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So.. What was the first drama you watched??

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Post by Sponton » Jan 27th, '06, 08:37

My first dorama was Gokusen.

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Post by coolio_amanda » Jan 27th, '06, 11:32

ohh my first drama was FULL HOUSE and it was :thumleft: ... I liked it alot specially BI he ROCKS

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Post by Groovy » Feb 1st, '06, 10:09

The first drama I watched was Gokusen...I came across it while I was reading the manga. Then from there I realized the world of dramas!

Then the first......

twdrama: meteor garden 1 and 2
kdrama: What happened in Bali

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Post by morhea » Feb 1st, '06, 10:59

The first one that reeled me in was Full house! I never knew Asia dramas were so much fun to watch! Would stay up all night if I could, but sadly I have to get some sleep before I go to work. :cry:
Right now I am currently watching goong and It started with a kiss. :wub: Both are really great!

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Post by chris95831 » Feb 2nd, '06, 04:53

Long Vacation. Cute story and great music. Still one of my favorites.

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Post by Usagi_Mitsukino » Feb 2nd, '06, 09:00

well i'm currently watching my first drama ever, wich is Hana Yori Dango and Goong =)

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Post by agiri » Feb 4th, '06, 06:35

saebul ; firebird : i believe that was the name. eric mun is in it. yepp.

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Post by kyo-kun » Feb 4th, '06, 18:57

The 1st drama I watched is hana youri dango......................

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Post by Aprisea » Feb 7th, '06, 22:19

My First drama was Summer Snow

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Post by prismatic_star » Feb 8th, '06, 01:36

Erm, my first drama must've been H2. It was on TV? (I have satelite) Didn't interest me though.

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Post by GTOnizuka » Feb 8th, '06, 01:40

My first was Great teacher Onizuka, hence my name. Thats what started it all. Still watch it to this day and recommend it when people ask what to watch. The only mark on this series was the movie. Made no sende at all. The tv series and special were great.

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Post by Andro » Feb 9th, '06, 10:38

fluffycrocodile wrote:"Okane ga nai"

"No Money" or I guess "Escape from Poverty"

Okane ga nai was my first j-drama. Before that, I watched a few dubbed chinese, thai, and i think indian (not sure though) dramas. They were dubbed (horribly i might add) in my native language and all were loooong. We would have suitcases of VHS tapes.

Where did you download it? I want to watch it too, but I don't know where can I have it.

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Post by wishful_thinking » Feb 12th, '06, 16:00

my first drama is tw drama meteor garden ^_^ when it was first shown in the phils.

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Rinoa Heartilly
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Post by Rinoa Heartilly » Feb 12th, '06, 16:53

My first drama was 1 Litre of Tears. I was on JPS and decided it was about time I exposed myself to some J-Drama. :D This drama was really depressing, as well as inspiring. <3

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Post by Zonakusu » Feb 12th, '06, 17:04

My fist was Gokusen! ^_^

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Post by *Lifo* » Feb 12th, '06, 17:09

It was 3 or 4 years ago on arirang TV ..it was called = NONSTOP.

Anyone familiar with it ??
and then i started watching from the net:
2-full house

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Post by asian_grl » Feb 14th, '06, 07:38

omflippin god.. i can't remember!! i thought it was just k-dramas at first.. that i remember. but my 1st drama? doode.. i grew up on them.. i watched them b4 i can even remember or comprehend them...I just kno it was prolly a TVB series..

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Post by callmesue » Feb 14th, '06, 23:51

I don't even remember, but maybe that really old/famous one where that guy is a boxer? Or maybe the one with a title that had to do with sand...? I grew up watching them since I was young so I don't remember.

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Post by YouShan » Feb 15th, '06, 00:51

My first drama, I think, was very long ago. The show had this one lady who had a magic braclet and did anything with it. At the end of the drama, she broke it or something and something went wrong when she tried to use it. It's a comedy drama, that's all I remember. Anybody got a clue what drama this is, I really like to know, haha.

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Post by bioshiva07 » Feb 16th, '06, 00:18

my first drama was Meteor Garden. this drama got me hooked on chinese and then later korean dramas. i thank meteor garden for my drama addiction.

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Post by slowpepper » Feb 16th, '06, 06:02

i don't quite remember the first first kdramam i watched as a kid.
BUTTT after watching autum in my heart, like around some lightyears ago, i really got hooked on k-drama. up until now, i still am. LOL

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Post by Baby-Bash » Feb 16th, '06, 08:29

the 1st drama ive watched was Hana Yori Dago....

