So.. What was the first drama you watched??

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Post by em_pangit » Dec 10th, '05, 07:09

my very first drama was Mukodono/son-in law a japanese drama., tho i've seen other dramas since this, mukodono's still one of my fav. :wub:
(along with other new ones :-) )

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Post by kookieazn » Dec 10th, '05, 07:09

my very first drama was "return of the condor heros" the 86 version. it was dubbed in viet and it is still my favorite drama of all time. :D

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Post by cees » Dec 10th, '05, 07:24

my first drama is Hana Yori Dango btw still watching it so u see iam new in the drama world.....

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Post by Trang521 » Dec 10th, '05, 07:58

My first Korean drama would be FULL HOUSE. And it kept me addicted. It was so weird cause I wouldn't hear the Korean words, I just hear sounds. And i didn't know about soft subs, so i watched it scrolling down the subtitles on the side.

I love FULL HOUSE but i saw the last episode first when it was on TV. But back then, I didn't know what it was called. All i knew was that i wasn't comming to my friends house and at 9:50 her and her sister screamed FULL HOUSE, and everything stopped and they watched the episode.

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Post by Sadden_One » Dec 10th, '05, 19:44

the first drama that i've watched was legend of the condor heroes, the 82' version, i was like 6-7 years old when i watched it, that was the first chinese/hk drama
the first kdrama i've watched was full house, a few months ago, and the first jdrama, hana yori dango, and i'm still watching it

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Post by maea_maie » Dec 11th, '05, 10:15

^ my first japaneese drama is Long vacation of Takuya Kimura.
^ my First Taiwaneese is Meteor Garden 1
^ and my first Korean is endless love 1

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Post by easy » Dec 11th, '05, 14:12

Olga_2005 wrote:So, the first J Drama I saw and likes was.. well the first one I ever saw and from the point got ADDICTED, it was GTO! Really amazing!! Couldn't get my eyes off the monitor!
Yeah, it was the first i saw, too.
I had the taiwaneese Peach Girl Drama long time before, but I never pull myself together, so I still have'nt seen it *lol*

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Post by sweetxvanilla » Dec 11th, '05, 21:16

well first jmovie, was battle royale..and first kdrama was pheonix, as for jdrama, lots, not

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Post by baggypantgpa » Dec 11th, '05, 21:52

To Heart with Fukada Kyoko and Doumoto Tsuyoshi (sp?)

It really opened my eyes on what Japan was like. Haha prior to that I had this feeling of wanting to go to Japan really badly. Then when I watched it I had this scared feeling because Japan was so different. I still really wanna go though. After watching Lost in Translation I realized how weird it can be to visit another country, but I know when I go it'll be a good experience!

First Japanese movie that I watched was a Godzilla movie but I forgot the names. :lol:

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Post by draco » Dec 11th, '05, 21:59

I don't remember if I have already posted in this thread before, anyway my first drama would be Tokyo Love Story.. I think. Or Goggle V if it's also considered a drama XD

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Post by blizzard » Dec 12th, '05, 19:29

The first jdrama i've watched was GTO...amazing story(it got me addicted)....
For first korean drama was full house

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Post by ballistic88 » Dec 12th, '05, 19:38

kusmog wrote:Hmm.. the series you're referring to that has Utada Hikaru's "First Love" as the theme song was Majo no Jouken (魔女の条件)... I forgot the english title... Forbidden Love or something like that?

dunno if you've seen it before, but if you want to check out another series featuring an Utada Hikaru song, there's HERO starring Kimura Takuya and Matsu Takako... the supporting cast rocks too. It's ending theme is "Can You Keep a Secret" and Hikki even cameos in one eps... it's a short season, but there's a long obvious pause to make the audience notice... that and her bad acting. hahaha
Yup it was Forbidden Love, and I do have that show but I just haven't gotten around to finishing it. And yeah, that was a nice surprise with Hikki's cameo on Hero. Waitress, yeah? They sure as hell made sure to focus on her for a few seconds... not that I minded, of course.

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Post by hepcat05 » Dec 12th, '05, 21:37

Over the past few years, I’ve watched two of Miyazaki’s movies (Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke) and few martial arts flicks. I enjoyed them, but nothing about them made me think I’d like Jdramas.

This past spring however, once Smallville and 24 had their season finales, I realized that for the next few months, there would be absolutely nothing on U.S. TV worth watching. So, I began looking for something different, and I eventually found Gokusen posted on another website. (That person said he got the eps from D-addicts, which is how I found this site.) The premise did sound interesting, but I confess the main reason I decided to download it is because Yukie Nakama looked amazingly hot in screenshots he posted.

Gokusen turned out to be a huge surprise; I absolutely loved it and quickly began looking for other dramas. I started out with Trick Season One, and then moved on to the incredible Densha Otoko. I’m currently watching Kikenna Aneki and I saw the first three eps of Hana Yori Dango over the weekend.

