What do you DL the most?

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What do you DL the most?

dramas (duh)
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movies/tv shows
other (what else is there to dl from the net?)
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Total votes: 201

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What do you DL the most?

Post by kali4niaguy » Dec 23rd, '04, 21:52

I was just wondering what every1 uses the net for. I know that most will say dramas, but I just wanted to see what others r maxing out their bandwidths with. I'm pissing off my isp everyday by dl'ing dramas. :mrgreen: i wanted to make a poll where u rank what u dl the most to the least, but i don't know if u can do that here. my dl ranking would b:

1) Dramas 90%
2) Anime 5%
3) Software 1%
4) Music 1%
5) Pron 1%
6) movies/tv shows 1% (i stopped dl'ing this after all the crackdowns on bt sites)
7) other 1%

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Post by LittleGreenGrasshopper » Dec 23rd, '04, 22:12

Hmmmm, I would guess it'd be dramas :roll

85% dramas
5% movies
5% music
5% misc

Of course, that changes, depending on what's there.... sometimes, it could be 100% dramas... :mrgreen:

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Post by innocentchica » Dec 23rd, '04, 22:21

hmmm... 98% of the time it's dramas... but once in awhile...i'll update my music playlist. :D

dramas are toooo addicting and there's so much out there for me to d/l! i'm having a hard time keeping up with all the fast releases.. :lol

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Post by sYnc » Dec 23rd, '04, 22:26

most of the time i'll download anime 40% of the time and drama 40% and music 10% and 10 on other things like programs and games :D

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Post by lilpiggi3 » Dec 23rd, '04, 23:58

Usually download dramas (70%) and music/music videos (30%). Hehe can't live without either of them. :P

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Post by malalooter » Dec 24th, '04, 00:08

99.5% Pron...As of now downloading the next naruto cow humping movie porn all 4gig worth of it.......and DAMN PROUD OF IT :w00t:

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Post by sYnc » Dec 24th, '04, 00:14

99.5% Pron...As of now downloading the next naruto cow humping movie porn all 4gig worth of it.......and DAMN PROUD OF IT
wow thats pretty crazy man 4gigs man

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Post by crazylazy_chief » Dec 24th, '04, 00:19

huh?? what's pron??

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Post by mobes » Dec 24th, '04, 00:48

Download a little of everything mostly chinese/korean movies

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Post by decaturguy » Dec 24th, '04, 00:52

crazylazy_chief wrote:huh?? what's pron??
pron= XXX :w00t:

60% Anime
30% Dramas
8% Moviez
2% misc

pr0n 0% got like over 50 channels on my sat dish :) :) :)

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Post by techie » Dec 24th, '04, 01:06

malalooter wrote:99.5% Pron...As of now downloading the next naruto cow humping movie porn all 4gig worth of it.......and DAMN PROUD OF IT :w00t:

that's almost.. hmm juvinile... :lol
not the downloading but the being proud of it LOLOLO...
(hey I am not telling... I'm of the old BBS school myself)
A good old poker game took 6 hours to download and you didn't even get a full deck to play with :P


90% dorama... (about 98% Japanese, 1 % Chinese/TW or HK and 1% Kdorama)
5% language related material from one source or other.
4 % music previews and other stuff related to music and design.

and 1% work related test material and stuff LOLOLOL... not getting much done over x-mas for sure.

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Post by iceberri » Dec 24th, '04, 01:06

Probably around 80% drama, 10% music/music videos, 5% movies. It feels like I download a lot of music but ultimately it doesn't come to a lot since the files are infinitismal compared to the size of dramas. But that's probably also the reason why I keep downloading with no reserve..... :|

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Post by voth » Dec 24th, '04, 01:06

70% drama
20% anime
10% misc

With that about 75 - 80% is purchased within 3 months through official sources.

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Post by lilswtangel » Dec 24th, '04, 01:26

malalooter wrote:99.5% Pron...As of now downloading the next naruto cow humping movie porn all 4gig worth of it.......and DAMN PROUD OF IT :w00t:
muahhahhahahhaha :lol i hope that naruto cow humping movie pron doesn't include my kakashi!!!!!!

let's see.....it use to be 80% anime...but since i've discovered d-addicts, i havne't downloaded any anime in the longest......now my brother took over that job.

so now it:
1) 90% drama
2) 3% music videos/music
3) 1% movies
4) 1% software

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Post by Jannah » Dec 24th, '04, 01:34

For me, it's about 75% K-dramas, 20% K-movies & 5% music.

