So.. What was the first drama you watched??

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Post by yanjun » Sep 25th, '05, 10:32

mine was kindaichi...the one with domoto tsuyoshi

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Post by Arnovial » Sep 25th, '05, 12:14

Mine was Beautiful life. I instantly fell inlove with takuya kimura. my first kdrama was autumn tale. sooo sad!!!

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First Dorama

Post by MediaDogg » Sep 25th, '05, 15:07

Mine was also Beautiful life. Then it was Shiroi Kyoto and then Diamond Girl. Now I'm crying over Densha Otoko. (Edited spelling - thanks!)
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Re: First Dorama

Post by 20centuryboy » Sep 25th, '05, 15:37

MediaDogg wrote:Then it was Shiroi Koto (spelling?) .
"Shiroi kyoto? I'm so jealous, I wish I could see this one! :cry:

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Post by malicious » Sep 25th, '05, 20:10

"Good Luck!!" got me hooked on jdramas.
Just finished my second drama, "Densha Otoko".
Now looking for obsession #3! :D

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Post by phantom1019 » Sep 26th, '05, 00:35

my first chinese drama was The Legend of the Condor Heroes and as for korean it was Full House which I watched it last week

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Post by dianevee » Sep 26th, '05, 13:57

If I remember correctly, I think its successful story of bright girl...then courageous girl (country princess/lady with dignity) and then meteor garden... :D

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Post by inocchi » Sep 26th, '05, 17:37

My 1st j-dorama was Tomodachi no koibito [友達の恋人] or Le petit amie de mon amie.

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Post by hksaznlibra » Sep 28th, '05, 18:09

Stairway to heven was the first one I saw recommended by this girl I lliked.. It was really sad..

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Post by it's_me » Sep 28th, '05, 22:27

"WARRIORS OF THE YANG CLAN".. it's a really good movies... :D

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Post by lilac2785 » Sep 28th, '05, 22:43

my first tdrama was Meteor Garden, first kdrama was Full House, and first jdrama was Gokusen
I think I will always love those because since they were my first, I remember them more.

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Post by tingy » Sep 29th, '05, 05:51

i've watched lotsa dramas..but cant really rem which was the first...but my 1st kdrama that i've watched was Dae Jang Geum and it got me hooked and wanting more of kdramas...

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Post by abisan » Sep 29th, '05, 07:44

chronological order of my firsts:
anime was my first flirt - voltus v (also known as voltran and borutus)
then on to chinese kungfu series - (condor heroes n d like)
my first Jdrama - tokyo love story (wat a classic)
then on to Taiwanese drama - Meteor Garden 01
and finally Kdrama - Full House

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Post by KupidKilla » Sep 30th, '05, 06:22

Long Vacation for me... what an awesome way to start :D

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Post by a-nesuto » Oct 6th, '05, 00:57

i just finished watching it...

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Post by MeowMeow » Oct 6th, '05, 01:15

i dont know the name of the first japanese drama i watched but it was about some housewives who went to america or something, a lady was writing all about it...the one after that that i do know the name was first love. first korean drama that i saw was the nine tail fox and full house

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Post by x_XJules » Oct 7th, '05, 07:15




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Post by Aznakedog » Oct 7th, '05, 07:27

Cdrama: The Legends of the Condor Heros (1982)
Tdrama: Meteor Garden
Jdrama: Orange Days
Kdrama: Winter Sonata

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Post by cidiji » Oct 7th, '05, 16:59

First one was the k-drama Propose back in 97.. It was by accident when I was channel surfing and then I saw Kim Hee Sun, thinkiing "Holy $#!+, she's hot."

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Post by kdramafanatic » Oct 10th, '05, 02:17

the first kdrama I saw was All about eve in second was autumn love story..

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Post by acid_android » Oct 12th, '05, 00:24

The first Jdrama I saw was on TV several years ago, and the English name they gave it was "Refrain," and I just recently figured out its Japanese name was "Meguri ai." It kind of dragged on too much, but I was hooked on it.

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Post by Wuganning » Oct 13th, '05, 04:02

First one would be the monkey king

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Post by grifter0x » Oct 13th, '05, 19:32

Got into this jdorama stuff a bit slow. Only reason I even found this site was due to the Gokusen anime. So the first one for me would be Gokusen. How could you not love Yankumi.

