Most Romantic Movies You've Seen

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Most Romantic Movies You've Seen

Post by babai » Oct 19th, '05, 01:20

What are they? Your choices, obviously, don't have to be restricted to just Asian movies.

My most romantic ones are:
Ever After
The Notebook
Hmmm... I've seen a lot of romance movies, but these are the ones that seem to be really, really romantic, that seemed to just work, at least for me. I'm probably forgetting a lot.
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Post by TNF » Oct 19th, '05, 01:23

I thought 10 things I Hate about you was really good. It's funny and stuff. Heath Ledger ain't bad to look at either.

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Post by cmge » Oct 19th, '05, 01:43

does that include romantic comedies??.. i really like Serendipity

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Post by daalig » Oct 19th, '05, 01:53

Only Romantic movie I've seen in the last 5 years was My Sassy Girl. So I'd have to go with that.

American Romance movies are usually nauseating, so I try to stay away from them.

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Post by TNF » Oct 19th, '05, 01:54

woops....I thought it said romantic comedies....I always think comedy when I see romantic lol. 10 things I hate about you is a comedy...are you looking for heavier/darker stuff? I reccommend A Moment to Remember. It's not funny at all but it's very sad.

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Post by Kumaxell » Oct 19th, '05, 02:00

The most romantic movie would have to be "The Classic" (Korean).

The best scenes:
(A} The scene where the guy and the girl running from building to building in the rain with only his jacket covering them.
(B) The scene when she found out that he purposely left his umbrella in a store so that he could create a coincidence, and thereby, giving him the opportunity to do (A). The discovery led her to leave her umbrella in the same store, pick up his umbrella, and run across the campus in the rain to give him back his umbrella. (I was delighted by the guy's reaction when the rain-soaked girl gave him back the umbrella.)
(C) The scene when she finished telling the story of her mother's first love and the guy cried really hard. And, when he took out his necklace, she cried too. (I was crying like crazy, too. I was so happy. I think I went through a box of Puff tissue with this movie.)

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Post by babai » Oct 19th, '05, 02:04

I loved A Moment to Remember. Great chemistry between the two leads, and Jung Woo Sung was sooo hot! Damn! He was just the absolute manly man :wub: , while Son Ye Jin was such a lady. Great pairing. Yeah, that movie definitely had me in tears. It's always great to see someone so masculine become so vulnerable. :D

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Post by babai » Oct 19th, '05, 02:21

Oh, by the way, one movie that I am just dying to see is the upcoming Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, and I heard that this movie is great and so romantic. It's showing in Europe now, and it'll hit U.S. theatres in about a month. Can't wait!

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Post by WolfgangChuck » Oct 20th, '05, 06:23

<i>Love Actually</i> is my favorite romance movie and <i>The Princess Bride</i> is always a classic. I'm a sucker for romance movies as I assume most of the people in this thread are.

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Post by LittleGreenGrasshopper » Oct 20th, '05, 07:39

I liked cmge's suggestion... Serendipity is pretty good, but yea, I guess it'd be more romantic comedy than just plain old romantic. It's hard to really really like romantic movies without comedy. But, off the top of my head, I can think of one non-asian, it's pretty popular last I heard... I myself actually watched it twice =O .... it's called The Titanic :wink: *I can so see heads banging the walls now* ... mwahahaha.

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Re: Most Romantic Movies You've Seen

Post by Akiramenai » Oct 20th, '05, 08:16

babai wrote:What are they? Your choices, obviously, don't have to be restricted to just Asian movies.

My most romantic ones are:
Ever After
The Notebook
Hmmm... I've seen a lot of romance movies, but these are the ones that seem to be really, really romantic, that seemed to just work, at least for me. I'm probably forgetting a lot.
The Notebook is a great movie. The only romantic movie I remember watching lately is Before Sunset, which is also a very good romantic movie.

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Post by doramara-ba » Oct 20th, '05, 08:33

Five of my favorites (oldies but goodies!):

1. Always (
2. Ghost (
3. When Harry Met Sally (
4. The Princess Bride (
5. Creator (

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Post by diOdio » Oct 20th, '05, 20:23

im a weird one
buffalo 66
punch drunk love
are my favorite romance movies.

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Re: Most Romantic Movies You've Seen

Post by Dodbos » Oct 21st, '05, 04:45

Akiramenai wrote:
babai wrote:What are they? Your choices, obviously, don't have to be restricted to just Asian movies.