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Post by kali4niaguy » Dec 24th, '04, 08:33

lilswtangel wrote:muahhahhahahhaha :lol i hope that naruto cow humping movie pron doesn't include my kakashi!!!!!!
let's see.....it use to be 80% anime...but since i've discovered d-addicts, i havne't downloaded any anime in the longest......now my brother took over that job.
so u like kakashi!? :D b4 i stumbled upon D-Addicts, my pc was used mainly to dl anime and it had lots of rest bcuz it was turned off everynite...but after D-Addicts, pc is on 24/7 dl'ing dramas! :mrgreen: poor poor laptop, please don't die on me. :P

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Post by Charmy » Dec 25th, '04, 04:47

i would say 60%- Jpop Music/PV's...especialy hello project stuff and Ayu stuff!

and the rest dramas and TV shows

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As if you cared...

Post by penginkun » Dec 25th, '04, 19:40

Lately it seems to be mostly anime & manga, followed by dramas. There are several specific TV shows I download, when I can. The new Battlestar Galactica show (which I really like a lot), Enterprise and the two Stargate shows. Also, Good Eats. Not so much interested in movies, mostly because I can't stand anything Hollyweird has done recently with the exception of the Incredibles and maybe Sky Captain.

As for music, well, that's what Usenet's for, man!

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Post by mizuiro » Dec 27th, '04, 10:17

50% music PVs and lives/music
20% J/K/C dramas/movies (this is increasing as the days go on; poor hard drive)
20% anime or manga
10% whatever looks good at the time, the occasional game or photo file

The computer hasn't exploded yet, so I think I'm okay :D

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Post by Jannah » Dec 27th, '04, 10:22

At least most of you people download other stuff beside dramas. I only download dramas & movies, so you can imagine how underused my broadband connection was before I discovered DA!

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Post by Mango001 » Dec 27th, '04, 10:27

Dramas: 70%
Software: 5%
Anime: 15%
Pron: 5%
Music: 5%
Movies/TV Shows: 0%

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Post by babai » Dec 28th, '04, 09:17

I've been in various stages. Before cable, it was 100% music (obviously). The first time I got cable, it was about 50-50% music and anime. Then, I dropped anime, and it was 90% music and 10% tv/movies. Now, it's 5% tv/movies and 95% korean dramas. Hehe..

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Post by wujou_mao » Dec 28th, '04, 09:45

crazylazy_chief wrote:huh?? what's pron??
Pron = pawn (naughty naughty stuff)

well, as for me i download japanese dramas the most as they have english subs. korean and a few chinese dramas - with subs again

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Post by Pinch » Dec 28th, '04, 10:52

Didn't use to d/l stuff from internet until my friend introduced BT to me last Nov. After I found this d-addicts, my d/l is like:
95% jdrama
2% mangascans
1% sgdrama
1% misc like kdrama, anime
1% others... lol
I'm going crazy looking at stuffs released here.. It's so hard to keep up with the release.. :lol :P
d-addicts is like what its name implies, super addictive.. :wub:

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Post by amethyst » Dec 28th, '04, 22:13

i mainly d/l korean music but lately it's been k-movies....i rarely d/l dramas because they take me too long to d/l through bittorent but i'm watching 2 dramas at the moment...but it's the movies that chew up my bandwidth...

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Post by chudaps » Dec 28th, '04, 22:49

For me it used to be 90% anime. Well that was before I even knew d-addicts existed. Now it's like all dramas! My brother's taken the load of downloading all the anime series we're watching :P

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Post by Yashiro » Dec 28th, '04, 22:51

I Dl the most Drama ( 99%) and Music (1%) .

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Post by greenrocks » Dec 28th, '04, 22:59

Dramas - 80%
Movies - 10%
Anime - 5% (Lusting to get complete TV series Ranma 1/2 + OAV or OVA, whatever it stands for, I only saw the first 3 seasons so far that I borrowed Viz box set from my friend. 167 episodes is quite alot, and even worst Inuyasha just beat Ranma 1/2 total of episodes record. I have at least 120 episodes Inuyasha. x_X I cannot stand to get 50+ somewhat more.
Softwares - 5%
Music - 0% Ah, obviously. What the heck, I am deaf. ^_^

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Post by starlitedr3amer » Dec 31st, '04, 02:34

Dramas...DUH :P

70% - J Doramas
10% - K Dramas
20% - Music & PVs

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Post by Olga_2005 » Jan 17th, '05, 04:44


JDrama - 40%
K n C Dramas - 5%
Anime - 19%
Movies - 15%
Music - 20%
and.. porn - 1% :roll

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Post by theedqueen » Jan 17th, '05, 05:49

I mostly d/l dramas now. The key phrase being now. It's really interesting how I even got hooked onto asian dramas. Before, I was just an anime fan (mainly Sailormoon), and even then I wasn't even d/l anime because I was on dial-up until a year ago. When I swtiched to dsl, I started d/l more anime (but only like 3 series), but what I really began to d/l was episodes of the recent sentai series, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon or Pretty Guardian Sailormoon. Because of that, I joined a forum that lead me to an IRC room that a couple of the forum members belonged to. I became friends with these people, and one of them introduced me to Full House in mid-December 2004. What's funny now is that with less than two months, I've downloaded a lot more dramas in both byte size and number of dramas than the number of anime and other various things that I've downloaded in my previous years of being on the net. Quirky, ne?

