So.. What was the first drama you watched??

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Post by Shemyaza » Jun 28th, '06, 14:46

My first Drama was a Chinese one, Judge Pao, not the recent one but one from way back in the late 70's. It was broadcast here in the US with Chinese and English subs. That's the only one who's title I remember, there was another one I really liked about a security escort beurau, and one about the Shaolin Temple.

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Post by jpoplover08 » Jun 30th, '06, 04:03

My first ever ASIAN drama was Hana Yori Dango! :D But first K drama? Stairway to Heaven. First T drama? Devil Beside you... :wub:

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Post by andnever » Jul 2nd, '06, 07:37

jpoplover08 wrote:My first ever ASIAN drama was Hana Yori Dango! :D But first K drama? Stairway to Heaven. First T drama? Devil Beside you... :wub:
ahahah! same for me! :wub:

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Post by stunningblue06 » Jul 2nd, '06, 11:50

mine is Meteor Garden 1. but the first kdrama that i saw was fullhouse. it was good. the first jdorama was GTO and i watched the entire episode the entire day!!! :salut:

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Post by oppa92 » Jul 2nd, '06, 19:07

as far as i can remember when tv is my second friend

for jdrama Long Vacation comes to my mind and other jdrama that i've forgot the title..

for kdrama it must be..hmm Hotelier but it was dubbed in mandarin

for taiwan or hong kong..a few which i dunno their drama title

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Post by Kakihara » Jul 5th, '06, 21:15

First drama ever watched was Attention Please. After seeing the movie Azumi more Aya Ueto had to be found. Found Attention Please here and have also gotten Attack No. 1, Koukou Kyoshi, and Ace no Nerae.

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Post by tekistar » Jul 6th, '06, 04:44

Hmmm... I think it was either the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Live-Action or Kimi wa Petto. =3 Either way, it was Kimi wa Petto that spurred me on to eventually discover and love other series. GTO was my next big love, and now it's Densha Otoko. <333 Because even otaku need love. Hehe. =3

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Post by attosaibu » Jul 7th, '06, 07:31

Kakihara wrote:First drama ever watched was Attention Please. After seeing the movie Azumi more Aya Ueto had to be found. Found Attention Please here and have also gotten Attack No. 1, Koukou Kyoshi, and Ace no Nerae.
I guess you're a big fans of Aya Ueto, coz the dorama you mention above was played by Aya.

For me the first dorama I saw was... Oshin... It was so long ago I've barely forget it... May be it was a big hit when I in kindergarten....

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Post by ohlovelyy » Jul 7th, '06, 07:42

Full House nearly 7 months ago.

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Post by jani » Jul 7th, '06, 07:46

my first drama was full house.
i don't even know how i chose that one...i think because the rental place down the street started carrying all the kdrama dvds and full house was the only one that had a summary that made sense on the box =)
but that was it-i'm an addict i'm starting on twdramas and jdramas too now. uh oh.....

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Post by Suzumi » Jul 7th, '06, 07:53

My first drama was the Jdrama With Love, then I was the Kdrama Attic Cat and just loved dramas, though I didn't watch much until after the Tdrama Lavender. :D

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Post by Emperor » Jul 7th, '06, 12:30

The first Korean Drama was Full House DVD boxset which i bought from YesAsia and for Japanese it was Gokusen season 1.

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Post by ryuki » Jul 7th, '06, 12:53

Meteor Garden! Subsequently, Meteor Garden II killed off my interest in dramas. Interest in dramas was rekindled after watching Mars recently. Since then I've watched It Started with a Kiss, Tian Wai Fei Xian, Devil Beside You (love those 3!), and Love Contract (found it quite blah). Currently hooked on Silence and Tokyo Juliet. :lol

First J-drama I watched was something starring Kimura Takuya. The J-drama I remember best is Power Office Girls (really funny).

First K-drama for me was Autumn in my Heart. The story was soooo slow, but couldn't stop watching it cos of Won Bin... :P Haven't watched that many K-dramas cos I find them rather slow, but I liked Full House. :)

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Post by pinkapple » Jul 7th, '06, 12:54

my first drama was fullouse. from then on i got hooked to kdramas.

