KDrama Set in North Korea?

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KDrama Set in North Korea?

Post by Sakari » Jan 13th, '11, 09:27

Has there been a KDrama set in (post-Korean War) North Korea, the DPRK? At least partly? Dramas with a few DPRK scenes, like IRIS, do not qualify.

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Post by Neliets » Jan 13th, '11, 14:19

haven't heard of any...

BUT...! I once found quite big pack of documentaries about NK.

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Post by bigsoccer » Jan 13th, '11, 14:23


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Post by riki_kun » Apr 25th, '11, 17:34

What do you mean by that? a drama made by the Nkoreans or by the SKoreans and set in NK?? if you're thinking a drama made by NK , that never happened and will never happen , they cannot even afford for food so it's quite difficult for them to find the money to make a drama, in the second case , that will never happen either since the NK will never allow SK to go filming there.

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Post by BOGCHI » May 23rd, '11, 01:33

Haven't seen it but I heard Sa Yug Shin was set in North Korea with NKorean actors. I know.. a very late reply..

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