So.. What was the first drama you watched??

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Post by alexa18 » Dec 17th, '06, 13:59

mine was autumn fairy tale. it was really good!!


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Post by KuroRyu » Dec 17th, '06, 14:06

Densha Otoko. just hilarious... itoh misaki will always be Hermes to me <3 moe'! :P

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Post by queequeg » Dec 17th, '06, 20:32

My first jdrama was A Sleeping Forest. There is no one like Takuya Kimura to start an obsession. He's such a good actor!
Twdrama - Devil Beside You

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Post by prismatic_star » Dec 17th, '06, 20:43

It was Full House. 8)

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Post by Gorahgurl » Dec 17th, '06, 20:50

Drama in general, probably Fresh Prince. XD I still love watching that. But JDorama, the only foreign dorama I watch, my first would be Tokyo Wankei.

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Post by KAAdonkaDUNK » Dec 17th, '06, 21:00

My first drama ever was IT STARTED WITH A KISS

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Post by Riee109 » Dec 17th, '06, 21:09

While staying in japan i wasn't really interested in Doramas, I watched one or two episodes of waterboys 2, gokusen 2,... but i didn't really like it.
But then I started to watch Meteor Garden (yes, on japanese television) because I knew the manga. And I got really addicted!
Later (back in my country) I began to watch a lot of Dramas, I think my first J-Drama was Strawberry on the shortcake (not one of my favourites, but i quite like it)

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Post by gameday » Dec 21st, '06, 07:20

Ah, the classic: GTO. I loved it at the time, though watching it again I felt there was something missing. Still, it convinced me to move to Japan and teach.

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Post by KuroRyu » Dec 21st, '06, 12:52

gameday wrote:Ah, the classic: GTO. I loved it at the time, though watching it again I felt there was something missing. Still, it convinced me to move to Japan and teach.
wow that's what I call impact :O ..good for you anyways... GTO was a good drama no doubt :thumright:

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Post by princess_n » Dec 21st, '06, 13:05

mine was strawberry on the shortcake, i was totally amazed at how great it was, and it's still my number 1 favorite drama.
I think my first kdrama was goong, and tw was meteor garden, but i'm not sure. After watching SOS i've watched so many dramas, i dunno if i could even remember them all.

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Post by alexis_glenriv » Dec 21st, '06, 13:19

My first Asian drama is Meteor Garden... that started everything for me . Actually for the a year I watched strictlyTaiwanese dramas especially with f4 in it....then I moved on to Korean dramas and now i'm catching up with Jdoramas.

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Post by Miyoubi » Dec 21st, '06, 13:22

My first drama was Beatiful Life ^^. I thought Asian dramas had to be awful until I accidentally watch this and I realized Japanese TV had something amazing to show(later on I discovered Korean dramas had also interesting offers).

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Post by ringosan » Dec 21st, '06, 13:49

my first japanese drama was oshin somethin like that..i watch it when i was 7 or 8..and it was a long run japanese drama first korean drama was..i dun remember...i guess it was winter sonata..

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Post by Julz » Dec 21st, '06, 14:28

the first drama i watch is The successful story of bright girl.

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Post by mercedes08 » Dec 21st, '06, 14:38

well, for meh first drama i seen was devil beside u.....i luv dat drama. i think itz lik meh favorite, probally cuz itz da first drama i've seen, buh now i'm started to lik another drama even better...itz smile pasta....i luv smile pasta.

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Post by Moriya » Dec 22nd, '06, 08:08

J-drama : GTO

K-drama: Mina


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Post by Hachiko-chan » Dec 23rd, '06, 11:45

Hana yori dango :D and Devil beside you.

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Post by NADZ » Dec 23rd, '06, 13:14

Hana Yori Dango - 1 LOT - Full H

Eziya Minamoto
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Post by Eziya Minamoto » Dec 28th, '06, 04:52

Stairway to Heaven.

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Post by Viggen » Dec 29th, '06, 15:57

The first drama I watched was My Love Patzzi. I liked it very much so I watched Bright Girl's Success Story and Wedding too. I'll quess that someone has noticed the similarity between those series. :roll

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Post by chocoLatte12 » Dec 30th, '06, 08:53

Japanese drama - Itazura na kiss
Korean drama - brothers (I don't know exactly the title.. shown in Arirang)

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Post by Chewyr » Jan 1st, '07, 13:06

my first KDrama i watched was ' My Girl ' i was hooked to that drama
JDrama- Hana Yori Dango, loved it!

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Post by petronas » Jan 1st, '07, 17:28

K-Drama : Autumn in My Heart

J-Drama : Strawberry on the Short Cake

C-Drama : Meteor Garden

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Post by Pekana » Jan 1st, '07, 18:28

The first asian drama I ever watched was Hana Yori Dango. I didn't finish it though. It just didn't manage to keep my interest until the very end.

