So.. What was the first drama you watched??

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Post by Jodarfett » Aug 23rd, '06, 23:54

I feel like an old fart at the age of 21, but believe it or not, the first drama I watched was "You're Under Arrest!" with Misaki Ito and Hara Sachie. but what really got me was GTO. But I highly recommend to you all Jyou no Kyoushitsu (Queen's Classroom). It's an amazing series and if you have friends who haven't seen any dramas before and want to start, Jyou is certainly one of the best dramas out there.

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Post by sparris » Aug 25th, '06, 16:16

Mine was actually Densha Otoko. And I'm only on my second drama now. but I've downloaded the first few episodes of Taiyou no uta as well. I'm going to watch a bit of this and that to find out what I like/dislike. :)

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Post by spasmolytic » Aug 25th, '06, 19:17

This answer is really stereotypical, but I have to admit that it was Goong. I was a big fan of horror manga (Arm of kannon, Priest etc.) and one day I stumbled over the manga (or manwha) Goong. First I hesitated, since it was shoujo manga, but then I thought, why not? I loved it, and it lead me to asian drama, which I also love. Although I hate admitting it, I find it very embarassing to say that I like romantic dramas. :pale:

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Post by alli_potts » Aug 26th, '06, 16:16

First drama I watched... Antique Cake Shop is the very first, however I only watched a couple episodes, so I don't think it really counts. I liked it, but the subs and quality of the version I had were poor, so I didn't end up finishing the whole series. The first drama I watched from start to finish was Goong, and it was what addicted me to drama. I loved it so much I watched it almost non-stop one weekend (skipped a night of sleep to do it) I laughed so hard and cried so much, I was really very excited about Goong. I've watched lots of drama since Goong, and I still laugh and cry while watching. (although I don't ever cry about real life, which is sort of weird) Since Goong was my first it holds a very special place in my heart, and nothing else has touched me as deeply.... I wonder if the second season will be any good. : )

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Post by ooijanice » Aug 26th, '06, 16:30

The first Korean drama I saw was "Beautiful Days" and I have been hooked since than.
As for J Drama it was GTO, a very good series.

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Post by Snowboard » Aug 27th, '06, 08:58

The first drama i wathc is kamisama lol....Wow this drama is very sad and make cry a few times lol...Ehm anyway the best drama for is i litre of tears and taiyou no uta ........I lve erika sawajri lol.....

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Post by rikki » Aug 27th, '06, 11:23

My first drama was Nobuta wo Produce. This rocked and got hooked on to it right after episode 1. The ending was not too bad either and I liked it how Shuuji and Nobuko/Nobuta used Kusano's 'kon' gimmick after a while too. I love Tomohisa Yamashita's acting~!

Starting my second drama now. Shimokita GLORY DAYS. Hope the drama continues~!

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Post by Jairick » Aug 27th, '06, 11:43

Aoi tori
L'oiseau bleu / Blue bird

it was shown on my cable network way back 8 yrs ago... :-D

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Post by Lepra » Aug 27th, '06, 18:30

The first J-drama I watched was 1 litre of tears. It was actually so good that I just had to make fansubs for it. :) (in Finnish).. I still think it was the best j-drama i've ever seen.

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Post by emseg » Aug 27th, '06, 18:40

The first drama I saw was Meteor Garden, and it got me hooked. I blame Vic Zhou. [=
The first Kdrama was Full House
First Jdrama - Kimi Wa Petto, but I only watched a few episodes because I couldn't find the rest.

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Post by MyT » Aug 28th, '06, 01:34

The very first drama that I've remember to have saw was this chinese drama in the old TVB days when I was still very small. The name was "Bao Qing Tian" and I remember there were a lot of heads rolling. My first Kdrama was Fullhouse, like many other people, and which started this addiction.

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Post by thespicycabbage » Aug 28th, '06, 13:02

it was....Yi SOON SHIN YAYYYYYyy

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Post by gamusina » Aug 28th, '06, 19:30

The first drama I saw was DENSHA OTOKO. I was in Japan when it was at TV..I did not understand much but I thought it was funny so I started downloading it with subtitles back home...and now I cannot stop watching Jdramas...

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Post by garlicon » Aug 28th, '06, 22:38

the first kdrama that i watched was "autumn tale". it was so touching and i cried. sob.. sob...

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Post by EJWorks » Sep 4th, '06, 01:49

My library has a forgein section with videos, books, and magazines from around the world.
One day I randomly picked on that was Korean just because and it turned out to be the first two episodes of Hotelier. I watched the whole series in the raw in like three days.
My sister bought the dvds just over a month ago and I love it so much ^_^

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Post by ranmasama » Sep 14th, '06, 01:50

My first was GTO.....and it was GREATO!!!!!

