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So.. What was the first drama you watched??

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Post by Kavlia » Dec 30th, '09, 17:39

:D My first was Hana Yori Dango and then I watched Devil Beside You. :D And my first KDrama was Snow White! :D
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Post by nu_tiq87 » Dec 31st, '09, 19:26

taiwanese drama - Meteor Garden..
Japanesse drama - HanaKimi
Korean drama - My girl

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Post by leapyear29 » Jan 12th, '10, 14:06

hmmm..i really can't remember.. so many of them.. but i really like full house, jewel in the palace,jumong,it started eith a kiss, and a lot more,,hehe.. i guess i didn't really answer your question..hehe

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Post by Issy » Jan 12th, '10, 14:16

it was OSHIN back in 1988. :-)

gosh, suddenly i feel SOOO old now. :-(

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The Chaos
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Post by The Chaos » Jan 12th, '10, 14:57

Japanese Drama " Hana yori Dango"
Korean Drama " Full House"
Taiwanese Drama " Corner with Love"


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Post by Black4Clover » Jan 12th, '10, 15:13

Japanese - Hana Yori Dango
Korean - Goong

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Post by senakun » Jan 12th, '10, 15:15

long vacation

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Post by totemokakkoii » Jan 12th, '10, 15:25

japanese drama.. it was either Under the same Roof or Beach Boys.. cant remember which

korean.. only watched one .. lovely samsoon..

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Post by SeraEris » Jan 15th, '10, 11:07

My first was a live Action Sentai series of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, there I found out about this wonderful actress Keiko Kitagawa.
my official first J-drama was Moppu Garu with Keiko

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Post by shinkumi2 » Jan 18th, '10, 13:06

My first Asian is the phenomenal Taiwanese hit Meteor Garden, who could ever forget the Taiwanese F4 and Barbie Xu. I managed to watch their concert athe ultra way back in 2003 even though I was 6 months pregnant at that time :roll

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Post by quickdl » Jan 27th, '10, 02:43

Love Bond, it got me addicted to TVB. then i started watching everything there is

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Post by NevilleLeck » Feb 6th, '10, 08:29

i have no idea about this.....

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Post by NevilleLeck » Feb 6th, '10, 08:31

maybe it's Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

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Post by SynisterDoll » Feb 17th, '10, 14:45

"Full House" was the first drama I remember watching.

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Post by enggrrl » Feb 20th, '10, 22:29

First JDrama: Gokusen. I was looking for the anime and came upon the Live Action, and the rest is history.

Only KDrama: Boys before Flowers. I think I liked it better than Hana Yori Dango (not a huge fan of MatsuJun).
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:D :D :D

Post by matsulea » Feb 20th, '10, 22:57

the first drama I've watched as far as I could remember.... METEOR GARDEN...!!!
I am so crazily loving F4 that time...LOL :lol :lol :lol

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Post by nini01 » Feb 23rd, '10, 08:34

The first drama that I watched and actually enjoyed was Princess Hours/Goong.

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Post by pinkie » Feb 25th, '10, 07:01

my first drama that i watched was "chin wong zi wong" (direct translation) which starred patrick tse

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Post by MoonRaven » Feb 28th, '10, 02:43

I'm a little behind on the drama's.
My first was 'Autumn's Concerto' :|
Now I've become obsessed. Since then I've watched, Tokyo Juliet, Mars, Love contract, Devil Beside You, Bull Fighting, Romantic Princess and now I just started Marry Me.

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Post by Es2Key » Feb 28th, '10, 20:26

My first was Nobuta, it's a greatest thing that people could create)
After this I became a fan of Yamapi!^^ Kon!

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Post by peterrific » Mar 4th, '10, 06:43

The first Asian drama that I've seen was Meteor Garden. And it's my favorite Asian drama of all time. :wub:

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Post by anne_revenant » Mar 4th, '10, 07:10

Hana Yori Dango -- I loved the manga so I decided to give the live action a try. I didn't realize I would be sucked into the black hole that is drama addiction; it's a happy place so I'm okay with it. :-)

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Post by kang-on-yu » Mar 10th, '10, 02:10

My first Asian drama was PPOI XD if that can count?
Yamapi's adorable in that :')

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Post by madmanout » Mar 11th, '10, 09:37

My first Asian Drama is Meteor Garden since it was the first Asian drama shown in the Philippines, if I am not mistaken.