My most romantic ones are:
Ever After
The Notebook
Hmmm... I've seen a lot of romance movies, but these are the ones that seem to be really, really romantic, that seemed to just work, at least for me. I'm probably forgetting a lot.
The Notebook is a great movie. The only romantic movie I remember watching lately is Before Sunset, which is also a very good romantic movie.
Before sunrise was equally as good as Before sunset.

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Post by i3lu3fun » Oct 21st, '05, 04:53

my favourites are,
love letter
you've got mail
a moment to remember

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Post by floss » Oct 21st, '05, 05:30

Mother-in-law from Hell....yeah, it's not really one, but it's the only one I liked. Quite funny, but the dude has no personality.

You've got mail...had no nerves to watch through it.

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Post by 2triky » Oct 21st, '05, 05:41

bride of chucky was a real tear jerker....very romantic and emotionally stirring.

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Post by djseven » Nov 2nd, '05, 13:09

the notebook and my sassy girl my 2 favourites :)

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Post by crossvii » Nov 2nd, '05, 14:55

The Classic.

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Post by Quadrono » Nov 4th, '05, 20:50

I tend to like and remember my favourite romances with action...
Last of the Mohicans
The Last Samurai - I thought the romance in this film was very sweet.
First Knight

There's this one old (well, not so old movie with Farah Fawcett in it that was one of my favourites, called The Children of the Dust. Anyone seen it?

The Princess Bride was one of the funniest romances I've ever seen. French Kiss is another one.

And can't forget the movie Ghost, I can't count how many times I've seen that since it came out ages ago.

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Post by crazylife123 » Nov 4th, '05, 20:57

Romantic Comedies:

How to lose a guy in 10 days


Sweet November

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Post by anakmelayu » Nov 4th, '05, 21:31

same here!

sub-zero. conspiracy theory - luv the song! mel gibson and julia robert! must watch
1. city of angel - luv nicolas cage and meg ryan
2.ten thing i hate about u!-just great
3. the note book! - i have the novel, but the movie just great!
4- a moment to remember - luv is blind

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Post by anglvue » Nov 6th, '05, 06:12

i have so many favorite romance movies but there are only two that come to my mind.

jeux d' enfants (love me if you dare)
i rented this from hollywood video and immensely enjoyed it. it's about two best friends who continue their childhood game of truth and dare. just thinking about it makes me want to watch it again. i have to get my own copy.

waking the dead
i bought this just because jennifer connolly was in it, plus it was only two dollars. it was much better than i expected, and i believe it didn't get as much publicity as it should have. romance might not be the main issue in this movie but i liked it.

the lovers
this is a chinese movie that i watch over and over again. it was recently on sale at yesasia for only $4.99! can you believe that? when i bought mine, it was $12.99. i bought a copy for my cousin who has also been entranced by this movie. many of you probably already know the storyline. it stars nicky wu and charlie yeung. yeung dresses like a boy to attend the school her mother attended and falls in love with a male student played by wu. it's really good.

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Post by 8thSin » Nov 6th, '05, 06:19

Though I watched a few romantic comedy before, the only romance movie that I loved so far is The Notebook and Hitch

I'm glad those girls from university practically forced me to watch The Notebook this movie with them. Otherwise, I would still be only watching comedy or thrillers with cars blowing up, and bones cracking :P

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Post by cheerio_888 » Nov 7th, '05, 10:08

The Notebook
Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling :wub:


If Only
Jennifer Love Hewitt and Paul Nicholls :wub:

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Post by Haligh » Nov 8th, '05, 02:08

The princess and the warrior.

its a german movie thats so aweosme. i love it to bits

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Post by K.T.Tran » Nov 10th, '05, 08:11

My Sassy Girl or Windstruck.....can't pick which one of these I like the most.
I'm leaning towards My Sassy Girl since its more romance/comedy, but I like the romance that was in Windstruck :mrgreen:

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Post by lifa » Nov 10th, '05, 08:23

anglvue wrote:jeux d' enfants (love me if you dare)
i rented this from hollywood video and immensely enjoyed it. it's about two best friends who continue their childhood game of truth and dare. just thinking about it makes me want to watch it again. i have to get my own copy.
I want to see that! I saw that at the video store and made a mental note to rent that the next time. Thanks for reminding me!

