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So.. What was the first drama you watched??

Discuss about anything here that doesn't fit in the other categories. Just don't spam.
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Post by hosuenga » May 29th, '05, 22:49

1st K-drama: Propose
1st C-drama: Mars
and i havent saw any J-drama.. :lol

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Post by Hansol » May 30th, '05, 19:33

1st J-drama: Strawberry On Shortcake
1st K-Drama: Attic Cat

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Post by kwrph1 » May 30th, '05, 19:45

my first k-drama was winter sonata, and i've been hooked ever since.... gotta learn korean!!!!

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My first dramas

Post by fanqed » May 30th, '05, 20:57

I'm new to this site, and Asian dramas for that matter, but I'm hooked now! I've only seen Taiwanese dramas, or rather I'm currently watching, Peach Girl and Mars. Mainly because they were mangas. Though, I believe I'll be watching hell of a lot more since I found this awesome site! =D

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Post by onoturtle » May 30th, '05, 21:19

First Kdrama was back in high school... Autumn Tale/Story. I just needed to record it for someone, but I ended up watching it anyway. I liked it, but surprisingly I never watched a full drama again until college a few years later (with Phoenix and I soon discovered this website). Cdrama... not yet. As for Jdrama, I'm pretty sure that's GTO (if it's even considered a drama...), which I watched last summer.

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Post by happy_heart » Jun 7th, '05, 19:22

first kdrama i watched ... "sad love story" :D by accident too. my brother was flipping channels coz there's nothing to watch on directv so then he saw this korean drama and started watching it. he saw ep8 and told me its really good. so the next week ep9, i decided to see how it really goes and there i was hooked on tv screaming to joon-young that hae-na is in the rooftop of the hospital and i thought he was going to see her... damn that scenes was breathtaking...

ahahha. can u tell im newbie? lolz

tokyo shounen
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Post by tokyo shounen » Jun 7th, '05, 19:23

Kdrama - Romance
Jdrama - GTO

both still remain as favs

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Post by alexandra » Jun 8th, '05, 17:02

the first drama I watched was GTO,
this was years before I become intrested in drama,
but after that I watched Antike frutcake (or something like that) but for the last serie I have not seen the end :cry:

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Post by scott12199 » Jun 8th, '05, 21:22

kdrama - summer scent
jdrama - strewberry shortcake
tdrama - mars

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Post by snooopy06 » Jun 9th, '05, 12:02

jdrama: GTO
tdrama: MG
kdrama: girl bright success

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Post by bobacrusader » Jun 9th, '05, 18:34

First Jdrama I watched was GTO (by accident, was actually looking for GTO anime :sweat:)
and I've been hooked on jdramas ever since then.
Just recently expanded to watching kdramas, first one was Nine-Tailed Fox which i found on my friend's computer (i thought it was going to be live-action drama of naruto lol)

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Post by lazybum » Jun 9th, '05, 23:01

first korean drama was winter sonata. it was pretty addicting, even though it wasn't the best thing in the world. i dont even remember the first chinese drama since it was so long ago. i used to watch them w/ my grandma when i was a small kid. haha...those were the days.

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Post by jandevangel » Jun 9th, '05, 23:17

Kdrama- Full house
Jdrama- Gokusen
Cdrama-Meteor Garden

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Post by Me2 » Jun 12th, '05, 15:47

my first kdrama was Autumn Tale

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Post by OrangePride » Jun 12th, '05, 23:31

First Jap Drama-Waterboys!!!!!! Still love it...

