soft subs vs hard subs - which do you prefer

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soft subs vs hard subs - which do you perfer

Soft subtitles
Hard subtitles
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soft subs vs hard subs - which do you prefer

Post by boachan » Aug 18th, '05, 01:59

reserved for poster.

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Post by goygakgoy » Aug 18th, '05, 02:06

it's all about the soft subs. Everybody is happier that way.

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Post by mangosteen » Aug 18th, '05, 02:09

I'll go for soft subs.

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Post by Lowest » Aug 18th, '05, 02:12

I like hardsubs because they look nice (font/colour wise) and they tend to have karaoke too which is good but now that groups are going to extremes to stop people from selling things on e-bay I think I now prefer to have soft subs.

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Post by MoerkJ » Aug 18th, '05, 05:07

I prefer softsubs all the way. The ability to edit typos and/or formatting is the main reason. Also this way a hardsubbed version doesn't have to be distributed again when the raw is well spread and easy to obtain. You only have to distribute the subtitles. Very convenient.

Unfortunately, no matter how a video is subbed, it might always be sold on ebay. Also hardsubbed translations can be ripped, stolen and sold. Softsubs make it easier to master DVDs for ebay sellout.

Hmm, karaoke and other ssa effects are nice. But I'm wondering how many people really appreciate them. It surely looks fun. I wish DirectVobsub could display those effects too. XD

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Post by cgozun » Aug 18th, '05, 05:14

I'd have to say softsubs only because of the off chance there is a revised and better subbing produced and perhaps an even more off chance that someday I can understand the language and can do away with the clutter. Otherwise, hardsubs look nicer on screen. But overall I vote for softsubs.

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Post by groink » Aug 18th, '05, 05:43

I like hard subs much more. The art of fansubs are not just in the subtitles themselves. There's also the presentation aspect of it: the karaoke, notes from the subbers, animation, creative font and color usage, and much more. Also, hard subs are technology-friendly, where ANY appliance can play them. Even if they're in an AVI package, a simple rip to DVD-video without the complexity of ripping with the soft subs.

I think, for the soft sub lovers, it's all about CONTROL and very little about creativity. For me, I never had the urge to edit subtitles... I've seen some bad soft subs, but I'm not anal enough or a die-hard drama fan to bring them up in an editor and fix. I'm more of a context kind of guy... As long as the subs are "in the ballpark" of being accurate, that's perfectly fine with me. (NOTE: Notice that in all 11 episodes of HOTMAN, they named the family FURUYA and not FURIYA. But that didn't bother me.) Timing isn't an issue with me either. I've spent over 30 years watching subtitles -- from KIKU-TV to NGN. Man, back in the early 1970's when KIKU-TV aired Kikaider and Kamen Rider V3, THE SUBTITLES WERE ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

--- groink

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Post by jholic » Aug 18th, '05, 06:25

we've had this discussion before. here's one of the polls:

i prefer softsubs, but with respect to those bum e-bay sellers, i totally understand the concept of hardsubs.

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Post by tonydesu » Aug 18th, '05, 07:16

I've seen some pretty well done soft subs. For example, the ones done for Koi ni Ochitara.
I haven't seen any soft subs with karaoke effects, I've seen a few soft subs just as good as hardsubs. Things like font size, color, type, placement, etc can be done in soft subs as well. But I think hardsubbers spend so much more time on their subs, which is why they probably want to protect their work by harsubbing them in.

Me personally, Im an engineer so I value practicality over art :P If people want to steal my subs, its not like I'm losing anything.

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Post by PJB » Aug 18th, '05, 12:02

soft-subs probably.. They just seem tidier and professional. However hard subs don't lose sync the way soft-subs can (ever tried running tasks while watching stuff?).