Anyway, a romantic movie I liked is in my sig (3-Iron/Bin-Jip). I find it a little unconventionally romantic, but romantic nontheless. And also Ever After. I just love that movie.

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Post by Loki » Nov 11th, '05, 06:24

My Sassy Girl and A Moment To Remember are my tops. I need to start watching more non asian movies...

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My first ever post

Post by alexis_glenriv » Nov 11th, '05, 06:44

I've been watching Asian movies lately, kinda veered away from the american movies coz some of the new releases are terrible :unsure: . Go Asians!! :cheers: and like everyone here I'm a sucker for romantic comedy, its kinda an escape for me from the problems of the reality. So I like feel good movies . My favorite's are My Sassy Girl and a Moment to remember(really made me cry).

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Post by ceresu » Nov 13th, '05, 01:45

A Walk to Remember and the ever so popular My Sassy Girl

pRincEton giRL
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Post by pRincEton giRL » Nov 15th, '05, 07:59

actually there are lots of choices... i love to hop movies.. some sort of funny, scary, tragic, and comedy love stories... but what catches most of my attention to a kinda movies is the CINDERELLA STORY of hilary duff and michael chad murray...

i really love it when Austin Ames (Michael Chad Murray) and SAM (Hilary Duff) dance in the solemn place playin my fave song 'I'll be' by Edwin McCain. weeh.. seems my heart had melted away that instance.. still i'm hopeful that one day i could be cinderella and met my prince charming in life... hahahay....wishful thinking :wub:

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Post by cheerio_888 » Nov 15th, '05, 14:00

how about He Was Cool by Song Seung Heon (Autumn in my Heart) and Jung Da Bin (Attic Cat)? I really think that that movie is romantic with a touch of comedy. Or... is it the other way around? Anyway, after watching it, I felt that I liked it more than My Sassy Girl. :wub: :D :wub:

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Post by Fuwari » Nov 16th, '05, 03:10

I'd go for 'Ima Ai ni Yukimasu' (Right Now, I'm Coming To Be With You) and Majo No Jouken. :P

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Post by pe3kabo0 » Dec 7th, '05, 21:45

the notebook
love actaully
my sassy girl

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Post by wingsky » Dec 8th, '05, 00:49

I thought Rambo II was a pretty romantic film...

:lol joking!

Hmm romantic films... i dunno but good films to watch with your girl/man probably green mile & fried green tomatoes... hmm they both have the word green in the title.. hidden meaning ?

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Post by nezumi » Dec 8th, '05, 01:03

maybe cos I have a soft spot for hugh jackman, but i was totally taken by his character in Kate & Leopold. If only a 200yr old guy would whisk me off me feet :wub:

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Post by HAGEMUSHA » Dec 8th, '05, 05:45

Turn Left Turn Right
A Moment to Remember
The Classic
Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu

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Post by Kae » Dec 8th, '05, 13:47

Not in any order & ones I can remember right now:

My Sassy Girl
Il Mare
The Cutting Edge
A Walk In The Clouds
Pretty Woman
Sabrina (the Audrey Hepburn movie)

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Post by slippyepic » Dec 9th, '05, 04:52

Before Sunrise / Before Sunset
If you love New Wave-ish comedies where people talk their brains out (I do), you'll love this series.

Moulin Rouge
The manic "cocaineness" of his style either makes you retch or puts you in fever dream. I'm mostly in the latter; I loved Strictly Ballroom but felt that his Romeo & Juliet was a potentially great movie sabatoged by poor Shakespeare. Moulin Rouge is really where he takes his Boheme into the "Melon Collie of Infinite Sadness" No movie for me describes the falling in love with "falling in love" better than this one.

Wings of the Dove
"My heart is sore pained within me: and the terrors of death are fallen upon me. Fearlessness and trembling are come upon me, and horror hath overwhelmed me. And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove! For then would I fly away, and be at rest." There's a scene in the film that always gets me bawling.

Cinema Paradiso
So romantic you spontaneously want to weep and holler with joy at the same time. It's maybe the best movie about movies ever made.

I hover between appreciation and love for Wong Kar Wai's work. Rarely do the stories or characters engage emotion. In his films, I get used to highly melodramatic situations coalescing in the head first, then maybe the heart. The acting is usually exceptional, but the players/situations, however realistic or gritty, remain abstract themes for his essays on time's corrosive effect on love and memory. He's kinda like Milan Kundera or Jeanette Winterson, part deconstructionist, part perfume ad guy, whose true subject is the language itself.