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Post by thtlam » Jul 7th, '06, 13:12

First Korean drama is Stairway To Heaven and first Taiwanese drama is Devil Beside You

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Post by LinkaDink » Jul 10th, '06, 14:42

My first ever was Journey to the West. I saw this thing even before I knew Disney existed (of which I was hooked and wasted the next 6 or so years of my life on). Then followed the wuxia series of Jin Yong (Semi-Gods, Demi Devils, Condor Series, etc...) So now I have a biasy towards CDramas (HK and TW included) and feel bad whenever anyone bashes them and/or refuse to watch anything besides K & J Dramas.
First "idol series" I watched was ITSWaK... not too bad...
First K Drama was Sad Love Story
First J Drama was Hana Yori Dango

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Post by mister » Jul 10th, '06, 14:49

haha Journey to the West was the first i watched too xD

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Post by CoolKidd » Jul 10th, '06, 17:34

My first K-Drama is "My Sassy Girl"... After that, I got hooked to K-Movies! :-)

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Post by bl00djunkie » Jul 10th, '06, 22:35

my forst k drama was loveholic, which i came across on ebay, i am into korean film bigtime and have oftern thought about watchin a kdrama. so anyways i recognised kim min sun from memento mori and thought id give it a go. i watched it in 1 sitting with a few m hooked!!!!!

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Post by vt4lifecuf » Jul 11th, '06, 14:45

im sorry i love you was the first drama i watch...and then im hook :)

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Post by kyou_enna » Jul 12th, '06, 19:35

First drama I watched was GTO I think...either that or Hana Yori Dango. *shrugs* it's been a while.

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Post by Nice_spork » Jul 12th, '06, 20:36

I first watched Hana Yori Dango i think, been hooked ever since.

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Post by seryeplease » Jul 13th, '06, 13:45

the first drama i watched was meteor garden (the first season), hahaha i hated the second season..

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Post by Neji-sama » Jul 13th, '06, 15:32

Hana Yori Dango and it's the one that has made me a D-Addict!

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Post by docipain » Jul 16th, '06, 01:52

mmmh my first dorama was peach girl...i didn't know that it was a dorama when watching it xD

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Post by arabian » Jul 16th, '06, 07:40

the first drama i've watched korean drama ( four sisters).. :lol

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Post by msjj_16 » Jul 17th, '06, 14:21

the first drama i've watched is meteor garden... actually i wasn't able to watch the entire drama even if it was aired twice here... the first drama i was able to finish was only you...

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Post by Sunfire249 » Jul 18th, '06, 17:38

Hmm, my first Drama I ever watched was probably either Initial D or Meteor Garden... I kinda grew off Cdramas and started watching Jdramas more though ^_^

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Post by trentmc » Jul 19th, '06, 10:58

"The Champions" and then "It started with a kiss"

both pretty dam good. ISWAK probably better than dam good!

Ariel Lin is hot!


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Post by Strider » Jul 20th, '06, 03:32

Densha Otoko was the first one I ever watched and now I'm pretty much hooked...
the bad thing is that there are some many good c-j-k-dramas out there, I don't know where to start... it's a bit overwhelming trying to catch up with the old and new dramas...

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Post by Barca » Jul 21st, '06, 02:03

"Goong" would be my first...."My Girl" would be the latest at the moment.

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Post by achi_les » Jul 21st, '06, 02:08

first drama is meteor garden hehe.. i put that off for a long time because i knew once i start watching dramas i'll be so addicted! so i was right!

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Post by nhesi » Jul 21st, '06, 02:28

My very first one was Meteor Garden which I completely fell in love with. 4 Taiwanese & 3 Korean shows later, I'm still addicted to asian dramas! I especially liked Devil Beside You.

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Post by dummy » Jul 21st, '06, 02:36

my first drama evey watched .......???????? i don't know but maybe I'M SORRY I LOVE YOU...

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Post by tab612 » Jul 22nd, '06, 12:36

my first drama....
hmmmmm.... beach boys....

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Post by usagi_on_the_moon » Jul 23rd, '06, 01:54

my first drama....gokusen. i think.

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Post by msn » Jul 24th, '06, 05:28

my first drama healing hands A long time ago.

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Post by Mitgott » Jul 25th, '06, 13:08

Full House or Sang-doo o_o Don't know which of these u.u

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Post by pinksunbright » Jul 26th, '06, 07:48

UMMM...I think that Stairway to Heaven was my korean drama.It was a Chinese DVD and the english sub's were really really bad. I cried :cry: through the whole series, it was the saddest thing that I had ever seen.After that I didn't want to see another korean drama because I hate to cry but one of my friends forced me to watch My love Patzzi. And as the story goes i became a drama addict. :D

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Post by dyesan » Jul 27th, '06, 17:36

Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang :lol Addicted ever since?

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Post by asianblondgirl » Jul 28th, '06, 17:08

My first drama was My girl, then it was Devil Beside you, still both are two of my most favorites.

