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Post by FantaxyStar » Feb 21st, '05, 17:52

My TOP 5:
Meteor Garden
Romance In the Rain
Peach Girl
Love At Dolphin Bay

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Post by Sangwoo-oppa » Feb 28th, '05, 03:56

Ooh, my fave 3 DRAMAS have gotta be the following:






1) MARS (Hands-down my favorite!)

:wub: Gah, I love Asian dramas, period!!!

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Post by Shindou-Kun » Feb 28th, '05, 22:45

- Summer Snow
- Lover in Paris
- Sweet 18
- God Luck

Highly recommend them.

Thanks Tsana. I forgot all about God Luck. Loved it!
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Post by Tsana » Feb 28th, '05, 23:16

Here's my top 5: :D
- Summer Snow (can't help it, it was my first ^_^ )
- Kimi wa Petto (three words: jun, jun, jun :P)
- Yanpapa (such a cute story, and I love Nagase)
- S.O.S. (hated it while I saw it... loved it afterwards...)
- Good Luck (kinda cheesy but I loved it ^_^ )

and here's my favourites which I haven't finished watching yet (felt like they had to have their own category since I might change my mind when I see the end of it ^_^ ):
- Gokusen (loved the manga, loved the anime, loooove the dorama :lol )
- Taiyou no Kisetsu (hate takki, love takki, hate takki, love takki... :crazy: :P )
- Antique (a bit slow but it's still a very kawaii story and the guys are cute... :roll )

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asian dramas

Post by oshirou » Mar 1st, '05, 10:30

winter sonata, autumn in my heart, summer scent, lovers in paris, stairway to heaven, meteor garden 1 and 2.... currently watching full house...

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recommendation help

Post by kawaii-desu » Mar 11th, '05, 01:34

i kno u guys got a list of ur fav dramas but
i need recommendation of dramas dat are similar to GTO gokusen n h2
something dat are similar to them kinda drama plzzzz recommend meee thanxz
:mrgreen: :lol

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Post by movie_fan » Mar 14th, '05, 06:01

GTO :lol :lol :lol
let's go to school sangdoo :-) :-( :O :lol :cry: :cry: :wub: :wub:
love story in harvard :wub: :wub: :cry: :cry: :-) :lol
i'm sorry i love you :cry: :-) :cry:
my sassy girl :cry: :wub: :-) :lol
my little bride :lol :lol :lol
windstruck :lol :lol :lol :cry: :cry: :cry:
stairways to heaven :wub: :cry: :x :crazy:

*of this list i didn't like "i'm sorry i love you" and "stairways to heaven"... i know it's alot of ppl's favourite

im sorry i love you - found the beginning boring; took too long to get to the plot
stairways to heaven - kinda for older viewers i guess... got kinda upset at the fact that girl got harassed without doing anything

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Post by aoi_hana » Mar 16th, '05, 18:34

Wow there are so many to pick from!


1) Kimi wa Petto (10)
2) Gokusen (10)
3) Orange Days (10)
4) Koukou Kyoushi (9)
5) Good Luck (9)


1) Meteor Garden (10)
2) The Classic (10)
3) My Sassy Girl (9)
4) Il Mare (9)

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Post by Sangwoo-oppa » Mar 22nd, '05, 14:35

Hmm, tough to decide but dramas that I can watch over and over in adoration are:

1) MARS (Taiwanese)

2) SUMMER SNOW (Japanese)

3) AUTUMN STORY (Korean)



:wub: Love Asian dramas soo much!!!

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Post by tinyblueangel » Mar 22nd, '05, 18:58

Meteor Garden I
Sorry I Love You
Full House
Shades of Truth

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Post by crazyperson321 » Mar 23rd, '05, 02:18

haha thanks for the suggestions...must d/l sum nowz :D

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Post by scott12199 » Mar 23rd, '05, 02:31

my Top 5

1. I'm Sorry, I Love You
2. Full House
3. Autumn's Tale
4. Attic Cat
5. Summer Scent (only because i like son ye jin) if she wasnt in Summer Scent it would be Winter Sonata.

Of course these are my five picks as of right now. i have 7 more series to watch and download...

