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Posted: Feb 24th, '09, 08:22
by infundibuliform
Romantic Princess, but I ditched it for Hana Yori Dango. Been addicted to Johnny's and Japanese dramas since. :P I originally watched it because a friend had a quote on Romantic Princess on her myspace. LOL!

Posted: Feb 24th, '09, 09:10
by Vider
My first was this "90 Days" kdrama... it got kind of boring after a while, and so absurdly dramatic x_X
But, I bore on and found HYD afterwards... which is what really got me hooked on dramas ^^;

Posted: Feb 25th, '09, 01:11
by kittykhatz20
First Asian Dram ever that I could really remember would be The Legendary Siblings II with Jimmy Lin and Tae.... but I think i have been watching chinese drama's even before without any subtitles or voice overs that is. This was the first ever show I've seen that I actually understood properly. i saw meteor garden next because everyone in my house hold liked it so much and they all watched the same show....

I stumbled upon HYD and i loved it so researched more about Jdoramas and started my download spree.... I also did watch some Korean stuff to... but that was pretty easy to get since they like showing Korean shows where I come from.

Posted: Feb 25th, '09, 16:18
by Katschoo
Mars, loved the manga and one day i found out it was turned into a drama, so started searching.

Posted: Mar 1st, '09, 21:02
by selvaspeedy
first Korean drama I saw was Emperor Of The Sea. Wasn't that hooked from the beginning, but it started warming up for me in ep. 20 something. And right now, I'm officially addicted to Kdramas :whistling:

Posted: Apr 9th, '09, 07:10
by -Hikari-
If you're talking first as first first, it was the Princess Returning Pearl I....I watched it in China when I was three years old? XDDDD

But if you're talking first drama with Eng subs, and'd be Full House. ^^ Which totally opened my doors Asian drama.

Posted: Apr 11th, '09, 03:16
by lapzod
Gals Circle, because my friend told me it had an ex-Morning Musume member in it.

I'm still watching it ;)

Posted: Apr 11th, '09, 17:50
by usagivie
well i guess i have to say: tokyo love story was the 1st dorama i watched.
kinda sad that the happy ending was not the way that i wanted :D

Posted: Apr 11th, '09, 22:20
by kuro570
The first complete drama I've watched was Iryu. The very first one I've ever watched but didn't finish or didn't even know the name of at the time on tv was Watashitachi no Kyokasho

Posted: Apr 11th, '09, 22:34
by Krabbi
usagivie wrote:well i guess i have to say: tokyo love story was the 1st dorama i watched.
kinda sad that the happy ending was not the way that i wanted :D
I finished this series yesterday and i also was a little bit disappointed at the end...

but my first one was "kimi wa petto". Watched it because of the manga.

Posted: Apr 19th, '09, 10:19
by kaoline
The first asian drama i watched was kimi wa petto :D

Posted: Apr 19th, '09, 15:43
by evelinux
it was 1 Litre No Namida <cries> soo sad. but it also made me be more optimistic about life.. for quite a bit of time..

Posted: Apr 19th, '09, 16:16
by «minah»
Pretty Guardian Sailormoooooooon! If It wasn't for that drama, I wouldn't have known about bittorrents ;_____;

Posted: Apr 21st, '09, 02:03
by mwood97
GTO ! all the way!

Posted: Apr 21st, '09, 02:58
by nix_renji
for me it was Majo no Jouken (Tackey & Matsushima Nanako).
Sad story...

Posted: Apr 21st, '09, 03:40
by shayla
Wow... How did I miss this thread...

My first drama was Bright Girl all the way in 2004 with Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk. Found it on the now gone site suprnova. Saw the name, liked it and decided to try it, not really knowing it was asian. Was suprised by how women got hit and nothing bad happened. Also lack of violance and sex was refreshing and it got me hooked.

Posted: Apr 24th, '09, 03:33
by gingetsu
oh, this is fun!

well, my first asian drama of all was 'Kurosagi'
I was only into anime till then, but I thought to give it a try and just downloaded the most popular dorama series at that time. aaand... it got me :D
the second one (I need to mention that) was 'Nobuta wo produce'
its still my most god-like dorama ever! :wub:

then I tried chinese ones. first was 'Chinese Paladin'
Im still into it and 'Chinese Paladin' is still my favorite

recently I came upon korean drama
it was just the title that cought my attention, but now I've got a second most god-like drama ever.
'Time between Dog and Wolf'.

seems I've got a talent to pick up the best ones first... wich makes it kinda hard for the others to keep up :roll

Posted: Apr 24th, '09, 03:57
by mazels
My first drama was a J-drama....and it was Tokyo Friends....and since then...i watched more J-drama ......and after i discovered i began to watch this too....