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Post by Jecky » Jun 14th, '05, 04:03

well...mine would be a cdrama which is Meteor Garden :mrgreen: this was my first drama cuz i was really into F4 @ dat time.well now....i still watch some of their dramas once in a while like Vic n Barbie's Mars, n Ken's Marmalade Boy, Vanness' Peach Girl...ect. :P

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Post by InFiNiTeX » Jun 14th, '05, 04:23

first J-DRAMA i watched was OTOUSAN

first K-DRAMA i remember the name of is PHOENIX

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Post by P0KEY » Jun 17th, '05, 04:00

i don`t remember if i replied to this before, but here goes another reply =D

First Cdrama- Princess Returning Pearl I [wow so long ago =_=;]
First Kdrama- Stairway to Heaven
First Jdrama- GTO
First HKdrama- Dolphin Bay [last one that i can remember]
First American Soap Opera- Passions ( :lol ).. i still like that show =)

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Combat x Beat
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Post by Combat x Beat » Jun 17th, '05, 04:02

mine was ALL ABOUT EVE ^^ chae rim<3

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Post by pussfeller » Jun 20th, '05, 15:45

I started getting into azn flicks thru stuff like Shinjuku Triad Society and Kairo.

Then somehow I found jem's site and started watching Bright Girls Success.

Thats the first one I got hooked on.

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Post by LeechKing » Jun 20th, '05, 15:54

mine was Meguri Ai :roll

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Post by dadosushi » Jun 21st, '05, 16:15

first jdrama: GTO
first kdrama: umm...forgot the name..it was long time ago...like probably in 97 or earlier..hahaha

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Post by Zenith » Jun 22nd, '05, 21:49

The first dorama I watched was "The Three Tokugawa Generations", but I only saw some last five episodes. Hojo Tokimune was the first full dorama I watched. Gosh, I adored that one. :wub: I've watched them all since except Musashi in 2003, oh and I missed Shinsengumi (sp?). I would have loved to watch Shinsengumi though.

I've never watched Korean and Chinese dramas, though.

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Post by nappi23 » Jun 22nd, '05, 22:20

Newbie... First Jdrama: A Million Stars, First Kdrama: Full House First Kmovie: My Sassy Girl. A million stars blew me away, japanese dramas are really "heavy" :w00t: :D

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Post by myunus » Jun 22nd, '05, 22:26

ok mine...

first :-
Jdrama: Iceworld
Kdrama: winter sonata
Cdrama: Smoke around the house... it's way long time ago i watched it while it airs on TV

:D :D

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Post by bakayaro » Jun 23rd, '05, 16:48

hehe for me.

The first Jdrama : Summer Snow (still in my top 5)
The first Kdrama: Winter Sonata

I wanted to see long vacation first, but downloaded Summer Snow first and ended up liking it more

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Post by tUrtleAE86 » Jun 23rd, '05, 16:55

First J-Drama: Strawberry on the Shortcake, causing me to fall in love with Uchiyama Rina. :wub:
Sucks that she's not in too many dramas... Only seen her in Bus Stop, Moto Kare and SOS.

First K-Drama: Loving You. A lot of people don't like Eugene, but I think she's great! I hated the ending of this drama, though. :-(

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Post by Moonlight12 » Jun 23rd, '05, 17:03

My first kdrama was Full House, but I only watched like from 10-14... but I'm trying to watch all now!

My first jdrama was Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.... if that counts.... its more like a tokusatsu meets drama.

And my first pinoy drama was Krystala!

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Post by janblurr » Jun 23rd, '05, 19:22

GTO. someone gave a VHS tape with a fansub of the first episode on it, and that one got me hooked...

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Post by Romance » Jun 23rd, '05, 19:24

tUrtleAE86 wrote:First J-Drama: Strawberry on the Shortcake, causing me to fall in love with Uchiyama Rina. :wub:
Sucks that she's not in too many dramas... Only seen her in Bus Stop, Moto Kare and SOS.

First K-Drama: Loving You. A lot of people don't like Eugene, but I think she's great! I hated the ending of this drama, though. :-(
Uchiyama Rina, give good luck a try for gods sake :) subbed by JTV

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Post by erink » Jun 25th, '05, 01:51

I think it was Good Luck.

