For non-asians How have you gotten yourself into asian drama

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Post by maria_hpm » May 20th, '07, 00:08

i worked for a chinese family and most of my friends are chinese,koreans or japanese

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Post by sakura76 » May 20th, '07, 02:46

Since I was young as 10 yrs old I have been into asian entertainment. It started with indian movies b cuz my father is indian and black so it was around me.When we moved to America I started watching chinese movies.
Flipping through the channels one day I came across a Korean drama.Despite the fact there were no subtitles the story was so intresting I couldn't stop watching it.I started looking for other ways to watch my dramas downloading them,watching them on fansubbing sites.I love my kdramas :wub: but lately I have been into chinese drama "it started with a kiss",and singapore dramas "Ttramasui". 8)

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Post by GoddessCarlie » May 20th, '07, 07:55

I started off with Manga, and at a Manga site I used to frequent, they started uploading dramas too. Curious, I gave it a try, and now I love them to death and hardly ever read manga!

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Post by Nonbirira » May 20th, '07, 08:25

I'm a Canadian living in Japan and although I watch Japanese TV I've never been that interested in Japanese dramas. (Sorry to those of you that are Jdrama fans!) However, several years ago "WInter Sonata" was broadcast on Japanese TV (both dubbed and subtitled versions) and WOW, did it ever have an impact on this country! (It was chosen as the phenomena of the year by Japanese society.) Several years later there are now Korean-drama-only cable TV stations and many, many Korean actor fan magazines. There is a VERY strong fanbase here for Korean dramas (my mother-in-law included). I struggled with the dubbed/subtitled versions of Korean dramas on Japanese TV (Beautiful Days, All in) and then in October 2006 discovered YouTube and English subtitles! Haven't looked back since! Now watch Korean dramas on VEOH and of course, those I get from here...and to think that I didn't know what a BitTorrent was even 1 month ago! The learning curve has been a challenge but I'm SOOOO motivated to figure out how all this works. I LOVE KOREAN DRAMAS!!!

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Post by Sayumi » May 20th, '07, 08:29

me bcz of HanaDan:) I watched it on Winamp streaming when aznv was still doing that, and I got hooked
next to hook me up was Stand Up on youtube :mrgreen:

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Post by Simaldeff » May 20th, '07, 08:39

I started on Jdrama because after studying Japanese for 3 years and not wanting to "lose it" I needed something interesting to listen in Japanese (TV is like the most efficient way to learn a language) ...I started with H2 (I already had the manga ... hear in Italy Adachi is GOD) then I saw Kimi wa petto (the manga) and then I started jumping from actor to actor ... Koyuki led me to IWGP that led me to TomoNaga and H2 led me to ... well a lot of others ...
Now I'm pratically picking the doramas by their synopsis.
I'm currently watching Bambino!, Sexy Voice and Robo (liked he manga too) and Liar Game (Toda Erica is half way from Cuteness and Hotness).

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Post by wondR ' » May 20th, '07, 09:03

Started to watch Anime when I was 13. Now, lately I've started to download some jpop music and read about Japanese (just for fun) on different sites. Started with jdramas just a few weeks ago, when I heard about Nowadays I never watch English dramas.

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