Is Bittorrent or BitComet Legal?

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Post by fortuneteller38 » Dec 8th, '10, 01:36

May i know which country u r living in?

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Post by popoycanton » Dec 8th, '10, 02:00

^location, location, location :D

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Location: Washington

Post by SilentIndividual » Dec 8th, '10, 02:59

He's from Texas so he's from America. It's okay to download Asian dramas, movies, and music as long as they're not licensed in America. I'd stay away from licensed anime (mostly by funimation), American music, and American movies. I got a warning for downloading one episode of the anime "Soul Eater" a year ago when it was still airing. Found out it got licensed by Funimation. My ISP just gave me a warning since it was still airing. As long as it's not getting licensed in your country they can't do anything.

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Is downloading episodes safe?

Post by caff0987 » Dec 13th, '11, 06:49

I've never tried downloading episodes and I'm just wondering if they cause any viruses or causes any weird things in your computer like slowness or pop-ups. Does anyone have good or bad experiences with downloading?

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Post by bluesue » Dec 13th, '11, 07:03

most likely safe (99%) if you downloading from trust site & uploader, never download or open if episode file is .exe/.com/.url.

so far i dont have bad experience when downloading tvshow/dorama
ask your friends for reference site if you want download something :)

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Post by rootabega » Dec 13th, '11, 07:34

UTorrent and Bittorent are the most commonly recommended clients for filesharing (on PCs, at least). Don't use a client that is "Beta" version or "experimental". Always read the information/FAQs provided when installing your client.

Invest in a really good (real time if possible) anti-spyware/malware/virus program. Just make sure you tick the "exception to firewall" box in preferences, or nothing will get through.

I'm sure you'll find the biggest annoyance will be ISPs that throttle your bandwith, especially for uploading.

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Post by caff0987 » Dec 14th, '11, 01:51

How about one this site? I want to watch "Furuhata Ninzaburo" but I'm not sure if this is a safe place to download the episodes.

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Post by bluesue » Dec 19th, '11, 06:55

im sure every files here is safe :)

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Japanese anti piracy law

Post by wahjie » Oct 2nd, '12, 01:56

I wa wondering if downloading these shows violate the recently passed anti piracy law in Japan?

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Post by furransu » Oct 2nd, '12, 13:20

only if you are in Japan.

and the new law only applies to content available on media (dvd/cd/bluray), tv shows which have not been released on dvd/bluray are not included.

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Post by fantastic5 » Oct 2nd, '12, 13:30

i'm sorry if i sound stupid

is that is the reason we couldn't watch live show from japan in KH anymore?

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How safe is downloading from D-addicts ?

Post by nguyenmanhlam » Mar 12th, '13, 02:12

I heard of the Six Strikes Rule that has been passed recently. Basically i get alerts from the ISP about downloading illegal materials. How safe is downloading from d-addicts ? I only download Begin Japanology to study Japanese culture and i want to ask you guys if it's safe to download series from now on ?

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Post by zorkaz » Mar 12th, '13, 06:51

From where are you downloading, which country?
Have you gotten any warnings till now?!
In general I don't think "Begin Japanology" shouldn't be a problem

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Post by nguyenmanhlam » Mar 12th, '13, 15:32

I live in the US. I haven't gotten any warnings yet but now i feel safer from your replies. Thanks

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Post by benahod » Apr 11th, '13, 16:49

My friend in Japan told me that Japan Government is officially forbid torrent downloading. But, I still found a Japan peers while I was downloading torrents.

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