Besides the beautiful leading ladies, these shows are genuinely funny and I also like the fact that the characters generally seem a bit more innocent than their American counterparts. Besides the lack of humor, I’ve grown weary of the ultra-cynical and sarcastic characters I see on American shows. I think another reason I enjoy Jdramas is the novelty. Japanese culture is still pretty new to me and there are all kinds of little quirks that continue to surprise me almost every time I watch an episode of one of these shows. I’m constantly chuckling to myself and thinking “wow, that would never happen in U.S. TV.” Perhaps this novelty will eventually wear off, but for now I’m really enjoying it.

That’s my story. Let me conclude by throwing out another word of thanks to the diligent fansubbers who work so hard on these shows! :-)

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Post by Tomodachi » Dec 17th, '05, 00:46

My first drama EVER was Autumn Tale. :wub: kute story~ based on a true story. It's so hard to believe that that could ever happen though. it's still good. ^^ I'm a kdrama addict but i began watching Hana Yori Dango and since then, I began my jdrama journey from there. ^^ I plan to watch gokusen some time. Taiwanese, I might be watching my first. XD If i can get the meteor garden series featuring F4 :P

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Post by oberon » Dec 18th, '05, 12:59

my first was SOS or Oyaji.
I became instantly in love with U. Rina

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Post by Maaya » Dec 18th, '05, 13:07

My first drama was ....... Winter sonata.

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ahnyong haseyo

Post by ahaw » Dec 22nd, '05, 08:00

beautiful life




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Post by hitoe0 » Dec 22nd, '05, 08:34

On my fly to Japan I saw the movie GTO,
later I decided to watch the GTO Drama.
Followed by SOS and Summer snow...

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Post by usagineko-chan » Dec 22nd, '05, 19:45

Strangely my first drama was Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon... gee that was retarded yet addictive LOL :P

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Post by joori » Dec 23rd, '05, 15:24

to be honest..the first drama i have ever watched was HYD and i loved it...
i'm tryin to find other cool dramas to watch that r actually worth to watch..

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Post by staybymyside » Dec 23rd, '05, 15:58

First drama ever to have watched (and consciously knew that it was a drama): At the Dolphin Bay

First jdrama: Yanpapa
First kdrama: My Love Patzzi

I got into dramas about five months ago. Heh.

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Post by melonyhappy » Dec 23rd, '05, 18:38

some cantonese show probably. I used to watch stuff with my family.

The earliest show i can remember was something called "wa je lay".. some comedy. it was hilarious.

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Post by makino_sanbr » Dec 23rd, '05, 18:50

Firts Drama: Meteor Garden 1
I started watch because i love HYD...
And the i got addict to see others Dramas O_O

J-drama: GTO
K-Drama: Stairway to heaven

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Post by Bear-Bear » Dec 23rd, '05, 20:13

I have no idea. XD I've been watching Chinese dramas on TV with my mom since I was a toddler. XP

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Post by wbadger » Dec 24th, '05, 08:23

First drama that I actually remember was Hoshi no Kinka, the first one.

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Post by alexis_glenriv » Dec 24th, '05, 14:24

My first drama would be Meteor Garden 1 that was about 2-3 years ago . I think that also started a trend in Asian dramas here in our country . It was Chinese series first Lavender, My MVP Valentine then they introduced Korean drama with Endless Love and up to now there are lots of Kdrama that comes and goes. I recently started Jdoroma with HYD and totally loved it , I'm currently watching Gokusen and D/L 1 litre of tears .
I love Asian dramas ...

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Post by arcticbleue » Dec 24th, '05, 14:54

Bear-Bear wrote:I have no idea. XD I've been watching Chinese dramas on TV with my mom since I was a toddler. XP
me Too!! especially tvb dramas! The 1st j-drama was Meguri Ai .. it was so beautiful ... loved tokiwa takako and fukuyama masaharu!
My 1st k-drama was winter sonata.

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Post by RuruniX » Dec 25th, '05, 03:47

My top 3 favorite drama
1)Nobuta wo produce ...jdrama.. akira is so funny
2)Hana yori dango ...jdrama
3)Success story of a bright young girl .. kdrama

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Post by qwertyness » Dec 25th, '05, 16:02

the very very very very first: meteor garden 1 (cos of HYD)
kdrama: autumn tale
jdrama: pretty girls (f i remember correctly)

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Post by Tifleur » Dec 25th, '05, 16:41

My first J-drama was Gokusen, it was really fun watching. :D

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Post by haishya » Dec 25th, '05, 16:54

hmmm if i remember correctly, the first japanese drama i watched was summer snow, followed by overtime... den i started falling in love with japanese