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Post by orange85 » Mar 25th, '05, 04:36

My Top 3:

1.Gumiho (really nice fighting scenes! + addicting OST! --> Dalmeun sarang (trance pop ver)
2.Love Story In Harvard(great casting of KRW and KTH.. they look like a real couple)
3.Fullhouse !

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Post by Felguard » Mar 25th, '05, 11:53

1.full house
2.stairway to heaven sorry, i love u angel
5.sad love story

6.emperor of the sea (hehe)

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Post by gothiquemommie » Mar 25th, '05, 19:31

I now have a list of dramas that I need to download. But can anyone suggest dramas that are similar to Sleeping Forest? It is one of my favorites and I would love to see other dramas similar to it. Thanks! :-)

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Post by movie_fan » Mar 25th, '05, 19:56

arahan looks like a good one but i can't find the english sub to it.. does anyone know?

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Post by soulburst998 » Mar 26th, '05, 00:58

full house, i'm sorry, i love you, autumn tale, and damo

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Post by ramenshop » Mar 27th, '05, 11:37

love drama:
ohpilseung,fullhouse,romance,sweet18,lets go to school sangdoo,stairway to heaven,my love patzi, gto.

not like drama:
proposed (march kostm)- i just simply dont get the story.

very recommended:
ohpilseung - of all drama i watch, i never laugh and cry as much as when i watch ohpilseung. I find it hard to believe there is series that will make me laugh and cry a lot in 1 series. :unsure:

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Post by vtt » Mar 29th, '05, 03:23

Love Story in Harvard :wub:
All In 8)
Full House :w00t:
What Happened in Bali :crazy:

All are great series...

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Post by audr3yz » Mar 29th, '05, 07:40

1. My Love Patzzi
2. Summer Snow
3. GTO
4. Autumn Tale
5. My Sassy Girl

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Post by chant71 » Mar 29th, '05, 18:14

my favotite drama is full house, love it :D

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Post by xV0iCED » Mar 31st, '05, 22:33

. Autumn Tale (very sad)
. Sassy Girl Choon-Hyang (Funny and sad)
. Full House (Comedy & love)
. STH (Heart-breaking)
. Mars (Super good)
. MG1 (#1)

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Post by Hinakun » Apr 1st, '05, 19:57

Best 5 atm:

1) Love Generation
2) Long Vacation
3) Under the Same Roof 1&2
4) Sekachu (Sekai no chuunshin de ai wo sakebu) + Movie
5) GTO/GOKUSEN (i think they are quite similar just in diff gender role)

There are many more great jdramas, the above A-MUSTSee. ofcourse depending on your pref on what type/category of dramas. I personally like rom-comedy. Wonder why Sekachu on the list because it was so touching and sad that i watched the whole thing non-stop with teary eyes.

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Post by pete12chu » Apr 2nd, '05, 03:29

my fav is full house!!!! gto is good too

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Post by Lucreshia » Apr 3rd, '05, 02:21

My top 5 list:

1. Sassy girl, Chun Hyang (fuuuuuny!)
2. Emperor of the Sea
3. Damo
4. Autumn in my Heart (watch it for the hotties if nothing else)
5. Full House

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Post by babai » Apr 5th, '05, 06:54

Stairway to Heaven :cry: :wub: :cry: - loved this drama... Kwon Sang Woo was sooo hot! It was really sad, but strangely satisfying for me personally
I'm Sorry I Love You :cry: :cry: :cry: - another sad drama... loved the characters... So Ji Sub's acting was superb
Winter Sonata :wub: :-( :wub: - my first Korean drama... now I'm hooked on Asian dramas for life! It was very romantic
Mars :O :wub: :-) -really good plot and script... different from other Asian dramas... dark and mysterious
My Love Patzzi :D :-) :D - cute and sweet
Sweet 18 :D :lol :D - cute and sweet
Love Story in Harvard :wub: :wub: :wub: - I was really touched by the love between the two leads.
Kamisama mou sukoshi dake :-( :-( :-( - Takeshi Kaneshiro is hot! Addictive drama
Strawberry on the Shortcake :-( :-( :w00t: - loved the ending! Takizawa Hideaki is so cute.
Yasha 8) :O :cry: - cool drama. Ito Hideaki is pretty darn hot.
Pride 8) :wub: 8) - Kimura Takuya was oh so cool. The romantic scenes were great.
Love Generation :wub: :cry: :wub: - Kimura Takuya's so cute and aloof. Simple story, yet so touching.
Devil Beside You :D :wub: :D - Everything's cute in this drama. Cute story, cute main actress, cute supporting cast... and really cute main actor!
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Newbie here: anyone recommend a good period drama?