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Post by Sorvaseven » Mar 11th, '10, 10:19

GTO ! It was four years ago...

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Post by akamaya » Mar 11th, '10, 11:34

My first dorama was 'Kimi wa Petto' and I reaaally loved it! :heart:

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Post by Makino-Chan » Mar 15th, '10, 17:52

The first kdrama that I saw was "Full House" with Rain & Song Hye Kyo!
It was for me a huge revelation and since I've become totally addicted!
Then I discovered the famous jdrama "Hana Yori Dango" I most adored and ending with the twdrama with as first drama "It started with a kiss!
I love dramas and I think that I never tire!

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Post by HongKongChick » Mar 17th, '10, 20:45

wow... the first? since i grew up in hong kong, i probably started watching dramas as soon as i could understand it.

but the first non hong kong drama that i watched was long vacation (japanese), and i still love it till this day.

first taiwanese drama was meteor garden

first korean drama was full house

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Post by Gallokka » Mar 17th, '10, 22:29

First Jdrama would be "Zettai Kareshi"
First Kdrama would be "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince"

I like listening to japanese alot more, but I like the length of korean ones.
Dont really like listening to korean, because I want to learn japanese, but the music is so much better on korean!

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Post by uleczka » Mar 17th, '10, 22:36

hmmm, I believe it was Tdrama "Mars" . Have a urge to watch it again...

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MisS Lonliah
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Post by MisS Lonliah » Mar 17th, '10, 22:39

Hana Yori Dango was my 1st love ^^

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Post by Cherek » Mar 17th, '10, 22:42

KDrama = 9 end 2 outs
JDrama = Bloody monday

^^ just started as you can see

edit: unless H2 counts as a drama then that would be my 1st JDrama :mrgreen:

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Post by hmseen » Mar 23rd, '10, 03:40

My first EVER KDRAMA that I watched was Winter Sonata in 2001 when I was on my confinement of my 3rd child....ever since I am hooked to KDRAMA but since I am working, I do not have the chance to watch as they are normally aired during working hours....so it has been long time since until this month I watched the towards finals episodes for Dalja'a Spring (surprisingly my hubby got hooked to it as he is no fan for Korean or Japanese Drama/movie)

So basically that's my story....

Thanks for reading

p/s nice to know you guys and please bear with me as I am very green on Torrent and I need help on how can I download them.....pls pls plsssss tq

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I dream of Jinny

Post by puckix7 » Mar 24th, '10, 12:23

First drama I have watched was I dream of Jinny. Its was 80's show. It was good series and very enjoyable.

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Post by ToroHime » Mar 27th, '10, 22:54

My first K-Drama was Stairway to Heaven (^^)
J-Drama: Oniyome Nikki

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Post by Jj-y » Mar 31st, '10, 19:37

My first Jdrama was Hana Kimi :)

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Post by jonq_jonk » Apr 1st, '10, 14:27

for me, it's Jdrama, about a typical japanese girl name Oshin, i forgot the detail story and the real title since i watched it when i was in 1st grade.

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Post by Raqib » Apr 2nd, '10, 23:18

I grew up on Desi drama <___<

Reversal of Fate is my first drama (ever, not just Korean), just started less than a week ago.

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Post by TheVinster » Apr 2nd, '10, 23:37


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Post by wolforion20 » Apr 2nd, '10, 23:48

My first Kdrama was Full House
My first Jdrama was HanDan
My first Tdrama was A Promise of Love at the Dolphin Bay
My first Cdrama is Bratty Princess (haven't finished all 33 episodes yet)
My first Malaysian drama was Sky (subbed by TimelesSubs)

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Post by williambloke » Apr 2nd, '10, 23:53

I started with "Attack #1" and instantly became hooked. Just recently started folding K-Drama's into the mix. I am really enjoying my first one, "Smile, You."

