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For New Members - Introduce Yourselves!

Discuss about anything here that doesn't fit in the other categories. Just don't spam.
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Post by Niviel » Jan 11th, '10, 19:33

Hii everyone!
It's been almost three years since I started using D-addicts but I'm new to the forum.
I'm Italian and I'm studying Japanese at university since 2007!
I love D-addicts and thanks to this site I've been able to watch all my favorite dramas in HQ, so I will be really happy to get to know many ppl here that shares my same interest(s).


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Post by mrlearnenglish2010 » Jan 11th, '10, 22:25

Helllo everyone!
I´m hear to watch japanese Dramas with english subtitels to improve my english.
Japanese is not my problem^^. Well, big thanks to the owner and all the guys for support this site

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Post by SeraEris » Jan 15th, '10, 11:02

konnichiwa minna-sama *bows*

I have been around some time but I just joined the community today.

I am 25 years old woman. I am from Greece and i love j-dramas
do I need to say more ^_^

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Post by shinkumi2 » Jan 19th, '10, 01:21

Hi I'm Teresa, I'm happy to found this site. I'm so addicted to Asian dramas especially Korean dramas. Nice to meet you all ^^

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Post by Nana_Nigatsu » Jan 26th, '10, 15:21

konnichiwa minna-san.
I'm new to this site,too.
Nice to meet you all, my name's Mika :)

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Post by quickdl » Jan 27th, '10, 02:44

hi,,, im new. still learning how to use this site.:)

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Post by xXSunaBouzuXx » Jan 27th, '10, 17:16

Hello I'm a brand new member ^^
My name is Alejandro, =], I'm from Peru
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu =)

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Post by fusionclk » Jan 27th, '10, 17:26

Hey, fusionclk here.

I'm a big fan of J-dramas.
Currently watching Code Blue Season 2 and Bloody monday 2.

Plus, i'm subbing code blue S2 now (in eng).

It's nice to be here....:)

Nasty Time
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Post by Nasty Time » Jan 27th, '10, 23:58

Hi everybody!

I like to start by saying Hello !

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Post by mcneillr » Feb 2nd, '10, 04:20

My wife and I Have seen and wind and Cloud, and she loved Laughing in the wind. Are there similar series available that you would recommend

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Post by monica10909 » Feb 4th, '10, 20:29

hi! my name's monica call me moni for short, I'm living in sourther cali and love to watch jdrama, kdrama and so on. Please excuse if my English it not so well! I look forward to meet everyone on here :)

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am NevilleLeck

Post by NevilleLeck » Feb 6th, '10, 08:26

am NevilleLeck ,this board really interesting and finally i decide to post my frist subject, nice to meet all of you :roll

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Post by tronqi » Feb 6th, '10, 12:55

helo from greece!!!

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Post by Lancer82 » Feb 6th, '10, 20:14

Hi everyone..been here a long time, but first time posting. Just wanted to say hi!

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Post by Mitzuki » Feb 6th, '10, 20:24

Hello everbody.

My name is mitzuki, 22 years old (23 in a week) and from the netherlands ^^
I am currently studying fashion and theather, i love everything anime/manga related and am totaly into Jpop.
My fav band is NEWS though i love all of the Johnny's.

Have been watching anime for about 14 years now (my first one was the first episode of Detective conan which is stil my fav)

Only started watching drama's about 2 years ago.
Languages i speak are English, Dutch, Arabic, German and japanese though i cant write the last 3 languages but only understand and speak them.

If anybody has anyquestions feel free to pm or ask me here.


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Post by basbosa2OO9 » Feb 13th, '10, 15:37

hi everybody here
i'm from sauda arabia"ksa"
i'm 21
u can't imagine how people here love kdrama , jdrama and animes
i'm medical student in 3th grad
mmmmmmmmm what else ???
my favorite couple of WGM is lettuce couple
perfect girl evolution,lovely complex,tazura_na_Kiss >>> my favorites anime
my girl , u r beutiful >> kdrama
cade blue , my boss my hero >>> jdrama

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Post by takujou » Feb 13th, '10, 17:13

hi i'm new here as well..

yoroshiku onegai shimasu!


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Post by soldatz » Feb 14th, '10, 19:02

Been a member here for a while but never introduced myself. So, greetings from New York!

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Hi, Mayura Here!!!