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Post by Itazura » Sep 14th, '06, 23:07

My first was Odoru Daisousasen and I've been hooked on Oda Yuji ever since.

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Post by li-yin » Sep 16th, '06, 13:41

my first was princess hours (goong), was hooked from the start and still am! love it!

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Post by wtfdude » Sep 17th, '06, 07:38

taiyou no uta was the first drama i saw (so damn good :w00t: )
just got into the whole watching-asian-drama thing :cheers:

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Post by Auty » Sep 23rd, '06, 01:59

A Love to Kill!! I was so hooked..

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Post by azygous » Sep 24th, '06, 06:18

First Kdrama? um...I not sure what the first I watched but I am sure of the 1st made me addicted to drama *lol* ...actually, it's Full House series.

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1st KDrama

Post by Jovene » Sep 24th, '06, 09:04

Hmmm 1st KDrama for me was Stairway to Heaven (forced to watch by my wife!!! :x ) but 1st 1 I chose to watch was Full House :mrgreen: .....

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Post by animeking77 » Sep 24th, '06, 12:39

My first drama was Hotelier. I saw it on AznTV a few years ago.

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Post by nezagie » Sep 27th, '06, 02:48

hhmm... :unsure: well... err... the first one got to be Oshin... :P Geez... guess I'm one of the old timer around here.. hehe

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Post by kotaeshiranaihito » Sep 27th, '06, 03:04

what is Oshin? Is it Japanese?

Densha Otoko was my first. It's a funny story how I found out about it. A japanese friend told me she was impressed by how many channels we have in america (at college we got cable for free) and that in japan they only have 12 channels. I was like WTF? So I googled japanese TV (I was really bored) and stumbled onto one of the sites (fujiTV I think) and just started playing around there and one of the dramas they had was densha otoko. I was able to get it off DC++ (someone ay my school must have been a drama fan as well) and watched the whole series.

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Post by nezagie » Sep 27th, '06, 12:41

kotaeshiranaihito wrote:what is Oshin? Is it Japanese?
It was broadcast in the 80s and was a hit in the Asia. It's was about the story of the little gal named Oshin who was born in the poor rural area of Japan. How she faces and overcome lots of difficulties from pre-war to post-war period and until the rise of Japan's economy.

The information can be found @ Drama Wiki

Other than the movie ET, this drama was one of those I remembered till now.
I'm surprised :O that Tanaka Yuko (who played Oshin's character), will be in the up-coming drama Tokyo Tower :roll
I will sure look out for it here :-) got to see how she looks like after all these years... :mrgreen:

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Post by i'mNOangel » Sep 27th, '06, 12:48

i dont know what drama i first saw in my life coz i started watching drama when i was 3 or4 but the first drama i ever saw online is iswak

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Post by auroragb » Sep 27th, '06, 20:33

nezagie wrote:
kotaeshiranaihito wrote:what is Oshin? Is it Japanese?
It was broadcast in the 80s and was a hit in the Asia. It's was about the story of the little gal named Oshin who was born in the poor rural area of Japan. How she faces and overcome lots of difficulties from pre-war to post-war period and until the rise of Japan's economy.

The information can be found @ Drama Wiki
Indeed, it was one of the main drama that started the jdrama craze in Taiwan in late 80's. But I wasn't in Taiwan back then, so never got a good copy. only saw a few eps. felt a little too melodramatic, but probably because I was watching it in the middle

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Post by jashinee » Sep 28th, '06, 02:02

wah...... i think i've watched tvb series since i was like 4 o_o;

but... first korean drama was like "autumn in my heart" ;D

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Post by homeboi19 » Sep 28th, '06, 20:20

Hmmm... F4 baby! :lol Meteor Garden! :cheers:

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Post by malibu400 » Sep 30th, '06, 05:41

first drama i watched was gokusen .. actually it could've been full house but i dont really remember.. :-( one of those 2 anyway

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Post by shizniz00 » Sep 30th, '06, 05:45

first one i really sat down and watched was autumn tale! ever since then i've been hooked on kdrama and leaving ancient a kdrama addict :D :P

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Post by Junfan21 » Oct 8th, '06, 20:40

The first drama I ever watched was Hana Yori Dango! I used to only be into anime, now I barely watch it anymore, I've turned to watching dramas ^_^! And I am currently starting to watch Korean dramas, I'm in the middle of Goong.

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Post by kamiru0hikari » Oct 11th, '06, 15:09

my first drama was meteor garden... i enjoyed it but after watching a lot of k and j dramas afterwards... i regret that i spent lots of time watching that.

taidrama: meteor garden
kdrama: fullhouse
jdrama: gokusen

taidrama: Mars, devil beside you
kdrama: my girl, goong
jdrama: majo no jouken

xoxo, kamiru

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Post by secretfansubs » Oct 11th, '06, 15:31

The first drama's I watched were Meteor Garden and Winter Sonata. I was watching them at the same time, I would switch off. I have been hooked ever since.

