WHERE TO FIND DRAMAS & SUBS [Updated 2020-May-10]

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WHERE TO FIND DRAMAS & SUBS [Updated 2020-May-10]

Post by Keiko1981 » Jan 20th, '20, 16:48

List of some places to find dramas and subtitles.
Google is your friend.

I recommend that you use the download manager Jdownloader when downloading from file hosts. By doing so you can avoid all ads and being redirected who knows where, and lessen the risk of having your computer infected with something.

All you need to do is right-click "Copy link location..." and paste it into Jdownloader. You then get a list of files that can be downloaded.
You can filter things by file type or host that you can download from.

More or less open
  • SinFLIX Pastebin (also known as 540p-SAM / 540p-ZASK, 540p-SiN) - A lot of Kdramas, Cdramas, Twdramas, Thai dramas and more in 540p, 720p and some in 1080p.

    Code: Select all

    • For furransu's / Jdramacity (no longer active) 480p RAWs.
      See Light of Angels, Plotboxes, or AvistaZ.
    • For J-Raws (no longer active), released RAWs using the tag AOZ (for example 720p-AOZ). See Nyaa, or AvistaZ.
    • Nyaa
    • chesutosakurai (LiveJournal)
    • plotboxes (LiveJournal)
    • light-of-angels (LiveJournal)
    • lightofangels (DreamWidth)
    • RareDoramas - Jdramas from 1970s to early 2000s.
    • TokyoNotHot - CHI hardsubs
    • Zhuixinfan - CHI-JPN hardsubs

      Private Trackers
    • AvistaZ Registration open on rare occasions. Mostly around the holidays.
    • JPTV Club Not related to JPTVTS.
    • JPTVTS If you want to join, try asking in the Tracker Related "Others" forum in JpopSuki. Dramas that are being subbed are usually released by JPTVTS at Nyaa, too.
    • D-Addicts subtitles index.
    • Jpsubbers
    • Subscene
    • Other websites where dramas can be found.


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