What Is Your Favorite Asian Drama Genre?

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What is your favorite genre for asian dramas?

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What Is Your Favorite Asian Drama Genre?

Post by Satenru » Mar 28th, '06, 09:40

I just came across that "which drama do you like best thread?" and was supprise to find that so many people are into romance.

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Post by Schala » Mar 28th, '06, 11:15

I think I like each genre. When it comes to watching American movies though, I don't really like the romantic comedy (chick flicks) movies. Not my thing. But for some reason, I don't mind romance in Jdramas. I dunno, there's just something different about it....

I'm not overly fond of certain types of action movies though. If it's like guns and just blowing up stuff, I don't really care for it. But martial arts, swords, etc. that's okay.

I pretty much watch everything, depending on my mood. Don't watch too many musicals, but I did really enjoy Chicago. :lol

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Post by SummerLoveRemix » Mar 28th, '06, 11:20

When it comes to asian dramas, I love romance. I'm really into those sad dramas that make you cry or those frustrating love stories where you don't know which side to root for. (ex. Goong) :P. I also like comedies too though. Hmmm, I'm not too much into action where things are constantly blowing up. It gets boring in my opinion.

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Post by Karo » Mar 28th, '06, 13:32

I like romance stories best... ^^
Second best would be comedy... and when they both are merged, it sure is a great drama... haha... ^^v
Actually I like to watch all kind of drama. Though I can't take it to watch two sad ones at the same time or something... ^^
I need something funnier as a refreshment... or... something like that! ^^

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Post by Gir » Mar 28th, '06, 14:25

For me it is probably comedy/romance for the top two.

A show along the lines of Trick is best, some suspense/action, some good comedy, and romantic tension between the main characters. A good blending of these makes for a very good show.

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Post by P0KEY » Mar 28th, '06, 14:39

i like both comedy and romance, but i voted for comedy because it cheers anyone up--too much of a sappy melodramatic romantic drama can get boring, frustrating, and tiring sometimes while comedy always makes a person happy.

then of course, a drama that is both romantic and comedic would be best :lol
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Post by gyoza » Mar 28th, '06, 18:40

I like romance dramas, especially if they're done well and not overly-sappy. Comedy comes a close second.

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Post by shadow20002 » Mar 29th, '06, 06:12

Horror is my first choice than drama is my second.

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Post by jholic » Mar 30th, '06, 04:56

Satenru: first of all, thank you for creating a refreshing topic. i hope you don't mind me editing the title a bit to specify "asian dramas". otherwise, people might get a bit off-topic.

genres are a bit tough to narrow down. in asian dramas, it's usually a mix of several. romantic-comedy, action-romance, etc. it's too bad we can't get the poll to allow two votes. i went for comedy, since romance is prevalent in almost all of the genres, and if i had to combine 'romance' with a genre, it'd be comedy.

you may want to add 'historic' (taiga and other classic-type) and 'variety' (for those who don't watch dramas, but prefer 'reality tv'! :lol )
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Post by hellomomo » Mar 30th, '06, 19:27

arent all dramas about romance in a way???
i vote for ramance (comedic romance) :wub: :lol

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Post by azndgn26 » Mar 30th, '06, 19:31

I like romantic comedies and since I can onli choose one than it would have to be comedy because I'd prefer to watch a comedy movie than a romantic movie that's slow, draggy, and boring. There are a few romantic movies I've seen that are good but most of em were just too draggy.

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Post by Lowest » Mar 30th, '06, 22:42

I love Comedy (Densha Otoko, Saiyuuki, Nobuta Wo Produce) and Action (errm..) though I don't find action can be done all that well with dramas (I mean the fighting) because it's all slow because they don't have long to film the scenes or get ready for what they need to be able to do (Gokusen).

I don't really like romance much or horror in dramas.
With romance.. some times it's okay (Summer Snow) but a lot is repeated and horrors are scary. :P

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Post by Evael » Apr 2nd, '06, 08:59

I like romance with a bit of comedy
I always get scared watching horror XD
musicals are funny too sometimes, but the actors have to sing well, or it'll be sucky =/

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Post by mallorn » Apr 2nd, '06, 13:37

Romance, as I am a total sap. I'd rather take a well-written (note: WELL WRITTEN) romance over a comedy any day, as I usually find many of the latter's characters too over-the-top, unbelievable, or just plain annoying.

That said, my ideal drama is a drama-romance with some action and a bit of comedy wherein people do not fall in love with their step-siblings or get amnesia or a rare, incurable disease. :roll
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Post by blackstarjr » Apr 3rd, '06, 20:44

I have to go with romance.It's a secret pleasure of mine.I don't know why..Well romance+comedy also my fav..The only thing I don't like is the whole love tragedy.If it doesn't end in a happy way, I get pissed (points to certain kdorama,oh wait most sappy tragic kdramas)..
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Post by ouky » Apr 13th, '06, 21:07

romance too, but funny dramas are always entertaining.
The best are when fun & romance are mixed (gokusen or densha ^^)
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Post by kazuki » Apr 14th, '06, 15:11

If i could and if there's any out there it would have to be... Romance, Action, Comedy, Horror & Musical all in one :)

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Post by chiyuffie » Apr 14th, '06, 15:37

Considering most drama viewers are girls, I'm not surprised that romance is the most popular followed by comedy.

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Post by lelele33322 » Apr 14th, '06, 15:42

I have to pick romance then comedy. All the shows i watch has romance and/or comedy which just is simply wonderful. I can't stand horrors because they scare me and action is okay but not too much. Musicals are just annoying but it can be funny.

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Post by Ruka707 » Sep 6th, '08, 23:06

Romance and comedy ^^
(I love the others too, especially the horror, asian people can make such great horror movies ^^)
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Post by moomooray » Sep 7th, '08, 04:34

ill go with romance.. i find it really interesting / sweet.

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Post by Peachy_Pie » Sep 8th, '08, 08:20

Gangster dramas!!!! ^____^ I enjoy them so much...not just in dramas but movies too! They don't have to be serious, can have comedic elements, which most of the ones I've seen seem to have anyway (GTO, Gokusen, My Boss My Hero)

After that, probably Horror or Action....and romance last ^^; There are just so many cliche ones...or I've already read the manga version..

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