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Post by garnet07 » Jun 28th, '05, 09:07

First drama ever is J-drama: Beautiful Life = got me hooked ever since

First K-drama: Bright Girl's Success Story => luv Jang Nara so funny and found D-addicts wow thanks so much for my addiction hehe :w00t:

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Post by garnet07 » Jun 28th, '05, 09:12

Oh forgot

First C-drama = Meteor Garden 2 (haha look how well that turned out, good thing Lavender made up for it)

First K-movie = My Sassy Girl (really hilarious)

First J-movie (not animated) = Battle Royale (i think)

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Post by sweetie_babe » Jun 29th, '05, 00:44

The first drama i ever watch was Autumn Story!

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Post by yuki_1712 » Jul 2nd, '05, 21:13

First Drama: GTO :D

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Post by fireangel » Jul 2nd, '05, 22:22

the first drama i've ever watched was SummerScent..... it was soo sad! it actually got me tearing in a few scenes.... WEAK! lol

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Post by hanh_phuc » Jul 4th, '05, 02:09

Started to watch k-dramas earlier this year and my first one was Stairway to Heaven :lol followed by Dae Jung Geum

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Post by Handa » Jul 4th, '05, 02:34

A few years ago, I saw Glass Shoes, as a rented Cantonese dub.

I thought it was kind of stupid, until I unexpectedly broke out in tears over one of the characters.

I didn't actively start watching k-dramas until late last year, starting with Attic Cat and Let's Go To School, Sang-Doo!

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Post by dustyneko » Jul 5th, '05, 06:20

First Kdrama: Winter Sonata.

First Jdorama: Wow, maybe 20-25 years ago, so I can't remember exactly, but I did see "danjyou shichinin monogatari" with Akashiya Sanma. I sure wish I could see it again with Eng subtitles. I wish they would rebroadcast classics like that again.

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Post by Kamitzu » Jul 5th, '05, 18:16

The first drama I watched was Kdrama Winter Sonata. ^ ^
It's just that it is too sad :cry:
I think I shouldn't watch sad dramas 'cos I always start crying ^ ^;;

Then, first Jdrama I watched was Water Boys. It is the funniest series I have ever
seen :lol
I just couldn't stop laughing, and Takayuki Yamada is really cute in that :P

and first chinese (tw I think) drama I watched was Crimson Sabre

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Post by shG » Jul 5th, '05, 18:32

My Puppy Lover :crazy:

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Post by starlitedr3amer » Jul 7th, '05, 06:33

First ...

J drama : Summer Snow
K drama : Autumn In My Heart
C drama : Bai Ling Gong Yu (White Collar Apartment)

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Post by YeeWu » Jul 8th, '05, 01:22

My first J drama was either GTO or Summer Snow. I can't remember which :P

K drama....Autumn Tale (though I still have yet to finish it)

The first C drama I can remember watching while growing up was Dragon Sword (not sure if it counts as a drama though) :D

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Post by DragoonKain3 » Jul 8th, '05, 01:36

First drama ever was Seija no Koushin about a year ago I saw over at tokyotosho. It wasn't the best thing I have ever watched, but it was still a great blessing, as I was introduced to not only Sakai Noriko but Hirosue Ryoko as well. While a lot of people would remember Hirosue as the 'innocent' girl, I liked her more 'evil' role (Really loved the line 'Give it back!') in comparison to her other ones, which incidentally made me really love her role in Moto Kare.

First K-drama I watched was Autumn Tale, which is only because it is the first k-drama series I have found with 5+ seeders for every file. And first thing came to my mind was wow, the scenery was very good. Second thing was that child!Eun-suh was a pretty damn good actress for her age (Any one know what her real name is and what other drama's she's in?). Third thing was that Song Hye Gyo was really REALLY pretty.

Oddly enough, I never finished both dramas. Seija no Koushin on hindsight, in comparison to other dramas I have watched, was really bad. Characterization of the disabled really bugged me even today. In Autumn tale, I still have to watch the last 6 episodes; I really liked the main characters together and since I sense something breaking them up in the future, I can't seem to watch the end. XD

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Post by jamesieee » Jul 8th, '05, 03:32

jdrama: has anyone seen Long Vacation w/ kimutaku? that's pretty old school. i think i saw it in elementary school, and bought the VCD's.

