BitTorrent trackers shutdown

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BitTorrent trackers shutdown

Post by sensei991 » May 7th, '15, 15:10

@TorrentFreak has posted a link indicating that three of the major trackers, OpenBitTorrent, PublicBT and, have been shutdown by the German music industry. ... um=twitter

I've been noticing messages in my client saying that it could not connect to the trackers. When I checked today, OpenBitTorrent seems to be working but the other two give a 'Could not connect' message. Anyone know anything more about this ominous situation?

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Re: BitTorrent trackers shutdown

Post by saigo_x » May 8th, '15, 18:01

Yeah, it looks like the copyright police's tactic of going after the hosting companies is really working. Looks like most people jumped to Demonii and also a bunch of smaller trackers. It looks like OpenBitTorrent is working again on some of my torrents today. Shouldn't be too big of a problem for drama torrents as most new releases are on sites like Nyaa or private trackers like AT. for old torrents most people should already know how to edit the tracker list in their clients.

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