Japanese Variety Shows

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Japanese Variety Shows

Post by BUZWUZ100 » Jan 1st, '15, 04:14

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year! I hope this year is going to be a wonderful year for everyone!

I wonder if anyone can recommend where I can download Japanese variety shows.
D.Addicts used be so good. They don't service it now.
So, I'm wondering if anyone knows.
I love dramas but I need breaks from dramas.

Warm Regards

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Re: Japanese Variety Shows

Post by GGib » Jan 3rd, '15, 17:22

If you can deal without subs, check something from here: http://youtubeowaraitv.blog32.fc2.com/

It's a streaming site though, so not sure if you can download...

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Re: Japanese Variety Shows

Post by Kaworu-kun » Jan 24th, '15, 16:03

I am using this site to watch some variety shows:


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