But what language it is. What translucent images he writes, what voluptuous grammar he has for subconscious romance. And 2046 (along with the funny, non-romantic Fallen Angels) is Ultimate Wong Kar Wai. Like Pulp Fiction, the movie is too bloody long but there's individual sequences that will make you forget to breathe. His Blade Runner / Barberella poem is so romantic original, so melancholy and transient. These are the very same B-movie tropes sci-fi directors have used for 20+ years, but 2046 hears it all completely differently. And it makes me swoon big-time just thinking of all that accelerating, decompressing movie love.

Movie is best enjoyed after watching Days of Being Wild, and especially the Criterion version of In the Mood for Love. The Collection has deleted scenes (rather crucial deleted scenes actually) that perfectly set up 2046.

Millenium Mambo
Movie's kinda iffy. Not even a love story (well, unless, you cause abusive, drughy codependence "love".) Wait, I'm not sure if there really was a story . . .

But, this movie has 2 or 3 sequences, including a rapturous, slow-motion opener, that are among the most haunting and poetic in film. Each sequence captures the romance of being young and wild, and the rest of the flick shows the consequences of that lifestyle. But you'll remember those 2 or 3 sequences. Really, if the first minute of the film does absolutely nothing for you, just take it out and return it to the store. That's as good as the film gets, but that's also as good as any film gets.

Wedding Crashers
The greatest hetero-metro-sexual-buddy love story of all time. Seriously folks, has there ever been a movie that shows what a guy will do for his buddy so that he can "get the girl?" When a man loves his wingman . . .

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Post by JoSungMo » Dec 9th, '05, 05:44

When Harry met Sally.
Sleepless in Seattle.

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Post by Doctorpink » Dec 9th, '05, 15:14

omg never thought that american movie would be in your top favorites..?!?!

notebook was ok... most of american movie sucked for me... except
St Elmos Fire.

didnt like after before sunset, after was horrible to me..

A MOMENT to remember was excellent as well as In the mood for love and 2046!

my sassy girl of course was over-excellent!

windstruck,the classic,il mare... were good

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Post by zero_butterfly » Dec 9th, '05, 16:19

Turn Left, Turn Right
(Two Takeshi Kaneshiro Films?? Surely not! :wub: )

In The Mood For Love
Il Mare

I think Korean movies seem to have more of a sense of humour with their romance, and REALLY know how to set you up in a melodrama (first half of "Windstruck" compared to the second half, anyone?) I've never seen a really romantic Japanese film, I prefer Japanese dramas like Kimi Wa Petto and HYD and Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake for my Japanese-Romance kick.
I'm a sucker for anything by Wong Kar Wai, so 2046 and ITMfL needed to be there.
I'll watch almost ANYTHING with Takeshi Kaneshiro (Other than "School Days") and he is just heart melting in Lavender ;O;

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Post by Yume216 » Dec 9th, '05, 17:28

I would say my favourite romantic Movie is A walk to remember with Mandy Moore.
We read the book of the Movie in English classes and I read the whole book in one day and then we also watched the Movie in class and I thought it's really one of the best movies ever!!! I really can recommend it!!

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Post by Lantis » Dec 9th, '05, 17:49

- Sassy Girl
- moment to remember
- the classic
- windstruck

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Post by slippyepic » Dec 9th, '05, 19:56

omg never thought that american movie would be in your top favorites..?!?!
Yeah, I think both Before Sunrise / Sunset generate a polarizing response with audiences. I liked talky movies (a la My Dinner With Andre), and I'm Generation X. Before Sunrise was made for people like me.

Somebody mentioned Waking the Dead. If you like Steven Sodenbergh or if you've spent some time in San Francisco (or listen to sadcore acts) or went to college in a progressive city, this movie will speak to you. Plus, Billy Crudup and Jennifer Connelly have incredible chemistry acting against each together. They were in another much older movie, Inventing the Abbotts (with Joaquin Pheonix and Liv Tyler), and were absolutely hot in that.

Let's see . . .

