NOBUTA WO PRODUCE with Yamapi & "the sex god" as everyone calls him... Kamenashi Kazuya. that was about the same time but i think a few months later. cos i distinctly remember watching SWEET18, MISA, and MNIKSS before i found NWP.

lets see... after that... same time ... i fell in love with twdrama.

i was curious to see what i could watch on youtube and i saw a link called ISWAK.

i fell in love with it immediately. the part in ep 1 when she was holding up her love letter to give to Zi Shu but he just walked passed her and she fainted backwards still holding the letter infront of her really got me. i couldn't stop watching! (i look forward to ISWAK2 this coming 2007!!!!) and GOONG too... when is that coming out again?


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Post by Geisha » Aug 28th, '06, 20:18

hkgirl wrote:A friend was raving about Mars last month. I've managed to watch and download over 50gb worth of stuff since then.
me too! well, my first dorama was HANA YORI DANGO, and i watched it at the beginning of summer .. since then i've watched a bunch, downloading, and deleted them from my computer to make space for the next one. .... but HYD has a special place for intoducing me to doramas...


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Post by garlicon » Aug 28th, '06, 22:44

I've been watching Chinese and Cantonese dramas for more than ten years now. my dad forbidden me and my siblings to watch TV during elementary school. i suffered a lot so once i get my freedom, i watch like crazy... he he..

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Post by alliemon » Aug 30th, '06, 01:34

Technically almost a year (when HYD came out) though I had a complete computer hiatus for a month earlier this year.

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Post by mimmi » Aug 30th, '06, 16:32

:-)been watching since young, then stopped watching them for over 20 yrs....I resumed watching dramas since I came across d-addicts site last year....thanks again d-addicts :thumleft: :-)....

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Post by lilswtangel » Aug 30th, '06, 16:44

cdramas (consisting of TVB, ATV, & TWdramas) - 18 years, since I was 4 years old~ :P
jdramas - first jdrama was in 1999 - when I watched "Itazura na Kiss" with hardsubbed Chinese subtitles, so it's been about 6.5 years
kdrama- first kdrama - "All About Eve" - in 2000 with Mandarin dubbed. but the dubbing really annoyed me. 6 years and counting. :)

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Post by elsiey » Aug 30th, '06, 16:47

lmao... Watching the 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock shows on Channel 36 was like, an integral part of familiy life. Always watching HKDramas... *shrugs* But I wasn't actually -into- drama (starting to dl/buy/basically watch seriously) dramas until a couple of months ago. ^^;;So~ Technically, I've seen dramas all my life, but I didn't start watching them seriously until recently. XD

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Post by saigo_x » Aug 31st, '06, 04:17

The first drama I remember watching was GTO, so I probably started in late 1998 or early 1999. I mostly downloaded VCD releases at the beginning. I went for a long time watching only a few episodes here and there. Only really got back into it about 2 years ago.

Kai Lien
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Post by Kai Lien » Aug 31st, '06, 04:44

Well it depends...

I've watched watching Chinese/TW dramas with my parents from time to time. I technically got into them in 1997 after watching HZGG then Cousin Ji Xiang, Dagger Li, Love story in Shanghai etc.

I saw my first Korean drama (Glass Slippers) in 2000 but I didn't really get on the bandwagon until 2002 (Hotelier)

Earlier this year marked my first real venture in J-dramas and I liked them a lot (Gokusen, HYD)

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Post by albertoavena » Sep 1st, '06, 00:18

Hmmm....Like around a little over a year...Started with Densha Otoko as a recommendation from a friend and after that, I jsut couldn't stop..hehe

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Post by Ruka707 » Sep 6th, '08, 23:03

Since I started to learn Japanese (and fell in love with J-Music)... so it's more than 2 years now, and I don't think I'll ever stop :w00t:

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Post by Zealousy » Sep 6th, '08, 23:05

Korean dramas for like 14 months now? Chinese drama for about 11 months.

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Post by toyotaku » Sep 6th, '08, 23:49

Started watching jdrama in 2004 with the NHK taiga Shinsengumi! because of an interest in the bakumatsu. Got totally hooked the following year watching Toyohara in Densha otoko. Never looked back after that. :-)

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Post by moomooray » Sep 7th, '08, 04:33

well.. i watch chinese drama's ..been over 5 years =P

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Post by garnet07 » Sep 8th, '08, 15:51

Hmm Asian Dramas,

well for Filipino dramas then since 5 yrs old but stopped when my family moved to America when I was 9 yrs old.

There were also chinese dubs in the Philippines and I watched those when I was younger too but not that many.

The time when I got back to really get addicted to Asian dramas is when I watched Sailormoon Live Action (heck I didn't even know it was considered a drama then) and that was around 2003 so for Japanese dramas, it's been 5 years.

As for Korean dramas, my first one was Bright Girl Success Story around 2004 so 4 years ago.

But now I can watch a new drama every week and finish it all quickly as long as its complete.

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Post by Rori » Sep 8th, '08, 16:44

Just over 2 years for Japanese dramas. Less than a year for Korean.

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Post by little_deviI » Sep 14th, '08, 15:30

i start watching when i understand what cantonese

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