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Post by purple73 » Oct 11th, '06, 16:21

I can't recall the first drama that I watched but I'm sure it was a HKDrama that I used to watch with my parents when I was very young... :P

My first JDrama should be Oshin... :D

I only started on Kdrama this year with Sweet 18, but have been hooked on KDrama eversince! :cheers:

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Post by li-yin » Oct 15th, '06, 09:07

The first one I watched was kdrama Princess Hours ^o^

First twdrama was Mars and I've not watched a jdrama yet. TTT__TTT

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Post by murni » Oct 15th, '06, 10:22

first jdrama i've watched: GTO
first completed jdrama series i've watched: White Tower
first completed jdrama series i've watched which made me hooked to watch another jdrama: one litre of tears

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Post by Matrix465 » Oct 26th, '06, 11:51

FULL HOUSE no doubt :p

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Post by hail » Oct 26th, '06, 22:55

first drama i watched was Meteor Garden... i really loved this drama and it got me hooked up with a lot of Asian dramas... :)

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Post by sveta » Oct 27th, '06, 09:16

First Korean Drama i saw was Full House, first Japanese drama i saw was 1 litter of Tears, i think, or maybe few episodes of Summer Snow, i forget... and first C Drama was Chinese Paladin.

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Post by littledraci » Oct 27th, '06, 09:54

The first Drama for me was the tw Mars - because of the great manga - what brought me to Vic -- who let me search for more dramas...

My first JDrama was 1 Litre of Tears *for me perhaps 2 or 3 litre....*

And my first KDrama was Autumn Tale..

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Post by coop_rw » Oct 27th, '06, 10:21

My 1st Jdrama, I don't remember the name but it was set infeudal Japan and it had, what I guess was a policeman, doctor, and street fighter. Together they faught and killed the bad guys. What I liked most was they would show an x-ray of when the doctor would break someone's bones.
My 1st Kdrama was Glass Shoes.

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Post by EVE_in_BLACK » Oct 29th, '06, 09:07

My first J dorama was Hana Yori Dango
and full house was my firs K dorama

after that I full in love with Asian dorama :wub:

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Post by sweetsamurai » Oct 29th, '06, 09:14

Mine was CHINESE PALADIN - I fell in love :wub: for ONLY the fourtheenth time that week - HU GE! - he so cute!

And as an added bonus the series was amazing!! I don't really like tv in England excpet maybe two programmes. And I'm not a huge fan on american tv. So when i watched this series - it was perfect for me!!

And then I became addicted to the rest!!! :cheers:

So thankyou to all subbers!!! A real, sincere thanks - because you have brought me dramas that I like!!!! You guys are great for putting in all your effort and time :thumleft:

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Post by brianjoo » Oct 29th, '06, 09:21

My first Kdrama was wonderful life and Jdrama Hana yori dango

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Post by haruko » Nov 2nd, '06, 08:11

My first Japanese drama was GTO and my first taiwanese drama was MARS. I haven't watched a korean one yet, but sooner or later...


Post by hrjx333 » Nov 10th, '06, 03:13

i don't remember what my first korean drama was,,but my first japanese drama was hana yori dango and my first taiwanese drama was meteor garden :-)

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Lynn Minmei
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Post by Lynn Minmei » Nov 10th, '06, 03:27

Korean - Autumn Tale
Japanese - GTO

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my first drama

Post by h2marie » Nov 10th, '06, 03:37

My first drama is A Sleeping Forest. Which I absolute LOVE!! If anyone can rec. a new one similar I would be extremely grateful. I need subtitles for I am a stupid mono-lingual American. Thanks!!

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Post by princess_jime » Nov 10th, '06, 21:28

Gosh, 59 pages to go through? I'll just post my firsts first then...hehehehe (lazy is my middle name).

My firts J-drama: O-Shin, I saw it many many many many years ago, on my country's national channel (VTV), dubbed of course, back in the day when they aired cool shows from all over the world. I was soooo hooked, it was such a different show from anything else that I watched at the time, and my obssession with all things japanese was starting.