Favorite duckling-to-swan romantic comedy -- Strictly Ballroom

Favorite John Cusack romantic comedy -- Serendipidity (haven't seen Say Anything, though)

Favorite Richard Curtis romantic comedy (Notting Hill, Love Actually, Bridget Jones) -- Love Actually

Favorite John Hughes romantic comedy -- Some Kind of Wonderful

Favorite Audrey Tatoo romantic comedy -- bleh ;)

Favorite Austen adaptation -- 2005 Pride and Prejudice

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Post by em_pangit » Dec 10th, '05, 06:51

wow... there're so many of them but i think the most romantic movie that i've seen so far was the "50 First Dates" starring adam sandler and drew barrymore, it's funny too :lol
i mean how more romantic can you get than to make the person your in love with fall in love with u everyday.

barrymore plays a girl with short term memory loss (once she goes to sleep she forgets everything she's done the previous day). sandler plays a guy (who is a playboy) falls in love with drew's character. he tries to win her over everyday cuz she kept forgetting about him. :lol
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Post by ms_lala » Dec 11th, '05, 02:02

my favorite is
HOW to LOSE a GUY in 10 days
kate hudsen was so pretty in there..i love this was so funny..i watched it a million times

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Post by milleu87 » Dec 11th, '05, 02:13

a moment to remember-the most unexpected plot.
you've got a mail-i love the whole thing
kate and leopold- i have a weakness for meg ryan and hugh jackman
pretty woman- it's the first romantic movie i've seen.
my best friend's wedding- i still like rupert everett better. a pity he's gay
love actually- who can forget the scene where the husband bestfriend knocked the door and keira answered
i like watching bridget jones 1.
hurm does shrek counts as romantic?

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Post by hmm_yeh » Dec 11th, '05, 02:27

American movies:
Serendipity [my absolute favorite!]
The Notebook [I honestly prefer the book over the movie, but the movie was spectacular as well]
Dirty Dancing [such a classic :D]

Asian flicks:
Loving Him [one of the saddest yet best movies I've ever seen!]
Ngayon Nan Dito Ka -Filipino movie [I love it!]

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Post by chih0e » Dec 11th, '05, 05:34

mine (in no particular order) will be:

- 50 first dates
- a walk to remember
- ever after
- the notebook
- city of angels
- shopgirl
- romeo + juliet

- the classic
- my sassy girl
- spirited away

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Post by baggypantgpa » Dec 11th, '05, 22:08


Sekai no chuushin de ai wo sakebu Crying Out Loud, From the Center of the World

This movie can make even guys tear up... so sad!


A Moment to Remember

This was a REAL good movie too. The ending scenes were really touching.

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Post by P0KEY » Dec 11th, '05, 22:16

1. a walk to remember
2. the notebook
3. moulin rouge

1. the classic
2. a moment to remember
3. my sassy girl


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Post by chiyuffie » Dec 11th, '05, 22:22 many good romantic movies:
The Notebook
I Thought Cold Mountain was pretty romantic.
Pretty Woman
Moulin Rouge
Lord of the Rings-->viggo and tyler were romantic

There are so much more but I just can't think of them.

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Post by cees » Dec 11th, '05, 22:24

My best romance movie is' Gone with the wind'.......i love it sooooo much

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Post by onizuka79 » Dec 11th, '05, 22:37

western movie:
Love actually
Sleepless in Seattle.

asian movie
Il mare :wub: :wub:
My sassy girl :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
Windstruck :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
The classic :wub: :wub: :wub:
a moment to remember :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
in the mood for love :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
2046 :wub: :wub: :wub:

pRincEton giRL
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Post by pRincEton giRL » Dec 12th, '05, 03:30

1. A cinderella story (hillary duff and chad michael murray)
2. Walk to remember (mandy moore and shane west)
3. Walk in the clouds (keanu reeves)

* that's the least i could recall as of the moment*

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Post by GhstDreamer » Dec 12th, '05, 04:07

1. In the Mood for Love - it's actually my favourite Asian movie (I'm a sucker for Wong Kar Wai's flms)
2. Turn Left, Turn Right
3. Only You (with Marisa Tomei in it - it was soooo good...)
4. Ever After
5. Jane Eyre
6. Sense and Sensibility

Romantic Dramas:
1. Meteor Garden
2. Koi ga Shitai
3. Peach Girl
4. Pride and Prejudice (The British miniseries with Colin Firth)

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Post by azndgn26 » Dec 12th, '05, 06:53

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Sweet Home Alabama
The Wedding Planner
50 First Dates
A Walk To Remember
Forrest Gump
Alex & Emma
Boys & Girls
Down To You
She's All That

My Sassy Girl
Il Mare
He Was Cool
Love So Divine
My Little Bride
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Post by tiepyon » Dec 15th, '05, 09:34

Classic is the number one for me.
I watched it so many time and always it give me strong emotion!
I love it.
I like a lot My sassy girl too, one of my favorite.
Someone special, is the first that I've seen, make me interesting in a romantic movie.
Recently I watched Turn left, turn right, quiete simple movie but lovely.