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Post by -wWh- » Aug 18th, '05, 15:57

prefer the concept of softsubs...more flexible in terms of turning it on or off and the language selected... :-)

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Post by rubi » Aug 18th, '05, 17:08

I prefer soft subs. You can fix typos and change the font size. :)

There is just one little problem with soft subs sometimes. It doesn't happen all the time.. but sometimes the text is slower than the video. It really bugs me, but it's only happened with two episodes.

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Post by kazuki » Aug 18th, '05, 17:17

I would prefer Hard Subs that way no one can edit or try to steal your work and sell in on e-bay with out your credit. ..

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Post by PJB » Aug 18th, '05, 20:29

Well they could sell the hard-subbed videos on discs...

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Post by kood » Aug 18th, '05, 21:36

PJB wrote:Well they could sell the hard-subbed videos on discs...
Same with soft subs. Either way we, the fansubbers, go piraters will use the alternate method in order to sell on eBay and whatnot.

If it's hardsubbed, it's a direct conversion to mpeg/dvd and if there's effort, menu and printable dvd cover.
If it's softsubbed, it's just an additional step that requires the vid to be hardsubbed and then converted to mpeg/dvd.

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Post by groink » Aug 18th, '05, 22:17

kood wrote:
PJB wrote:Well they could sell the hard-subbed videos on discs...
Same with soft subs. Either way we, the fansubbers, go piraters will use the alternate method in order to sell on eBay and whatnot.

If it's hardsubbed, it's a direct conversion to mpeg/dvd and if there's effort, menu and printable dvd cover.
If it's softsubbed, it's just an additional step that requires the vid to be hardsubbed and then converted to mpeg/dvd.
Also, the rationale behind hard subs/eBay is not 100-percent. Just like all other technologies -- padlocks on lockers, passwords on PCs, warning labels on hot coffee, contraceptives -- are not 100-percent effective. They're basically deterrents. It has been proven throughout the history of mankind that deterrents help when your mission is to shorten or cut down the likelihood that an event will occur.

I was talking to my mom the other day about morons. We observed a guy circling around the Walmart parking lot for over 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot right next to the entrance. I told her what's worse than a moron is a determined moron. Same thing with the gingertoys2 and others of the fanwork selling world -- they're not only ignoring all of our pleeds not to sell fanworks. No, they're determined to achieve their ultimate goal -- and that is to rub our beliefs into our faces with the message "You can't stop me".

Unlike what most of you believe, deterrants in the fanworks world are actually quite effective. Although things like hard subs with embedded "do not sell on eBay" messages, watermarks, etc. do not prevent fanworks from being sold, they do actually work in the sense that the final product is nothing more than a doctored up, re-ripped, B- grade product that has been cropped and patched up to the max. Now, if people want to buy a B- grade drama for $29, that's basically their choice.

On the other hand, a RAW with absolutely no watermarks, along with a soft subtitle file, will allow the seller to produce a A- to A grade product.

Like I said earlier, soft subtitles are all about control. Hard subs are about deterrents and creativity. And I've also mentioned time and time before that even the RAWs should be watermarked before uploading. So if you do put out soft subtitles, at least the RAWs out there will be a lot harder to clean up for selling. And, yes, gingertoys2 can use the same sources as junkboy and others to get clean RAWs. But again, that's the deterrents at work. Anytime gingertoys2 makes an extra effort to accomplish her ultimate goal, that's a win for the deterrents.

--- groink

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Post by Haime » Aug 18th, '05, 22:37

I vote for softsubs :-)

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Post by LYF7anatic » May 4th, '06, 03:35

I voted for Hard subs. Just launch that player and there goes the episode. No need to rename this and that. Also, it's easy to burn them into dvds if people like to watch the series on big screen tv.

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Post by sorasora » May 4th, '06, 03:41

hardsubs hands down i like putting dramas and things on my ipod.

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Post by ephesus » May 4th, '06, 03:43

What's weirder, going to Wallmart in the first place, circling the parking lot for 30 minutes, or WATCHING somebody circle the parking lot for 30 minutes ;)

Btw, i'm all about soft subs. I would hate to have to re-download a half a gig file to get subs that could be saved in 70k.