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Post by yt_toshi » Jul 8th, '05, 03:43

jamesieee wrote:jdrama: has anyone seen Long Vacation w/ kimutaku? that's pretty old school. i think i saw it in elementary school, and bought the VCD's.
Yes, a lot us have seen it and you can get this drama on jtv (they sub dramas using DVD quality version and put English hardsubs in them).

It's a great drama and I can never get tomoko yamaguchi out of my head at time since she played her role really well (this also goes to the supporting cast and kimutaku). If you ever want more dramas that you don't find here, you can go to here or here.

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Post by TNF » Jul 8th, '05, 04:21

First cdrama- when I was like what 3? (first one that I could remember), hkdramas
first kdrama- All About Eve
first jdrama- A million Stars Fall from the Sky

I didn't really like jdramas that much b/c the ppl aren't nearly as hot as the ppl in kdramas and cdramas, until my second jdrama Mukodono, when I found the hottest man alive :wub: (naga-kun). Then I started chasing after all his dramas, and now I've collected most of his dramas. XD

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Post by aldonia » Jul 9th, '05, 01:16

Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003. It's what got me into j-drama, not to mention Aya Ueto. I actually downloaded it on a whim, not thinking I'd like it, but once I saw the first episode it was like a drug or something. It was torture waiting for the new episodes to come out ;-;! I don't think I've watched another drama yet that's gotten me so emotional, maybe I just have a high standard after watching it or something. ;b

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Post by jav_ » Jul 10th, '05, 18:56

first kdrama ive seen is Full House..im not done watching ti yet...i hate slow cable..

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Post by kc_l_4ever » Jul 11th, '05, 18:45

the first one i saw was glass shoes!! it is my favourite drama!! so ji sup :wub:

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Post by theGreat0ne » Jul 11th, '05, 19:08

my first k drama was nine tales fox. i saw glimpses of kim tae hui fighting and started to like her, but didnt know who she was. "some korean chick wearing a vale with 2 curvy swords. it took my friend a couple of days to realize who i was talking about. :lol

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Post by senfeng » Jul 12th, '05, 10:21

With Love...

I was just flipping through the channels and stopped on the international channel. I didn't really know what it was, but it looked like a soap, so... my normal "guy instincts" immediately kicked in and I was just about to change the channel. Then the Once In a Blue Moon melody played... so much longing and want and hope... I ended up watching the rest of the show and tuning in until the end. I was extremely happy to find the torrent here!

Other's have mentioned GTO. I'm a big fan of the anime series and I hear good things about the jdrama, so I'm trying to download it right now.

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Post by fullmetalalchemist » Jul 19th, '05, 05:11

Hi! 1st drama I watched was Love Letter, the Korean series. It was great!! Now i'm hooked.

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Post by x_XJules » Jul 20th, '05, 17:56

The first drama I watched was Meteor Garden.

My friend and I got it thinking it would be funny to laugh at, little did i know I was to become ADDICTED!! haha, i can't get enough of dramas now, and i must admit that meteor garden started a little :wub: Vic Zhou :wub: obsession for me.

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Post by imisu » Jul 20th, '05, 18:11

Friends!! Won Bin was soo adorable in that! I couldn't get enough of it so I just kept re-watching it over and over again hah.

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Post by goindogo » Jul 20th, '05, 18:39

O my gosh, 1st drama... it was a long time ago. I think it was Tokyo Love Story. Then I am hooked with J-drama. Now, I am addicted with K-drama. So good :D

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Post by Kumaxell » Jul 20th, '05, 18:56

The first K drama has to be Autumn's Tale. I couldn't believe the guy's parents cruelly abandoned the girl to her own device when they were well aware the condition of her true family.

The first J drama is definitely Long Vacation (anything prior to it, I was too young to remember.) Because of this drama, I feel that younger men are way more attractive than older ones.