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Post by jeng » Dec 25th, '05, 21:19

gokusen! ahahaha. im so recent. :D

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Post by shime » Dec 25th, '05, 21:36

My first J-drama? Summer Snow! I was also watching Yoshitsune but it got boring. :|

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Post by MissMonika » Dec 26th, '05, 07:59

my first drama was Hana Yori Dango. I just started watching dramas very recently so that's why. hehehe

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Post by ahaw » Dec 26th, '05, 08:03


it's not beautiful life.... da first drama is moero attack (wonder if i'm spell correct) 'sabesop berpusing!!!!' gosh :blink

p/s: thanx 4 remind me of the story mina!.... :salut:

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Post by ubnacci » Dec 26th, '05, 08:15

my First k-drama was "meteor rain "(I watch it this summer) .

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Post by razor_impulse » Dec 26th, '05, 09:57

I saw lets see "Long Vacation" it was one of those times when I ran out of animes to watch. Then I got hook on watching Jdorama and now Cdrama only the action Kung Fu Kind. Power to D-addicts thank you for your continuous buffet of asian dramas and shows. Now Im really inspired to take some form of Martial art like form that movie Ong Bak some muay thai cardio.

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Post by Keskio » Dec 27th, '05, 02:53

My Parents (mainly my dad..) was always watching drama series and Asian movies but the furthest one and the one that got me hooked was one of the remakes of 'Dragon sword and Heaven Saber" ...don't know if you guys have heard of it but....ya....

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Post by fiela » Dec 27th, '05, 03:08

the 1st one of jdrama that i watched is ..i forgot the title of that story
but it is a sad story about this guy that is mute & his girlfriend really thought that his bf can speak one day.. but of course it is not.. but i really like its ost song
as for kdrama, of course - autumm in my heart

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Post by missfaye » Dec 27th, '05, 03:10

there were a lot but that was when i was hella little so i dont remmeber, the only thing i can remember that got me back to watching dramas after a 2-3 years gap was METEOR GARDEN 1 LOLX!!~~

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My very first Asian drama

Post by paopei » Dec 27th, '05, 03:27

My first one is "With Love" which is Japanese drama about love via internet. It made me interested in watching Asian dramas and leaded me to addiction right now :wub:

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Post by Sponton » Dec 27th, '05, 03:28

My first J drama was Gokusen

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Post by akira_shock » Dec 27th, '05, 13:46

i think the first jdrama i watched was engine but i only saw the last episode..i didnt watch the whole thing until just recently..

the first and only kdrama that i watched was kaul donghwa or aki no doowa or i dunno how to say in in english...

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Post by HeavenlyxLegend » Dec 28th, '05, 09:18

First Jdrama I saw was Gokusen.
First and only kdrama I've seen is My Name is Kim SamSoon.

I did see the first episode of 'Stairway to Heaven' but I don't really count that, considering I quit after the first episode.

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Post by Vanilla_Spider__x » Dec 28th, '05, 11:34

Kdrama: Full House
JDrama: o_o; No idea. >.< I've seen too many now to remember.

Full House has my love though. ^-^ I love romantic comedy love triangles. :D
Or more of a love square. XD

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Post by keka » Dec 30th, '05, 06:16

My first k-drama was Full House! Best drama to get started on :thumright:

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Post by musashi77 » Dec 30th, '05, 12:24

Summer Snow.
I loved it, I still love it and I will love it forever!

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Post by bakakun » Jan 1st, '06, 17:26

my first was GTO
wasnt hooked yet though until I watched Densha Otoko not too long ago =D

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Post by yunwun2k1 » Jan 5th, '06, 00:34

My first drama was GTO as well!

It had a really good story and I seen the anime as well, so I just had to see the drama too!

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Post by drkazndragon » Jan 5th, '06, 00:48

hey me three!, first dorama was GTO, was reluctant at first cuz saw the anime before that. been a dorama addict ever since....dunno if it a bad thing or wat? haha

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Post by kibou » Jan 6th, '06, 22:02

My first drama was Mars ^__^~ I did never like the manga that much, but I still thought I should watch an ep... very good decision! I I wanna watch amny mor egood dramas xD

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Post by halu102 » Jan 8th, '06, 11:50

Hmm, I'd have to say my first drama would have to be Densha Otoko. I use to be an anime nerd myself, but I sort of have given that up and gone on to JDrama. I loved that drama, it'll always be one of my favorites, hehe :D

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Post by kirara » Jan 8th, '06, 20:08

my first kdrama was hotelier...and it was pretty good :-) ...for the jdorama it was a drama that i don't remember its name :scratch:
i just watched the first two episodes(a student fall in love with his teacher)...
that was six years ago...but now am watching HYD :roll ...
that would be my first i think