The first Korean drama I watched was Goong and from then on I really started to like dramas.

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Post by imissjpn » Jan 4th, '07, 05:56

The first drama i ever watched was Hana Yori Dango and it will FOREVER be my favorite drama!! :w00t:

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Post by zinaa » Jan 4th, '07, 06:27

Well the first drama i watched was a kdrama WHB ( What Happened in Bali) :wub:
that was about 10 months ago... 8)

yah am new in the droama world :w00t: .. i saw the whole drama in just 3 days.... my sister said that i was addicted to this show :glare: that was true :roll ..... i loved Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won so much ...... :wub:

from that time untill now get into watching a lot of J-dorama, kdrama and T-drama also.... :P

but overall i most love Jdrama and kdrama

now all my sisters watching kdrama and jdrama with me :mrgreen:

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Post by immazombie » Jan 5th, '07, 17:56

My First drama was 'Attic Cat'..all thanks to the re-runs on AZN.
But after they changed AZN to MTV2..I was really bummed. So i started watching kdramas online.
Then I got into all the good dramas like 'Full house', 'goong', 'My girl', 'Delightful Girl..' Yep. I'm a sucker for romance! :D
Aja Aja Fighting!

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Post by nhunggg » Jan 5th, '07, 18:06

Full House . <3

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Post by azn_filo11 » Jan 5th, '07, 18:15

erm.. ISWAK and Goong!! :D:D:D and im so adicted to it

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Post by amandatam » Jan 6th, '07, 08:48

j-drama : hana yori dango
k-drama: full house
c-drama: devil beside you
^^ all so good. :D

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Post by ani_14 » Jan 7th, '07, 01:44

the first drama that i saw was full house

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Post by luvergurl » Jan 7th, '07, 01:54

first drama i watched
J-drama would be Gokusen 1&2, then kimi wa petto, then Hana yori dango
K-drama would have to be my sister in law is 19 , snow white
T-drama would be Devil beside you, it started with a kiss
that's all note i put like two or three in each cause i don't remember which i watched first

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Post by Mitani » Jan 7th, '07, 07:12

the first dorama I got myself to watch was GTO, because I wanted to watch one which I knew something about, because I had read most of the GTO manga a couple of years before ^__^

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Post by jrpad » Jan 10th, '07, 21:58

i started out watching kung fu movies from people such as jet li and jacky chan and shifted over to wuxia dramas. the first drama i watch is Return of Condor Heroes 2006. it was really great and i really enjoyed it so i started watching more dramas and now im addicted :D .

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Post by wakaba » Jan 12th, '07, 22:32

My first drama ever was Summer Snow; I've been a Tsuyoshi fangirl ever since! I'd seen the live action version of Sailor Moon already before that though, but I wouldn't count that in.

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Post by arabian » Jan 12th, '07, 22:36

MY first drama was a korean drama i saw it in arirang TV it was ( four sister )..

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Post by [D-W]Katsu » Jan 12th, '07, 23:20

My first was H2 i 'm a fan of Mitsuru Adachi :)

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Post by fo0lish » Jan 13th, '07, 03:08

My first on PC was Hana Yori Dango. I've been watching Dramas ever since I can remember. They were Thai Dramas though.

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Post by Catt101 » Jan 13th, '07, 17:22

mine was gokusen and then gokusen 2 and then it was one hana yori dango and then one litre of tears sooo on and then i gave up on them and back on them due to hana yori dango 2 being released ehehe

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Post by HaJoSa » Jan 16th, '07, 14:41

Hi mena,

My first drama that i watched was the queent of the classroom, i enjoyed it :) it was fun...

What i like most was watching Hana Yori dango.... i really enjoy this drama alot.. :)

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Post by lay4ever » Jan 16th, '07, 16:15

I started to love them since green rose

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Post by cutekid » Jan 17th, '07, 13:52

my first ever kdrama that i've watched from the start till the end was jewel in the palace. a bit late though. its the rerun that i've watched because of my very busy sched back then. second would be my girl and full house. currently watching goong/princess hours

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Post by kizuna » Jan 17th, '07, 14:05

I think the first dorama i watched was Trick, but I'm not sure. It was very funny indeed. :D


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Post by portiaisabel » Jan 17th, '07, 14:11

MY first was........... Meteor Garden My first Kdrama was the one with Jang Na ra...... i've watched pretty much every kdrama endless love series... first Jdrama watched it from the start till end was Nobuta wo produce... but the First was Gokusen i missed some episodes......but all is cool..

currently watching
Prince Hours/Palace S/Goong S
Hana Yori Dango2
Spring Waltz

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Post by ~Saranghae~ » Jan 17th, '07, 14:24

The first K-Drama I watched was Goong
J-Drama: Hana Yori Dango
T-Drama: Devil beside you

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Post by RainingWendy » Jan 18th, '07, 23:50

idk if 1 litre of tears is a drama is it???

well the first k drama I saw was Sang doo lets go to school.

then it was Full House and then now I am watching A love to kill.

hehe yah i started with the Rain ( Bi) K Dramas. I am soo loving them!