The first C drama is Tale of White Snake (1990's Taiwan version). I am totally in love with the musical. Ah... if only I can sing.
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Post by jayph » Jul 20th, '05, 19:09

Chinese- uhh when i was born lol.. don't remember
Korean -Two doctors or something like that with Jang Donggun and LEe youngae
Japanese- Wedding planner

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Post by masterewok » Jul 21st, '05, 15:57

autumn tale, I wasn't in to k-dramasmuch back then, and i'm pretty sad to admit, i wasn't really into it

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Post by masterewok » Jul 21st, '05, 15:58

autumn tale, I wasn't in to k-dramasmuch back then, and i'm pretty sad to admit, i wasn't really into it

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Post by fluffycrocodile » Jul 23rd, '05, 08:10

"Okane ga nai"

"No Money" or I guess "Escape from Poverty"

Okane ga nai was my first j-drama. Before that, I watched a few dubbed chinese, thai, and i think indian (not sure though) dramas. They were dubbed (horribly i might add) in my native language and all were loooong. We would have suitcases of VHS tapes.

Later in High School, my japanese teacher showed us "Okane ga nai" and I became hooked on dramas. The opening and ending songs still ring in my head. Our class watched it every fridays, and everytime he would stop the tape, our class would always freak out since it would be a cliffhanger.

The second drama he showed us was "Hitotsu yane no shita" and a few others. I took a break after graduating from high school from dramas, and later in college, got hooked again after watching GTO (watched drama after reading manga and anime).

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eikichi onizuka
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Post by eikichi onizuka » Jul 25th, '05, 15:26

My first was GTO the best

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Post by EJKat » Jul 26th, '05, 13:01

Okane Ga Nai -- we loved that show! :wub: We moved while it was showing so we ended up not being able to tape it (although we did see all but one episode). It was given the english title "I have no money!" here. I even bought the single, Doot, which was used throughout the show.

The first drama we watched from start to finish was Ano hi ni kaeritai (Return to yesterday). Didn't end up being one of my favorites but I'll always have fondness for it because it was first show we saw every episode of. Wow, that was....a looooong time ago.

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Post by kawaiii » Aug 1st, '05, 08:56

First K-Drama is All About Eve and first J-Drama is Summer Snow :-)

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Post by babyc » Aug 2nd, '05, 03:57

mineee wasss
my love patzzi

jaeewon wa soo good looking in that drama

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Post by AsianblueX » Aug 2nd, '05, 04:43

i watched summer scent it was my first and favorite ^^ SYJ is the greatest

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Post by orangecoco » Aug 2nd, '05, 08:51

Oh!! once upon a time 5 5 5 I can't remember it.When i was young,I counldn't understand a serious series but I can impress a one series " love vacation".This series is classic.and i like OST very much.
Now...I want to see Jdramas and Kdramas go on..because I love them verymuch.

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Post by snowflake » Aug 3rd, '05, 00:57

my first drama series was Meteor Garen. I love that show! I thought Vic was cute :wub:

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Post by han_mei » Aug 3rd, '05, 18:37

My first drama was Mars - :D And so far I've never seen anything better ~

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Post by Giichi » Aug 4th, '05, 09:04

The first one was Forbidden Love !! Not too bad to start with this one. lol

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Post by EskimoPie » Aug 6th, '05, 02:41

My first Asian drama was Churasan! :lol I really loved it! I haven't seen Churasan 2 and 3 yet :-(

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Post by asianluv2o3 » Aug 9th, '05, 18:27

My first Jdrama was Orange days, Kdrama- Sorry I love you which i loved :wub:

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Post by romi » Aug 10th, '05, 03:04

The 1st J Dorama that I've watched is Tokyo Love Story, when it first aired in 1991....that seeded my interest in J Doramas, and been watching since then. Can't believe that it was ages ago. J Dorama still rocks!

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First Jdrama

Post by pokute » Aug 10th, '05, 03:11

My first was GTO. After that, I was hooked. Right now, my favorite is Ruri no Shima, followed closely by Lunch no Joou, Mukodono, and H2... yes, I am a complete whore for Studio Oto!! Eltinator and Co. are the best!!

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Post by cgozun » Aug 10th, '05, 03:21

That would have to be GTO

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