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Post by ndoodles » Jul 28th, '06, 23:53

I started watching when I was little - mom and sis liked them a lot but I didn't get it. Lately I've started again and I'm watching Hana Yori Dango (eek! so adorably cheasy, I love it!)

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Post by Kuli » Jul 31st, '06, 03:33

My first drama was Nobuta Power! got me hooked to the drama world, now I watch every asian drama that I can.

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Post by wai_muna » Jul 31st, '06, 08:07


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Post by Ardatliilii » Jul 31st, '06, 08:25

My first drama was Kimi Wa Petto. I was so excited when I heard there was a live action version of that manga. It's been down hill sense. I'm just not getting the levels of romance and angst I need from anime anymore, so I must go elsewhere. Asian entertainment is like crack.

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Post by Tackey » Jul 31st, '06, 19:13

The first drama I remember watching was "First Love" on TV. My friend forced me to watch it with her, and I did. I didn't know who any of the people were, but the story intrigued me. After that, I got HOOKED like a lot of people here. :D

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Post by SacredCultivator » Aug 4th, '06, 16:01

My first drama would have to be 1 Litre of Tears, if it wasn't for that drama I would have never turned into the J-Drama Addict taht I am toda.y

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Post by tisa » Aug 15th, '06, 02:01

My first drama was Hot tropical nights in december but i never got to watch the last episode because the torrent had no seeders. I still don't know how this drama ends :cry:

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Post by the_spin0ff » Aug 15th, '06, 02:07

the first drama I watched was Winter Sonata. I was flipping through the channels, came across it, and found it interesting. After that, I started to watch/download more dramas.

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Post by Japan Otaku » Aug 15th, '06, 02:10

Shimokita Glory Days and Trick season 1

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Post by altec1 » Aug 15th, '06, 02:17

The FIRST one I ever saw completely was Gokusen, after I watched the Anime. That show got me hooked, although Gokusen 2 was okay in comparison, but from the actors in Gokusen 2 I watched Nobuta Wo Produce which became my FAVOURITE. :cheers:

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Post by hkgirl » Aug 15th, '06, 06:58

The first one I ever saw was Mars. Someone was rabbiting about it on Livejournal. I managed to download a few episodes but it was taking too long and i found it on Youtube. I didn't get any sleep for two nights while I watched that. This was about three weeks ago and I've been hooked ever since.

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Post by punchpan » Aug 15th, '06, 07:45

My first Drama was Mars <3
I was addicted to it! xD (though I knew it already, because I've read the Manga :) )

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Post by Ashes-Wishes » Aug 15th, '06, 08:57

punchpan wrote:My first Drama was Mars <3
I was addicted to it! xD (though I knew it already, because I've read the Manga :) )
What? There's drama of Mars? o____o I read the manga few years ago and it wasn't half-bad. Now I have to search the drama and see it~

My first drama was Yamato Nadeshiko. I accidentally took wrong torrent from mognet's lists [I think I was going to download PV...] last spring and after I got the file and opened it, were surprised because it wasn't what I was waiting for.
I didn't watch it right away. One day I had nothing to do so went and watched it. Wasn't bad or good, but I just became interested in j-dramas because of it.

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Post by dianevee » Aug 15th, '06, 09:28

korean series was a phenomenon here in the philippines...once it was launched it became like a plague that spread so its hard which is the first series that was launched here....i guess it was endless love and irene or ms. mermaid...but what got me hooked was "success story of bright girl" & "country princess"... 8)

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Post by itssmojojojo » Aug 16th, '06, 15:45

attic cat was my first korean drama.
i found out about d-addicts after watching lavender though. my sis brought it home from a friend.
lol i dont understand mando so i watched it with my mum sitting next to me translating each line by line. that sucked after awhile cause she got so into it she would just stop talking and leave me hanging haha so i went online to look for subs and google gave me d-addicts! been hooked since

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Post by prismatic_star » Aug 16th, '06, 15:48

First Drama H2.

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MARS <333

Post by anva91 » Aug 16th, '06, 18:34

my first drama was MARS....I found online an article about how deeply romantic and stuff the manga was but couldnt find the manga for ANY TYPE of download ANYWHERE! when i hear that there was only a live-actio drama based on the manga i decided to give it a try.... and COMPLETELY changed my view on foreign entertainment...if before i couldnt POSSIBLY imagin foreign movies/shows, then NOW im one of the biggest asian drama addicts ever...and of course MARS itself is STILL my favorite drama ever!! (next to "kamisama mou sukoshi dake) of course =].... Both of these stories are so moving and deep and dark and just BEAUTIFUL acting and original storyline! id suggest MARS and Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake to everyone !!!! =]

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Post by bah-tons » Aug 16th, '06, 18:43

at first i only watched japanese and korean movies, i wasn't really into the dramas but the the first drama i ever watched was i think 1 litre of tears..and i got hooked lol..

