Help me find an unknown drama I watched in china

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Help me find an unknown drama I watched in china

Post by Insania » May 28th, '12, 01:50

I barely remember much about the drama since I was little. It was back in 2005 when I went back and visited china. I definitely remember it was costume drama. I started watching it mid-way but I got the main point. I think it was about a evil monk and I think his apprentice or follower that kidnapped a girl. They fled to a snowy mountain. The girls dad I think was some sort hero at the town and have some friends that help chase the monk, to get back his daughter. After some fights the evil monk kills all but one of the pursuits. The reason why the last one didn't get killed was because he was a coward and didn't fight. The last parts I saw was the apprentice or follower killing the evil monk. Then the girl returned to her town and the coward who didn't fight became the town hero because the villagers though he rescued the girl.

If anyone can help me identify this drama I will be grateful.

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Post by xploring » Aug 7th, '12, 03:25

May be this one. There were multiple adaptations over the years. The ending that you described is different to how it was in the original book by Jinyong.

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