Posted: Apr 24th, '09, 14:11
by Razzie89
The first one I watched was Densha Otoko, but the one that really started my "JDrama watching spree" is Taiyou no Uta. Both are very good, though. :-)

Posted: May 4th, '09, 21:21
by dabogy
First asian drama i watched was GTO

Posted: May 6th, '09, 14:31
by Razor.
first kiss xD

Posted: May 11th, '09, 00:52
by chudc
The first one I watched was the feuding brothers; Alex Man was in it; a real classic !

Posted: May 11th, '09, 01:38
by Alienriceball
tinhvibanbi wrote:AJA AJA FIGHTING
mine is FULL HOUSE :D
AJA FIGHTING!! My first K-drama was also!!! Then it was Hello! Miss...and I was hooked!!
My first Taiwanese drama was Hana Kimi. My first Japanese one was Hana Yori Dango.

Posted: May 18th, '09, 04:55
by naoko (^-^)
My very first drama was Zettai Kareshi. What a long way since then. Wonder what I used to watch before :D

Posted: May 18th, '09, 19:38
by zhmogeliukas
The first drama I have watched was Dragon Zakura ^^
When I started to search something with teppei or yamapi,so second ant third doramas was nobuta wo produce and gokusen 2~~
These were my first doramas~and I still like them :)

Posted: May 19th, '09, 01:19
by Elitist Grammarian
It was either Densha Otoko or Hana Yori Dango. I can't remember which one came first. I didn't start watching drama regularly until a while later though and most of the drama series I've watched are a lot older than that. Konna Koi no Hanashi was the one that got me seriously into Japanese drama.

Posted: May 25th, '09, 16:46
by regret
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e :thumright:

Posted: Jun 7th, '09, 02:32
by Louis__Armand
My first drama was Hana Kimi (taiwanese version), it was amazing because I used to listen to a lot of S.H.E and watching Ella acting was simply great ^^ ~

Posted: Jun 7th, '09, 03:06
by garcon
K:Fullhouse really hooked me...but i gave up on kdramas...cause i cant find any good one's these days..tired of their love stories.
J:HYD made me an obsessed jdrama otaku.
Tw: ISWAk...i was crazy for joe chen...but tired out on iswak2 and love or bread...
im bored of romance..

Posted: Jun 15th, '09, 16:03
by Faryl
I started with Tenimyu musicals and Seto Koji was in it so when I think about it now, it's probably Koizora the one that got me into this. I'm kinda new to all of this, I've only been watching jdramas for about 2 or 3 months.

Posted: Jun 15th, '09, 16:25
by IamRiri
The first drama I saw was Devil Beside You... I watched it with my friend about 2 years ago in two days... XD She cried her eyes out at the last episode... :'D

Posted: Jun 15th, '09, 16:49
by springflower
first drama i watch was My Girl..... :D .....then full house..... :lol

Posted: Jun 17th, '09, 16:36
by Amelie.Phantom
IamRiri wrote:The first drama I saw was Devil Beside You... I watched it with my friend about 2 years ago in two days... XD She cried her eyes out at the last episode... :'D
Devil Besides You was my first drama as well. :D

At first, I was reluctant to watch dramas, thinking couldn't even compare to anime. However, a friend of my told me about Devil Besides You and I couldn't stop watching it. I saw all episodes in three days.

At the end, though I was really annoyed.
After all they had been through, he just left her for someone who aabandoned him! He is an idiot! If I were her, I wouldn't have taken him back. But, then it wouldn't have been a happy ending.
I still love his motorbike, though. :D [/spoiler]

Posted: Jun 19th, '09, 13:09
by riceavocado
Stand Up!! was the first drama I ever saw. Loved it, and then went on to melodramas ;)

Posted: Jun 21st, '09, 07:10
by nelo
GTO - Great Teacher Onizuka


Posted: Jun 25th, '09, 07:09
by vietxmikey
I believe it was GTO that started it all. God, that was a great series!

Posted: Jun 25th, '09, 07:18
by AllforCJW
My first Korean drama was Goong but then I didn't watch anymore Korean drama for over a year until I saw Winter Sonata. After that, my obsession to Korean drama began. I considered Winter Sonata that introduced me to Korean culture and everything about Korea. In spite of many great dramas, Winter Sonata will always have a special place in my heart.