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Post by zi » Jan 19th, '07, 00:02

one day i was pleasantly surfing on Youtube looking at the top rated videos when I saw... MY GIRL. I thought, gee, this looks interesting! So I watched it.

And continued to watch it.

And didn't sleep just so I could finish watching it.

And then I didn't know what to do... I wanted to watch more shows like it.. and slowly I found more on Youtube, and then on SilentRegrets, until finally D-Addicts.


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Post by dragon35fire90 » Jan 19th, '07, 00:18

My Girl. Friend suggested it, I took suggestion, got hooked, and here I am.

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Post by unclehock » Jan 19th, '07, 00:30

haha, i'm only half a year old around here, so it was one litre of tears that brought me to this wondeful world : ))))

though i think i watched Oyaji! back in 2001 when it was showing in singapore at like 11am on sundays, but i only watched like 5-6 episodes of it.. haha ironically i'm now watching it, properly : )

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Post by ch1b1m » Jan 20th, '07, 01:14

i watched tons of CHINESE DRAMA SERIES in the past. can't really remember what the first one was but anywho, as far as i can remember, Meteor Garden was the first one that i really like and got addicted to. after that, i continue watching more and more dramas. ^_^

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Post by RainingWendy » Jan 20th, '07, 03:56

one litre of tears did that to you well i didnt know about it till resently, that one I really loved but the one that got me into wanting to know more about K dramas is actually a tie between Full House and A Love to Kill since now I want to learn Korean...I been trying to learn Japanese for the longest time with no luck maybe I will be better with Korean.

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Post by angelya » Jan 20th, '07, 03:56

Nobuta wo produce! ^^ a friend of mine told me to watch it on youtube~ then i downloaded it (because I really hate youtube XD) .. but i forgot i downloaded one episode and i found about some months after! and i became addict xD but now i dont know how many dramas i've watched...

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Post by unmeidash » Jan 21st, '07, 00:29

sentai and metal hero series doesn't count, right?

my first drama would be a J-drama. in the form of GTO 8)

otherwise, it would be kamen rider black

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Post by Aen » Jan 21st, '07, 02:35

I think either GTO or SOS was the first drama series I watched. I forgot how long ago that was, but that had to be quite aways back.

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Post by crackingskulls » Jan 27th, '07, 12:58

Hana yori dango was the first drama series I ever watched, after being introduced to it by my housemates, and I loved it. I'm currently sifting through watching the second series and waiting paitently to view episode four. I'm in the middle of watching various other dramas, such as; Hana kimi, regatta and some others that I can't remember the titles of. Basically, I'm hooked.

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Post by BeerChan » Jan 27th, '07, 13:09

My first j-drama was Strawberry on the Shortcake
My first k-drama was Love Story in Harvard.
I'm hooked!! HOOKED I TELL YA!

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Post by baby_bytes » Jan 27th, '07, 13:15

My first J-drama was Nobuta wo Produce when it was airing I was living in Japan at the time.

and my first K-drama was Snow White aka Taste Sweet Love aka Baek Seol Gong Ju

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Post by wiseheart » Jan 27th, '07, 13:24

Tomato was the first k-drama I watched. Liked it then but not really hooked. Then wathed other k-dramas on and off (about one or two in a year). Until a friend lent me "What Happened in Bali".... addicted since !!!!!!

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Post by keiko001 » Jan 27th, '07, 13:26

i´m not sure but i think it was breathless!

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Post by Linh[hyd=3] » Jan 27th, '07, 19:12

GTO drama ... but i was tired that i didn't see it completly ..
the 1st drama i saw completly was Full house ... just 1month ago :) ... since this time, i watch a lot of drama now :)

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Post by cierta » Jan 27th, '07, 19:26

My first Kdrama was Doctor Brother (?)
My first memorable Jdrama was 16 years old bride (or something to that effect)
I know, these are old old old drama, but they are so goooooood!