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Post by Trondog » Oct 13th, '05, 19:40

Kdrama: Ruler of your own World
Jdrama: Densha Otoko

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Post by Kazuko » Oct 13th, '05, 19:53

My first Korean drama was All In ... it was so wonderful!!! ^ ^

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Post by leila » Oct 13th, '05, 20:16

My first k-drama was "Autumn in my heart", which I watched in China with my Korean roommates...BUT I don't speak Korean and only knew spoken Chinese then so I didn't really understand (couldn't read Chinese subs). I just sat and watched it all the way through with them because they all said it was really great :lol First drama in Chinese was Meteor Garden, v. different but great too!

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Post by Darren_Shan » Oct 14th, '05, 08:44

The first Jdrama I've seen is GTO ^_^ Then I got hooked :D

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Post by Mizukusai » Oct 15th, '05, 10:50

You are under Arrest

and then .....many many (even Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon)

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Post by Xay » Oct 15th, '05, 11:37

Kdrama: Full House
Jdrama: GTO

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Post by |sUiZiD| » Oct 15th, '05, 11:54

I dont know how many years it has been noe, but I was still in school.. I liked watching animes but some day I kinda got bored of anime, so I was looking around and somehow found out, that there was an Action Live Serie named GTO. Hey I watched GTO anime and I liked it a lot, so I thought why not. Got these files and started watching, hell I was addicted from the first minute, after GTO I watched Summersnow and that was the point my fate was decided...... from that point I keep downloading every drama I can find ( J/KOR) ......... I am an ADDICT and I like it :D

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Post by missyanna87 » Oct 15th, '05, 12:52

AUTUMN TALE...and after that..i juz kept watchin k-dramaz
it got me addicted

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Post by fat_otoko » Oct 16th, '05, 05:57

If my memory serves me right its either GTO or Power Office Girls way back 1997,introduce me to the japanese drama,I;m not interested in J-drama back then when suddenly lasy year(2004),I beginning to appreciate Jdrama after revive my view on Japan,at first I watch Power Office Girl 3,and then Hotmen,and then GTO back,Beach Boys(old skool,just for Ryoko) and then I hook ever since.

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Post by CuTi » Oct 17th, '05, 18:42

Welll.....when i was younger i used to watch HK series. Dont remember which one was my first. :D

For KDrama was All In my first drama for JDrama was Forbidden Love(great series!).
First i really really like JDrama, but now I'm addicted to KDrama.... :w00t:

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Post by daalig » Oct 19th, '05, 01:58

First introduction to Drama was Live Action Sailor Moon. I didn't watch it, just flicked through some episodes, and after that stayed away from drama for a long time for good reason. Then someone recommended Gokusen, first drama I watched all of, and I found it average. Then, 4 months without watching any drama, watched the first half of Autumn Tale and been hooked on K-Drama ever since! (which is like 4 weeks :P)

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Post by doramara-ba » Oct 20th, '05, 06:30

(My second post, only 8 more before I can vote for J-SOTW! :-) )

My very first jdrama--guess I'm about to date myself here--was 'Kirei ni Naritai' back in 1992. Didn't understand a word of it but fell in love with Nakae Yuri ( The very first jdrama I understood (thanks to the subtitles) and that really got me hooked on jdramas was 'Zutto Anata Ga Suki Datta'. The DVD box set is still available on, but of course there are no English subtitles...if only I could find my original VHS tapes!

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Post by chckboy5 » Oct 20th, '05, 06:51


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Post by theBen » Oct 20th, '05, 20:38

Newbie here.... Densha Otoko! I started watching it around ep.3 Now i am hooked to this new world of Asian Drama! :D

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Post by Kashini » Oct 21st, '05, 12:51

Gokusen. And that was a really good start :thumleft:

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Post by EvoGenesis » Oct 22nd, '05, 16:24

my first drama was Trick, of which i only saw a few episodes, my friend made me watch them all in mixed up order.... i found it quite strange to say the least

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Post by twenty197 » Oct 22nd, '05, 16:35

First kdrama that I watched, finished and liked was Stairway to Heaven. Although I cried a lot while watching it especially near the end I liked it because of the main characters is Kwon Sang Woo??? not sure of his name but anyway I liked him very much...good acting combined with good looks. Before watching it I knew that it had kind of a sad ending so wasn't too much disappointed with the ending. I'd like to see more of KSW you know any? Thanks guys.

