Hana no Ran question (1994 Taiga drama)

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Hana no Ran question (1994 Taiga drama)

Post by Kenitai » Dec 8th, '11, 00:52


I've just been wondering about this drama since I found it on samurai-archive wiki.

I've searched for it on d-addicts.com for a torrent, but couldn't find one. I suppose it doesn't exist, and the only close match I found was 'Ooku Hana no Ran', but that's a totally different drama.

Is it available as a torrent on d-addict, maybe in a different name? If not, then I'll assume the drama isn't available.

Thanks anyway, :-)

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Post by saigo_x » Dec 13th, '11, 06:36

I remember looking up Hana No Ran a while back. You are correct that there is no torrent for that series on D-Addicts. TenguKing mentioned in the Hideyoshi post that he had collected many of the Hana no ran episodes. Maybe you can PM him about it?

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