Post by veronasky » Apr 5th, '05, 20:02

Hi! i'm a newbie to this forum, as well as watching j-dramas online.
my mum and i, we love period dramas! we've both watched (on tv in canada) Crimson blade, witness to a prosecution, a step into the past (both of us cringed at that ending *lol*) and most recently: perish in the name of love :w00t: . anyway, recently we lost our local chinese-canadian tv station fairchild tv , and we're both missing the
j-dramas...which is why i'm here .

I was wondering, does anyone know of any period drama's that can be seen via a torrent? (even ones that cant. i'd just love some names) i've been digging around the torrent forum, but i guess i'm a little over whelmed at all of the different dramas available.
no need for a link or anything. as long as that period drama is out there somewhere online, i'll do my best to find it :)

thanks for listening!


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Post by donna8157 » Apr 5th, '05, 20:06

I recommend:

Toshiie and Matsu - Matsushima Nanako/Takenouchi Yutaka/Sorimachi Takeshi
Yoshitsune - Takizawa Hideaki/Abe Hiroshi/Aya Ueto (currently airing on NHK)

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Post by conco » Apr 5th, '05, 20:17

Yoshitsune for sure, very awesome show.

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Post by veronasky » Apr 5th, '05, 20:21

Wow, thanks for recommending these! once i've got a little of a series downloaded, i'm planning on surprising my mum with new j-dramas to watch :lol ( she'll be surprised as she didnt think she would be seeing any new ones any time soon)
anyway, thanks ! :)

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Post by Pheace » Apr 5th, '05, 20:37

I'm loving shinsengumi so far , cried several episodes ^^

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Post by babai » Apr 6th, '05, 06:03

Oh and for Japanese, I forgot... I've seen very few so far, but I'm going with...

Kamisama, mou sukoshi dake
Strawberry on the Shortcake - loved the ending!

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*my favs*

Post by nogocchumi » Apr 6th, '05, 06:53

2. The legendary four aces!(HK) -- please help seed this drama! pliz..pliz.. :cry:
3. GTO (first torrent watched :P)
4. Tokyo love story? (first jdrama watched-- maybe it's not as good now)
5. A step into the past(HK)

additional: Shota no Sushi (it succeded to turn me into a SUSHI FREAK!) :blink :crazy: :w00t:

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Post by jholic » Apr 6th, '05, 08:46

lots of recommendations in these threads....

..........Recommended/Favorite Dramas

..........Recommended/Favorite JDramas

..........Recommended/Favorite KDramas

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Post by Closecl » Apr 15th, '05, 07:39

erm, for chinese dramas, i recommend wind & cloud(feng yun) 2. goes a little slow in the beginning but im liking it now.

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Post by rel » Apr 15th, '05, 14:40

DAMO, no doubt.. best, my favorite.. hands down.. I dont think any other show/series can ever topple this.. WOW :P

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Post by mimmi » Apr 16th, '05, 05:30

Hard to pick....lots to I'll pick:::

K-Drama: Windtrail (something like that, I kind a forget the title, but the same acterss in sassy girl) it's a must to see...cried hard at the end.

Hopilseung...makes me laugh alot and cried too...

Young and me the edges feeling (still watching episode 3, I think an HK-drama...not too sure)

What happen in Bali....shocking at the end

GTO....good common sense

and my old time favorite, creid hard and gave me an empty feeling..."Madam Butterfly"

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drama series two.

Post by stunningblue06 » Apr 20th, '05, 15:06

thanks to those who made a reply to the topic
anyway, thanks guys.
actually i've already seen
1. sweet 18
2. fullhouse
3. four sisters
4. lover's in paris
5. successful story of bright girl
6. save your last dance for me
7. stairway to heaven
8. MG01
9. MG02
10. stained glass

what else?

