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Asian food battle

Discuss about anything here that doesn't fit in the other categories. Just don't spam.

What do you like?

Total votes: 150

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Post by otcho » Feb 27th, '05, 13:02

jholic : not bad, at least one could understand what word the person is refering to =)

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Post by oshirou » Mar 1st, '05, 10:56

i have eaten sushi, kimchi and tofu but not pho... whats pho? i voted for kimchi!!!!!!!! hot and spicy!!! ^_^v

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Post by aziatik » Mar 1st, '05, 21:25

PHO is a Vietnamese, Noodle dish. Very different in the style of noodles and flavor of Broth compared to korean or Japanese. Very good. usually includes things like beef balls, tendons, meat slices some other things, I usually just get Pho Tai Dac Biet. which is just the Beef Balls and slices of Raw Meat which u put into the broth to cook. Guess lil like Japanese style. OH and you can but don't have to add The plum sauce and alot of the Spicy Thai Sauce A.K.A Rooster Sauce.

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Post by flynvballer » Nov 24th, '05, 07:48

for all u non vietnamese people out there... most of u guys only know vietnamese food for their PHO and spring rolls and salad rolls probably. And apparently there are a lot of u who have absolutely no idea what Pho is which is pretty odd... but then again who knows.
Anyways if there was another choice of vietnamese food i would choose BUN BO HUE. It is similar to PHO as it its noodle in soup with meat and veggies. But different types of noodles, big round noodles, and the soup is a different flavor (spicy soup) but doesnt have to be spicy for u non spicy people. when i eat it with slice rare beef merinated in lemon grass sauce and oil, it taste like heaven. BUN BO HUE all the way!!

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Post by fuddleduddle » Nov 24th, '05, 10:06

tofu. especially dessert tofu.

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Post by htp314 » Nov 24th, '05, 10:18

I would go for tofu, it's the best

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Post by canon05 » Nov 24th, '05, 10:28

Craving dessert tofu

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Post by dramalover » Nov 28th, '05, 03:35

That's hard, i like both pho and sushi. If I really had to choose one, I guess I'd choose pho because I don't like all types of sushi. I'm don't particularly like sashimi, just not liking raw mushy stuff, which kinda takes out a lot of types of sushi, I'm just picky. hehe That's why I'd choose pho in the end, that I could eat all of it.

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Post by athida » Nov 28th, '05, 04:27

Sushi. :-) But I don't eat raw stuff.

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Post by white.raine » Nov 28th, '05, 04:30

mmm sushi. Nothing beats gorging yourself on all you can eat sushi.

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Post by Jecky » Nov 28th, '05, 04:32

i would go for some yummy Sushi !!!! i just had some yesterday :P i never get tired of sushi....if i could,i would have some everyday :mrgreen:

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Post by Shorty » Nov 28th, '05, 04:41

I'd choose Sushi. It is sooo delicious! ;D Hehe. I especially like California Rolls. =]

Pho? Hm, I've never tasted that before, maybe I'll like it better than Sushi if I ever get to try some. xD

Tofu isn't good without some sauce to it. But then again, I wouldn't eat tofu regularly, or even as a meal. It's more of a sidedish to begin with. So this plate can't really compare.

Kimchi is hot as hell! Omg, I remember I tried some once and nearly burnt my tongue off. xP Anyway, it's good after the burning sensation ends, but all that pain, I cannot endure. LOL. I'ma weakling. xP

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Post by Childhoodless » Nov 28th, '05, 10:19

I chose kimchi. I can eat all kinds of kimchi with almost any meal. Of course, if it's like a kimchi-burger or a kimchi hot dog, then that's out of the question.

Pho--I've tried it, and to my chagrin, it wasn't as tasty as everyone said it would be. It is very possible I just got a bad batch. I'm open to the possibility of trying again, but I don't think I'll go out of my way to get some in the near future. I can even eat it straight.

Tofu--If it's just plain white tofu, then no. I find it a little too bland. If it's in a dish, such as soon tofu, then I can eat it.

Sushi--My palatte is too finicky. I like some sushi, but not all of it. It's my aversion to fish in the first place that prevents me from exploring too far out into the different varieties.

So kimchi won out, just because I have the fewest eating restrictions with it, among the four choices.

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Post by Demibaby » Nov 28th, '05, 10:53

Fave of all time is sushi. I love it all, hamachi sashimi, uni, ankimo... oishiiii!!!
I would vote Pho second, I eat it with rare beef slices marinated with lime and spicy sauces on the side *drools*... my viet friend got me hooked on that.

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Post by Izuppi » Nov 28th, '05, 18:13

:wub: It is hard to choose only one, isn't it? :wub:

First of all, Pho is perfect when you don't have much appetite. Its gentle and mild flavour
never upsets your tummy! In fact I love Vietnamese food!! :lol

Next, Kimuchi goes wonderfully well with white sticky rice! And apparently it is very
good for your health if you can handle hot food. There are some Kimuchies that are not
hot in Korea. I love Korean food too!! :P

Tofu hasn't got strong flavour that is why you can arrange the sauce to go with it. I like
Tofu steak with mushrooms sauce. Fry some mushrooms with chopped garlic and add
some Soy sauce, sugar, sake and vinegar or French mustard. Pour this sauce over
fried Tofu and that's it! Yum!! :cheers:

And finally, Sushi....hmmm I love Sushi but unfortunately I don't enjoy Maguro (Tuna ) :-(
I dunno why....I just don't feel like eating that red meat fish. So I normally eat white meat
fish Sushi. Actually I love Japanese food very much!!

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Post by floss » Nov 28th, '05, 21:10

Seriously...this place has bad polls. What's with tofu being up in the poll. I can't even vote for anything on the poll...hell you should of had an "other" option. :p

I hate seafood and even though sushi has some sushi that's actually cooked and not from the sea, I just can't eat that stuff. Hell, overall I find Japanese cuisine disgusting.

Dim Sum > than all

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