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Re: So.. What was the first drama you watched??

Post by Choco_Muffin » Aug 16th, '06, 18:47

full house! its so funny! :D

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Post by ohcrapimonfire » Aug 16th, '06, 19:20

My first drama was Hana Yori Dango. My sister, who is big into Anime and Manga and at the time obsessed with Densha Otoko, forced me to watch it while we were on a road trip because we had nothing better to do. Hana Yori Dango is actually the only manga/anime that I really truly adore, so I figured I'd give it a shot. And it was great!

My first Tw drama was Meteor Garden, the Tw version of Hana Yori Dango, and that was good also. But the one I watched right after that, Mars, was excellent! Anva9, I totally agree with you!

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Post by bah-tons » Aug 16th, '06, 19:22

hmm..maybe i start watching hana yori cousins watched it and they seem to like it, maybe i will

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Post by xtig3r » Aug 16th, '06, 19:41

Well I'll tell you what got me addicted!
Chinese Paladin/Liu YiFei

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Post by rubi » Aug 16th, '06, 19:55

My first drama was Gokusen. I don't remember what got me watching that drama, since I never read the manga or watched the anime. I think it was an online friend that told me to watch it because it was funny, so I did. I never got to finish it though (need to see the last episode), since I started watching Antique (which I also didn't finish) and Kimi wa Petto (first drama I completed). I have yet to get back to jdramas... been watching too many kdramas.

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Post by Yto » Aug 16th, '06, 20:04

i only got recently into kdrama ^^ the first one was My Girl and i was so happy that i tried it out ;P and now i am looking one kdrama after another and try out jdramas and twdramas as well. it's so much fun ^^

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Post by elsiey » Aug 17th, '06, 22:59

My first drama? lol, I think it was Full House...

First TW-drama? Mars

And first J-drama? Nobuta wo Produce~

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Post by RieRie » Aug 19th, '06, 01:07

my first tw drama was meteor garden...and my first kdrama was lovers in paris..

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Post by abceasyasml » Aug 19th, '06, 15:44

Ha ha. Last Summer. First Drama: Full House. First K-Movie: My Little Bride.

Watching Full House, Man! ha ha. I must've cried every single episode! Ha ha! Stupid drama. But it was good. =]

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Post by sLaVe4Rain » Aug 20th, '06, 17:31

First Japanese drama was ONe litre of tears. Everyone recomended it, and then finaly I got it. LOVED it, cried in 10 episodes like twice!

my first Korean drama was A love to Kill and My Girl. but it sucked because I only saw it in the Philippines and I was there only two months. so I didnt finish it or start it even. Plus, it was dubbed, and I dislike greatly dubbed work. So now Im downloading as we speak, and seeding sucks =_=


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Post by rxvien » Aug 20th, '06, 18:21

hmm.. i started with Hana Yori Dango cause my friends had watched it and said it was really funny. .. then came 'Full House' and 'My Girl' and now i'm a little addicted, haha lol .. and I loved them all, especially 'My Girl'!! and i can't wait til HYD season2 comes out. I think it's scheduled for January 2007. hope it's as good as the first one.

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Post by MeJean » Aug 20th, '06, 18:43

x) My first drama was some of the DBSK group.
xP but the first big drama for me was: It Started With a Kiss.

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Post by jjing » Aug 21st, '06, 22:10

i just recently began to watch k-dramas.. and my girl was the first k-drama i saw; but the very first drama i have seen was some hong kong one from like a long long time ago... i dont know its name

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Post by sefure » Aug 22nd, '06, 12:12

Hoshi no Kinka... watched it sooo long ago i can barely remember the whole story.. only remember it was a fantastic drama.. Sakai Noriko and her sign language was just the cutest thing ever back then!

Trying soo hard to find this series again... no seeds left here and can't find it anywhere else. hopefully it might become a JSOW / JSOM again!!

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Post by applekat » Aug 22nd, '06, 19:46

the first asian drama i watched was chinese paladin during hols in china... i thought it was like the best thing ever at the time. but my first MAJOR drama was devil beside you but its not my fave. i still like it tho

my first kdrama was my girl even tho i like full house a tiny bit better.

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Post by esper » Aug 23rd, '06, 23:43

My first drama was Antique

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