Post by mayurarohtagi » Feb 15th, '10, 09:59

I am Mayura Rohtagi from India. I am new here & i hope you will welcome me in this forum. I hope... I can meet new friends here and gain more knowledge...

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Post by ikanteri » Feb 20th, '10, 11:53

I'm Yuichan from Indonesia.And I'm so glad to be here. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^__^

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Post by Cyanis » Feb 20th, '10, 13:01

Konnichiwa :D

I'm Fai, 18 years old and from the Netherlands. I just recently started watching Japanese Drama's so I'm planning to watch alot of them! and maybe k-drama's aswell.
I hope I'll have a good time here, yoroshiku! ^_^

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Post by enggrrl » Feb 20th, '10, 22:25

Well, I've been here a while but only just started posting really.

I'm currently watching Bloody Monday 2, and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. But in the past I've watched many, many JDramas. I lived in Japan for a year, but loved the dramas before that.

Some of my favourite Dramas are Bloody Monday, Metantei no Okite, Liar Game, and Atashinchi no Danshi. My favourite Actors are Osamu Mukai, Mizushima Hiro, Narimiya Hiroki, Ikuta Toma and Nakamura Toru (one of these things is not like the other...). I don't have many favourite actresses except Kichise Michiko (I love her!!!)

I'm from Canada, don't know what else to say except, hello!

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Post by matsulea » Feb 20th, '10, 23:02


I'm a newbie!!!


I really love ASIAN DRAMAS.!!!

it relieves me from exhaustion, frustration, and boredom... ^__^

hope to be friends with everyone...^_____^

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Post by nini01 » Feb 23rd, '10, 08:28

Hello all. I've been to the site plenty of times and downloaded series but I finally decided to join yesterday. I stopped watching dramas for about 3 years but I started again when a friend recommended AC. All the subbers do great work. Thanks!

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Post by mariadesu » Feb 23rd, '10, 09:32

Hi minnasan...atashi wa mariadesu..yoroshiku ^^
I love japan and korean drama...so I finally joined this forum to share thoughts about asian dramas...
and thanks for all the subbers for ur great contribution...nicely done!
After all, have a great day everyone!

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Post by Es2Key » Feb 23rd, '10, 18:29

Hola! I started to watch Drama not so long ago. I love Japan and Japanese culture, Also I've started to learn nihongo. I found this forum when sought subs for NWP. My spoken English not so well but i hope
everybody'll understand me ;)

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Post by eyeglasses4uagain » Feb 23rd, '10, 18:43

My name is P and my GF name is C.
I'm american and she is korean and we speak
both languages good. We LOVE Korean Shows.
I do have a good bandwith also. Will try to up some shows in the future


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Post by pinkie » Feb 25th, '10, 07:05

hi...my name is pinkie and i'm from shenzhen

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Post by nowandforever78 » Feb 26th, '10, 02:50

Hello folks!!!! I like traveling to Japan!!!

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Hi, Everyone!

Post by HoXsRuL » Feb 27th, '10, 15:57

Hi, as you may already noted I'm fresh here.
I will be happy to receive some help at the beginning.
Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)

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Hello! Meet the new user msMaryStrikens.

Post by msmarystrikens » Feb 27th, '10, 20:44

Hi! I really liked your forum, especially this section. I just signed up and immediately decided to introduce myself, if I'm wrong section, ask the moderators to move the topic to the right place, hopefully it will take me well... My name is Mary, me 29 years, humourist and serious woman in one person. I apologize for my English

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Hello :)

Post by Ama3335 » Mar 4th, '10, 03:34

Hello everyone!!! I love Asian culture, movies, shows and was referenced to this site today. My name is Amanda and I'm from USA..... Nice to meet all of you. :D

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Post by anne_revenant » Mar 4th, '10, 03:43

Hello all, well...I'm from the USA, 22 years old and am currently applying to graduate schools for art history. I've been watching jdramas for about a year now; I've recently taken a "break" from jdramas (aside from Tokujo Kabachi!! <3Arashi) and started watching kdramas which are a different type of awesome! Nice to meet everyone!.

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Post by mamachari » Mar 6th, '10, 05:21

just found this site and WOW! keep up the great work!

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Post by Susumari » Mar 6th, '10, 23:05

so apparently it's been a very LONG time since i've started watching jdoramas.. but why not watch them again! so i'm re introducing myself! and man i need to get a new graphic set

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Post by anime_kiki » Mar 7th, '10, 18:50

Hello ^^
I'm kiki
I'm new here.
I like D-Addicts
Awesome :D

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Post by Makino-Chan » Mar 15th, '10, 18:02

Hello everyone! I'm Audrey, I love dramas and I love the d-addict forum!