Not to mention, times when there COULD be 10 seeders, they're split up 5 and 5 between 2 identical torrents..
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Post by Crazy Penguin » May 4th, '06, 03:45

Hmmm... I think that really depends on what you want.

For once, softsubs have the advantage that you can turn them off.

Though, when running them on windows media player, you may need additional software for them.

Personally, I don't really know lol. Hard subs have their advantages, too.

I could say, as long as I have subs I don't care, though that's not really helping, is it?

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Post by skachild » May 4th, '06, 03:50

i didnt vote.. :P :P
i prefer both .... :mrgreen:
softsub or hardsub.. for me is the same, as long as i can enjoy the drama( i only can understand chinese, no korea or japan for me.)
i use to hate soft sub.. coz i dunno how to use it at the 1st place..(stupid me)
thats why i prefer hard sub at that time.. 8)
but now.. i can watch drama using soft sub very well... thats why i prefer both. :thumright:

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Post by laydee » May 4th, '06, 03:53

i prefer hardsub because if i really like that serie it's easier for me to burn a copy. unlike harsub i don't know how to convert softsub into hardsub yet. :crazy:

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Post by skachild » May 4th, '06, 04:00

same with me... but i don convert all the drama in DVD or VCD. :mrgreen:
I just burn it on a DVD disc and watch it using my computer, its more easier for me lol..! :mrgreen:
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Post by binky » May 4th, '06, 04:02

I didn't vote but I prefer both as well....

with hardsubs you can display it prettier etc and have nicer fonts...but it's such a pain in the rear if you came online a month late and couldn't download the series...

with softsubs...i can make removable subtitles from the DVD i own and enjoy it in true dvd quality as oppose to converting an encoded file into a dvd or watching it on a divx dvd player or on a computer....

i sorta wished that hardsubs will come out first....that way everyone know that this group work on this particular title...and maybe after like 3-6 months when the popularity of the series is no longer there and no one is seeding the series anymore...they will released the soft subs for those who might come on later and didn't get a chance to download the series...this method will most likely get rid of some of the sales on ebay as well since most of the time..people are only interested in buying a new series to oppose to an old one....

anywayz..if you see a sell on ebay going on for fansubs...just notify ebay about it...and they will pull it....I did that for the Return of the Condor Heroes that someone was doing on ebay...and that listing got pull off the next day...

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Post by Tao Libra » May 4th, '06, 04:16

SOFT, always. The various benefits ascribed to hard subs -- such as pretty fonts, colors, etc. -- are all completely irrelevant. They're eye-candy, nothing more. And they're annoying eye-candy when you can't ever turn them off, and even worse when (as is often the case) they contain spelling or grammar errors, which are then permanently, irremovably plastered over the video.

I also reject the argument about people selling soft-subbed things over eBay, because people can sell anything they want to anyway. That's no harder to do with hard subs than soft, because the kind of scum that sell dramas on eBay don't care whether someone's got a "Don't sell this on eBay" message hardsubbed into it. Hard-subbing it accomplishes nothing — except for irritating those of us who'd like to turn that crap off once we learn enough that we don't need the subtitles.

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Post by qnhu » May 4th, '06, 04:22

I prefer soft subs probably. Sometimes hard subs are too small or wrongly timed.

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Post by paragonikal » May 4th, '06, 04:34

i've never seen a softsub drama that does the lyrics to the themes yet, cause i've only seen one [ nobuta wo produce ], all the other times i've watched hardsubs. though, if softsub can possibly sub the lyrics to the theme songs as well, kareoke is not that important. all is good, i suppose i'm undecided :unsure: so no vote for me but just voicing my opinion :D

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Post by Buck » May 4th, '06, 04:38

Hmm.. this was a hard one. Honestly I prefere both because it doesn't really matter to me, how big it is (just not MEGA big if you get me), what color it is, just as long as I'm able to watch and understand the damn serie I'm happy..

