Help finding a Japanese movie title

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Help finding a Japanese movie title

Post by bmxhooligan » Dec 29th, '20, 20:51

hello everybody! I came here after trying to find Japanese tv shows to throw on for background noise and to just force myself to listen to Japanese conversations so I can learn speech patterns etc. but then I figured id sign up and ask for a movie i saw years ago, and I'm fairly certain its Japanese and not Korean etc.

from what i can remember, it was Japanese, the year I watched it was maybe 2011 to 2014, and it was a woman who was in love with Audrey Hepburn.

it was a romance comedy i believe, and they went to Rome and I think she fell in love with a man there, or somebody who was with her entourage.

i think they were a wealthy family/couple/woman, but sadly that's all I can remember, that they were in Rome and going to spots where Roman Holiday was filmed.

I've been searching for years, so any help would be fantastic! thank you so much

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Re: Help finding a Japanese movie title

Post by saxilo » Jul 1st, '21, 08:15

Hi buddy, are you talking about "From Up on Poppy Hill" ? Tutuapp

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Re: Help finding a Japanese movie title

Post by Maxxx17 » Sep 20th, '21, 15:06

I think you're talking about From Up on Poppy Hill. I found it on 123movies based on your description. So I'm sure that's it. This is Goro Miyazaki's second film. It's an unexpected story. It's unlike anything I've seen before. The characters are enjoyable and the intrigue keeps you interested until the end of the film. In spite of the completely ordinary setting. The musical accompaniment is excellent as well as the lively animation. All of the characters' movements are so real. I liked the blue, white and red theme. The poppies fascinated me I want to draw and create.

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