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Post by draco » Oct 24th, '05, 10:58

Tokyo Love Story :mrgreen: really hooked me up to JDramas...
but I've been watching Kdramas lately and found out that they are better then Jdramas IMO! :cheers:

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Post by Funkie_dayZ » Oct 26th, '05, 00:12

first drama is a kdrama.. autmn in my heart... i got hook on kdrama after dat.. lol

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Post by marienella_m » Oct 26th, '05, 00:19

my very first drama was Oshin! i watched it when i was just 8 years old but i really cant forget the was so touching! too bad they did not air the whole series here in Manila, they only showed the part when Oshin was just a young girl.
then in 2003, autumn tale was shown here, and i fell in love with the series.
What really got me addicted was GTO, which i saw last year, and ever since i've been collecting dramas. :)

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Post by maea_maie » Oct 27th, '05, 06:05

Long Vacation of Takuya Kimura in Japan! ol my Aunties were talking about how gud dt drama is and they keep arguing that they luk like d female lead in it so i got curious. i patiently watch eventhou i hardly understand Japaneese then.

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Post by demon-eyes-kyo » Oct 27th, '05, 08:07

You're Under Arrest -Live Action-

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Post by Shorty » Oct 27th, '05, 22:11

The first Chinese drama that I've seen is Jun Ching (forgot the english name). But it goes wayyy back, so I'm not really sure if that was it. Maybe it could be something else.

The first Korean drama I watched was Endless Love, but I never finished that. Lol. The first finished Korean series I've watched is Full House. xD

The first Taiwan series I've watched and that I remember is Mars. Lol.

As for American series, its gotta be Seven Heaven. Lol.

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Post by Sanglyon » Oct 28th, '05, 10:55

My first was "Yanpapa", lend by a friend who was a Gotoh Maki fan.

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Post by harphe » Oct 29th, '05, 16:19

My first one was... Glass Slippers. Such a sad drama T___T

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Post by dmaechan » Oct 30th, '05, 23:17

The first drama that I saw was Gokusen I ....sigh... the first time i fell in love with matsumoto jun<3

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Post by dmaechan » Oct 30th, '05, 23:21

oh and my first kdrama was Full House...a very worthy first-kdrama-experience... after that i watched a string of korean dramas...

as for taiwanese... meteor garden, of course

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Post by neme_chan » Oct 30th, '05, 23:38

my first drama was the kdrama Endless Love... some friends from IRC translated it as a holiday project. Back then, I didn't have much contact with other people that watched drama, so I'm not sure if it was ever translated in another version after that..

Years passed by, and around may this year, I watched my first jdrama: Gokusen. I was drawn to it by the fact that I love both the manga and the anime :)

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Post by HAGEMUSHA » Nov 1st, '05, 16:48

first drama I watched was Kindaichi. I believe it was the first series, and it was dubbed in cantonese because it was shown on the chinese channel.

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Post by rocket12 » Nov 3rd, '05, 03:10

hi, i just recently got interested in Jdramas and even more recently became a member of this site :D The first Jdrama that i watched was Densha Otoko that i got from a friend. I liked it so much, especially Itoh Misaki *Moe* :wub: i've just recently finished watching Star no Koi, which was the previous SOTW and Last Christmas all in the span of a week :w00t: i hope ill get to watch more great Jdramas in the future and as my collection grows i can volunteer seed too :lol

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Post by Shuiro » Nov 3rd, '05, 15:18

mm ... I have to admit, it's tokyo love story. Hahaha ... a pretty old j-drama

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Post by hblee82 » Nov 3rd, '05, 17:22

My Name is Kim Sam Soon, was my first k-drama.

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Post by CamCam » Nov 7th, '05, 03:38

Mine is the funniest. First drama series ever watched was Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon. Oh yeah! Rockin the live action........heeheehee

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Post by Rewrite|Devil » Nov 7th, '05, 03:42

first kdrama- all about eve[believe me...i only watch it with my sister..]
first jdorama-densha otoko
first chinese drama-i dont remember ...too much

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Post by Takako » Nov 7th, '05, 05:18

First drama i have watched is Love generation..and then i watched with love drama..and now im currently watching koi gai shitai..its great to have a website that people can share Drama like this..:)

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Post by Chibimitsuki » Nov 7th, '05, 05:36

The first drama I ever watched was.... Meteor Garden! Ahaha! I love ya Vic! ^_^

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Post by limroom9 » Nov 7th, '05, 06:50

not sure, but probably one of those 90's korean dramas since i grew up in korea and probably watched some dramas lol.