My first K-drama: Stairway to Heaven, I saw it on Chile's international channel, dubbed. I liked it but there were a lot of things that I thought "we do it better here in latin-america"... then I remembered, it was shown here in Venezuela! on VTV again! I remembered watching Choi Ji Woo welcoming people to watch the drama and everything! I couldn't believe it.
Well, that's just my luck, things like that always happen at times when I don't know anything, then it's too late to fully enjoy... :lol

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Post by sexxy_back » Nov 11th, '06, 23:14

my first drama series are:
1. twdrama - meteor garden 1&2
2.kdrama- fullhouse
3.jdrama-the great teacher onizuka

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Post by stray.heart » Nov 11th, '06, 23:19

Autumn in My Heart

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Post by Angel551 » Nov 13th, '06, 19:30

I started with Super Rooki K-Drama & it was coooool

& im glad i watched it Cuz its make me crazy addicted to k-drama & j-drama

Also i was shocked cuz most of the drama ive watched them as anime :wub:

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Post by anirakarina » Nov 22nd, '06, 20:28

1 Litre of drama i've seen so far.

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Post by dookie86 » Nov 22nd, '06, 20:52

i start watch with j-drama the title is GTO

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Post by iloveoki » Nov 23rd, '06, 13:41

I recently have gotten into JDramas. I have Korean friends, so we watch Korean movies together occasionally. They are very good, sad especially, but I am learning Japanese, so I prefer the JDramas. Plus, life in Japan is a lot more interesting. :_
One summer, I just turned on the TV and "Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu" was on. I was hooked, even though it was already the 7th episode. And so, I found it on d-addicts and instantly fell in love with it. But... it isn't my favorite. I didn't know how good jdramas could be until I saw Sapuri and even 14 sai no haha!! :whistling:

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Post by mrs_ikuta » Nov 26th, '06, 07:29

first taiwanese was Meteor Garden.
first korean was Eternal Love (err..something like that)
first japanese [full] was Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake. but i saw like most of Majo no Jouken on tv long ago.. i was just really young and didnt fully take it in XD

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Post by goofleen » Nov 26th, '06, 21:44

My first JDrama was Hana Yori Dango and my first KDrama was The Vineyard Man.

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Post by MaliciousKitty » Nov 26th, '06, 22:12

Hmm, I don't exactly remember, but I think the first Jdrama I watched was Densha Otoko. If that wasn't the first then it was at least the second~

Taiyou no ao
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Post by Taiyou no ao » Nov 26th, '06, 22:32

Nobuta wo Produce

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Post by sungie » Nov 27th, '06, 09:59

First k-drama I watched completely was Full House. But I started to watch Gumiho around the same time as Full House.

And for Japanese dramas.. I think Kisarazu Cat's Eyes was the first.

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Post by namjaluigi » Dec 4th, '06, 18:15

First k-drama was Autumn in my heart which got me addicted to k-drama and first J-drama was watashi no aozara which was shown 630am in the morning on channel 18 in LA...Now Im totally addicted to drams can't watch enough of them!

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Post by boxedlove » Dec 8th, '06, 05:06

my parents watched alot of chinese drama stuff when i was younger ,but i got hooked like last year ish with devil beside you. :]

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Post by NADZ » Dec 10th, '06, 18:05

J-Drama: Hana Yori Dango
K-Drama: Full H

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Post by pagtitiyaga » Dec 10th, '06, 18:23


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Post by AboutDrama » Dec 10th, '06, 18:47

I can't remember what is my first drama because I have been watching HK-dramas from very young age!!

But if you ask me:
What is the first J-drama? Tokyo Cinderella (can't remember the name correctly)
What is the first K-drama? All about Eve (classic)
What is the first C-drama (from China)? Kang Xi di guo (always love those historical drama!)

I never really into T-drama... The first T-drama (I really finish): Princess Pearl I

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Post by Phearsome » Dec 11th, '06, 10:08

First drama i ever watched was GTO which is my all time favorite. Then Pride with Kimura Takuya, these 2 got me hooked into the Japanese dramas.

I use to watch CHinese drama dubbed in vietnamese all the time since i was a kid like Legend of the condor heros/ Return of the Condor Heroes/ The Demi GOds and Semi Devils. Ive seen most of jin yong dramas

Miss World
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Post by Miss World » Dec 12th, '06, 09:45

Hana Yori Dango ^_^

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Post by fiTrin » Dec 12th, '06, 12:01

dunno which one ..
but i thik winter sonata .. but not completely ..
but starting to crazy when watching Purity ( still cannot find dis kdrama in internet .. :cry: )
n other but i think i lost da title ...

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Post by naadianaa » Dec 12th, '06, 12:26


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Post by kent666 » Dec 16th, '06, 23:13

Endless Love (aka Autumn In My Heart aka A Tale of Autumn)

i think... hmmm...

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Post by johanaiscrazy » Dec 16th, '06, 23:40

I first started watching k dramas about a yr ago or more cant remember but since i didn'nt know the schedule the first one i watched was a really long drama i think it was called "bizarre bunch " or something like that

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Post by soulstar » Dec 17th, '06, 12:37

the first drama i watched was a kdrama by the name of phoenix (aka firebird).
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Post by Yul » Dec 17th, '06, 13:21

First drama ever I watched was Hana yori dango :D

1st K drama was full house :thumright:

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