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Post by dramalover » Feb 17th, '06, 16:57

Winter Sonata, from there I got hooked on watching Kdramas

of _the_fire_roots
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Post by of _the_fire_roots » Feb 17th, '06, 21:27

i am not even sure of whats the first series that i watched... its been soo long ago. but i remember journey to the west (the one with dicky) as one of the very first.

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Post by tisa » Feb 17th, '06, 21:31

Baby-Bash wrote:the 1st drama ive watched was Hana Yori Dago....
Me to, me to :thumleft: :thumright:

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Post by Kisaki~ » Feb 17th, '06, 21:45

My first drama was Great Teacher Onizuka, it's such a great drama.
After GTO I watched Densha Otoko and before I knew it, I was already hooked :alcoholic:

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Post by princessugar » Feb 17th, '06, 22:12

First drama ever? Tokyo Love Story, in 1995 i think. Honami Suzuki has been my favorite ever since :D

Kdrama: All About Eve, 2001. Chae Rim's performance was overshadowed by the evil character, i can't remember her name though... hmmm

Chinese drama? wow, Andy Lau's Condor Heroes

Tdrama:well, it started with Meteor Garden :D

Thai dramas are also good, but I can never remember the titles... they changed them to indonesian anyway... :-(

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Post by mahanga » Feb 18th, '06, 02:17

the very first one would have to be Pride - because of the hockey theme. But it wasn't till I watched Beautiful Life and Love Generation soon after that i got hooked - great dramas!

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Post by AngelGurl6 » Feb 19th, '06, 00:24

My very first drama has to be Meteor Garden. After that my first k drama was Full House and that was when I was hooked on dramas. Both dramas were referred by my friends. Wow, just imagined if they lend my horrible dramas to begin w/ I think I wouldn't be here (on d-addict). :blink

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Post by horndogbuddhist » Feb 19th, '06, 05:19

mine was GTO......LOVED IT.....defintly made me strive to become a teacher faster...seeing what could happen to a teacher.....

since then I've moved quickly through a lot of dramas and like a crack fiend I NEED MORE.....need to know any great dramas that anyone would recommend.....

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Post by spacecommand » Feb 19th, '06, 05:55

GTO was the first time i "saw" a dorama, interestingly enough it was at an Anime Convention, but I wasn't interested in J-doramas at that time.

The first drama's I watched were actually 2 series at the same time, it was You're Under Arrest and Shomuni 2 (lol it was funny because I had problems downloading shomuni 1) so I saw 2 first (but the way the stories are done in that series it didin't matter much).

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Post by choudori » Feb 19th, '06, 06:02

My MVP Valentine.

I had a friend that was really into doramas who sent me some cds and I got hooked ^_^v

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Post by eiD » Feb 20th, '06, 07:19

..same to spacecommand.. :roll
my 1st drama is GTO..aftr that..
it had change me to drama maniac....... :mrgreen:
from a person who realy suckz to watch drama...hahaha^^

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Post by swtazngurl218 » Feb 20th, '06, 20:45

The first FULL k-drama that i watched was Stairway to Heaven. Before i watched this, i only saw part of another drama.

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Post by gyoza » Feb 20th, '06, 21:50

Last Christmas... it's still my favorite!

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Post by troublard » Feb 20th, '06, 22:08

my first one was GTO :cheers: .... i love matsushima nanako so much :wub: .... at that time i didn't know d-addicts ... from then I just keep downloanding and downloading so much that i can't remember witch drama i've watch... :mrgreen: for the were so many :alcoholic:

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Post by Limpaway » Feb 22nd, '06, 05:51

My first kdrama is My Love Patzzi.
My first jdrama is Files of Kindaichi with Domoto Tsuyoshi.
My first twdrama is Huan Zhu Ge Ge
My first hkdrama...can't remember...been watching since I was born.

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Post by AsianDramaGirl » Feb 22nd, '06, 06:04

My first kdrama was Full house! so awesome

Taiwanese drama: It all started with a kiss. still on ep.20. yes very recent i started to watch taiwanese dramas. lol

Jdrama: havent watched any yet

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Post by Sin 31 » Feb 22nd, '06, 16:43

the first i saw was HYD.

The first i really liked was Gokusen.