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Post by cikaro » Mar 16th, '10, 09:18

aloha..im new in here..
can u teach me how to use this forum..

by the way..this is my first time ever im join japan or korea forum..
im really greatfull..
anyway..can someone teach me how to use this forum and and could u all tell me
what is the best japan and korea show or movie..
im newbie by the way..heheh...
nice to meet u all..exspecially D-ADDICT:)

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Post by Moenyc2000 » Mar 17th, '10, 04:58

Susumari wrote:so apparently it's been a very LONG time since i've started watching jdoramas.. but why not watch them again! so i'm re introducing myself! and man i need to get a new graphic set
Same situation with me. Took a 2 year break , but back at the forums now.

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Post by HongKongChick » Mar 17th, '10, 20:19

Hi all, new to the forums.. not new to d-addicts. been using it for years now. so i thought i should join the forums, maybe i can even contribute :-)

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Global Moderator
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Post by Ethlenn » Mar 17th, '10, 20:38

That's strange, everyone had a break in dramas. myself included, hehe^^
Welcome to the community^^

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Post by Gallokka » Mar 17th, '10, 20:42

I'm a new member here, just joined, but used the site for a few weeks now.
Thank god this site exists! And thank you sis for letting me know about it!

Feel like contacting me, don't be shy! ^^

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Post by daffy-chan » Mar 21st, '10, 21:13

Hello I'm new here but I've been "using" d-addicts since I started watching dramas ^^ And finally today I decided to register ^^ so here I am \(o^.^)/
mhhh what should I say... well I turned 21 recently, I'm an Asia-Addict and as such a Drama-Addict.
I'm from Belgium, still living off my mother ^^ (I luv her too much to leave her lol)

Yoroshiku \(o^.^)/

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Post by noobee » Mar 21st, '10, 22:03

i have been using d-addicts for about a year.
nice to meet you all, よろしくお願いします

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Post by Ethlenn » Mar 21st, '10, 22:15


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New Member

Post by nimsay14 » Mar 22nd, '10, 05:14

:D Hi! Yasmin Here.
Certified Kpop, Kdrama addict. :D
I love Jang Geun Suk and Lee Min Ho :wub:


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Post by hmseen » Mar 23rd, '10, 03:37


I am new..just registered today....my name is Leena.....
I am also new to Torrent although I have heard it since long time ago...it was not my fancy that time...

So, I would appreciate if someone could guide me on how do I download the episodes via Torrent...I am clueless.


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Post by Mandugirl » Mar 28th, '10, 15:12

Hello I am Mandugirl (nope of course its not my real name), though you can call me LuLu-chan ..for various reasons people call me that, but its still not my real name...hehehe :)
any way , watshi wa hontoni sabishiii~ all my friends don't watch anime/j-drama/k-drama/tv-shows/movies like I do....and plus I am always throwing anime or drama jokes at them ...which of course they don't understand ...so you can see how deeeepressing that is.
hmmm....so thats about it...yoroshiko nee~

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Post by lnsu » Mar 31st, '10, 00:22

Hey all, I'm new here. I have been quite the lurker, but I decided to join in on some of the action! Haha, see you guys around.

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Post by axuri » Mar 31st, '10, 01:36

Hi Hi! :w00t:
Since i read through the posts a lot figured I'd register and say something.

:scratch: ... :cheers: cheers!

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Post by Jj-y » Mar 31st, '10, 18:11

Hello, I'm new here and just found this topic. I think a forum like this is a great idea and it's already helping me to extend my knowledge about Japan, so once again hello :cheers:

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Post by TheEndOfMe » Mar 31st, '10, 19:20

My name is viet and i stumbled across this forum looking for something and decided to be active here. atleast for now til i forget
anyways im from southern california and love to play football and eat out so if you're around hit me up or something

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Post by jonq_jonk » Apr 1st, '10, 14:23

Hi... i'm new here..
i knew d-addicts couple of years ago but didn't have time to join..

yoroshiku onegaishimasu...!!