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Post by cassmtz » Apr 3rd, '10, 00:33

the first drama i watched was beverly hills 90210 lol but the first j drama i watched was Gokusen

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Post by Mitsubachiii » Apr 3rd, '10, 01:12

I clearly remember:

Prince into Frog

It was love at first sight. And I still love Ming Dao <3 <3 I think my first J-Drama was My Boss My Hero. And my first K-Drama was Goong. Haa~h, the good old times. =D

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Kuan Yin
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Post by Kuan Yin » Apr 6th, '10, 04:49

The first Asian drama I ever watched was the J-drama Nanase Futatabi . My first K-drama was Boys Before Flowers, and my first Taiwanese drama was ToGetHer (aka Superstar Express), which is one of my all time favorites ^_^

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Post by chutin » Apr 6th, '10, 05:11

my first drama i watched was winter sonata....then autumn tale......^^
scene that i always watched korean drama..........until now..........
and now the latest......
personal preference^^

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Post by CERA172 » Apr 6th, '10, 06:17

My first drama was Lunch Queen...loved it.

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Post by macaronnik » Apr 6th, '10, 20:44

Babylon is the best drama movie - only my opinion

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Post by theinc » Apr 15th, '10, 09:42

My first and most favorite drama was Hana Yori Dango

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Post by xoussef » Apr 23rd, '10, 02:37

my first J-drama: Nobuta wo Produce
my first K-drama: Full House, but not really sure, i've seen so much i got confused
my first and only T-drama to date: Fated to love you
my first and only C-drama to date: it started with a kiss

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Post by hxcswitch » Apr 23rd, '10, 02:45

My first KDrama was Full House, but my first Drama was Hana Yori Dango. I totally got hooked by the JunBait. :)

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Post by riki_kun » May 2nd, '10, 19:31

The first asian drama i ever watched was Densha Otoko and was brilliant!

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Post by esmer86 » May 2nd, '10, 20:37

yeah! im also a Hana Yori Dango virgin. I had just ran into this by chance. my computer got stolen and the only thing i could use for youtube was my phone. I was looking for something else, i cant remember, and one of the simliarties they have in the side where you watch your movies was episode 1 so i just clicked it to watch it. When i found out it was in Japanese I was like forget it but then i saw the captions so i watched the first part. I am one of those people that if you watch one part you have to watch it all. Well when i watched it I dont remember falling asleep for another couple of hours. That is what i watched the next couple of days. I was like after the episode finish, "please be there" meaning the next episode. Well i watched the first season and went crazy in the second season. I think I will never forget about that! :mrgreen:

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Post by luver » May 2nd, '10, 21:29

well, the most memorable drama that i've watch when i was a kid. VAGUELY remember since it was so long ago. but i guess it would have to be instinct, a hong kong drama. back then when they used to be good. you know with adam cheng and ekin cheng? nadia chan? amy kwok? :D anyone of them ring a bell? lol.

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Post by phio_chan » May 3rd, '10, 11:04

I'm not sure anymore.. but I think the first drama I watched is Endless Love. it was aired on TV, and it made me and my mom cried in some episodes. since then, I love to watch dramas, but because internet isn't very popular back then, I only watch those which is aired in TV.

well, it's different now. *grin*

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Post by iyakamae » May 11th, '10, 14:01

The very JDrama that I watched was Love Generation, about 8 years ago. I've been hooked ever since. sadly I'm more hooked on Takuya Kimura drama's than I am anything else, but I am trying to expand my horizons.

I love anything that is funny and romantic, so if anyone ever has any suggestions, please feel free to PM me or whatever :-)

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Post by bchman » May 12th, '10, 20:27

I belive it was Yamma Onna Kabe Onna. And with it jdramas got me.

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Post by kiki_riki90 » May 12th, '10, 21:05

My first drama was Goong.
First Japanese - Hana Yori Dango.
First Taiwanese - Mars.

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Post by Cheers » May 14th, '10, 00:52

I was at a small anime-event just for the weekend, when someone put up Densha Otoko on the big screen at the lounge.
It made me go "what on earth is this" and when I got home I just had to see the rest.