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i personally

Post by kirinonai_shukumei » Dec 15th, '05, 09:50

REALLY liked densha otaku! :wub:

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Post by Demibaby » Dec 15th, '05, 10:43

The most romantic movie I've ever watched was Bridges over Madison County (with Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood, the only movie I've ever seen with Eastwood). Ladies, be ready with a box of tissues. As for romantic comedy I loved the Wedding Singer, Sixteen Candles, Down With Love, and Moulin Rouge. I am a Ewan fan.. :mrgreen:
I've seen The Notebook, and everything was predictable. I actually expected more of the movie since it recieved such great reviews.

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Post by Yoroshiku » Dec 15th, '05, 11:22

Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu (be with you) :cry:

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Post by Thuan » Dec 16th, '05, 10:34


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Post by enkhee » Dec 17th, '05, 08:05

The English Patient
City of Angels

A Moment to Remember
Love Letter

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Post by lil_vi3t_cupid » Dec 17th, '05, 10:13

a moment to remember
ever after
hmm...a walk to remember?

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Post by vang_shua » Dec 18th, '05, 02:51

My Favorite....

~A Walk to Remember... Mandy Moore
~Titanic... Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio... Love the Theme Song " My Heart Will Go On" by: Celine Dion
~Ever After... Drew Barrymore
~Dirty Dance
~Pretty Woman... Julia Roberts
~Romeo & Juliet

~Endless Love (A Tale of Autumn)... Song Hye Kyo
~Romance in the Rain (QSSYMM)... Vicki Zhao Wei
~Lavender... Ambrose Hsu
~Mars... Vic Zhou & Barbie Xu

Well thats all I could think of for now...

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Post by tlina069 » Dec 18th, '05, 03:12

While You Were Sleeping (Sandra Bullock)
Bridget Jones' Diary
Moulin Rouge
Sideways (it's romantic in its own way...)
Four Weddings and a Funeral
...and a bunch more than I can't remember at the moment

L'auberge Espagnole >>> Just remember this today. :D

East Asian:
In the Mood for Love (Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung --- it's romantic in its own way)
House of the Flying Daggers (Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhang Zi Yi)
Yesterday Once More (Andy Lau, Sammy Cheng)
Chungking Express (Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Faye Wong)

Other Asian:
Veer Zaara (Bollywood movie)
Devdas (Bollywood movie...romantic in its own way...)
Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (Indonesian movie)
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Post by joori » Dec 22nd, '05, 13:37

veer zara is number 1 (bollywood)
chalte chalte (bollywood)
devdas (bollywood)
kal ho naa ho (bollywood)

one more just to make a change in the bollywood list is:

only you

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Post by boji » Dec 27th, '05, 02:23

hmm my favourite movie is the classic idunno why i like it so much lol

ohh and i've read a couple of you guys have watched a moment to remember is it any good? i've been trying to find the torrent but no luck

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Post by HeavenlyxLegend » Dec 28th, '05, 09:01

I've had so many favorites that I can't even remember them all. So I guess I'll just list off the tones on the top of my head.

The Classic
Ever After
The Notebook
Pretty Woman (Don't we all think that some rich guy meets us and treats us so nice and etc.)

... I really can't remember anything else.

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Post by starlitedr3amer » Dec 30th, '05, 07:59

I think Pride & Prejudice is one of the most romantic that I've seen :)

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Post by Aayanna24 » Dec 30th, '05, 08:17

I'd haveto say hands down my favorite romantic movie is 50 first Dates.
It's kind of a comedy as well but i cried buckets over this one. oh god could u imagine
having someone take care of you like that for the rest of your life plus teh soundtrack is reaally good.
its really funny along the way but its heartwarming. 50 first dates is the Best
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Post by san_kurogane » Dec 31st, '05, 02:10

I guess my idea of romance isn't mainstream but...

Eye of the Beholder.

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Post by MissMonika » Dec 31st, '05, 09:59

The Notebook
Dirty Dancing
Moulin Rouge
Romeo and Juliet
House of Flying Daggers

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