Drama with get together? Please!!!!

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Drama with get together? Please!!!!

Post by Nilina » Nov 4th, '11, 07:36

Hi guys,
could you help me? I've watched plenty of kor-jap-tai dramas, they are all brilliant, BUT. Is there any with the couple getting together not in the last but one scene bu somewhere in the middle? You know, like Mars or Personal Taste?
'Cause chimistry is good but I'm tired watching them beating around the bush or denying feelings. 1 step forward 3 steps back scheme is exhausting... :faint:
Please please please help me, I'm literally dying from frustration here. :cry: :cry:

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Post by mrsmith10 » Nov 4th, '11, 09:01

Buzzer Beat is a good J-Drama where the two leads get together in the middle. I think it's definitely worth checking out.

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Post by JaJe » Nov 4th, '11, 20:52

From jdoramas:
Definitely Buzzer Beat.
Then Hanawake no yon shimai, which has one of the awesomest love-story beginnings ever. But later there comes many times when you might want to kill someone because one or another characters gets on your nerves.
Koizora - their love story is the main point of the drama, so it´s obvious that they get together quite quickly.
Tatta Hitotsu no koi - well they also get together quite soon, but it´s quite pain in the a**. I really didn´t like it. It´s way too melodramatic for me.

from kdramas:
Marry me, Mary - many hate it and many love it. I definitely loved it.
Heartstrings - they get together in the middle, but to get so far you have to survive the 8 first episodes. Later it gets better and better.

To get more information I recommend a fanblogger, whose taste matches mine and who has seen these dramas:

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