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Post by juliennepeters » May 14th, '10, 02:23

've already watched many korean, taiwanese drama i love them all. Recently i've watched "Miss no Good" i really love Willber Pan he's so hot and has a very cute smile, the drama series will be aired on Phil. TV soon. watch them its really so entertaining..make me laugh all day its really a good and great story.

The korean drama i've never forget and i've love so much is "Full House" the story is really awesome.. :D

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Post by jusomekid » May 27th, '10, 01:58

I really really like you
was the first drama i've watched when it aired in 2006

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Post by Yunha » Jun 13th, '10, 06:29

My first drama was Autumn In My Heart in 2002 i think? Awesome drama!

With Song Seung Hun,Won Bin and Song Hye Kyo! ^^

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Post by unguanime » Jun 13th, '10, 07:35

My first drama, middle 2009, Seigi no Mikata. It wasn't aired at 2009 but at 2008 though.

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Post by gyouza » Jun 17th, '10, 00:11

my first drama was Papa to Musume no Nanokakan. I only watched it because of shige xD I liked it~

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Post by Orion1986 » Jun 17th, '10, 00:59

My first drama was... I don't remember... It think it was Zeni Geba. Yep. Probably Zeni Geba.

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Post by Seana » Jun 17th, '10, 01:28

OMG... I can't even rember. I was watching them and didn't even know what was being said.... My mom would have to tell most of it. I understand korean a lot better these days. But the drama got me hooked and couldn't stop watching was a KBS Drama A Woman's Choice, then Here Comes Ajumma, and so on. But the first drama I watched was First Love from 95 or 96. I watch a lot of Korean Music Videos and Movies a long before getting addicted to dramas. Now I prefer watching dramas. *^^* :)

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Post by janajee » Jul 2nd, '10, 02:49

The first I've ever watched was My Sassy Girl Chun Hyang I think, but I didn't get to finish it then. The second that I watched was Full House totally loved it. Then I stopped for several years, until It Started With a Kiss came out and then I started again. It was only after this whole time that I finished My Sassy Girl Chun Hyang. Hahaha. Then I stopped again for several more years unstil Fated to Love You and Boys Over Flowers... and then I stopped again... WAHAHAH, and now I'm back because of You're Beautiful and Personal Taste, WAHAHAHAH :)

Man, that was sooooo long ago.

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Post by Ethlenn » Jul 2nd, '10, 08:41

First Korean drama I watched properly: My Lovely Kim Sam Soon
First Japanese drama (after many attempts to others): Kimi wa petto

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Post by aility » Jul 2nd, '10, 08:55

First Korean I watched properly meaning not fast forwarding... crap, I dont remember... it was probably "My Love Patzzi".

Japanese: Beautiful Life.

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Post by gilnis » Jul 2nd, '10, 10:22

The very first (Korean) drama was Winter Sonata.

First Japanese: Maou.
First Taiwanese: Hana Kimi.
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Post by Calciu19 » Jul 2nd, '10, 11:09

My first drama was a korean one, You're Beautiful(minami sineyo)

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Post by janajee » Jul 2nd, '10, 11:42

@Calciu; wow, that's quite recent! That's totally one of my favorite shows ever :)

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Post by Issy » Jul 2nd, '10, 12:26

come to think of it, Oshin was not my first Jdrama to watch. as i recall, watching a jdrama about a littile boy (i think he was called Shoichi :scratch: ) who comes to live with his uncle after his parents die. i can't remember its name because i think i was 10 or 12 back then. :P

my first Kdrama. YAB. i think i should be thankful to JKS for getting me into kdramas and introducing me to my love(s) of my life :mrgreen:

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Post by Ethlenn » Jul 2nd, '10, 12:43

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Post by Issy » Jul 2nd, '10, 12:53

Ethlenn wrote:This, Issy?http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Oshin
no oshin i remember very well because i was in highschool back then. as i have written before in this thread that Oshin was one first Jdrama and i just realised that it was not. 8)

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Post by Ethlenn » Jul 2nd, '10, 13:15

Can we count "Shogun" as drama, mehehehe??

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