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Post by x_sadendings » May 4th, '06, 05:22

soft subs all the way; its faster and it can be edit also you can have it there or not it's all an opion, but the downside it could be stolen and sell off on ebay without credit

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Post by Geezer » May 4th, '06, 05:36

I much prefer hard subs.

I much prefer watching TV on my TV, as opposed to the computer. So, when I get the opportunity, I download a hard subbed series, convert it to mpg, put it on DVD and watch it on a full sized TV set.

Series that are soft subbed are simply watched, deleted, and forgotten. Sort of a waste, really.

With the hard subbed shows I have on DVD I can go back in a year or two or five and watch, and enjoy them again.

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Post by awrittensin » May 4th, '06, 05:59

I like both equally, on the condition that they're done well. I've seen very good hardsubs and very good softsubs. Unfortunately I've seen extremely crappy hardsubs and extremely crappy softsubs as well, and the advantage to softsubs is you can edit them.

My number one problem with hardsubs is when the subber puts them in a virtually unreadable font or color. I'm watching drama for the drama, not to see who can put the fanciest font or weirdest color together. As long as the translation is accurate and the subtitles are readable, that's all that matters. I've downloaded some drama that have terrible fonts or colors and actually deleted it because it bothered me so much. Standard fonts are the way to go. Even though I can understand most drama raw at this point, except specialized drama like medical or something, I still download those with subs because my husband does not know Japanese.

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Post by bangkok_devious » May 4th, '06, 18:27

I prefer hardsubs :-) then I can just resize the video and burn it to DVD, thus saving space on my comp

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Post by Love Angel » May 4th, '06, 18:36

I prefere HS...

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Post by blueglow » May 4th, '06, 20:28

I prefer soft subs. I like control. Even if that means having to fix out of sync subs. Hard subs are fine too.

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Post by john_bg » May 4th, '06, 20:40

I really prefer softsubs, gives a sharper image and more control. Often the hardsubs are one more copy generation and inferior image, look at some episodes of "resurrection" and you see what I mean.

But hardsubs is better than none at all and it is possible for those who really wants them to recode the raw with hardsubs from softsubs.


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Post by deathviasatellite » May 4th, '06, 20:51

hardsubs, i prefer being able to burn dramas onto discs to watch whenever i want on my TV. it saves space on my computer too..

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Post by pockiiee » May 4th, '06, 20:57

Hmm, I didn't vote because I like both.

I think softsubs are pretty good because it doesn't take a super-expert to make them, not that it's easy, but I'm by no means very good with technical stuff and I was able to do it. So I think softsubs give people like me more opportunity to contribute :)

Hardsubs, however, with all the kareoke effects and re-encoding take a lot more time and effort. I really appreciate a good hardsub and really like the kareoke effects but for myself I'm too lazy to do the extra work, to be honest.

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Post by Alexander » May 6th, '06, 13:44

I prefer soft subs. 8)

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Post by peacht » May 6th, '06, 14:32

Good hardsubs are great but there are a lot of hardsubs that are not so great. There are groups on d-addicts too making subs in a variety of languages, so raws are best for them as overlayed subs are quite offputting.
I've watched hardsubbed drama recently which had truly beautiful font and colours, I couldn't read it at all clearly and found it hard to follow.
As for trying to stop people selling your work on e-bay, I have many views on that, mostly controversial. I work in a creative industry, it's similar to the subtitling world in that there are those who do it for money and there are those who do it for love. Those doing it for money take the ideas of those doing it for love and make money from them with no credit given. That may make the lovers upset and angry but it doesn't stop them loving.
If all subtitling were anonymous, would people still do it? I believe they would. I believe people do it to give and to share not for fame and prestige. If they wanted to make money from it, they could sub and sell themselves, they don't but there will always be somebody who sees a way to make money and goes for it. The buyers who get a subbed drama are still benefitting from the subbers gift and maybe couldn't access that drama any other way.
I guess I learnt many years ago that when you create something and put it out into the world you lose ownership of it, you have to learn to let it go or you just get bitter.
Hope I haven't offended anybody by saying that.