My favorite now is Trick. :)

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Post by Yorokobi » Feb 22nd, '06, 18:55

The first drama i watched was GTO i loved it and thought it was pretty good considering they took it from an Anime. This then sparked my intrest and i saw things like, sailor moon, gokusen ace wo nerue and suddenly i was hooked

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Post by babycurious » Feb 23rd, '06, 23:44

my first J Dorama is Tokyo Love Story,anything for you, ordinary people
first K drama is Endless Love, Hotelier, All about eve.....
first tw drama is meteor garden
I find them all have great stories which makes me addicted to those genres

but now i'm just crazy with Trick (jdorama) and A Love to Kill & Sangdoo (kdrama) :lol

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Post by oleo » Feb 24th, '06, 21:01

Fukigen na Gene. That's right, I didn't care about any drama until I was dating a Japanese girl in Japan. Go figure. Sure would be nice if someone could reseed that...

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Post by siggiepop » Feb 24th, '06, 21:05

My Girl was my first K-Drama. Long Vacation was my first J-Drama.

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Post by ovo » Feb 24th, '06, 21:08

All About Eve :wub:

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Post by Sweet_Chan » Feb 24th, '06, 21:12

First jDrama: Hana Yori Dango was my first ^^ (which was about a week ago ^^;;)
First KDrama: Full House (only 1 epsiode last week as well... ^^;;)
As for Taiwan, Chinese, Hong Kong and Viet Dramas... First ones were when I was a little kid... ^^;;

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Post by screenstyle00 » Feb 24th, '06, 21:18

My first Korean drama was Phoenix.

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Post by ReiBirdina » Feb 24th, '06, 21:24

my first K-drama was Winter Sonata back in 2002
It wasn't subtitled or anything and I didn't understand
Korean...but I just couldn't stop watching o_o....
Ah the first sweet taste of K-dramas <3...

J-Drama: Itazura Na Kiss (the old vers.)

T-Drama: Is Heaven's Wedding Gown a Taiwanese drama...? Then..okay.

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Post by pacman99 » Feb 26th, '06, 03:40

Full house..then Dae Jang Geum...do not watch Dae Jang Geum if you have exams coming up and have barely any willpower lol. I learned it the hard way.

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Post by violette » Feb 26th, '06, 03:53

Up till now, I have hardly remember what was the first KDrama I saw because I 've seen many many KDramas......Uhm.......maybe it was Model with Jang Dong Gun, Han Jae Suk and Kim Nam Joo.I luv KDrama so much, much more than any other Drama...

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Post by sayuri43 » Feb 26th, '06, 08:56

my first drama was Full House~~ definitely a good one to start with :D it got me hooked right away. I've been watching dramas ever since [yes, it's recent... but still]

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Post by alliemon » Feb 27th, '06, 02:39

(o3o); I've yet to see any of Meteor Garden, but a few years ago, I saw a whole bunch of NG's. Haha. So I guess you can't really count that. The first drama I watched in full was Hana Yori Dango.

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Post by mvue021 » Mar 2nd, '06, 20:07


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Post by Ro~Chan » Mar 2nd, '06, 20:12

First drama I watched was actually a korean one. Lover in Paris.
Gokusen was my first japanese drama, I guess.. or Beautiful Life.. can't remember really.

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1st drama

Post by ddrdancing » Mar 4th, '06, 02:55

taiwanese-Meteor Garden... GO F4!!
korean-Full House... :wub: Rain was awesome in his role

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Post by ladym » Mar 4th, '06, 03:02

TRICK :cheers: :alcoholic: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: and i'm still watching it! i cant take my eyes off of it!!!!! :wub: :cheers: :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Post by Susumari » Mar 4th, '06, 05:01

since.. new and all to jdoramas. i'm going to say my first full one will be Anego. I started up Gokusen awhile back but I just never got really into it as much as Anego, i guess i could relate more to it

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Post by Mousie » Mar 4th, '06, 13:04

19 yrs ago..my first korean drama was......

. .. .

no idea <_<.