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Post by atitit1972 » Jan 8th, '06, 22:48

mine ..full house I watched in you tube

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Post by Pyrika » Jan 8th, '06, 23:02

haha! yeah, my first drama was definitely Sailor Moon live! hahaha~! and i love it! Now i'm addicted to them! *yeah, i'm that new...hehe* :mrgreen:

CuTiE 100%
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Post by CuTiE 100% » Jan 8th, '06, 23:27

my first drama was hana yori dango and its so0 good

Jon Snow
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Post by Jon Snow » Jan 8th, '06, 23:52

My first one was GTO :roll

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Post by Sammystic » Jan 9th, '06, 00:08

kirara wrote:my first kdrama was hotelier...and it was pretty good :-) ...for the jdorama it was a drama that i don't remember its name :scratch:
i just watched the first two episodes(a student fall in love with his teacher)...
that was six years ago...but now am watching HYD :roll ...
that would be my first i think
Maybe you meant Forbidden Love with Hideaki Takizawa (from Tackey & Tsubasa) who plays a student and falls in love with his teacher? that's the first j-drama I watched.
The first k-drama was Full House and first Taiwan-drama Mars.

I would recommend Full House to get started with dramas as well :thumleft:

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Post by GhstDreamer » Jan 11th, '06, 15:53

I started watching Asian dramas when I was a little kid - all of them are HK ones and I just started rewatching a lot of them several years ago - as I don't remember anything from way back then.

Chinese drama: either Chor Lau Heung (for martial arts) or Police Cadet II (I watched the first part after II)

Taiwan drama: Meteor Garden 2 years ago - since then I try to watch other TWdramas but the problem is I don't understand Mandarin and there aren't that many english subbed TW dramas compared to J-Dramas.

Japanese drama: 4 years ago? GTO - I liked the series but didn't think it was that great so GTO didn't really get me into watching more jdramas. It was only when I watched the 3 Swordsman that got me more interested in jdramas.

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Post by soles » Jan 15th, '06, 04:55

First asian drama i watched was Stairway to Heaven and from there on, havent stopped watchin asian dramas.

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Post by lazy_mui » Jan 15th, '06, 17:45

My first taiwan drama: meteor Garden
korean drama : full house!!

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Post by Tomi » Jan 17th, '06, 19:46

My first was I think Densha Otoko and afterwards I was obsessed.

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Post by flcia » Jan 18th, '06, 12:37

kdrama: endless love a.k.a. autumn love?
jdrama: tokyo love story
twdrama: meteor garden

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Post by minhl. » Jan 18th, '06, 21:01

My first one was Sweet 18 :-)

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Post by snuffyTHEmonkey » Jan 19th, '06, 22:49

i first watched the hana yori dango in taiwaneese form haha... and then my patzzi love... then it was full house. and now... i'm addicted. right now i'm looking for the new HYD series in japanese. :) mm! at first i thot RAIN looked sorta funny with the squinty eyes (hoho) but then my mum and sister started getting really into him cause he was acting so adorable in the drama. and i guess i sorta fell in love too. lol. maybe its the squinty eyes... ;)

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Post by catalyst » Jan 22nd, '06, 14:26

Dae Jang Geum. A really great drama which got me interested in Korean culture. ^^

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Post by ryo2501 » Jan 22nd, '06, 14:32

My first J-Dorama was G.T.O.
2nd Shomuni Season 1 eps. 1-5
Rest is history.... :roll

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Post by ermac » Jan 22nd, '06, 14:34

K-dorama: Winter Sonata (2002)
J-dorama: Beautiful Life (2000)
Tw-drama: Meteor Garden (2002)

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Post by tymianek » Jan 23rd, '06, 00:14

ermac wrote: Tw-drama: Meteor Garden (2002)
like my :D
I don't remember first j- k- and ch- drama, but I think, it could by Armed Reaction (Hong Kong series) or Great Teacher Onizuka, when I has been connected to internet :cheers:

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Post by sesshu.kotoyumu » Jan 27th, '06, 06:28

My first drama was also GTO, I so love that series.

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Post by pinkapple » Jan 27th, '06, 06:46

my first ever kdrama was fullhouse and till now it still remain as one of my favouritessss.

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Post by Miyakisses » Jan 27th, '06, 06:48

Korean: Autumn Tale (Endless Love) with Won Bin (drools)

Japanese: Long Vacation

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Post by ddrimike » Jan 27th, '06, 07:35

Korean: Upstairs Alley Cat

Japanese: Densha Otoko

Taiwanese: It started with a Kiss

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Post by ali-chan » Jan 27th, '06, 08:31

My very first dorama was Beautiful life, but i didn´t see all complete :cry: , so the first one i saw completely was pride :wub:

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Post by venutoispoke » Jan 27th, '06, 08:36

Then Gumiho..KSS and now The Sweet Spy..superb drama I tell you..SUPERB!

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