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Post by nikochanr3 » May 9th, '06, 13:22

I would have said softsubs, but since the subbers prefer hardsubs, id go with that. PLUS, the occasional synch problem is a big problem if you are burning. (I like to burn myself a set of drama to keep. It also makes it lendable to friends who arent pc savvy.) About 30 people have borrowed by Sekkai no Chushin de and have just loved it, which is nice to spread something. The synch problem i had was with one episode of AI NO UTA, and i couldnt recitfy it. its about a second off, and nothing i did would fix it.

So i have to say HARD SUBS. and i love all subbers....

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Post by nikochanr3 » May 9th, '06, 13:24

Note: Cucusoft easily puts the softsubs on your file and makes it a hardsub.

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Post by meagermiser5 » May 9th, '06, 21:47

Actually, I like both but for the sake of answering, I said soft subs. Usually I like watching movies with soft subs and dramas with hard subs.

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Post by TheBodyGuard » May 9th, '06, 21:54

hardsub, cuz i dont need to reencode and then burn in DVD

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Post by eiD » May 14th, '06, 14:38

soft sub......

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Post by Shindou-Kun » May 14th, '06, 14:53

I prefer hardsubbed xvid encoded avi files. Mainly because I use Pinnacle Showcenter to view everything I download on my tv. Softsubs if not correct made often needs alot of editing before I can view it on my showcenter.

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Post by CdMe » May 17th, '06, 12:54

I thought it would be more obvious that soft-subs rules!
But ignorant me, I didn't think of the people only using their dvd-players.

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Post by lilswtangel » May 18th, '06, 11:04

i prefer soft subs because of the speed they come out...

but i like hardsubs because they look better~

but anywho....i appreciate all the fansubbers' hard work and efforts (whether they softsub or hardsub) in providing subtitles for the community.

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Post by N5X » May 18th, '06, 13:42

Haha both are the same to me when viewed on my comp.

However gd thing about soft subs is that you can fix subs timing etc

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Post by fat_otoko » May 21st, '06, 07:49

When you wanna keep the movie/drama files original,its softsub,when you just want good old translater subtitles stick under your screen then its hardsub,i'm 50/50...if i have to choose then i vote hardsub.

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Post by angeizahoy » May 22nd, '06, 04:09

i have to go for softsubs. originally, i was at hardsub fan, but then some subbers start using crazy fonts and crazy colors making it almost impossible to read. so i like the softsubs now, where it's just standard and you can read it easily. helps me with my listening comprehension too, of Japanese, Mandarin, and Korean. i can just turn the subs off, and listen more carefully to understand instead of relying on the subtitles. quite fun that way.

i don't mind either one, but honestly, it's the crazy fonts some hardsubbers use that drive me crazy. don't get wrong, i appreciate them taking the time to encode and translate and everything, but i just can't read it -__-

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Post by bitterlemon » May 30th, '06, 02:29

i voted for hardsubs...

maybe because i always watch anime and i'm pretty used to hardsubs now. plus it's prettier. ^^

softsubs are great as well, coz it's simple and editable.

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Post by Unknowns » May 30th, '06, 02:35

I dont really know.. I like both..

Hardsubs is better if i like to burn it out on a disc. No extra step require to burn onto the disc.
Softsubs is very useful if i downloaded the raw version so i just need the sub and add them together... I dont want to download the whole series again.

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Post by aNToK » May 30th, '06, 02:51

Hmm... For my own viewing, I prefer softsubs so I can play with the fonts, and I usually end up doing some editing here and there before burning them.

For my releases, I strongly prefer hardsubbing them because I'm sick and tired of the e-bay assholes who take the things apart and sell them like they've actually done something. (also why I'm so anal about my editing...)