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Post by azn_baseball_boy » Jan 17th, '05, 06:22

5% anime
88%J-doramas takes forever to do it though :cry:

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Post by takkichi » Jan 18th, '05, 09:24

85% Dramas
10% TV Shows
5% Music

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Post by apples » Jan 18th, '05, 15:59

70% drama
3% music
27% anime (used to be 98% bt down coz most dl's now are ongoing series, bt thanks to it i discovered asian dramas.. from hana yori dango--> hana yori dango manga--> meteor garden -->jem -->d-addicts)

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Post by Mythical Child » Jan 18th, '05, 16:31

I have this obsession with collecting video clips, so I try to download all the clips I can find of my favorite celebrities. :D Sad to say, sometimes I end up downloading the same thing twice/thrice because I download so much I don't even know what I download. T^T

Now... starting to download Anime and Dramas more. ;)

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Post by guardianx » Jan 20th, '05, 16:38

75% pron
and the rest drama
or hentai

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Post by bone-doll » Jan 22nd, '05, 08:28

60% Drama
30% Anime
10% Music & Other Stuff

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Post by chunfung » Jan 22nd, '05, 10:42

most drama,movies & music :-)

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Post by philly » Jan 22nd, '05, 16:26

:blink I guess I'm the minority here :lol
80% movies, mostly kmovies
10% drama
10% music


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Post by Mattman » Jan 22nd, '05, 17:12

Hard to say... changed a lot lately
used to be 100% anime
then it became 95% anime 5% music vids
Then 60% anime 35% dramas 5 % music/music vids
No music vids anymore (good site went down)
40% drama (waiting for a good series of the....)
60% anime
hope to get more good drama though (i found my taste for dramas different from most ppl here, like to have less :cry: and more :lol in it)

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Post by Desiderata » Jan 22nd, '05, 23:58

I only DL J-dramas. I still somehow get incredibly poor speeds even though I'm on the T1 of a major university. I am the pusher man, getting my friends addicted to Japanese AV crack.

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Post by aziatik » Jan 23rd, '05, 05:48

my number one love will always be music so my break down goes like this

60% music, 15% k-drama (went up from 0% when i found this site), 15% online games, 10% on cf's especially the ones with Jeon Ji-Hyun in it.

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Post by kingsky214 » Jan 26th, '05, 02:21

I would say that I downloaded 85% dramas, 10% anime, and 5% misc. :D

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Post by GhstDreamer » Jan 26th, '05, 04:06

Anime 83%
Music 10%
Dramas 5%
Programs 1%
Asian Movies 1%

I still really just dl a lot of anime. I'm kind of picky with my drama - if the synopsis sounds interesting then I'll dl it. I'm more willing to try out a new anime than drama for some odd reason.

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Post by kargeo » Apr 18th, '05, 03:26

I watch drama series mostly

For game, check out this link - http://www.d-addicts.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16052

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Post by Kirosia » Apr 18th, '05, 03:51

music videos and perfomances.

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Post by mallorn » Apr 18th, '05, 08:31

ever since D-Addicts, it's been dramas, closely followed by animes and various bits of software. :D

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Post by LordGus » Apr 18th, '05, 08:43

70% Anime, 25% JDrama, 5% Other (movies, music etc.)

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Post by square » Apr 18th, '05, 15:10

>99% drama :wub:
<1% study papers, research publications/documentations :blink (i'm forced to..)