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Post by amktsy » Apr 4th, '10, 02:09

hi not new here.
but only notice there is general discussion in this forum today.

i love kdramas and kpop and pet society :)

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Post by mardangga » Apr 4th, '10, 02:53

Hi, I just wanna say, I'm a newbie on this forum.
That's all. :lol

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Kuan Yin
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Hello everyone ^_^

Post by Kuan Yin » Apr 6th, '10, 04:39

I've been to the D-addicts forum a few times, and finally decided to join. I love Asian dramas from anywhere, as well as Asian music, anime, manga, etc.

I look forward to talking with everyone ^_^

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Post by carloo » Apr 8th, '10, 11:14

Hi friends
Nice to have you here.

I am new!
Iam happy to be part of your community.
and i hope we'll share interustning knowledge

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Hi i am new

Post by ninjajack » Apr 14th, '10, 01:05

hi i am new, now helping my wife to download autumn's concerto is this the way i shout?


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Post by phio_chan » May 3rd, '10, 11:02

yep, after lurking for quite some time, today I decided to join! hehe~

yoroshiku ne, minna-san. you can call me phio, and I'm so looking forward to chat with you all!
d-addicts rocks!! ^___^

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Post by iyakamae » May 11th, '10, 13:57

Hi, my name is Kat... been wondering around here for a couple of months now and finally decided to join up. This place is great.

Can't wait to see what else is around here.

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Post by Edohiguma » May 11th, '10, 14:15

Been around for a long time under a different name. But since I've been bear-ified...

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Post by Yankee » May 14th, '10, 17:52

Hi! I'm new ^_^
My name is Francesca, but my friends call me Cichi XD
I love manga, anime, drama and Japan in general xD

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Post by jusomekid » May 27th, '10, 01:54

Hello everyone! :D
You can call me Twiggy.
I love asian movies, drama,anime... and listen to some asian music!
I've completed 3 dramas so far, and looking to watch more :D
oh.. and i love PENGUINS!

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Post by lily09 » May 30th, '10, 22:38

Hi everybody, I'm lily and I'ma huge fan of drama.

My favorite drama are: black and white, i a sam, meteor garden, hana kimi, devil beside you...

My favorite actor are: Vic Zhou, Matsumoto Jun, Ikuta Toma, Inoue Mao, Ohno Satoshi, Ella Chen...

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Post by CMw0ng » Jun 1st, '10, 04:48

HI, MY NAME IS CM. I join this forum because I am desperate for the subtitles for Star Dance Battle 2009 which I cant find. I know we cant request subtitles , so hi everybody.

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Post by coffeepriest » Jun 1st, '10, 05:55

Hi everyone!

I feel a bit bad, because I've downloaded a few shows here before (Liar Game, Zettai Kareshi, and Coffee Prince) without being an active forum member... [but I always had well over a 1.0 share ratio ;-) ]

I just wanted to note here how much I appreciate the D-Addicts community for making Asian dramas available to us!

After lurking for some time, I figured I should at least note my appreciation!

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Post by chang2010 » Jun 2nd, '10, 22:15

Hello everyone. This is an awesome forum and I am happy to be a part of its community.

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Post by ayamekaoru » Jun 3rd, '10, 12:08

hi everyone!

I've been lurking around here for several years, yet only now have I decided to actually make an account. This is mainly because I'm pretty tired of having no one to talk with about dramas :( Sadly, few people I know share the same passion. So, here I am. Hope to make good friends here :)

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Post by LishaAuyeung » Jun 7th, '10, 04:20

Heeeya. I'm Lisa. o:
Nicee to meet you :D
Add me on Facebook. Link in my sig xP

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Post by nadyasweet » Jun 20th, '10, 18:19

hiii im nadya frm mlysia. where can we find torrent download link for k-drama?

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Hi(New member)

Post by coldseed1984 » Jun 23rd, '10, 09:58

Hi guys
My name is sasan and im new around here and this is my first post im really glad that i joined here and i have question.
here is my question is there any section that i can request for series ?

butterfly swimmer
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Post by butterfly swimmer » Jun 24th, '10, 16:53

Hi! My name is Daniel, I'm 18 years old and I'm from Portugal. I love movies and dramas! My favourite ones are 1 Litre of Tears, My Boss My Hero, Hanakimi, Nobuta wo Produce and Nodame Cantabile...

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Post by mx5500 » Jun 24th, '10, 20:55

Hi ya all,

New guy in here! Wish you all the best!


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Post by unique001 » Jun 25th, '10, 19:43

hi guys i am new and hope to enjoy alot

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Post by unique001 » Jun 25th, '10, 19:43


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