Posted: Jun 25th, '09, 07:54
by Mai-Soon
my first drama ever was oshin(JP)
i was just 5 or 6 years old
but my first own choice drama was Sad Love Story (KR)
and Zettai Kareshi (JP) :roll :roll :roll

Posted: Jun 27th, '09, 08:03
by hydeaway
mine deffinitely Japan's "Tokyo love story".
watched it when i was about 10. hehe, quite heavy for a kid this age :roll
then, another japan drama which i dont remember the title. it's about a woman teacher. like GTO, but the teacher is woman.. i really forget the title. wanna watch it again :wub:

Posted: Jun 29th, '09, 22:16
by Rozenrot
I think my first drama was Sailor Moon.
What really sparked my interest was Mr.Brain, which I watched purely for Gackt and am since addicted.

Posted: Jun 29th, '09, 22:27
by jyori
the korean drama goong.
then goong 2..
then the person subbing goong 2 happened to sub hana yori dango.
so i started watching jdramas from there~
and then taiwanese dramas as well.
and now idek how many ive watched XD

Posted: Jul 11th, '09, 00:29
by ShionMiyagi
The first drama I watched in full was Full House.

I watched a little bit a Goong with one of my friends before that, but I never finished it.


Posted: Jul 14th, '09, 12:26
by dabogy
mine was meteor garden..

It was fine.. =)

Posted: Jul 22nd, '09, 12:21
by mele90
the first i watched was Ikebukuro West Gate Park. a choice i am very proud of :)

Posted: Jul 25th, '09, 11:24
by Milkywaychen
My very first Drama was Waterboys (the first Season). :-)
Then followed by GTO and the first Season of Gokusen.

Posted: Jul 27th, '09, 19:13
by AxiomofDreams
18 Jin Bu Jin
very entertaining haha

Posted: Jul 27th, '09, 20:38
by Sixcoins
Dragon Zakura... Did not know who Yamapi was but got educated real quick.

Posted: Jul 28th, '09, 08:51
by CityKitty
The first drama I think I ever watched was Coffee Prince. To this day I still haven't finished it though. Nothing against the series, I just have a short attention span so I switch between series a lot and I just never got back to it unfortunately. Some day though! :-)

Posted: Aug 28th, '09, 04:01
by ffchild
Hana Kimi (Japanese) was the first and best drama I ever watched....

Posted: Aug 28th, '09, 12:51
by laidbacknerd
The first JDrama I watched was Hana Yori Dango, I was hooked and the rest followed... I consider myself now a semi- D-Addict! Hehehe

Posted: Sep 5th, '09, 15:39
by jecca
First (and last) kdrama: Boys Over Flowers. Yes, so that means that I only started watching this year. I'm a newbie! :) Anyway, I liked it, so I decided to try the Japanese version. This is the only kdrama I've watched.
First jdrama: Hana Yori Dango. Loved it. And that lead to me watching other jdramas. Jdramas are all I watch now. lol.

Posted: Sep 5th, '09, 16:01
by Hanaze
Seishun Amigo, or at least so I think

Posted: Sep 14th, '09, 14:23
by acejem
Hong-Gil-Dong (Original, not the 08' remake) [홍길동]

However, the one that made me watch K-dramas for the following 5-6 years was:

Wang-Cho [왕초]

Posted: Sep 24th, '09, 06:59
by dattebayoXD
The first drama i watched was... "My boss My hero" :lol It impact! If it were any other drama, I might not love them like I do now.. : D I can't believe I started watching dramas only around half a year ago O.o

Posted: Oct 10th, '09, 21:44
by magnolialove
Beautiful Life...when it first aired ^^; gosh I feel old now...
It's still one of my favorites!

Posted: Oct 10th, '09, 23:45
by NickJu
My first Kdrama was Full House! To this day it is my favorite. I've been hooked on dramas ever since then. I'm thankful to every one at D-addicts and all the users of D-addict for sharing their love. God Bless you all!!! :)

Posted: Oct 11th, '09, 00:46
by OosakiNana707
My First Drama Was Meteor Garden ^^ At first I didn't like it but then I fall in Love with it..!! ^^ after that my addiction started... Now I cant stop hahahahaha

Posted: Oct 11th, '09, 01:05
by dorkychick
Love Letter, with Jo Hyun Jae and Soo Ae. I don't normally watch dramas that make me cry because I hate watching and crying at the same time but I just couldn't stop watching Love Letter. This drama is so beautiful that I just couldn't let go of it. The story has many flaws (what story doesn't?), but Jo Hyun Jae (JHJ) acted so well in this drama that this is a must watch for all JHJ fans. This is his first lead role and he was still very young (early 20s) when he did this but he delivered a very superb performance. I cannot think of any other actor (present crop of K actors included) who could have played the young priest-in-the-making Andrea.