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Geinou Fansubber
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Post by Jannah » Apr 21st, '05, 01:50

Actually, your other thread was locked so you could continue your discussion in the drama recommendations thread I mentioned. There's no need to start a new thread every time someone want recommendations for which drama to watch.

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Post by stunningblue06 » Apr 21st, '05, 02:44

thanks, actually, i'm quite confused on how it works that is why i created another thread... thanks, really.

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Post by KenZo » Apr 21st, '05, 06:49

mostly i watch HK TVB series ...

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Post by movie_fan » Apr 29th, '05, 05:01

anyone know where i can download Success Story of a Bright Girl?? :-( :O

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Post by LisZy » May 9th, '05, 16:06

Well, i recommend kamisama mou sukoshi dake..this drama really tear-jerker... :cry: and
"Stand up" if you wanna laughing all days.. :mrgreen: ,the other is mukodono and Kou kou Kyoushi 2003...(dark movie..but great)
Korean, Endless sad,but beautiful.. :cry: and fullhouse (its very funny !)

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Post by dysphemism » May 11th, '05, 13:10

i loved GTO, Beautiful life, stand up and kindaichi.
Just wondering how come no one has uploaded kindaichi here :|

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Post by ilovebinderclips » May 18th, '05, 18:34

Korean drama - "I'm sorry, I love you"
the acting of So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jung is sooo good, and the story is one of the best that i've seen. every character's motivations are clear and believable, and the ending will leave you shattered..

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Post by eiman » May 18th, '05, 18:54

I've just seen Orange Days and it has become my favorite drama :wub:

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Similar Dramas to Taste Sweet Love aka Snow White?

Post by bballboi17 » May 21st, '05, 08:05

Hi the only drama that I have really gotten into was Taste Sweet Love. I tried watching various other dramas like EndlessLove/AutumnInYourHeart, SpringDays, Heaven'sCoins, Proposal, Bodyguard... but I never really liked them. I was hoping someone could suggest another drama that is similar to TasteSweetLove aka SnowWhite. Thanks!

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Post by urbanscrappy » May 21st, '05, 08:53

Its not really similar, but the person who wrote Taste Sweet Love also wrote Attic Cat, which is fun.
I like both of them though Taste Sweet Love is my favourite.

Have you tried Sweet 18 and Full House? They're a lot lighter than the usual tragic dramas.

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Post by Avelyn » May 26th, '05, 01:57

I've been out of town and un able to view dramas lately :(:(
this is hard to do, but i'll try and make a Top 5,

Top 5

1. Sekai no Chushin de Ai wo Sakebu
2. Beautiful Life
3. Winter Sonata
4. Tokyo Love Story
5. Heaven Cannot Wait

That is my tentative list, after watching over 100 dramas, it was a hard decision, but these 5 were excellent.

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Post by kstylez » May 26th, '05, 02:01


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Post by mikomi » May 26th, '05, 03:04

All-time favorites, they are under the MUST WATCH catergory 8) :
- Under the same roof 1 & 2 (Japanese drama)
- The legendary four aces (HK drama)

Top 5 Jdramas at the moment:
- Orange Days
- Forbidden Love
- Water Boys
- Beautiful Life
- From the Heart

The following dramas are what I'm currently watching; they're really great so I think they deserve to be mentioned. Also, it's quite possible that they're going to become my favs. in the future :lol
- Itoshi Kimi E (To the one I love)
- Sekai Chuu (Crying out Love...)
- Mukodono
- Long Vacation

It's difficult to pick out a list of 5 because simply put, I love most Jdramas. They're short and sweet and immensely enchanting.

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Post by OrangePride » Jun 14th, '05, 07:13

Top five....

1. Orange Days
2. GTO
3. Gokusen 1----currently trying to dl 2
4. Sekai no chushin
5. Waterboys....something about this series that makes me want to see it over and over again....quite interesting...

And the rest....

Pridel, H2, Lunch Queen, Last Christmas......

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Post by Miny » Jun 14th, '05, 11:12

Ma favs:
-Sangdoo~ Let's go to school! 상두야~ 학교가자!
-Loveholic 러브홀릭
-Stairway to heaven 천국의계단
-Ful House 풀하우스
- Lovers in Paris 파리의연인


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Post by celendin » Jun 17th, '05, 03:28

Why don't we start a new thread and make this into a poll, so that it's easier to see which ones are the most popular.