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Post by shokasan » Nov 7th, '05, 19:54

mmm... my first drama was Strawberry on the Shortcake because I went crazy back in H.S. looking for anything with Tackey in it... and well... I've never been the same since. ^_^

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Post by Kathleen » Nov 7th, '05, 20:13

Never watched any K-Drama (although I have Winter Sonata on VCD from a friend).
But if this is a general discussion about Asian dramas... Do dramas from the Philippines count, too? If not, then the first drama I've seen a bit of was Sailor Moon Live Action (shame on me, but hey - I was just being curious. Besides I was in Tokyo at the time and it was for free!). The first drama I've watched more or less completely was Meteor Garden. The first J-drama I've watched (also more or less completely) was Gokusen. I wasn't all too thrilled about the whole make up of the Taiwanese series I had watched so I wasn't really in the mood to watch any other dramas after that. It was only because I'm a huge Hana yori Dango fan that I decided to give Gokusen a chance since Jun (alias Doumyouji in Hanadan) also starred in this. My credits for Gokusen - thanks to them I found out J-dramas ROCK! xD

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Post by Vegan-in-furcoat » Nov 11th, '05, 03:44

Very first show i watched would be You're Under Arrest, very funny and better then some of the original anime ova... 2nd is GOKUSEN, yankumi a cutie :wub:

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Post by melonyhappy » Nov 11th, '05, 04:03

First drama that got me hooked- GTO

but it was Full house that really made me a drama addict

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Post by scarrow » Nov 11th, '05, 04:31

I think it was the J-drama Beautiful Life. I really don't remember for sure. I've always liked watching Asian drama movies. Somewhere I saw a music video for the opening theme song to the series. It wasn't the actual opening video to the show (although it was similar). One thing led to another and I tried watching the show. I'm so glad I did!

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Post by nic_1989 » Nov 11th, '05, 04:42

mmm.... first drama i watched was TVB drama .
now i prefer korean drama... :D

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Post by insaine » Nov 13th, '05, 10:25

Jdrama : kou kou kyoushi 2003 with Ueto Aya, she brings me here in the drama's wonderful world :mrgreen:

Kdrama : Lover in Paris at first, i watched it because it begins in paris, but i really loved this one because of the romance. :thumright:

I found my first drama by chance. Before that i was downloading several asian stuff but now i'm completely in :lol
i have never seen Tdrama ok HKdrama, but i'm sure i'm going to watch one soon :D

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Post by anakmelayu » Nov 16th, '05, 08:27

j-drama = omiai kekkon... 8/10, classic!
j-movie = zatoichi

k-drama = full house ... 9/10, keep me going, and now addicted to kdrama!
k-movie = sassy girl

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Post by n30hybr1d » Nov 18th, '05, 06:16

You're Under Arrest... would have to be my first one... It was my switchover from anime to jdrama... I watch very little anime now thanks to jdrama.

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Post by Loki » Nov 18th, '05, 06:22

I'm so happy that my first series (and favorite) was Full House.

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Post by misshek » Nov 18th, '05, 13:48

i don't remember much about my first drama
i've seen many asian drama and some the title that i can remember and effect me a lot is

tvb drama
- flaming brothers
- dream of desire

- gto
(have seen many jdrama but i can't remember the title)

-beautiful days (sooooooooooooooo addict with this drama)
-autumn in my heart

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Post by alpha22 » Nov 18th, '05, 14:13

My first drama was a Japanese drama. I think it's Beach Boys. Then came Long Vacation and Under the Same Roof (I think that's what it's called).

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Post by duffojosh » Nov 18th, '05, 14:31

first jdrama was blind swordman which was shown weekly on the independent film channel. Shintaro Katsu kicks so much ass.

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Post by nileey » Nov 18th, '05, 14:58

I used to watch TVB dramas when I was a kid, then I stopped completely.....until about few years ago I started watching dramas again (although selective titles and now different genres). I don't watch TVB anymore...

Here's my first in recent years and reason why I watched it :

J Drama - Beautiful Life (Takuya Kimura)
Taiwan Drama - Meteor Garden (F4)
K Drama - Autumn in My Heart (Won Bin)

So the reason is very obvious and's due to the good looking actors!!! ^ ^

Nowadays I just watch Korean dramas.....

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Post by helenz » Nov 19th, '05, 17:52

de first k-drama i watched was Autumn in my Heart.... touching story plus full house, influenced by my fren who is an k-drama@Jo In-Sung :D

btw, can anyone tel me where to download GTO with english sub?? and im new, so any suggestion which drama is nice, n touching like autumn in my heart or funny like full house? thx... :wink:

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