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Post by rickt » May 30th, '06, 20:21

definitely softsubs for me! with the same reasonings as mentioned above and previous pages. and also like everybody else, I can understand the importance of hardsub so those E-Bayers wouldn't be able to profit from other people's hardwork. but still, for my own viewing pleasure, softsub is the way. I like to stick closer to the original version more.

ssa softsub is the greatest! since it's a softsub (can turn it off if you don't want it), but has all the benefit of a hardsub as well! 4 thumbs up for those who are fansubbing with ssa!!! :thumleft: :thumright: :thumleft: :thumright: (pointing to my siggie's drama fansubbing team) :)

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Post by pokez1 » May 30th, '06, 20:39

Soft sub all the way, they are generally faster, released wise and its easier to edit, spelling mistakes or sometimes timming. As for burning it to a DVD, many companies are starting to support divx and subtitles files. My DVD player supports this, so i just burn the raw with the sub file as is and it works just fine on my DVD player.

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Post by groink » May 30th, '06, 21:29

Like I mentioned earlier in this topic, soft subtitles is 100-percent about control of the viewing experience. Simply, if you spend more time on any given episode than the actual length of the episode, I think you're devoting too much time in dramas. For me, if an episode is 45-minutes, 23 seconds long, I will spend 45-minutes, 23 seconds watching the episode, and then I'll never touch it again. Looking at the various responses to soft subs, it appears that the average person spends maybe double or even triple the time on any given episode, which to me is way too much time wasted on a hobby that is so frivolous IMHO. I was brought up watching hard subs on KIKU-TV. Despite finding errors in the hard subs, I never even once had the temptation to go into an episode and make corrections, or to call JN Productions and make a complaint. Soft subs fans are right up there with TiVo and DVR fanatics - you want total control of your viewing experience, and are even willing to take the extra time out of your schedule to assure yourself of that enjoyment.

For me, I'd rather control other aspects of my life, and dramas are not one of them.

--- groink

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Post by xCrow » May 30th, '06, 22:20

Hmm.. I like both, but I guess I prefer softsubs SLIGHTLY more.

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Post by irwinc » May 30th, '06, 22:46

I don't know if anyone has asked this but I was just wondering. If a series became a series of the week/month and the said series have both hard and soft-subbed versions, which one gets priority?

As for the preference, I’m also for soft-subs. All reasoning has already been mentioned above but I just wanted to add ethics (ooh deep stuff). What I mean for example is the use of the word “spaz” in hard-subs. I’m not nearly clever enough to construct a perfectly crafted diatribe (yes! I managed to use this word!) so instead I’ll just provide the following link which explains it better. ... 03020.html

For those who couldn’t be bothered reading the website, it’s to do with how the word is acceptable in the US but not in the UK.

Oh! this is to do with editing soft-subs isn’t it which somebody already mentioned. Oh damn…Oh well I was just nitpicking really…

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Post by eurygoong » May 30th, '06, 22:56

whats the difference???

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Post by saoji » May 30th, '06, 22:56

I prefer soft-subs too, for same reasons that others have said ! :salut:

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Re: subs

Post by lilswtangel » May 30th, '06, 23:15

eurygoong wrote:whats the difference???
so i guess what you meant was "subtitles are just subtitles"? :roll
or do you really not know the difference?

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Post by lennonmanson » May 30th, '06, 23:19

my vote go for Soft subtitles....

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Re: subs

Post by groink » May 30th, '06, 23:47

lilswtangel wrote:
eurygoong wrote:whats the difference???
so i guess what you meant was "subtitles are just subtitles"? :roll
or do you really not know the difference?
Yeah, it was just a rhetorical question.

