Olympics 2012 London

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Olympics 2012 London

Post by Ethlenn » Jul 31st, '12, 20:31

There is a thread for SOPA/ACTA, so why not on Olympic Games?

Here's the official website you can check for updates and schedules!

But please, anyone who wants to write here, refrain from bashing this-or-that country. Let's enjoy the games, since they messed up with our dramas :cry:
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Post by esmer86 » Aug 4th, '12, 19:06

I only caught the last 10 minutes of the opening ceremony and that's it. I have been watching here and there at work and keeping up with the medals on yahoo. Actually the first game I caught was the women's volleyball that first Saturday I believe during half way of the game. It was US vs S.Korea. As much I love me some Koreans I was rooting for the US. And here comes my mom, seeing me watching the game, and with the little Korean she picked up from the dramas she is yelling and rooting for S.Korea. Now thats dedication... :roll
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