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Post by Kaila » Apr 18th, '05, 15:16

used to be anime and serieses like CSI, but recently learned about drama so its added to the mix :lol

tokyo shounen
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Post by tokyo shounen » Apr 18th, '05, 15:19

100 % Dramas :D

porn is boring, was fun in sixt grade.

but now its dramas :D

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Post by keaixia0jie » Apr 18th, '05, 15:31

C/TW & KDrama - 60%
Movies- 20%
Music - 10%
JDrama - 5%
Anime - 5%

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Post by rel » Apr 18th, '05, 16:27

At first i used to download lots of games, music and software.. then i shifted to movies and now drama :P

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Post by imagotsushi » Apr 19th, '05, 05:26

i mainly download music, movies, dramas, MVs, needed programs and anime/manga .. thats it :-)

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Post by :bunny: » Apr 19th, '05, 05:28

well....95% jdorama, 1% music, 3% movies, 1% others :mrgreen:

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Post by mimmi » Apr 23rd, '05, 00:06

I mostly dl animes 'cause sometimes the story is much better than the drama.... then lots of music, some dramas and a few movies.....my pc is mostly working in photo lab, writting music and playing games on line.....

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Post by sunnyblue » Apr 25th, '05, 03:18

At first when I found out I was able to download anime on line, thought I found a treasure. When I was little I watched candy candy, it was sooooo touching. Eversince I've been crazy about anime. Funny enough all my brouthers are crazy about it too, maybe a different gerne, lol. So probably I download anime the most. But since I found d-addict, who knows what it will be in the future? 50-50? I just love anime and k- and j-dramas. About chinese drama, what's there to say? I've watched it over 20 years now I and the last few years I think they went down hill. Nowadays they keep remaking old dramas in to new or copy from j- and k-dramas. They probably got out of idea's, sigh. It's just isn't as it use to be.

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Post by zahiri » Apr 25th, '05, 13:17

:lol Anime is definitely first for me!! 97% Animes. 2% J drama. 1% Manga scans. :lol NARUTO , BLEACH, PEACH GIRL(anime), SUNA BOUZU, GTO, KENSHIN, ONEPIECE, WOLF RAIN, VANDREAD, VOLTUS 5. soooo much more!!!! This are the only links to my childhood days. so I cherish them a lot. YEAH!!! :lol :lol

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Post by chant71 » Apr 25th, '05, 17:25

mostly dramas, movies and musik! :-)

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Post by Shindou-Kun » Apr 25th, '05, 18:22

Mostly drama and a few anime shows like Naruto, Kyou Kara Mahou, Bleach and Yakitate Japan.

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Post by jwcalvin » Apr 26th, '05, 09:58

my 1st choice of download will be music because music is my fav n it's easier to locate compared to dramas n movies...i only download dramas n movies which i've an idea about..normally i will read the synopsis 1st 8)
Sometimes i download other stuffs that i find interesting, especially nice wallpapers, pictures, etc.. :wub:

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Post by kekeke » Apr 26th, '05, 11:37

100% under aged porn

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Post by mikomi » Apr 26th, '05, 23:03

70% Jdrama
10% movies
10% music / MVs
5% anime / manga / K-Cdrama
5% misc. stuff like pictures / games...

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Post by sutaretagaisce » Apr 26th, '05, 23:28

Mine is about 70% drama and 20% unlicensed anime, 10% PVs. It only seems natural considering downloading is about the only way you can get subtitled drama while with anime's explosion only the really rare stuff will probably go unnoticed by some company and picked up by a fansubber group.

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Post by xV0iCED » Apr 27th, '05, 21:11

Definitely dramas. <3 them.

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Post by skachild » Jan 1st, '06, 12:26

mostly i download music... but recently more focus on drama.....
currently download twin brothers and to catch the uncatchable.

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Post by pinkapple » Jan 1st, '06, 12:43

90 % drmamas =]
10% music and music videoos

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Post by weirdo90 » Jan 2nd, '06, 01:27

dramas-0% my sis dl and i watch :P
anime-5% again, my sis does all the dling
movies/tv shows-10%

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Post by kwon » Jan 2nd, '06, 01:33

80% kdramas
5% kmovies
10% music
5% other

This used to be 99% music :lol... That was before I discovered BT and d-addicts haha...

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Post by azndgn26 » Jan 2nd, '06, 01:46

40% dramas
1% software
4% anime
40% music
10% movies
5% other

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Post by anakmelayu » Jan 4th, '06, 01:54

1-tv show - (top gear,wrc,discovery channel)
2-drama - (k-drama & j-drama)
3-anime/manga-(bleach,naruto,i's pure)

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Post by pe3kabo0 » Jan 7th, '06, 15:33

music. then drama.

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Post by Karo » Jan 7th, '06, 23:02

let me think...
Anime and Music... Nothing more... ^^
hehehehe... :D

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Post by xKiMix » Jan 7th, '06, 23:06

95% dramas 3% music 2%MV, Performance, shows

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Post by nak » Jan 7th, '06, 23:07

For me :

Drama = 80%(............)
Music = 10%(J-POP!!)
TV/s = 10% (London Hearts.....etc)

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