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Post by EleKYAH » Jan 27th, '07, 20:46

My first dorama was Densha Otoko, ive seen it in finals of May 2006. I'm sure that my history will be the same than a lot of ppl here =P

In middle May (2006) I was a **** sucky otaku, and this time i was seeing "Hajime no Ippo" by youtube in some web. In this web were too the first 5 caps of a thing named "Densha Otoko", but it wasn't anime, so lets f*** it. One day, by error, i press the caps 2, 3 and 4 of Densha Otoko instead the caps 8, 9, 10 of Hajime no Ippo. When i maximized the cap 2 and click "play", i was like "WTF is it, a real serie with jap ppl?? Meh anyways i havent nothing better to do, ill take a look, anyways it be a lost of time" I found it interesting, so i saw the caps 3 and 4 (that were loaded) and i liked it. So i downloaded all the serie with spanish hardsubs.


Maybe it would hear weird, but i think that "error" has helped me to change my life and find my way of happiness in life (even i lost again after and now im returning to the great way). Im not sure if it was for the Densha Otoko influence, but after see it, i stop being otaku, and with some more things, i was "100% full happy" for first time in all my youngness. After this i become to see more doramas, get into j-music (kmusic after, but im not a kmusic addict), get into azn culture, into my korean identity, etc etc.

So Densha Otoko was my 1st dorama, and i save an unoblivious memory of it. Densha Otoko FTW! XD

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Post by wnndy » Jan 27th, '07, 20:51

my very first drama was kdrama full house
second was devil beside you (twdrama) also my first twdrama
and first jdorama was i think orange days

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Post by bela_mex » Jan 27th, '07, 21:01

i've watched so many j-dramas and k-dramas & i still have so much to go lol
i tend to forget the names of a lot of the shows i've seen but it all started with

CHURASAN... an old j-drama based in okinawa~~~
it was part of the short 17 minutes daily dramas in southern cali :]
& still one of my favorites ~~~
currently watching HANA YORI DANGO 2 & WINTER SONATA ~~~

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Post by Liantasse » Jan 27th, '07, 21:16

First drama ever: kdrama My Girl - all because of lovely Jun Ki of course XD
First twdrama: The Magicians of Love
First jdrama: Nobuta wo Produce -- and I'm almost exclusively into jdramas now :-)

I'm a drama addict and very happy because of it! :lol

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Post by Fin_gurly » Jan 27th, '07, 21:23

my first drama was the magicians of love.. :lol :roll

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Post by bela_mex » Jan 27th, '07, 21:30

Liantasse wrote:First drama ever: kdrama My Girl - all because of lovely Jun Ki of course XD
First twdrama: The Magicians of Love
First jdrama: Nobuta wo Produce -- and I'm almost exclusively into jdramas now :-)

I'm a drama addict and very happy because of it! :lol
i love akira / yamapi!!! lol
that's how i got my friend into j-dramas ....

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Post by donkeykong » Jan 27th, '07, 21:52

my first jdorama was Love Generation (takako matsu), then Long Vacation, then Beach Boy, then Hitotsu Yane No Shita, then GTO...... then I lost track....
... currently the last jdorama i watch was 1 litre of tears.

my first Kdorama was Autumn Love, then Winter Sonata, then Hotelier, ..... then I lost track :)
and currently the last kdorama i watched was MyGirl.

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Post by hunterkirualeorio » Jan 28th, '07, 13:51

my first was Majo no jouken

And utada's song definitely had something to do with why i love jdrama now. =p

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Post by gibonite » Jan 28th, '07, 13:57

summer snow

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Post by mcmaster » Jan 29th, '07, 01:48

first asian drama I ever watched was densha otoko. still one of all time favorites

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Post by happy3nding » Jan 29th, '07, 17:04

erm erm lets see...i've watched alot of dramas since i was a baby but they were all gay, i watched them only because my parents do.
the first drama that was actually entertaining was "it started with a kiss" 4got, but i like intense romantic dramas =p

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Post by animefreak » Jan 29th, '07, 17:23

yummy yummy in hong kong.. x.x

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Post by ayamin101 » Jan 29th, '07, 17:24

Since I'm still pretty new to the world of asian dramas (got obsessed, in fact, just this past November), most of my first dramas are reletively recent ones. First drama EVER was Mars (<3 Vic Zhou!). First kdrama was Stairway to Heaven (which I occasionally rewatch to have a good cry). First jdrama was Hana Yori Dango (ah, Jun...).

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Post by Enki » Jan 29th, '07, 17:39

When I visited Japan there was one afternoon where I had to spend some time in my hotel room waiting for my friend. I flipped the channels and found a show that looked pretty interesting, and had enough slapstick gags so I could understand it (naturally, Japanese TV has no subtitles :lol ); luckily enough it had an English title so I could look it up back home.

That show was Waterboys, and I've been into drama ever since :lol

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