This thread is too long, and you have to go through everyone's responses.

My favourites:
Full House
Beautiful Life

i am doomed, okagesama de
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Post by i am doomed, okagesama de » Jun 22nd, '05, 02:27

i'm pretty new to the whole jdrama stuff
i've only seen: gto series (special and movie as well) and gokusen
i'm currently in the middle of lunch queen (which i love)(ep5) and h2 (ep4)
i've seen some of orange days and my little chef
i'm dling gokusen 2 right now

what should i watch after those?
i see a lot of you like long vacation...what's that all about?

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Post by cetok » Jun 23rd, '05, 02:58

hahaha.. i don't know about my favourite....
that's too much dramas muschrooming so fast...this days

but, i like full house, lover in paris, little bride
the funny ones...

the sad - tearing hearts one
winter sonata, what happened in bali, spring day, sorry i love you

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Post by bakayaro » Jun 23rd, '05, 16:44

ok the top 5 dama's of all time for me goes like this :

1. Summer Snow
2. Kamisama mou skoshi dake
3. Yamato Nadeshiko
4. Beautiful Life
5. GTO

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Post by Logic^ » Jun 26th, '05, 12:51

There's so many good series that i've watched. Some are just good and some are very memorable. I think i watch something more for the actors then the storyline, as long as there's someone cute then i'll really like the series! Here's my top 5 (and my favourite actor next to it):

1) Winter Sonata - Bae Yong Joon
2) Dolphin Bay - Wallace Huo & Ambrose Hsu
3) Meteor garden - Vic Zhou
4) Love in Aegean Sea - Alec Su
5) Mars - Vic Zhou

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Post by sour_pickles » Jun 26th, '05, 23:17

too many to name them all, but here's the ones i can think of at the moment that i really liked:
-GTO (jdrama) :lol hilarious
-Heaven's Coin 1 and 2 (jdrama) :cry: so sad
-Golden Faith (or something like that, starring Gallen Lo and Jessica Shuan. hkdrama) :-) dramatic, but not overdone
-The Greed Man (really old, with Adam Cheng, Sean Lau. hkdrama) :x great story, great acting. Cheng's character made me wanna just kick him in the butt though

and currently watching The Rose, which is pretty funny so far...

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Post by shG » Jul 1st, '05, 08:40


Sorry if this is off topic, but from what I assume, you have already watched many episodes. I have only seen a few and have a question about the main female lead. She is actually a very beautiful actor, but in the drama she is meant to look ugly. Does she ever turn beautiful in the course of the drama?

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Post by sour_pickles » Jul 1st, '05, 23:04

shG wrote:OFF TOPIC

Sorry if this is off topic, but from what I assume, you have already watched many episodes. I have only seen a few and have a question about the main female lead. She is actually a very beautiful actor, but in the drama she is meant to look ugly. Does she ever turn beautiful in the course of the drama?
are you asking about "the rose"? i've only seen a couple eps. myself, so can't really answer your question, but the drama talks more about her inner beauty so i don't think her appearance will change much throughout, except in the first or second eps, when she gets a haircut...

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Post by calla9 » Jul 3rd, '05, 05:32


1. Delightful Girl
2. Damo
3. Snow White
4. Save the last dance for me
5. I am sorry, I love you


1. Legend of condor Heroes 1985
2. The Return of the Condor Herores 1985
3. War and Beauty - except the ending
4. Looking Back in Anger
5. Detective Investigation Files
6. Untraceable Evidence

have anyone see "The great hope 대 망 (大望)" ? it's available for download on clubbox, except no English Subtitle. It looks as good as Damo. If you happend to know where can I find the English version, please let me know. thanks.

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Post by gurlchic » Jul 3rd, '05, 08:38

I may be biased since I only watch Korean Dramas (Save the Last Dance for Me, Stairway to Heaven, Full House, Memories in Bali, Stained Glass & still in the process of watching Sweet 18 (it might soon be one of my favorite), Oh! Feel Young (another might soon to be favorite), Attic Cat & Green Rose. Although I’ve watched Meteor Garden but I never liked it (I’m sorry to all Meteor Garden Fans it’s just my opinion) :unsure: .