Posted: Oct 11th, '09, 02:03
by delaciel
Gosh... My first drama?? That would be Tokyo Love Story.... Old one... I watched it like 10-15 years ago? I was in elementary school and already watched a Japanese drama XDDD

Posted: Oct 19th, '09, 08:54
by Tetsuz
Forrest gump el oh el ages ago

Posted: Nov 1st, '09, 22:31
by fiskur
it was Meteor Garden and then I fell in love with asian dramas (especially taiwanese ones) :heart:

Posted: Nov 1st, '09, 22:46
by Ethlenn
Full House. Quite newbie, I guess, but I started to watch kdramas not so long ago.

Posted: Nov 2nd, '09, 00:11
by Mugatu
Ikebukuro West Gate Park!!
Still one of my favourites

Posted: Nov 2nd, '09, 00:15
by williambloke
My first drama was Attack No. 1. I had seen Ueto Aya in Azumi and was intrigued to see her other work.I have been hooked on Japanese Drama ever since!

Posted: Nov 13th, '09, 06:47
by iYayz
My first J-Drama was Oshin
i watched it when i was still in elementary schooL, and at that time, i wasn'T understand about the story at aLL. But sTill watched it anywaY...Weird...
My first K-Drama was My Girl i guess, just watched it few years ago

that's aLL i Can remember...
i've ever watched Taiwanese, Hongkong and Chinese Drama, buT i JusT canT remember the title

Posted: Nov 30th, '09, 16:16
by hyall
Mine was Densha Otoko and the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango called Boys over Flowers. I watched both at the same time jumping between these two. What I loved about Densha was the people he chatted with online. They were brilliant. He himself cried way too much for my liking. However there were so many funny bits I grew interested.Boys Over Flowers was a bit melodramatic nevertheless I liked it a lot .Those guys were gorgeous.

Then I watched Kekkon Dekinai Otoko and that was it I was hooked on dramas for good.

Posted: Dec 23rd, '09, 14:20
by justiceannep
fiskur wrote:it was Meteor Garden and then I fell in love with asian dramas (especially taiwanese ones) :heart:
mine was meteor garden too:D

Posted: Dec 23rd, '09, 19:44
by cornflake
My first drama EVER was Mars. ^^
I really wanna rewatch it. Haha.

Posted: Dec 23rd, '09, 20:48
by Arhazivory
Nodame Cantabile <3

Then I watched Hana Kimi and fell in love with all the pretty boys. :D

Posted: Dec 23rd, '09, 20:54
by blackbalsam
First ever was Taiwanese drama suggested by friend "Devil Beside You", followed by "Why Why Love" (for obvious reasons haha), next "Mars" and just THEN, after long thinking I watched "HYD" and..I got addicted to jdrama :D and it's all because of Oguri Shun-san (damn you for your splendid acting lol)

Posted: Dec 23rd, '09, 21:27
by Bulykin
1 Litre of Tears


Posted: Dec 30th, '09, 12:53
by Gyaboo
My first was taiwanese drama Zing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng...
I watch it when I was in elementary school *or maybe before??* xPP

Posted: Dec 30th, '09, 13:51
by JaJe
My first Asian drama was "Nobuta wo produce" (Nobuta power!!!!)
I watched it thanks to my twin sister, who accidentally found this jdorama - back then we didn´t really know anything about Asian dramas - but we were Japan-addicts thanks to anime and manga already back then. Dramas just made that addiction even bigger - you can say we have a disease now :blink and we´re really really happy about that!!! :D :D The reason why my sister wanted us to see Nobuta, was that it has a great plot and cute actors :P

Posted: Dec 30th, '09, 14:37
by bbyglam
my first drama wa hana yori dango .. and it was love at first sight :x .. !

Posted: Dec 30th, '09, 16:15
by rehnii
I really dont remember its TOO much years aggo... but Im sure I first started with the japanese one, then I tried chinese and then I discovered the korean ones XD
But I think the first dorama I ever watched was 1 Litre of Tears...