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Re: subs

Post by eurygoong » May 31st, '06, 01:54

groink wrote:
lilswtangel wrote:
eurygoong wrote:whats the difference???
so i guess what you meant was "subtitles are just subtitles"? :roll
or do you really not know the difference?
Yeah, it was just a rhetorical question.
i dont want to sound stupid but i was serious.
see im new at this whole downloading episodes on the internet so
i dont really know much. :D

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Post by nhjdfan » Apr 14th, '07, 15:57

I wouldn't care if the hardsubbers (and you know who you are :) ), would make the fonts big enough (and less fancy (or send me a high def tv)). I only care when I have to physically move closer to the tv (hell I'm in my30's, late thirties but still....I have (had?) good eyesight).

Soft subs are the best due to the flexibility. Really there ought to be a way to get all of the benefits and none of the minuses, maybe a soft hardsub.....

A soft hardsub would be a separate video overlaid on top of the raw. Specifying boundaries could allow for stretching to increase fontsize. [This is basically what DVD uses now, although I beleive it is a series of pictures instead of a video stream. Six of one, half dozen of the other as far as I'm concerned). This would be as vulnerable as dvd subs are now.

I haven't paid much attention to the ebay problem, have they gotten into ripping/editing hardsubs yet. The technology exists. I would guess that they wouldn't need to. Their customers probably don't care or understand the fansub warning messages.

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Post by Rasckita » Apr 14th, '07, 16:19

it really depends...
but i voted for soft subs because as people said they're more flexible. Sometimes the subs are not well timed (subs passes to fast or there are some timing mistakes), or have a not very easy font to read, or the font is just to small or with a terrible color and it's good to have the soft subs because we can fix or adapt the fonts to our own taste. :-)
when it comes to hardsubs, they're only good if they're well timed, with good font, size and color. But everyone has a different taste and not everyone is pleased with a sub style, so soft subs is better in this aspect because we can adapt it to our taste. :)

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Post by Fin_gurly » Apr 14th, '07, 21:32

hmm i like both but i quess i prefer hard subs... :D

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Post by aNToK » Apr 14th, '07, 22:09

Hmm.... I'm finding these days that as people's encoding skills improve, I'm happy to watch the hardsubs more as. Softsubs give me too much temptation to play with them, and I'm having a hell of a time just getting my own projects caught up...

Namida Iro
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Post by Namida Iro » Apr 15th, '07, 07:30

hmm.. i go for hardsubs! several reasons... firstly, i don't know how to edit the soft subs when there are mistakes, so it has no difference to watching hard subs for me. =/ secondly, my mp4 player can't play soft subs. T^T so whenever i'm on the go i can only watch the hardsubs. thirdly, the hardsubs have karaoke~ :D it's nice to sing along sometimes. hehehe..

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Post by Norlia » Apr 15th, '07, 12:11

with .avi file i prefer softsubs. But with .rmvb file i like to have it hardsubbed. The reason is until now i cannot play .rmvb file with softsub!!!

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Post by wallflower » Apr 16th, '07, 08:07

Hardsubs, because it's easier for credit, despite the fact it's also easier to sell illegally.
But I also love the karaoke and the awesome effects and stuff. xD

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Post by tisa » Apr 19th, '07, 19:49

I prefer softsubs because you can determine yourself how the text will look like and the position of the text. You can also correct mistakes if there are any while with hardsubs you can't do anything just watch them I guess.

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Post by tisa » Apr 19th, '07, 19:57

Norlia wrote:with .avi file i prefer softsubs. But with .rmvb file i like to have it hardsubbed. The reason is until now i cannot play .rmvb file with softsub!!!
Download Media Player Classic and you should be alright.

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Post by eUxaZnxRo » Apr 19th, '07, 20:06

i prefer ANY subs... :lol i really appreciate the people that spent the time and translate it for people that don't speak the spoken language in the drama (aka. me!)...
but i think i prefer hardsubs... they look really nice and polished, they allow us to sing along (that's really fun!), have great timing, and some fansubs have interesting facts along with the sub (not saying that some softsubbers don't have this as well)... at the same time, i like softsubs because i can edit it myself and they come out faster...
so i think as long as subs are out, i take what i can get... :P

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