The first Kdrama I’ve watched was LOVERS IN PARIS and it made me get hooked to Kdrama’s… It was really awesome!!! I highly recommend this series to all hopeless romantic out there!!!! The ending wasn’t really that disappointing, I mean it’s just different… :w00t:

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Post by warhead2020 » Jul 4th, '05, 19:07

hi...i m new member....can anybody help me recommend any japanese or korean drama especially love,sad and funny......with english sub.... :-) ....tq.....

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Post by gunjourui » Jul 4th, '05, 19:10

read stickies in Japanese and Korean Entertainment

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Post by Gny » Jul 4th, '05, 19:11

I really loved Full House. It's romantic, sad, and funny. I hope you enjoy it! :-)

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Post by popoi » Jul 4th, '05, 19:14

Try : Oh Pil Seung ! Its very funny :P

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Post by warhead2020 » Jul 4th, '05, 19:48


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Post by dustyneko » Jul 5th, '05, 06:39

Best 5 Kdramas:

1. Let's Go to School, Sandoo!
2. Full House
3. Winter Sonata
4. Stairway to Heaven
5. Ruler of Your Own World

Best 5 Jdramas:

1. Gokusen
2. Long Vacation
3. Heaven's Coins
4. Under the Same Roof (Hitotsu Yane no Shita)
5. Love Still Hasn't Begun (Mada Koi wa Hajimarenai)

Best Taiga Drama: Shinsengumi
Best Morning Drama: Churasan
Best Classic: Oshin

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Post by sacrificehouse » Jul 5th, '05, 16:56

We highly recommend:

Zhan Shen Mars (the only Taiwan drama we like...but our favorite asian drama so far)

Great Story, Script, Acting, Cinematography, Editing, and soundtrack
... there's not an episode wasted -- (warning, it deals with dark psychological themes)

We also recommend:

Lovers in Paris ... fun and can watch it over and over
Full House... fun to watch
Sweet 18...except that the last 4 episodes become somewhat dragging
What Happened in Bali .... just the right balance of comedy and heavy drama
Damo...technically superior; interesting story
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Post by starlitedr3amer » Jul 6th, '05, 08:53

Favorite Dramas :

1. Orange Days [J-drama]
2. Summer Snow [J-drama]
3. Beautiful Life [J-drama]
4. GTO [J-drama]
5. Water Boys [J-drama]

Worst Dramas :
1. Love Story In Harvard [K-drama]
2. Meteor Garden II [C-drama]
3. Bodyguard [K-drama]
4. Hero [J-drama] / wasn't just didn't interest me too much.
5. Summer Scent [K-drama]

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Post by Rajuuken » Jul 7th, '05, 13:10

For me, the more touching drama was Ame to Yume no ato ni I really recommend it

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Post by snowangel414 » Jul 14th, '05, 11:08

best 5:

Winter Sonata
Sweet 18
Glass Slipper
All about Eve

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Post by mzxsushi » Jul 16th, '05, 22:48

i'm hooked onto FULL HOUSE. XD it's so addicting.

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Post by azzwipe » Jul 17th, '05, 21:37

Here's the j-dramas that I love the most [random order]:

1. Strawberry on the shortcake
WOW. Just wow. This show was so meant for me, lol. I could connect so well with Manato and the things he was going through. The characters and everything just seemed to fit perfectly with my own life. So I guess that's why this show had such a great impact on me. Very sweet and sad as well.

2. Crying out love, in the center of the world
Liked the movie very much and this drama even more. No, I love it actually. This has got to be one of the saddest shows out there. Each episode leaves me in tears or on the verge of tears to be honest. It makes me think about life and love and all kinds of things like I should live life to the fullest right now. Can't wait 'till I watch the last episode tonight :D

3. Waterboys
The movie is great and so is the drama in my opinion. The bond between the 5 boys seems stronger than in the movie, but I guess that's probably because you watch it develop throughout 11 episodes. A drama about friendship and believing that anything you put your mind to can come true.

4. GTO
Well I guess everyone knows this show. Truely great. There were lots of heart-warming moments and I simply love that. A classic.

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