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Post by wishful_thinking » Mar 5th, '06, 20:20

it's Autumn in My Heart! i love it!! it's a tear-jerker for me though.... :lol
it's dubbed in my language (tagalog) but recently i just watched the one with english subs and korean language... :-)

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Post by *t-eehs » Mar 6th, '06, 17:57

my first drama was..stairway to heaven *-*

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Post by *puy² » Mar 6th, '06, 18:01

my first drama was stairway 2 heaven, 2 =D
but it's **** 2 started w/ such a sad drama

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Post by Koshiba » Mar 8th, '06, 00:43

My first Jdrama was either You're Under Arrest or Great Teacher Onizuka. As for Kdrama.. would probably be Bright Girl's Success Story.. :D

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Post by kawaiineemei » Mar 8th, '06, 04:31

FULL HOUSE was my first korean drama. ever since then, its hard to stop watching kdramas. that and any other dramas available out there .. like TWdramas and even jdramas - jdoramas. ahhh! how addictive. if anyone warned about how addictive itd be, i would still watch it all.

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Post by CCS_Tomoyo » Mar 12th, '06, 15:21

I just got into a month ago. XD;;
The first drama was Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang. I really love that one. I laughed a whole lot of times and cried in some parts too! ^^

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Post by Lelaye » Mar 13th, '06, 02:23

Ah, I can't remember. I've been watching t.v. since I was a babe. My parents were really into drama themselves so I really can't remember.

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Post by bellaheart » Mar 13th, '06, 02:25

my first drama was meteor garden. after that i was hooked.

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Post by guccijana » Mar 13th, '06, 02:38

Same here, METEOR GARDEN started it all for me.. after watching MG, I wanted to see more dramas :goggle: and tadaaaaaa, stumbled upon this wonderful site... :wub: and my second one was FULL HOUSE... (which happens to be my fav drama, lov lov lov lov it) :w00t:

xoxo guccijana
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Post by Nadil » Mar 13th, '06, 14:25

my first jdrama was HanaYori dango, kDrama - Full house... it was so funny, i love it.
I'm crazy over asian dramas :wub:

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Post by Kembang » Mar 14th, '06, 18:21

the first asian drama I've downloaded and watched with subs would be Nobuta wo Produce!
The first 1 I've ever seen(but couldn't really understand because I can't speak Chinese) was a Chinese drama series..I don't even know the name,but it had some kind of story in it I liked(yeah when I'm bored I sometimes watch the Chinese channel here on TV XD)

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Post by nadesico » Mar 14th, '06, 18:26

My first one: hana yori dango and my first k-drama Full House, I've seen 21 one dramas since!!

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Post by k_fan » Mar 15th, '06, 21:10

Winter Sonata. It was playing on a local channel a few years back. So sad. :cry: But what a great start to an obsession! XD I'd just started getting interested in kdramas, and this was the first I watched regularly. It was really moving. I dare anyone not to like kdrama after watching that. :lol

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Post by soapie » Mar 16th, '06, 15:47

The first drama I ever watched was Thai and I don't know what the title is XD I asked my mother, but couldn't remember it for the life of me...something about a ruby. Anywho, first drama I ever downloaded was Gokusen because I had read the manga (not done yet, stuck at volume eight until further chapters have been scanlated ^_^) and I think it's the most hilarious thing ever, possibly funnier than GTO and that's saying something because I'm hardcore GTO fanatic >_< Loved the drama, fell in complete and uber love with the students! I've watched Gokusen 2 and even though I still think it's funny, the first one was just better. As for first kdrama, it was Snow White. Adored the serie, incredibly funny and ugh, Lee Wan is so smexy -swoons- I'm now completely obsessed with Asian dramas, thank you XD

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Post by kakdebora » Mar 17th, '06, 20:47

Meteor Garden? Winter Sonata? :scratch: :scratch:
Wait ... No !!! :w00t: It was OSHIN !!
Hmmmhh ....I want to see Oshin again :unsure:

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Post by shokasan » Mar 17th, '06, 20:56

The first drama I watched was Strawberry on the Shortcake... because I was obsessed Takizawa Hideaki.... (Wow, that was a LONG time ago!) My first Kdrama was Bright Girl, and my first TWdrama was Meteor Garden. All of which were great, in my opinion, so I became addicted! ^_^

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My first drama

Post by Milano » Mar 17th, '06, 20:59


first drama watched and still remains the best for me ! :goggle:

Paolo - Milano Italia

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Post by SlightlyTempted » Mar 20th, '06, 01:57

Konna Koi no Hanashi (A story of love)
Glass Slippers (Garasu no Kutsu)

^ those were the two Asian (japanese) dramas the I saw.......after seeing those two
I started loving asian dramas...I wish these two dramas were on here so i can download :( them
I wanna see them again....

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